【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 05 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas

【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 05 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas

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[music] 阳光会被遮挡
Sunshine disappears sometimes [music] 想成为风
I want to be wind [music] 让天空再晴朗
To make the it shine again [music] 指尖闪烁微光
Fingertips are shimmering [music] 那是希望
Hope, as it is [music] 衬托生命的坚强
Sets off the firmness of life [music] 不曾动摇信仰
My faith never wavers [music] 守护你
All I wish [music] 是唯一的愿望
Is to be with you [music] 坚持心的方向
Follow the indication of my heart [music] 救死扶伤
Heal the wounded and rescue the dying [music] 负起担当
Take on burdens [music] 紧握住你的双手
Hold your hands [music] 想温暖你的胸膛
Warm your heart [music] 岁月绵长
Life is long [music] 时光静淌
But time is short [music] 还有爱在你身旁
Love is here by your side [music] 怀抱住你的肩膀
Cuddle you around your shoulders [music] 想平复你受的伤
Calm you on your wound [music] 看到你的
Your smile [music] 微笑模样
As I can see [music] 是眼中最美的景象
Is the most beautiful thing in the world? 强强 螃蟹好吃吗
Is it good, Qiangqiang 非常好吃
Very good 你要喜欢吃
If you like 阿姨下次还给你带
I can bring you next time 你快点吃
Be quick 吃完好写作业去啊
Do your homework after finishing 好吧
Ok 那我去写作业去了
I’ll go do my homework -强强 -回来
– Qiangqinag – Come back 你应该说什么呀
You forget something 谢谢乔娜阿姨
Thank you, aunt Qiao 不客气 不客气
It’s ok 来 强强
Come, Qiangqiang 好好做功课啊
Do your homework carefully 好
Ok 擦擦你的嘴
Wipe your mouth 我写作业去了
I’m going now 梁主任
Director Liang 你们药剂科现在也挺忙的
Are you busy in your pharmacy department? 还行吧
We are okay 药剂科主任也不好当
It’s not good to be the pharmacy director 姐
Sister 你说那个江主任算是捡着了
Chief Jiang is so lucky 谁能想到是那么大一个领导
With such a big title just got here 江主任是谁啊
Who’s Chief Jiang? 我们科新来的
A newcomer 美国哈佛医学院留学回来的
Graduated from Harvard Med School 才三十二岁
Only 32 years old 被咱们院破格录取为
But she’s now our 副主任医师
Associate chief doctor 学急救专业的
Her profession is emergency 又来一个高级职称
A senior title again 可不吗
Yeah 你说 姐夫
You know 本来我们科两个高级职称
We had two senior titles here 这何主任
Now Chief He 现在犯了错误受处分
Made a mistake and has been punished 我们都认为咱刘姐
All of us think my sister 肯定是行政主任
Should be the director 板上钉钉的事了
For sure 谁知道半路杀出个程咬金来
But who know here comes a Chief Jiang 我觉得就咱医院故意的
I think our hospital did it in purpose 到现在也不正式任命
Now no one is officially appointed 我们科谁是主任
As our director 让他们厮杀
Just left them fighting with each other 其实 这事吧
Actually 你想多了 有点狭隘了
You think too much about this 院里边当然希望
The hospital surely hopes 这个急诊科有个行政主任了
There is a director in your department 有个领导嘛
If there is a leader 它就稳定了
It would be stabilized 之所以一直没有任命
The reason why they haven’t named it yet 是觉得慧敏和老何
Because they think neither Huimin nor Chief He 都不具备这个能力
Has the ability to be the director 我怎么不具备这能力了
I don’t have the ability? 我从到这个医院
I have been worked in ED 就分到急诊科吧
Since I got here 论年头
I’ve been worked here 我可比老何长
Longer than He has 当然了
Of course 技术上我是比不过他
I’m no better than him in profession 可不代表他有领导能力啊
But it doesn’t mean he has the leadership 这些呢
