Отдам Жену в Хорошие Руки / Wife Available. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

Отдам Жену в Хорошие Руки / Wife Available. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

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Domashny channel STAR MEDIA presents Grigoriy Antipenko Aleksandra Ursuliak Serafima Nizovskaya — Irina Anatolyevna?
— Yes? You’ve got a visitor. Valeriy Troshin Ah! Hi. Could you take this. Anastasia Kashcheyeva Are you Irina? It’s me. Just as yesterday and a week ago… — Sign here, please.
— Here you go. in a Dmitriy Brushnikin film It’s such pleasure to bring
flowers to a woman like you! I’m pleased. Wife Available — Thank you.
— Mister, go on… — Hey, mister!
— Yes? — Your head.
— Oh, thank you. Thank you. Have a good day. Written by: Igor Ter-Karapetov What’s this time? Do show it. It was Skriabin yesterday… Director of photography:
Andrey Lebediansky Wow! Rakhmaninov. The man has a good taste… And money too… It’s an expensive treat
to send flowers like these every day. Music by: Yefim Fayfman and Dmitry Tolstov Indeed… Iggie, honey,
it’s unbearable to hear this. Executive producer: Filipp Brusnikin — No, it isn’t.
— Let me show you. Look here. DOMASHNY channel producer: Yelena Teplova Producer: Darya Lavrova See? Chief producers:
Natalia Bilan, Vlad Ryashin Something like this. — Bravo!
— Bravo! Our dearest Daddy. Beloved husband. We learned this composition
for you specially. That’s the way.
Performed as best as we could… As for the third grade – she’s a third
grade student of the musical school the performance is brilliant! Bravo! Thank you. Well… Zhenie, you do know
how much I love you… I gave myself to you long ago,
then I gave a daughter to you, and now I’m giving you the birthday
cake with 37 candles on it. Here. Thank you. Thank you, my darling girl… I am the girl. She’s your wife. You’re the dearest girl, the No.1 girl. This is for you. Happy birthday. — Wow!
— This is our home. Did you see that? A real architect to be! Take it. And this is a bird. — Thank you, honey.
— A bluebird of happiness. Thank you so much. HAPPINESS Attention, please! Wow! That’s really great! Hurrah! Happy birthday! Wait… I should prepare…
pull up my strength… — Hurrah! Happy birthday!
— Thank all of you. Olie… Olie, Dashie,
you’re the dearest people to me… You’re the first and foremost,
most heartwarming creatures in my life… Thank you. I’ll be right back. Zhenia? Zhenia, where are you going? Your father is out to weep.
It’s the mother and daughter! You moved your father… just obscenely.
A man left out to cry! Well, I have a toast. Pour in. The boy called Zhenia was always very shy and very touching
as back as at the college times. And Olia loved him for this,
and didn’t love me… I didn’t love you because you
were a chatterbox and botcher. Eh… Zhenia, whose birthday
it is now, left us to cry. So, I, chatterbox and botcher,
as his friend and boss will say this: Zhenia is… Zhenia is golden guy. He’s smart, talented
and always full of ideas. To Zhenia! He’s a backbone
of our architectural firm. But – sh-sh-sh. He’s not supposed
to know this. Clear? Hurrah! Hallo? Ah, that’s you… Hi there. What smell! Delicious! Will you ask Zenia to come, please? You’re a cook of genius indeed! Oh, come on. You’re making me blush. — Me?
— Yes. You. No. I just express public opinion. Your meals are something
incredible and wonderful. You bury you cooking talent in the ground, to be more precise,
in the stomachs of your friends. This kitchen is too small for you. Look, you flapjaw, will you
call Zhenia at last, eh? I will. But can you see to it that there
would be a piece of your cake left for me? Sure! You’re a glutton indeed! Hey, birthday guy! What are you doing here? You came for me? Olga sent you? Well, yes. There are guests downstairs,
by the way. And your wife and daughter.
All waiting for you. I cannot look them straight
in their eyes. I feel shame… Why? My daughter gives presents
to me. And I… Read it. “Client received order.
Please confirm your tomorrow order.” I already have. I’m here, pretending being moved… And sending flowers
to another woman meanwhile. So, still feelings for her?
Just like before? What now?… I’m a son of a bitch. They love me while I… You know, all these reflections
of yours look like… How to say without offends… Childish. I cannot stop thinking of her. And the flowers are some sort of a link. She’s sure to be thinking of me… She’s thinking of the man sending
luxury flowers to her every day! It’s him who she’s thinking about. And she’s surely figured out to herself
Prince Charming and waiting for him! And here you appear, saying: “Hi! It
was me. I’m Dasha Nikitina’s father. She has lessons with
you three times a week! And you know her mother too…” Just great! I didn’t think of it from that perspective… You’re right. It’s time to finish it.
Pour some. That’s right! That’s another piece of cake. I’ll go and cancel my order tomorrow! Enough. No more flowers,
no more music. It’s enough. — You’re man indeed! My respects!
— Cheers. Want some more? No, thanks. Are you saying it’s high time
for me to leave? No. I’m saying that a single woman
should watch her figure. Ah! A married one too… His courts are so beautiful!
One could even die from happiness! Yes, one could. By the way does anyone call you,
keeping silence? Nope. By the way I had an unidentified
call that day, and you distracted me. I thought that was our romantic. — What if it was your Lionia?
— Lionia? — Aha.
— No, it couldn’t be him. — Why? I’ve got intuition, by the way.
— Yeah… The man decided to correct his mistakes. He wasn’t an idiot all the time, was he?
