आपका माथा आपके बारे में क्या बताता है? | Learn Face reading – Forehead | Physiognomy |

आपका माथा आपके बारे में क्या बताता है? | Learn Face reading – Forehead | Physiognomy |

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Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update I am not a guru or a scientist or a researcher or some baba I am sharing my experience about face reading which I have learnt from book and my life experiences In this series,we will understand face reading by relating it with science How it can impact your life? And how it is scientifically proven? Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies Like I told you in previous videos that Height of Forehead defines your Intellectualness What is behind this? It’s Brain And that brain has some height More the height of brain,more the data can be stored inside it So if more data can be stored,then they are people who can absorb more data They want detail of everything,they don’t have any relation with other things They want full knoeledge about the product Whenever they study something,they need full knowledge about that. How did that happen? How it will impact me? Why this happens? What is this? They want detail about everything If you are gong for a meeting or interview or in any relationship,if the person’s height of forehead is more,that means he wants to grow intellectually he wants maximum knowledge If height of forehead of your wife is more,then she needs all the details Where did you stop on the way while coming back from office? If you went for a cofee with a femaile friend,then your wife needs all the details How she looks,where she stays,what is her designation and salary? She needs everything Here,she is not doubting on you,but God has made her that way only Next thing is Width of Forehead. How much broad your forehead is? Here a curve is there. Like you can see,my forehead is getting curvy from here So its curvy from here,that means my forehead is only this much broad Beyond that where it is getting curvy is not part of my forehead So more the width of forehead,that person wants to grab more multidimensional knowledge Those whose forehead are more broad in this way,they are multitalented and want to gain knowledge about multiple things. They want to know everything with details You will find such people excelling in multiple domains They are good in education,sports,creative. They are everything I will again tell you width of forehead has no relation with money. People with broad forehead are bald not rich They become rich by their hardwork and not by baldness One more thing comes here – Slant of Forehead How is your forehead bending? Is it coming out or in or straight? Those whose forehead are straight are focussed. They talk to the point and end it there They are focussed and always want to excel in life One more thing comes here : Domed Forehead. Those whose forehead is coming out like this, they are early adapters Adjusting power of these people are really good If you are finding for a life partner,then find someone with domed forehead. Your understanding power will be very good Next thing is Sloping Forehead Those whose lower portion of forehead is coming outside are impatient and they cannot wait for anything They want everything at the moment They live in a hurry If we talk opposite like whose upper portion is coming outside,i.e Bulging Forehead,those people are full of energy They never step back They are always ahead in doing some work Due to this energy,their upper portion of forehead comes outside Basically these people are full of power and are aleays interested in doing work So if such people become CEO they can take the company to a high level They work on their own and like to make people work as well The first part of face reading,i.e forehead ends here next video will come next week on face reading Till then practice and excel it. Subscribe,like and comment. Yiu can ask me questions in live session And most important,don’t forget to share Share and like as much as possible,so that more videos can be made on this tell your friends,teachers,girlfriend,wife about our channel and grow your intellectual power

100 thoughts on “आपका माथा आपके बारे में क्या बताता है? | Learn Face reading – Forehead | Physiognomy |”

  1. yrr face reading chhodo mujhe to aap bohot smart lgre ho mnn kr Ra h bss apko dekhti rhu 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Apne forehead Ko sir
    Agar kisi ka forehead slant hai
    Aur us.. apane mathe Ko straight karna ho to wo kese karega

  3. I have a question.
    If a person "X" with whom we are dealing with has a narrow forehead than ours then we will think that he isn't much multidimensional. or is less multidimensional than us. and at the same time a person "Y" whose forehead is even narrower than the person "X" will deduct that he is a multidimensional person. is there any default size or meathod to differentiate in this case. like if more than 5cms wide the person is MDimensional and if its less then not much MDimensional . and similiarly this confusion goes for height of forehead.

  4. sir i have a question . my head first goes straight then slant and after a long time it curves then how much do i take it to be my forehead ?? and does it mean i am very intelligent ?? (this question is in my head for like 10 months so plz reply) 🙂

  5. Bro you are living in 21st century so please don't make these type of videos, my forehead is small so it means that I will not achieve success in my life. I think that not**

  6. फेस रीडिंग से कुछ भी नहीं होता कर्म करो face reading से अंधकार में मत जियो those who give up never grow up

  7. Hlw sir , agr kisi k forehead me ek blue coloured line ho jese center me eye brows k pas se start hoke hairs tak jati ho ,………….. To eska kya mtlb hota hai

  8. Jinke shani relha me V sign bane Aise logo ko arthik pareshani (money problem ) & anek pareshani yo ka bhi samna karna padta hai

    Jinke shani rekha ke beach me traingle ban jaye unka entercast merriage chances hote hai

    Jinki shani rekha straight hoti hai aisa jatak , nishye sabhav vala , boudhik vichar , samajdar , durdarshi , & gambhir hota hai

    Shani rekha gahri ho upar se tedhi ho , guru rekha lambi aur dono aur zuki ho surya rekha beach me khandit ho to jatak , sundar , sukhi udar , vidhvan , dharmatma , bhai – bhano ka sanmanniy hota hai

  9. Lekin mere forehead ka koi nahi bataya YouTube m jankari hi nhi h.. m very intrested to know about my forehead..

  10. Sir thnks for sharing this to us , sir also do recommend some books for body language n human bheviour also help to connect so we can explore it more, plse reply sir🙏🙏

  11. Mera forehead ki height bahut km he but my teacher says that I'm the most intelligent and creative kid in the room.
    Bus me yeh keh rha ki forehead se kisi Ko bhi judge krna galat he.

  12. You are right sir me kbi study krti Hu to optional questions answered nhi read krti .Mike history Janna hota h tabi satisfied Hoti hu

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