For what you said 院里也不是
The hospital 不知道急诊科的状况
Knows very clearly about it 之所以一直悬而未决
Why they haven’t decided it 第一 觉得呢
First, they might think 慧敏跟老何在业务能力上
In professional proficiency, Huimin and He 都差不多
Are pretty much in the same level 第二呢 院里边
Second, they think 觉得他们在行政领导能力上
Both of them have problems in 都有问题
Administrative competence 老何呢 是知识分子的通病
Chief He is an intellectual 恃才傲物的
Proud and insolent 对上不拿领导当干部
Arrogant to the superiors 对下边呢 刻薄古板
Mean to the inferiors 这个科室的主任呀
But the director of a department 他是院里边的中层行政领导
Is a middle-level management 你光业务能力强不行
Professional proficiency is not enough 你得有执行力和凝聚力
You must have the power of execution and cohesion 我觉得
I think 你说的这些我都具备呀
I have them all 你的问题吧就是
But your problem is 女性的这个
Something about feminism 你身上一直改不了的问题
The mountain-stronghold mentality 山头主义思维严重
And you never realized that 不能够兼容并蓄
You are not tolerant to others 对自己人呢
For your own people 就没有原则地这个维护
You stand for them without principle 没有 刘姐还是那个
No, Chief Liu has … 我怎么没原则了
I don’t have principle? 刘姐还是有原则的
My sister has principle 她挺一视同仁的
She treats everyone equally 来 来 姐
Come, sister 有什么原则
What principle you have 对不是她自己人嘛
For others 她这打压排挤的
You exclude and suppress them 她也没有大局观
She doesn’t have the view of overall situation 不能够把整个科室的同事
Can’t unite everyone 团结在一起
In the department 你们呢
Both of you 我觉得都没有意识到
Didn’t realize 自己的问题
Your problems 也不能体会啊
And can’t realize 院里领导的这个忧虑
The consideration of the leaders 之所以把姓江的
They bought Jiang 派到你们科室来
To your department 目的很明显
The intention is obvious 谁呀
Who is that? 阿姨 是我 江晓琪
It’s me, Sami -阿姨 -晓琪
-Aunt – Sami 进来吧 进来
Come in 晓琪 进
Come in, Sami 你咋还给我们买这些东西呢
You don’t have to bring this 我们应该谢谢你才对
We should thank you 别客气了
It’s no problem 就是我一点心意
Just a small token of my affection 记得让叔叔吃啊
Remind uncle to have it 谢谢你啊
Thanks 叔叔从医院回来没事吧
How’s uncle after back from hospital? 没事 挺好的
He’s good 我看看他
Let me have a look 叔叔
Uncle 李叔叔 叔叔
Uncle Lee 李叔叔 我是晓琪
I’m Sami, uncle Lee 江晓琪
Sami Jiang 晓琪
Sami 记得我
He remembered 都怪我
It was my fault 我要是不去煮面
If I didn’t make noodles 就不会着火
There would be no fire 知道 知道您不是故意的
I know, I know you weren’t deliberate 李叔叔 你仔细回忆一下
Uncle Lee, can you recall 那天火灾发生
The day the fire occurred 除了您和我父母在场
Except you and my parents 还有其他人吗
Were there any others? 郑老师也在
Ms Zheng was also there 郑老师
Ms Zheng? 哪个郑老师
Which Ms Zheng? 郑岚 郑阿姨是不是
Zheng Lan, wasn’t Aunt Zheng? 叔叔 你仔细想一下
Uncle, can you recall? 是不是郑岚也在
Was Zheng Lan also there? 你没有看错是吗
Are you sure? 郑岚在现场是吗
Zheng Lan was also there, right? 叔叔
Uncle 叔叔 你别着急 没关系
Uncle, take it easy, it’s ok 叔叔 你再好好想想
Please think about it 是不是看错了
Isn’t it a mistake? 晓琪 你别问了 别问了
Sami, don’t ask him anymore 再给他问犯病了就麻烦了
He doesn’t feel comfortable 老头子 没事吧
Are you all right? 郑老师也在
Zheng was there? 你没有看错是吗
Are you sure about it? 郑岚在现场是吗
Zheng Lan was there? 叔叔
Uncle 董事长 江小姐来了
Miss Jiang is here 晓琪来啦
Sami 阿姨
Aunt 坐
Sit 坐坐坐 坐这儿来
Sit here 怎么样啊
How you feel 上班的感觉
About your work 挺好的
Pretty good 那也不要太辛苦
Don’t be too hard 别太累
On yourself 别太拼命了