You even married him once, didn’t you? No. This couldn’t be Lionia. Men, like shells, never come
into the same hole. And I don’t wish this to happen. — Hey, what’s up
— Well, you disappointed me. I’m sorry… Want we’ll find out tomorrow
who sends the flowers to you? How? I’ll accept the flowers,
and you follow the courier by car. And find it out there. Eh? Wait, and the breakfast?! Olia, I cannot. I’ve got some things to do. I need to visit some place before work. See you in the evening. — Bye now.
— Thanks… For what? For having you. And for mutton in the pomegranate juice,
of course. — Excuse me, what’s your name?
— Sergey. You see, Sergey, a pupil has got ill, so,
Irina Anatolyevna is coming at noon only. — Oh no, no, no.
— What? — No, I cannot come at noon…
— Any problems? Give the flowers to me and give
the gift to me too. Come on, give them. I’ll sign your paper
and give them to her. Eh? — Of course.
— Okay, go ahead. — Sign here please.
— Here? I’d like to cancel the order
for Irina Serebriakova. Sorry to hear that. You know
I have already bought the CD. So, you’ll have to pay tor it. Yes, of course. Ma’am, can I help you? Good morning, Eugeniy. Dmitriyevich is your patronymic,
as I remember… Good morning, Irina Anatolyevna. How much? Eh… It’s 2,000. Aha. Here you go. Thank you. Don’t leave me here, please.
Has this been paid for? — Yes.
— I’ll take it. Thank you. How could you?! How dared you?! I… I know your wife, your daughter… And you… Excuse me. It’s my fault. No, it’s… I don’t know what to say!
Do you understand me? I shouldn’t have attended
that meeting instead of my wife. I shouldn’t have agreed to… By the way, you wore the same dress then.
It suits you very much. Thank уou. What are you talking about?
What should I do now? How will I look Nastia in the face?
How will I talk to Olga Nikolayevna? You’re asking me?! I live with them! Do you
understand how I feel?! Will you have anything?
Coffee, a pastry or whatever?… American coffee with cold milk. Me too. I like American coffee with cold milk. It’s some diabolical vision.
I am afraid to sleep. Why? I dream you every night…
I am not experienced in cheating at all. My home and work has been everything
I have known for ten years. And now… Oh, I understand you perfectly well.
But you should understand me too… I was waiting to meet a man I…
liked greatly… well, without seeing him, of course. I even put on this dress because
it’s my “hunting” uniform… Yes… I see… I’m really sorry.
It’s my fault… I stirred up you and myself… That’s it. All right… Forget it… I will not sell you. I promise. Thank you. Why did you decide
to stop sending flowers to me? Well, I realized it was mean of me… So, I decided to try conquering myself… I see… Well… I should be going. Take the CD… It’s a good music. No, thanks. Zhora and Rita! We need
to find the mistake. The client is waiting, and he’s no chump… We are trying, Valeriy Igorevich… Really?! Show me where you were seeking? — Here, look.
— So what? — Hi everybody. Sorry for being late.
— Good morning. I didn’t expect you’d come on time.
So, that’s okay. Let’s ask Zhenia. Eugeniy Dmitriyevich, we’ve got a problem. Let’s see. Well, something like this… Cool!.. You’re genius! Zhora, Rita, copy all the stuff
to the flash and… — Yes, sir.
— The client’s waiting! Move out! — “The client’s waiting! Move out!”
— How nice! — See you.
— See you. Well, sir, but we’ll be absent
till the end of the office hours… Of course you will. What? I canceled it. Well done! Why so sad? She encountered me there… Did she?! And?… She will not sell me,
and I will forget her… hat’s right. That’s very good. Look, I’ve got two invitations for the
opening of the new restaurant. You can go there with Olga. Eh? That’s what I needed. I’ll go to earn forgiveness for my sins. What sins? Ones I’ve committed… Round your wrist. Don’t stretch your little finger.
That’s right. You are ready for your exam. Cool! You’ve got such beautiful
flowers again, Irina Anatolyevna… Really?.. You can take them, if you wish. Can the gifts be given to someone else? It’s not a gift. It’s a mistake. Here, take them.
Regards to your mother… Thank you. — Have a nice day, Irina Anatolyevna.
— You too. Good bye. Hi. Why did you give her the flowers? I don’t want them. — Explain this…
— That was Lionia. — You kidding?!
— No. Holy cow! My intuition
has never failed me before. Offered to reconcile. Can you imagine that? Well, I say… And you? Me?… Nothing. I see. And what about him? Him? — Nothing too!…
— And?… And… I’m starting my private
life from scratch. — Good evening, Sergey Valeryevich.
— Good evening. We agreed: no flowers, didn’t we? I’m sorry, my manners dictate… Thank you. Do come in…
I’ll be ready in a couple of minutes. To my mind… You’re just perfect…
without that… Thank you. I dropped my jaw when you called me…
I’m terribly sorry, of course… Look how serious his countenance is. Just like Scots Guards
at the Buckingham Palace. It’s indecent indeed: so much theatrics, and the meals like
at a school canteen! I bet! It’s terrible! But they
do have good whisky. — Look, we’re idiots indeed…
— Why? — Which of us is going to drive?
— We’ll take a taxi. Come on. — Good evening.
— Good evening. And what’s that music?
As if a cat being tortured… Which one would you prefer? Me? Well… Different. Any. Sergey Valeryevich, you know
I’ve got a headache now. So, you will have to spend this evening
without me by your side… Pardon? Well, I’m terribly sorry.
And – how you would say – “take care”. Ah, yes… At least I offered… Excuse me, could you pull a meter ahead? Sure. Met an old friend? — Eh? No… It was a fancy…
— What friend? No friend… Sleep on. You too. I will not let you sleep at home. We’ll see. Damn… Valera, hi. Look, I overslept, you know… Olga and I returned home late
last night and… and we… after… Should I describe you all the picture, eh? Then stop asking stupid questions.
I’m getting dressed and coming… What? A day off? Valera, you’re a real doll!
Thank you. I didn’t remember her… Some progress. Mom! Dad’s awake! Dashie, what are those suitcases for? You forgot? We are leaving today. Where to? Mom, Dad doesn’t remember. Wait, what am I supposed to remember? We’re going to the granny’s. Did I do something wrong? No. It’s Dasha’s vacation.
My mom asked to bring her. Where did you take those CDs? In you car. I found them there.
Look, can I take this one. It’s lovely… — Sure.
— Thanks. And why such a spontaneous leave? Nothing sfonpaneous…
We’ve been considering it long. It’s “spontaneously”,
which means “all of a sudden”. And I think there’s no need to go anywhere… I thought we would be spending
our time somehow together. You’re saying so because
it was my mom who invited us? What makes you think so? Come on, do tell… All right, all right.
I got it. I surrender. Ah, I see. Our sweetest Dad’s worrying
about him having no good food to eat. Don’t be. We have prepared
a week’s supply. Come on, I’ll show you. Right. “I Love you” Hallo? Irina Anatolyevna? It’s Olga, Dasha’s mother. Yes, Olga Nikolayevna, hi. Pardon me, what? Ah, leaving. That means Dasha
will not come today?… Very well… I mean, it’s okay… Give me a call when you are back. See you. You should know that
this “chick” have graduated from the Moscow Architectural
Academy with honors. No, wait; no need to wrangle. I’ve fought her off
from my British clients, by the way, for you specially. Nikitin? No, Nikitin cannot.
He’s on a short—term vacation. Oh, I’m sorry; I’ll get in touch
with you in 20 minutes. I’ve got a client. Yes. If you
will excuse me, bye now. What are you doing here?
You’re having a day off, aren’t you?… Olga and Dasha left for her granny’s. So, what am I supposed to do alone
at home? I’d better do some work. Zhora, will you leave for a cup of coffee? What? Yep. Want me to tie you
to this chair every night? I see. Right, I see. Wait a minute. Excuse me? I feel like a drink… I’m driving… Oh, come on! Shall we? I’ll call later… I’m busy… I am Irina. Igor. Igor Andreyevich. Nice to meet you. Well, to our acquaintance,
Igor Andreyevich. And what are you doing tonight? Well, that’s supposed
to be my text, actually… I have two tickets to a concert at a club. Do you like… concerts? To be frank, I don’t. No more words… You’re a real friend…
Finish your meal and we go. — Are you not hungry?
— I’m not. Well, then I’m finished too. So… Shall we? Yep. Valera, hi… Yes, I know we’ve met recently. Look, do you mind meeting, having some drops, some talks?… Can you imagine, I nearly… I nearly
called call her few minutes ago… But I didn’t and erased her phone number. And now I’m here talking to you and trying to remember another
place I could write it down. Remembered! It’s Dasha’s music book.
Bye. See you. — Be careful.
— I’m okay. Such insidious cocktails
are there in that club. I had only two of them,
and so tipsy I’m getting now… I see. And the cognac? We’re exactly
following the scenario. A meeting, a club, a concert,
a cocktail, a bed… So funny… Oh! What a look! Real macho! Your place or mine? No. It’s late now. I’m sleepy… Please, don’t… Why? What do you mean? Well, you and I… Aren’t we… Irina? Excuse me, Igor Andreyevich. You must
have misunderstood me. I’m sorry. Eh… Excuse me… Why men are like this? We had a deal not
to meet anymore, hadn’t we? Well, actually, this is my place… — Really?
— Yeah. It’s my favourite club in the city. Mine too… So, what shall we do now? I don’t know. Some drink? That’s what I’ve come here for. A whisky. What are they having tonight? A carnival. Thanks. Well… We won’t drink to the meeting.
To the carnival! So, why is the father
of a family is out of home? They left. To see the granny. And you went hunting right after they did. I’m no hunter. Of all prey I’m interested
in one individual only. Will you leave me alone please! Thank you. And what have brought you
to the bar tonight? A mood… A mood and solitude. To solitude! May I try your whisky?… Want to read my thoughts? I do. Tasty… I know your thoughts. You feel like dancing. I do… Look, everyone around is kissing…
I think they expect us to kiss too… We wont disappoint them… Dance, ladies and gentlemen! Dance! Dance, ladies and gentlemen! Dance! Don’t turn on the light. Why? You don’t want to see me? I do. Hasn’t the genius shown up? No. And he doesn’t respond phone calls. Hey, mister, are you nuts? I’m starving, you know. I haven’t had
a bite since the morning. Valera! How did you find me? Had to spend some money to. There are people able to find anyone
by the telephone number. And anywhere. Zhenia… Wow! Who are you? He’s Valera, my boss. — Good afternoon.
— Hi. — Nice to meet you.
— Me too. — You would be Irina…
— Anatolyevna. — Yes, Anatolyevna. This is for you. Yes.
— Thank you. I came to take Zhenia away. This son of a bitch hasn’t shown
up at work for the week already. And this is for you too. So, if you will excuse me, I’ll. so to say
rent him from you for a while. Not for long. Till the evening. Sure… I mean, I don’t know… Will you wait for me at the landing? See how he treats his boss? Like a servant. And I have to bear this, you know…
‘Cause I love this son of a bitch. Have a nice day. You too. Look, I’ll go there
for a while and be back… Sure. Wait, and what about your job? I’ve fallen ill to them…
Well, it’s true to some extent… Great. Have to go. Go now. Don’t keep him waiting. The café near your school, 5 p.m. — Okay. See you.