Don’t get too exhausted 你呀 就是好强
You are too strong 不可以没有白天
You can’t work 没有晚上这么工作
Day and night 还是要按时吃饭 按时睡觉
Remember to have meals, sleep well 身体最重要
Health is most important 怎么今天突然来啦
Why you come today? 是想阿姨了
Miss me? 晓琪 你别怕
Don’t be afraid, Sami 有阿姨在呢
You got me 阿姨会照顾你一辈子的
I’ll always look after you 从今天开始
From now on 我就是你妈妈
I’ll be your mom 你妈妈能做到的
If there’s anything your mom can do 我都做得到
I can do it too 晓琪
Sami 你不是在医院
You have any problems 受什么委屈了吧
In your work? 受委屈你要告诉我
If yes, please tell me 你这个工作
I didn’t agree 本来我就是不同意你做
You come to that hospital 阿姨这公司将来都是你的
You can be my heir of this company 我就希望你
I just want you 能生活得开开心心的
To be happy 做自己想做的事就可以了
Do what you like 阿姨
Aunt 我看你还是回来住吧
How about you move back 这样我能照顾你
So I can take care of you 你在美国那会儿
When you were out in America 我这心天天都吊着
I was always worried for you 好不容易你回来了
Now you are back 我每天能看见你啊
I wish I can see you everyday 心里才踏实 才高兴
So I’ll be relieved, and happy 你怎么了 晓琪
What happened, Sami? 阿姨 我先走了
Aunt, I gotta go now 你不等宇宁回来就走啦
Yuning is coming back soon 阿姨 我没什么事
Aunt, nothing happened 我就是 就是想你来看看你
I, I just want to see you 晓琪 你有事你要告诉我
Sami, if you have anything 不要瞒着我
You must let me know 没有什么事不能解决的
Nothing to be worried 我知道了 阿姨
I know, aunt 阿姨再见
Bye aunt 开水房在哪儿
Where’s boiler room 直走到头左拐 前边
Go straight and turn left 大夫 那放射科怎么走啊
How can I go to radiology department 放射科在二楼啊
Second floor 你好大夫
Hi, doc 开水房怎么走
Where’s boiler room 直走到头左拐
Go straight to the end and turn left 那门诊放射科也这么走吗
How about outpatient radiology? 门诊放射科出门右转
Go out and turn right 绿色平房啊
Green flat 您平时吃降压药吗
Are you having hypotensor? 吃啊
Yes 老师 我是志愿者
Master, I’m a volunteer 直走到头左拐啊
Go straight to the end and turn left 老师 我是志愿者
Master, I’m a volunteer 志愿者啊
Volunteer? 我是中医学院的毕业生
I graduated from a traditional Chinese med school 参加了咱们医院的
And joined in the volunteer group 志愿者组织
In our hospital 今天来报到的
I’m here to sign in 等我一下啊
Wait a minute 阿姨 你今天吃血压药了吗
Aunt, have you had hypotensor today? 吃了
Yes 吃了 就着点急
Yes, I had 是吧
Ok 然后血压就上来了 不舒服
But it comes up after I get anxious 行 咱先看看生命体征
Ok, let me check your vital signs first 等我一会儿啊
Wait a second 这位同学
Hi mate 跟你说啊
I’m telling you 咱们急诊科给
We have provided 所有病人和家属
All patients and their relatives 都提供了免费的热水
With free hot water 可是在哪儿呢
But where is it? 直走到头左转
Go straight to the end and turn left 对
Yes 你就管这事吧
You will take charge of this 所有拿着奶瓶的
Everyone with a feeding bottle 拎着暖壶的
Thermo bottle 抱着方便面的
Or instant noodles 别等他们开口
Just tell them 只要一露头你就跟他们说
To go straight to the end and turn left 直走到头左拐
Before they ask you 你就管这事啊
It’s your job now 谢谢啊 辛苦啦
Thanks, good day 大夫 开水房
Doc, where is the … 直走到头左转
Go straight to the end and turn left 阿姨 你这血压一百八呢
Aunt, your BP is 180 太高了
Too high 你好 你需要热水吗
Hello, you need hot water? 是啊
Yeah 来 直走到头左转
Go straight to the end and turn left 好嘞 谢谢您
Ok, thanks 别客气
Welcome 您好
Hi 您是要化验吗
You want to do some tests? 头疼啊
Headache? 您是要做B超
You want to do B-mode US? 他说他不懂
He said he doesn’t know 您好 我是医院的志愿者
Hi, I’m a volunteer here 请问 你需要什么帮助
What do you need? 他说谢谢