— Seу you. You are a one! No, you are a one! Have you
checked the missed calls? I have… Look, don’t be nuisance.
How do you find Ira? Ira’s great. Only, in part… Another thing I’d like to inform to you,
my dearest friend, is that your wife and daughter, worried about your
being unavailable, are coming back today. Got it? — How today? Yes, today. So, the legend is:
you stayed at home all the time, having left your celly at the office. It was in vibrating mode,
so none heard it. Is it clear? Clear. Wait. I was absent
from home all week long. And they had put the house
in order before they left. — We go!
— Where to?! Where?! My home, to put it in disorder!
Come on! Hurry up! Perfect. Great. Don’t go too far…
I’m no that big pig at last. Not that big, but pig indeed. Well, what else?.. So, this goes here, this goes there. What’s this? Great. This is to be thrown away. Is this Olga’s meals? To the garbage?!
No way! I’d rather take it home. — Well, seems to be all right now.
— Shall we? We leave. Hurry up! Hi, lost father! Hi! Why do you call me “lost”? We’ve lost you. Mom says
you went on a spree. That’s not true! Your dad was
working like a pack of oxen, right? I was explaining that to your mom. A herd of oxen. It’s only wolves who
go in packs. Valera, take the suitcase in. — What’s it with Mom, eh?
— I’m not sure. Well, we go in. Well-well-well… Well, I’ve run wild without you… Yeah… As if an army had marched through. Just like Mom said. Well, it’s a day’s job to clean up. All right… Where’s this slaveholder? Who’s slaveholder? You, of course! And you’re booby! How could one forget his phone at the
office and not remember he had at all?! I told you should install
a landline one, didn’t I? You’d have had no problems like this. It’s a waste of money. No one uses it. It would be of use this time… Mom, Mom! Dad has eaten up all the stuff. No foods.
And there’s a real mess in the kitchen. Never mind, we’ll sort it out. You monkey… And I can only imagine
the picture of the bedroom… Stay here I… I’ll do it. Entertain
the mistress with a conversation… Yes. Look, Olia, I visited
a restaurant the other day… It goes here… That’s it… You could easily be a chef
at any restaurant. I mean it. Valera, don’t say nonsense, please… Why nonsense, Olia? Why nonsense? What restaurant? Valera’s trying to throw dust in my eyes while you’re liquidating
the mess out there… I’m not. I’ll contribute to the project
financing if you say “yes”! Again persuading you
to launch a restaurant? He is. Let’s go to work… Daydreamer! Mom, are you coming? I am. I’ll see off Dad first. Forgive me, will you? It’s Okay. Don’t be late from work. I’m missing you. I’m not sure… We’ll see how it goes. I’ll do it. See you. See you. — Going to visit her?
— I am. It’s so stupid… I know. But I cannot break
up with her. Do you understand me? So, as I see, we’re going
to work till late at night, right? You’re right to understand so. — You driving?
— No, walking. Shall I give you a lift
to an underground station? No, thanks. I’ve got
some things to do. — Hi.
— You look strange. Met some man? Eh? — Bye, Lena. See you tomorrow.
— Why?… Well… bye… Hallo? Who’s that? Hallo? I can’t hear you. Please
call again in the evening. My husband left his celly at home. Excuse me, I’m late. Traffic jams
and… the mobile. You left it at home… I know. Olga told me. Well, I knew it… From the very beginning, so I…
have no grievance against you… But that’s it. How? It’s charms from the past. And I will not be a married man’s lover. I’m sorry. Do you recognize? What’s this? You and your wife. She’s no wife to me. — And do you have a wife?
— I do. — And the kids?
— A daughter. Adultery is no good. Not at all. This, by the way, is none of your business. Perhaps, it isn’t… Ira, will you stop that?
It’s unbearable to see you like that. Excuse me. I’ll be okay right now.
It’s age-related… A crisis upcoming… Don’t say nonsense! Come on, spill up.
You are going to feel better. You know, I… had a romance… a passionate and a short one.
One week only. Why? Was he here on a business trip? Sort of… He’s married… Married?… And there’s more. There’s something worse. It’s Zhenia. Eugeniy Nikitin,
father of Dasha Nikitina. God gracious… Well, my dear… No, no… I understand it perfectly well.
I don’t need any advice… I understand it perfectly well. Well, I’m so sorry. It was a sort of a spell,
cast on him, on me. I’ve met no one I felt so good with… Either, in the bad and… In general. And then it was as if…
I run my face on the wall. I don’t know what to do! Irie… You’re genius! I cannot get it.
It’s perhaps, the name. Eugenius—genius. He’s Eugenius,
and he’s Eugenius. He’s no genius, but you’re genius.
He’s… Well, yes… And I’m Valera. Valera—cholera… I have
no other associations. Valera—cholera. It’s nice. Why you’re so sad, eh? I’m contemplating this waste and thinking. I feel as ugly, filthy and empty as it is… What are you laughing at, eh! Just stop being pathetic, man! I’m no pathetic… I feel really bad… All right, let’s get to work. Let’s begin. Yeah, from here. Who’s there? — Good afternoon.
— Good afternoon. We’re finishing soon. Mom, I’ll be soon. I need to talk to you. My husband
and I wish to by a new piano for Dasha. Because our one is very old and is almost
falling apart. Could you consult us?… Well… I need to see it.… So, perhaps we could come… and see?… We go now to the shop
and then I’ll take you to your home… Well… All right. — Dasha, what are you listening to?