He said, thanks 他问卫生间在哪儿
He asks where’s the toilet? 直走 右转
Go straight, turn right 直走 右转
Go straight, turn right 对
Yes 他说谢谢
He said thanks 跟你说谢谢
He said thank you 拜拜
Bye 你懂哑语啊
You know sign language 跟美国的不太一样
Different from American 不过基本的沟通是没问题的
But basic communication is no problem 你是从美国回来的
You are from America? 我自我介绍一下
Let me introduce myself 你们好 我叫党珍妮
Hello, my name is Jenny Dang 来自美国洛杉矶
I’m from LA, America 在中医学院学了很久
I’ve studied in a traditional Chinese Med School 刚刚毕业
And just graduated 现在来医院做志愿者
Now I’m here to be a volunteer 很高兴认识你们
Nice to meet you 你好 我是护士长
Hi, I’m the head nurse here 我叫田亮
My name is Tian Liang 你好 你好 你好
Hello 欢迎 欢迎
Welcome 希望跟你合作愉快
Hope to have a nice work with you 好的 好的 好的
Ok, ok 那我去忙去了
I’ll go back to work 你来那边
Come over 拜拜 拜拜
Bye 你在这边 来
You come here 病历
Record 好的
Ok 再用三天抗生素
Antibiotics for three more days 好的
Ok 病历
Record 这谁的病人
Whose patient? 我的
Mine 病历呢
Record? 还没写完
Not finished yet 这都入院二十四小时了
It’s been 24 hours 大病历还没写完
And you haven’t finished it? 你这医生怎么当的
What were you doing? 这次感觉怎么不舒服啊
How do you feel this time? 走走走
Go, go 走啊
Go 小朋友
Boys 你们找谁呀
Who are you looking for 我们 我
We… 护士
Nurse 护士 请问一下药房在哪儿
Where’s the pharmacy? 往这儿走 右手边啊
This way, turn right 谢谢啊
Thanks 哪个床
Which bed? 老枪 蝎子
Laoqiang, Xiezi 这儿 这儿 这儿
Here, here -锥子 -锥子
-Zhuizi -Zhuizi 好吓人啊
You scared us 我还以为你死了呢
I thought you were dead 哪那么容易死啊
Death is not that easy 锥子
Zhuizi 给你老爸打个电话呗
Make a call to your dad 对啊
Yeah 干吗呀
Why 你又不像我们
You are not like us 真的没妈没爸
You have mom and dad 就是
Yeah 那还不如你们
You are better than me 真没有就算了
It’s better without them 蝎子 你打
Xiezi, you call 快点啊
Quick 喂
Hello? 谁啊
Who is that? 你是锥子他老爸是吧
Are you Zhuizi’s Dad? 谁是锥子
Who is Zhuizi? 锥子现在在北京
Zhuizi is in Beijing now 然后他生病了
He’s sick 那个你过来看看他吧
Come and see him -你让他接电话 -啥
-Ask him to answer the phone –What? 让他接电话 行
Ask him to answer the phone? ok 来吧
Here 接啊
Come on 叫爸
Call Dad 叫 快点 叫爸啊
Come on, call dad 爸 我是锥子
Dad, I’m Zhuizi 谁是锥子
Who’s Zhuizi? 哪个是你爸
Who’s your dad? 我早就没你这个儿子了
I don’t a son like you 爸 我都病了
Dad, I’m sick 我差点见不到你啦
I can hardly speak to you 见不到才好
Good 我告诉你 病了也没钱
I’m telling you, I don’t have money 死了也没钱
Even if you are dead 你休想在我这儿拿到一分钱
You can’t get a penny from me 你还是不是人
Are you still a human? 你还是不是当爸的
Are you still a father? 没让你拿一分钱
We don’t want your money 我告诉你
I’m telling you 他有的是朋友
He got friends 不用你拿钱
We don’t need your money 嚷嚷什么呢
Stop yelling 不用你拿一分钱
Don’t need your money 这是医院 安静点
This is hospital, be quiet 跟他废什么话呀
Don’t talk to him 再怎么说 他也是你爸呀
He’s your dad, anyhow 我告诉你们啊
I’m telling you 你们俩谁再跟我面前提他
Do not mention him anymore 我跟他没完
Never! 别怕啊 有我们呢
Don’t be afraid, you have us 怕 我什么时候怕过
Afraid, I’m afraid of nothing 老枪 蝎子 咱们走啊
Laoqiang, Xiezi, let’s go 走
Go? 走什么呀
Go where? 你这熊样怎么走
Look at you, you’re sick 乔娜 你找我
Qiaona, you looking for me? 江主任 你看一下
Chief Jiang, have a look here 这孩子很奇怪
It’s strange 在其他医院也检查过
He’s taken exams in other hospitals too 没有检查出什么问题来
No big problems 但是所有结果显示都是阴性
But all tests are negative 发烧
Fever? 对
Yes 低烧
Low fever 这都两个礼拜了
It’s been two weeks 每天下午就是三十七度八