— Linkin Park. For God’s sake excuse me. I just don’t
know anything about this. I mean the pianos. That’s all right. We need
to turn to the left here. I know. We need to pick up someone,
do you mind? It won’t take long. Oh, no! Look at that!… It appears
to be Olga and Irina. — Not it appears. They appear.
— You’re screwed… What are you waiting out there?!
Come on in. — No, thanks. I’ll walk.
— As you wish. Zhenia, come on! — Hold on, buddy…
— Look, mind coming with me? “May the Force be with you, Jedi!” You Judas… Good afternoon, Eugeniy Dmitriyevich. Good afternoon, Irina Anatolyevna… — Do you know each other?..
— We met once… I visited a parents meeting
at school instead of you… Dad liked Irina Anatolyevna very much. Did he? He did… He told she was sweet
and charming lady. He said that? Dad, say you did! I’ve never said I didn’t. You’re just flattering me… He hasn’t even begun…
He’s such a flatterer. It’s their professional skill —
Valera’s and his. To wriggle into their client’s favour. You’re so shrewd. You don’t like it? Why? You’re staring somewhere into the space… Bravo! Bravo! So, what say you? It sounds good, doesn’t it? Sounds not bad… But you need to ask your dad.
The price matters too… — Dad!
— Ah? No, the price doesn’t matter. — So, we take it?
— Yes. — Hurrah!
— We take this one. Can I talk to you? Go ahead. Maybe, some other place? Why? Ira, I cannot do without you… I’m going to tell Olga today. Tell what? I’m leaving her… And what about Dasha? Mom, Mom! Dasha? She’ll understand when she grows up. It’s so trivial… I’ll come to your place tonight, may I? What did you do?! Wait! Take this! Oksana? What are you doing here? Olia, hi. Waiting for you. Something’s up? Nothing serious. I left my husband. — Oh, Zhenie, hi. Hi, princess.
— Hi. — Hi. O dear! Zhenia, get the car to the garage. Dasha, get in. And
take the suitcases in after. No thanks. Don’t. I’m
an independent lady now, so I have do manage on my own from now on. I can do everything. On my own. — Come on in.
— Oh God, it’s heavy! “Olia, my dear…” That is, no so dear… “I… I understand that it’s too
unexpected for you, but… I love another woman…
And leaving you for her… It’s probably not a right time —
your friend is in trouble…” Damn! “On the other hand, this might be okay. You’ll go through these issues together,
so to say, supporting one another.” Yes. I can start like this… Or somehow otherwise… What? Yes. Don’t be idle. Go and bring some water. Aha. Aha what? Come on, Zhenia! Just go! — Ah, yes.
— And fetch the drops. — Which drops?
— From the running nose! Ah, I’m sorry. 15 years, Olia! I’ve spent 15 years of my life on him. I… I’ve built a home for him! And what now? As I remember, it was you
who left him, wasn’t it? Me? Where to? I did. Did I? It’s him who has. Olia I wish you knew how much
I’m afraid of being alone! — Zhenia, why do you stick out there?
— I’m coming. You just don’t worry please. I’ll leave
immediately at the moment he calls. — Does he call before arriving?
— He does. This goes here. It’s sort of… I feel sort of anxious… Oh, come on! Your life’s changing.
You’re about to have a man beside. And having a man beside means,
by the way, not only flowers. It’s ties, shirts and socks too…
and the stuff like that. He fell in love with some other woman… “I can’t do without her”, he says…
And he can without me. Lucky you are, Olia… You have Zhenia. And architect. Of steel and glass. Who will never fail… — Well, your Vadik, is too…
— Aha! He’s son of a bitch! And your Zhenia is special… I’m no special at all… Just ordinary. Wait, are you saying I’ll have to free
some room in my wardrobe for him? Sure. Did you want him to sleep
on the carpet at your entrance door? Well, say, he will sleep with me. But I’ll need to figure out
something with the wardrobe. Why figuring out? I already have. You’ve got things you don’t like,
don’t you? — You’re vulture.
— No, helper. — I see.
— Come on. I’ll show you. You see, I’ve spent 15 years
of my life on him; I’ve built our home,
helped him to make a career! Whatever I did was for him.
And what now? That’s it? I’m retired? What retirement are you talking about? You’re a young woman
and attractive one in addition… Aha, that the right word indeed. Who will
want me, so attractive one, I wonder? Oh, just stop it!… You know there are
many single man in Zhenia’s surrounding. That’s right. Plenty. And all of them
are architects of steel and glass. Hear that? We’ll introduce you to all of
them. And you’ll pick up any one you wish. Look, just stop treating me like
a child, if you please. Aha, “I’ll pick up anyone I wish”…
No one knows how it’s going to be… Look… Will this scenario really suit you? Meaning? Well, another man instead of… Do you mean… Do you really have to grieve
over each Vadik? Eh? Well… Zhenia, don’t you have
to go back to your work? — Yep, you’re right.
— Go ahead then. I’ll consider it… Olie, you have some cognac?
Let’s have some, eh? A moment. — Hallo?
— Ira, it’s me. Hi. Look, I cannot come tonight. I need to somehow prepare her. And, in addition… Her friend came in, all in tears. She’s about to divorce her husband. My word!… Coincidence indeed, isn’t it? I’ll call you. Of course. Me?… I’m fine. I understand
it perfectly well. Don’t worry. And will come to see you. Oh no. Please don’t. No need
in coming to see me. Neither today, nor tomorrow or ever at all. — I see. Bye.
— Bye. Look, this one suits me well, doesn’t it?
You’re not going to wear it, are you? — You’re still here?
— Already leaving. Well… The clothes… they
go back to the wardrobe. What’s up? Nothing. He’s not coming. But we
can have dinner together instead. You upset? Me? Oh, no! Stop fooling me by words.
The clothes go to the wardrobe. Well… Yes, Valera, hi. I’m all right…
Look, will we meet tomorrow? Ah, yes. I forgot. Which means
we will. Fine. Eh… I’ve got to talk to you on
some business. Yeah. See you. Bye. Damn! So, how’s Oksana? Having tea… with pasties… We’ve got a college reunion tomorrow…
Are you coming? No. What a housewife would do
in the company of architects? — Don’t be ridiculous.
— I’m not. All right. Were you serious about finding
someone to replace Vadik? I mean, I’m meeting my fellows tomorrow. So, I could find out
who’s married and who’s single. Go ahead. You will not abandon me, will you? Me? Of course not. Unless you drive me away… Don’t even think of it. Why hasn’t Olga come? I don’t know. I see. Will all the guys come
to the party, I wonder? Sure they will. Listen to what I was going to tell you. I know what you were going to tell me… — So?
— You’re leaving Olga for Irina, right? Right. But there’s more. You don’t know the main point. Oh, come on! It’s not Irina?
Some other woman? Go to hell! To the point… I intend to, so to say,…
find a substitute for myself… For Olga not to remain alone.
You understand? “Attention! There’s a replacement
in the Nikitins team. On the field instead of Zhenia
who’s suddenly fallen ill comes…” Zhenia, are you drunk?
It’s ahead of schedule. You’re supposed to drive me back home
from the party tonight, remember? Eh? I am not drunk! Listen to me attentively. Olga is a wonderful person,
you surely know this. She doesn’t have to suffer because of me. All right, I’m a fool, a confused fool.
But she’s completely out of this. Then let her… have someone too…. Zhenia, do you really realize
what you are talking about? I do. I know it sounds crazy, but I have no choice other than
to find another man for my wife. Yes, it does. Should I abandon her? Does she
deserve to be alone? Think about it. So? — What?
— Will you help me? — Help what?
— To find, so to say, a candidate? Ah, I see… I repeat: I don’t have
to hold an account to you… I’ve spent as much money as I have!… Yes, on the food you eat! Do you really
think it’s a fairy who fills up our fridge? What fairy? That fairy!
Misha, are you crazy? Enough. Just stop that crap, will you? Yeah, a family life is splendid indeed. “What have you spend money
for? Why’s the soup too salty?” I always knew that marriage sucks. Intuition failure? Leave me alone. — You put your whole soul into your job,
— Hi. A toast to our profession! Whatever
we may be, whatever we might become… Pierre, excuse us, buddy, Valera
and I have a business. You go. Are you saying I’m supposed to drink alone? Well, I don’t know… There’s
Serioga Artamonov out there. A good party indeed. Here, I’ve brought some food for you. Thanks. You drink and you don’t eat. Pierre’s a nice company to drink
with indeed. He’s a foreman, isn’t he? No one is supposed to drink in the company
of foremen. I realized it long ago. — By the way, is he married? Olga’s not going to live with a drunkard. Agree. And how do you find Yurka? Yurka? No way. He’s a womanizer. Aha. And Serioga? He’s being divorced…
I think he’s the right one… He’s materialist to the marrow. Money
on his brain, nothing more. Come on! — But all other are engaged.
— So what?! I’m not going to marry our Olga
to the first man in the street. No, buddy. Think harder. There’s one last choice left. Agree. You. You will marry Olga. You know, he had to leave on a business
lately… I felt so good being alone. Well, I mean I did have
beautiful times with him once. And later… And now… I do have happy moments… But the feeling was extinct long ago… Lena… Then why living together? I don’t know. Perhaps people are afraid of being alone. You need to spend a lot of time
with Olga. A lot. Do you see? — I do.
— I’ll tell you everything about her. The flowers she likes, the music,
the movies she’s fond of — a dossier. A complete dossier. And I myself will be drifting apart.
That’s the way. The more time she spends with you, the less
time, respectively, she spends with me. It’s clear. It’s the law of conservation
of energy; connected vessels, so to say. But, man, can you tell me in what light
you are going to present me to her? What do you mean? Remember
you were talking about the restaurant? No, I don’t. I was drunk… What restaurant? You offered Olga to launch a restaurant.
To become chef in it. So, you’ll launch a restaurant!
She’ll cook, and you will eat. A perfect idyll, so to say. Crapdyll! I don’t have money!
Where can I take it from? If you will excuse me, do you really think
it’s an easy thing to launch a restaurant? Who will manage our architectural
firm then? Do you think it’s okay? I will. And will to this brilliantly,
you know this. And don’t worry about the money; I’ll pledge my flat
in the city with a bank. What if the business doesn’t pan out?
What if you part with Ira? Are you going to live in the street then? You’re not going to be at law
with Olga over your cottage, are you? Of course I am not. Well, I don’t know… In short, they are my issues.
You both will be out of these. Just fine… Yes, fine! Just fine! Now then,
we go to my place now, and I tell Olga you’ve got intoxication… I can’t. I’ve hooked up with
Nadia of the third group. Man, she’s coming to my place tonight. — What Nadia?!
— Of the third group. What group are you talking about?! What I’ve been telling to you all along?!
Come! Valera, are you okay? Zhenia told you had drunk too much
last night… Are you going to be okay after? I’ve got the digestion of an ostrich. And, besides, only an idiot might
refuse your meals. Here. Hear that? And you’re always saying: “It’s not tasty, lacking of salt”… Became too choosy? So… Coffee? Aha. Olia, will you sit back please? I’ve got a business offer for you. I’ve collected some spare money… So, don’t you think it’s about time to start earning for living
with you cooking art, eh? We’ll lunch a restaurant for you. Well, I say… Why? We’ll have plenty of customers wishing
to try your cooking. Hundred-per-cent! Well, I’m not sure.