He’s 37.8 every afternoon 三十七度六
37.6 三十七度五这个样子
Or 37.5 从来没超过三十八度
Never exceed 38 你是怎么发现他发烧的
How do you know he has fever 不管他发不发烧
No matter he does or not 我每天下午都得给他量体温
I take his temp every afternoon 有病没病每天都量
Even he’s not sick? 可不
Yes 这不让我量出事来了
Now he really got something now 来 我给他看一下
Let me check 来 坐
Come, sit 有什么不舒服吗
You feel unwell? 没有
No 没有啊
No? 来
Come 给你检查一下啊
Let me have a check 来 低头 低头
Here, lower your head 来 把胳膊抬一下啊
Arms up 淋巴结大
Limb node is big 已经死啦
It’s dead 你怎么知道死了
How do you know? 你这么踩它都不动了
It doesn’t move 当然死了
Of course it’s dead 不动就是死了
Not moving means it’s dead? 不动还不死啊
Of course 姥姥说 猫有九条命呢
Grandma says, cat has 9 lives 以为死了 其实没死
You thought it’s dead, but it’s not 所以你就要再踩踩试试是吗
So you stamp on it again 关你什么事
None of your business 你怎么这么说话呢
How can you talk like this? -别打 -别打孩子 别打孩子
-Don’t beat him – Don’t beat him 你身上怎么那么多
Why you got so many 抓伤的痕迹啊
Scratches on you 就是啊 怎么回事
Yeah, what happened? 你们家养猫吗
Do you have cats in your home? 不养
No 怎么回事 你说呀
What happened? Tell me 怎么回事
What happened 不养猫也能跟猫玩吧
You can play with cats if you don’t keep cats 关你什么事啊
None of your business 别打孩子
Don’t beat him 我都跟你说了
I told you 不要打人好吗
Don’t beat him ok? 猫抓病
Cat-scratch disease 但他们家不养猫啊
But they don’t have cats 对啊
Right 你没看见吗
Didn’t you see it 我一说到猫
When I speak of cats 这孩子那么紧张
He got so nervous 是流浪猫
Street cats 那跟猫玩有什么不好的呀
What’s wrong if he plays with cats 对吧
Right? 所以不是玩
Not play with them 那是什么
Then what 猫有九条命
A cat has 9 lives 不试试怎么知道是有九条呢
How do you know if you don’t try 对不对
Right? 你的意思是
You mean 他虐猫
He abuses cats? 不只是虐 还想杀
Not only abuse, he wants to kill them 不杀一次怎么知道有几条命
You don’t know how many lives it has if you don’t kill it for once 这猫急了肯定会抓人的呀
Cats scratch him when get anxious 按我的判断
For my judgement 带他去化验
Take him for tests 好
Ok 你真虐猫了你
You do abuse cats? 你虐猫了
You abuse cats? 我告诉你啊
I’m telling you 你再打孩子我就报警抓你
I’ll call the police if you beat him again 告你虐待儿童
You’ll be caught for child abuse 走 小朋友
Come, boy 这孩子怎么会这样啊
How’s he been like that 气死我了 气死我了
Damn it 好点了吗 锥子
Feeling better, Zhuizi? 好点了
Yes 行 那你好好休息吧
Ok, have a rest 有问题叫我啊
Call me if anything 等会儿
Wait 那个 医生
Doctor 我这治 治病的钱谁帮我花的
Who paid for my medical fee 我们江主任给你出的钱啊
Chief Jiang 为你还特意建立了一个基金
She set up a fund for you 第一笔钱捐到你身上了
The first donation is used to treat you 长点心吧
Think about it 好好休息
Have a rest 江主任 判断完全正确
Chief Jiang, you are totally right 猫抓病
It’s cat-scratch disease 特异皮内反应 阳性
Specific intradermal reaction, positive 猫抓病啊
Cat-scratch disease 猫抓病呢
Cat-scratch disease 是由猫传染的
Is a bacterial disease 一种细菌性疾病
Brought by cats 一般是由猫咬或猫抓引起的
Usually it’s caused by cat bite or scratch 你 你真虐猫了你
You, you really abused cats? 你真虐猫了
You abused cats 家长 家长
Hey 你是不是把猫给杀了你
Did you kill them? 小点声
Keep it down 跟你说了多少次了
How many times I’ve warned you 别在这儿打人
Do not beat him here 听不懂是吗
Do you understand? 您是不知道啊
You don’t know 这小孩有多烦人呢
How annoying he is 自从他爸死后
I’ve never stopped worrying for him 我可是操了不少心哪
Since his father is dead 我事事小心 处处注意
I’ve been careful all the time 我怕他冻着 也怕他热着
I’m always concerned to him 说他吧 又怕说多了