What if it doesn’t pan out? Oh, come on! It surely will! Well, it sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Just look, at yourself! What restaurant are you talking about?
It’s a waste of money and time. Well, you may be right… But you’re wrong in point of fact. What makes you think we might fail?
Are we fools? She’s spent fifteen
years being a housewife. And now you’re talking of a business.
It’s no kidding. And besides, Olia, I don’t
think your brains… It’s ridiculous. Are you nuts? You nearly broke my foot! You take the dishes and go to the kitchen
to help and show your sympathy to her. And don’t call her Olechka.
She hates it. Go. So, you have just seen the backyard,
and to my mind, it’s quite good for business purposes. Eh? — Eh…
— What? What do you think? — Well… perhaps…
— “Perhaps”?… Does it suit you? — Well… Does it suit us, Valera?
— Yep, it does. Does everything suit you? Yes, the kitchen is good, utilities too,
and a large hall. Does it, Valera? The previous leaseholders used to place
40 tables in there, and still had room. And where have these leaseholders gone? How should I know? Just left… How are you going to pay? Cash or… Cash. It’s coming. Oh, by the way, here it is. Yes? Right. Coming out. I’ll be back. — Hi.
— Hi. — Brought the money?
— Yeah. How is it going? — I’m not sure… One should know
this sort of stuff… The premises are good. It’s not about the premises. How’s Olga? Ah, she’s fine. Likes everything…
She’s really good. Says something about me? Nothing… When I ask her,
she answers: “It’s all right.” “All right”… Let it be so. What are you waiting for?
Go, or she may spot me. And don’t delay the opening for too long. By then. — And the money?
— Ah, yes… Here. Bye. Okay. Thank you! Good luck! Same to you. Previous leaseholders,
subsequent leaseholders… I’m scared, Valera… It’s going to be all right, so don’t be. Take this. I’ll call Zhenia. Here. Go ahead… Hi. Leased it? You shouldn’t have! Look, I don’t care a bit
about these Valera’s whims! I’m terribly busy. You think you’ll cope with it?
Good luck. Go ahead. Damn!… So? What did he say? Nothing… Let’s have another look… Yeah? Hi. All right. Where?… See you. — Him?
— Yes. — What does he want?
— I don’t know. Wants to talk to me. Look, it’s so complicated with two of you… I cannot help it. It’s just as it is.
Okay, bye. Good luck! This is my plan. I’ve mapped it out. I think it will take two or three weeks. Mapped it out… Not bad… Well, I realize it looks not so nice…
but I cannot do otherwise… You are saying you really
want Olga to cheat you? What has she to do with this? No, wait. You even wish her
to be guilty towards you. She’d come together with your
best friend, wouldn’t she? What are you talking about? Just the same thing as you are.
But in straight words. Will you excuse me? It’s Olga and I have to respond. Yes? I’m at work… Let Valera give you a lift. Thank you. I’m not sure… I may come home late. Because you’re doing
your silly fadoodle while I’m carrying the firm on my shoulders…
Bye now. Look, I’m missing you.
Will we go to your place? And what are you going
to tell to your family? It doesn’t matter. I’ll figure out. Know what? You’d better go home. Ira, it’s two weeks only. Hallo? All as was settled? All right. We’re going to see the site
tomorrow. Aha. And… Wait a minute.
What do you want? I’m working. Nothing… Nothing special… There’s Vadik down there.
He came for Oksana. — So what?
— Nothing. Right. Go. I’m busy.
Hallo? Excuse me please. I see. Could you tell the address
once again? Yes, we’ll check it up. Yeah, I’m writing. — Oksie, are you coming?
— Just wait me in the car, I say. So? Forgave him? I’m not sure. Maybe I will. What would you do if you were me? I don’t know. Zhenia and me… We are
not dealing well at the moment. I would do anything
to fix the things, I suppose. Well, I should be going, I guess.
Thank you. Hold on, my friend. How do you find it? Nice… Olga has always had good taste. Wait, she said you didn’t even look at it… No, I didn’t. I’m sticking to the plan. I think you’re going too far. Look, shut up… There’s trouble
enough without you. Ah yes, one more thing:
she asked me to tell you to pick up Dasha from to the music school.
And not forget to. Why didn’t she tell me?
We met in the morning. I don’t know. Right. I’m off. Good, well done.
You’re prepared for your exams… Dasha? What is it with you? Are you okay? I am not. My parents are going to divorce. What makes you think so? They are almost not talking. A friend of mine said it
was the same with her parents. They divorced after. Well, adults may have their own issues… A crisis in relations…
Let’s hope they’ll come to normal, will we? Excuse me, I need… It’s time I should go. They must
have already come for me. — Yes, go ahead.
— See you. See you. — See you.
— See you. Now… What? It’s terrible… I feel bitch. Listen, nothing matters if you love… No, nothing, If I do. No reply from Dasha. She’s left her mobile at home again.
Did you tell it to Zhenia? Yes, I did. Zhenia? Have you picked
up Dasha from the school? What is it you are so busy about?
Are you mad?! He forgot, just fancy that! Being busy! By George! Can you beat it! Olia, I’ll go. And what are you doing here? My Dad hasn’t come yet…
He’s coming, I believe… Did you call him? I didn’t… The battery’s dead. Dad is okay, isn’t he? Of course he is. For sure. Well, what shall we do now?
I might drive you home, shall I? No, thanks. Dad’s sure to come…
He can’t possibly forget about me… No, of course not. He can’t. Dasha, have you been waiting long?
Why didn’t you call me? The battery went dead. Irina Anatolyevna
offered to drive me home… Thank you so much, Irina Anatolyevna.
Excuse me please. — See you.
— Come. Good bye. Excuse me once again. It’s okay. Ira! Wait! Hi. Dasha’s been taken away already… How? Who by? Your wife and Valera. Valera? Dasha was waiting for you;
I called you too. Yes, I know. I saw you did. You knew? Then why did you
not respond? Was it difficult? Yes! It was! I’m having difficult
times now! I’ve got confused! I… I clean forgot about Dasha!
Can you imagine?! What are we doing?!
What are we… What am I doing?! You still can fix it. I’m sorry. O my God! — I… I didn’t see him pop out!..
— Zhenia! Zhenia! Awake? Good… No—no! Do not rise.
The doctor needs to see you before… I say, man, you’ve scared us to death. What happened? Almost nothing compared
to what could have been. Brain concussion and contusions.
You’d been born under a lucky star. Did I render the history right? Yes, you did. Anyone other injured? No… Thank God! Thank Him. How long I’ve been here? It’s the second day. Olga has just left, and it’s my watch now. Look, Valera. We must stop all of this. Olga is my wife, and I won’t give her away. Exactly, buddy. Do not. I knew it would end like this. Only, I didn’t know how you
would get out of it. But you’re genius, aren’t you?… No one could invent
a thing better than an accident… And if you had died, that would
have been absolutely… stylish… Go to hell, booby… Be lying and don’t swear, once you
survived. And do behave yourself. And be wise not
to tell Olga anything. Got it? Why? You’ll hurt her and poison
your own life in addition. And, yes — there’s someone
wishing to see you. — Ira?
— Aha. Will you call her? Irina, come in please. Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m fine… Brain concussion was good for me. All fell into place… So, you have realized it, haven’t you? I have… It’s so good out! I’m tired of staying in bed. Yeah… Look, Olia, forgive me. I’m guilty towards you… And you forgive me. You don’t have reasons
to ask forgiveness, believe me… Well, how’s your restaurant? It’s all right. We’re opening it in a week. That’s great. Dasha, where are you? I’m coming! Dad, Dad! What? There’s a man around here,
making things and selling them. Let’s come to meet him. Come. You should see his stuff. I want to use it in the decoration
of the restaurant. Hi. A-a-ah, hi there. This is my Dad. Oh, a good dad indeed. — Good afternoon.
— Good afternoon, Olga Nkolayevna. Meet my husband… May he have a look?
I trust him so much. Of course he may, once you trust him. Look at this. It’s for the restaurant. — Do you like it?
— I do. Guys, mind if I draw you? — Why not?
— Come. Come here. Aha. Stand like this.
Aha. And do a bit… That’s fine… Aha… THE END

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    Сморел раз 10…
    Шикарная работа режиссера, команды, музыка…

  31. Он ведет себя, как мартовский котяра, дело происходит в марте, по календарю зачеркиваемых дат прослеживается мартовское обострение… ха,ха,ха… Она же просто шлюшка, но никак не учительница, да и просто порядочный человек… Это не любовь…, похоть и страсть – это руководство к их начавшимся отношениям. Ей видно не привыкать, откуда и квартира с машиной… Это на 40 мин…. Интересно, чем все закончится, когда улягутся страсти-мордасти и начнутся кухонно-постельные будни, если до этого конечно еще дойдет…

  32. Ну что… Фильм хороший, весьма! Мартовским котам надо почаще получать ЧМТ, мозги обновляются, работать начинают лучше и в семьях все становится ОК!

  33. Хороший фильм, а Урсуляк вообще умничка. Что касается остального. Кому-то не верится, что у учителя музыки может быть хорошая машина? Может. Особенно если это красивАЯ, обаятельнАЯ, сногсшибательнАЯ учительНИЦА музыки. Моя лучшая подруга и коллега по театру – учитель флейты в музучилище. У неё нет свой шикарной машины, но вокруг неё такие мужики вьются, с деньгами и шикарными тачками, что дурам с утиными губами до неё далеко. И, кстати, ей 45, но фору даст любой малолетней гламурной дуре… Так что отбросьте стереотипы в стиле "не может быть".

  34. Среди кучи современных мелодрам с почти неизменными сюжетными линиями и глупыми репликами, этот фильм мне понравился. Возможно, дело в том, что это не последнее поколение шедевров. А что кому-то учительница на "Ауди" не понравилась, так у людей разные ситуации бывают. Может, у нее брак был с состоятельным… Это не то же самое, что бывший выпускник вуза с огромной квартирой в центре, который женится на женщине с детьми-подростками, к примеру…

  35. Пишут про жалость к Ирине-а за что ее жалеть,ведь у него очень хорошая жена и семья вообще.Не надо путаться с женатыми

  36. Я знаю, что в браке соблазнов пойти на лево очень много, но (сужу по себе) главное устоять и не податься, сохранить не только семью, но и свой душевный покой, а возможно и мужа душевный покой. Всегда соблазны свои пресекала в зародыше и не сожалею об этом, и мыслей впоследствии не было вроде таких, как: а что если б… Мой муж просто не заслуживает измен с моей стороны и я себя перестану уважать!

  37. Покажу каk зара6атывать от 180 дoллapoв за cyтки. Подробности на канале.

  38. Пokaжу каk полyчaть190 дол. в сутки. Инфоpмация на кaнaлe.

  39. Скучный фильм и совершенно безсюжетный!!! Зря потраченное время

  40. Лучше бы остался с Ириной, а жена – с другом. Фильм шаблонный, конечно. в жизни часто не так бывает. на то она и жизнь!

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