I dare not criticize him 说轻说重了
Too much 怕他生病
I take his temp every afternoon 我天天下午都给他量体温
In case he got sick 你说这孩子怎么成这样了
How’s he become like this 我命好苦啊我
My life’s so hard 家长 家长
Hey 你别激动 别激动啊
Easy, easy 这个猫抓病呢
This disease 也没有什么特异治疗
Is no big deal 用一些抗菌素
Only some antibiotics 一两个星期自己就会好
Can cure him in one or two weeks 平常多给他喝点水
Ask him to drink water 如果还有什么情况呢
If you have anything 随时来医院就行
Just come here 没有那么严重
It’s not that serious 别激动
Calm yourself 那个乔娜
Qiaona 你这个再带他
Take him 去检查个眼底吧
To check the eye ground 怎么还查眼底呀
Why? 你不说没什么事吗
You said it’s no big deal 还查什么眼底呢
Why check eye ground? 这种病啊
Usually this disease 眼底改变并不常见啊
Won’t bring ocular fundus changes 查一下以防万一
Just in case 赶紧去吧
Go 走 小朋友
Let’s go 怎么会是这样
How could it happen 怎么会这样啊
How could it happen 医生
Doctor 我怎么会有个这样的儿子啊
How could I have a son like this 你说
How 你也不用这么大惊小怪的
You’ve over reacted 还不大惊小怪
Over reacted? 他都杀猫了他
He killed cats 孩子这种行为
This behavior of children 大部分的情况是出于好奇心
Is usually out of curiosity 怎么会有这样的好奇心
Why he have such curiosity? 为什么
Why? 这是为什么呀
Why? 我的建议是看看心理医生
My advice is to see a psychologist 对
Right 这啥医生都看了
He’s seen all doctors 就是没看心理医生
Except psychologist 有人说我儿子有多动症
They say my son has ADHD 怎么会是这样啊 你说
How could it happen? 医生
Doctor 我是说您应该看看心理医生
I said you should see a psychologist 你什么意思啊
What do you mean 孩子模仿的
Children imitate 往往是他身边最亲近的人
Someone who’s close to them 你 你怎么这么说话哪
What do you mean 你是说孩子模仿我
You said he imitates me? 他模仿我什么呀
Imitate what? 我又没杀猫
I didn’t kill a cat 我最多也就杀条鱼什么的
I only kill fish or chickens 你 你怎么这么说话呢你
How could you speak to me like that 咱能平心静气地
Can we just talk 好好说几句话吗
Calmly 你自己好好想想
Think about it 从我进这间诊室开始
Since I came in this room 你有好好说过一句话吗
Have you spoken a nice word to him? 你都在嚷
Either yelled at him 要不抬手就打
Or beat him 你自己很暴力
You are too violent 你没有意识到吗
Didn’t you realize that? 江主任
Chief Jiang 你可真神啊
You are marvelous 这跟福尔摩斯一样 搞推理呢
Like Sherlock Holmes 医生有的时候
Doctors sometimes 不就是推理专家
Are like detectives 就算没有证据
Even if you don’t have proof 猜想往往不是瞎想
Guess is not random thinking 你说你这么年轻
You know, you are young 学历又这么高
And have a Harvard doctorate 你怎么不留在美国呀
Why don’t you stay in America 我出去留学的原因
The reason of going out 就是为了回来呀
Is to come back 是不是我们院长
Isn’t that our Dean 给你什么承诺
Has promised something to you? 让你当我们科行政主任
Ask you to be our director? 我学的就是急诊专业
My profession is Emergency 当然要进急诊科了
Of course I should work here 院长也没有给我什么承诺
The Dean made me no promise 你觉得我像科室主任吗
Do you think I’m like a director? 对了
Oh 让后勤多撒点蟑螂药
Ask the logistics scatter more cockroach killer 还说不像
Not like a director? 怎么了这是
What happened 好好的怎么哭上了
Why are you crying? 一天一夜没睡了
Haven’t slept for a day and night 为什么呀
Why 病历被医务处打回来了
Her record is rejected 怎么现在连病历都写不好了
You can’t write a record now? 医院和医院之间啊
Maybe it’s because the records 写病历的规矩可能不同吧
Vary from hospitals 咱们这儿都是电子病历了
We are using e-record now 电子病历不是更好写吗
Isn’t easier to write an e-record? 这是个适应问题嘛
They have to adapt to it 那就尽快适应
Then adapt as soon as possible 哭有什么用啊
Crying doesn’t solve any problems 其实她那病历写的
Actually she writes record 比王子桥他们
Better than Wang Ziqiao and the others 刚进来的时候好多了
When they just came here 又不是本院医生
She doesn’t work here 就是来培训的
Just for training 咱们这儿医务处啊
To be honest 要求确实有点太高了
Our standard is a bit high 医务处还管你
They don’t care which hospital 是哪儿的医生啊
You work for 医生写好病历是你的职责
Your job is to write a good record 医务处找出病历的毛病
And their job is to find the problems 是他们的业绩
In your record 这都不懂啊
Understand? 医务处当然要盯紧你们啦
They have a PI in this 这次病历检查
This record inspection 关系到他们这批培训医生的
Is related to these interns’ 资格考核呢
Qualification 最近大家都在反映
Everyone is complaining that 压力很大呀
They are stressed out 都说睡不好觉
Haven’t slept well 没压力怎么进步
No pressure no progress 像你一样拿个茶杯四处乱晃
Not like you hanging around 有时间看病历去
See your records if you are not busy 行了 别哭啦
Ok, stop crying 赶紧写吧
Keep writing 何主任对你要求高
Chief He is hard on you 那是为你好
He’s for your good 我跟你说啊
Hey 我们那实习医生的病历
One of our intern doctors’ records 让你们给退回来了
Are rejected by you 坐那儿哭哪
She’s crying now 哭呗
Let her be 现在这小孩也真不像话
These kids are capable of doing nothing 怎么学的
What they learn in school 连个病历都写不好
Not able to write records 那以后还怎么当医生啊
How can they be doctros 你们医务处最近
You’ve been 要求可是越来越严了啊
Strict recently 你什么意思啊
What do you mean? 到这儿来
Are you coming 给小孩们讨回公道来了
To seek justice for them? 当然啦
Yeah 多可怜呀
How poor they are 我看见他们
They remind me 就想起我刚来医院那会儿
Of my first coming here 不也这样吗
I’m just like them 别
Don’t say that 你可没这样
You are not like them 你那是高材生 优秀着呢
You are talented, a top student 行了吧
Knock it off 我告诉你啊
I’ll telling you 小孩让老何给骂得
That girl can’t write nothing 更写不出来了
After He Jianyi criticizes her 你说这何建一
You know, He Jianyi’s temper 他最近脾气怎么这么差了
Is getting worse recently 都快赶上我了
Worse than me 您知道自己脾气不好啊
You know yourself so well 去
Cut it off 你说老何这几年怎么过的
You know how he’s been through these years 先是离婚
Divorce 这又出了孙萌
And then Sun Meng’s accident 这么一档子事
He’s never been 全是不顺
Smooth 他脾气能好吗
How can he get a good temper 昨儿还抓着我跟我抱怨呢
He complained to me yesterday 抱怨啥 你坐
About what? Sit 还不就是说我不帮他的忙
He said I didn’t help him 不管他的人
Help his people 跟我讲那一堆大道理
Give me a good lecture 我告诉你
I’m telling you 我特别烦他
I got annoyed with him 没事就跟我摆着一副主任脸
I don’t want to see his Director face anymore 慧敏 老何那人你还不了解啊
Huimin, you know him 他可真不是摆主任脸那种人
He has no Director face 对 我问你
Oh, right 他这个主任任命延后
What’s going on with the delay 是怎么回事啊
Of his appointment? 院里是想
Are they going to 等事件平息了再任命呢
Appoint him after Sun Meng’s case got settled 还是有其他想法
Or they have other choice? 不会是院长想要让江晓琪
Are they going to let Sami Jiang 来当我们科主任吧
To be our director? 我觉得院长
I think that’s probably 好像有这个意思
The Dean’s purpose 你想啊
Think about it 本来他就在
It’s hard for him to 你和他之间正难选呢
Choose between you and He 人家江主任一来
Now Chief Jiang is here 把她推出来
Once she shows up 这不你们全闭嘴了
Both of you will shut your mouths 没话了吧
Got nothing to say 行 我可以闭嘴
Ok, I can shut up 我还可以不接受
But I don’t accept 你能怎样
How can you do? 我能辞职吗
Can I resign? 辞职
Resign? 你去哪儿啊
Where would you go? 我哪儿不能去呀 我问问你
Where wouldn’t I go? Tell me 那么多私立医院
So many private hospitals out there 等着高薪聘请我
Waiting for me with good salary 不说私立医院吧
Not only the private hospitals 我总可以去
Can’t I be the Dean 社区医院当个院长吧
In a community hospital? 慧敏 我认识你二十多年了
Huimin, I know you for 20 years 社区医院真聘你当院长
I don’t believe you are willing to be 你能去吗
A dean of community hospital 你找我
You looking for me? 跟我走
Follow me 他们来了
They are here 快走呀 快走
Let’s go, go 行啊
Well 这都是我的东西啊
That’s all my stuff 算你们有良心啊
You finally realized your fault 慢着
Wait 你要拿走得有个条件
You have to promise me something first 条件
What? 什么条件
Promise you what? 你就让我出院吧
Get me out of here 你病没好呢 不能出院
You are not recovered, you can’t leave here 我都问过王大夫了
I asked Doctor Wang 我这病治不好
I won’t be recovered 要用一辈子的药
I have to take drugs the whole life 我又没钱
But I don’t have money 总不能一直花你的吧
You can’t pay for it all the time 你就好好地
You just stay here 安安心心地养病
Have a good rest 其他事情不用操心
Don’t worry about money 听到了没有
You hear me? 你到底答不答应
Will you promise me or not? 我说小屁孩
Hey boy 有件事情你要弄清楚
You have to understand 这些东西都是我的
They are all mine 你拿了我的东西现在还给我
I’m taking back my own stuff 你凭什么跟我谈条件
Now you’re asking me to make you a promise 我有爸
I have a dad 他都不管我
Even he doesn’t care about me 你管我干吗
Why you care? 行啦
Okay 我知道你的意思
I get what you mean 我呢 找个机会
I’ll find a chance 去找院长好好聊聊
To talk with the Dean 话说回来了
But 就算院长想用那江主任
Even he wants Chief Jiang to be the director 也没那么快
It won’t be so soon 毕竟刚来 脚跟还没站稳呢
She just got here, not stable 不过 跟你说正经的
But, seriously 这个时候
Don’t squabble with He 你不要再跟老何闹对立啦
At this moment 团结
Unite 吃菜 来来来
Please 快来吃
Come on 好好好
Ok, ok 怎么样
How’s is 生意做得挺好的
How’s business here -还行 -不错不错不错
-Pretty good – Good 三儿 三儿 三儿
Saner, Saner? 什 什么事
What? 还不赶紧走
Why you still here 娘都准备好了 不用我了
Mom got everything ready 准备好什么呀
Got what ready? 你今天去火车站接新娘
Go to the station to pick up the bride 你不能让新娘子下火车
You don’t want her get lost 两眼一抹黑 见不着人吧
When she just arrives at the station? 快去
Go 这不时间还早着呢
It’s too early 肉还不错
The meat is good 就是这么不听话
Why don’t you listen to me 张老板
Mr. Zhang 哥几个都在啊
You all here 都认识是吧
You know him right 好久不见了啊
Long time 来来来 坐坐坐
Come, sit 你可好久没来了
Haven’t seen you for a long time 干吗去啦
What are you up to recently? 你这东西可是越来越贵了啊
Your food is getting more expensive 我都不敢来了
I can’t afford to it! 坐坐坐
Sit 张老板跟咱说笑呢
He’s kidding 您是手眼通天 财源滚滚
You got nothing but money 您来就是照顾我们
We are under your care 小店是蓬荜生辉呀
You are always welcome here 是啊 是啊
Right, right 我呀 就是喜欢你这张巧嘴
I just like you talking so much 上菜
Dishes 怎么着 我听说明天要结婚了
I heard you are getting married tomorrow? 未婚妻马上就下车站了
My fiancé is arriving soon 我跟你说
I’m telling you 我那个弟妹在我们那疙瘩
My sister in law 十里八村
Is quite a beauty 那是有名的大美女
In our villages 大喜呀
Congratulations 来 您坐坐坐
Come, sit here 还是老三样
Three dishes like always? 老三样 上
Yes 多漂亮的小女孩
She’s so cute 叫什么呀
What’s your name? 我叫姗姗
Shanshan 好漂亮啊
You are so pretty 让叔叔抱一个啊
Give me a hug 别老看人家啦
Don’t be jealous 赶明儿结了婚自个儿生一个
You can have your own after got married 来来来
Come on 挺好
Good 喜庆的
A big day 服务员
Waiter 来一个葱爆羊肉
A quick-fried mutton 麻利点啊
Hurry up 以水代酒
Let’s take water as wine 喝一口啊
Salute 张老板 您的菜啊
Mr. Zhang, your dishes 好嘞
Ok 还需要什么吗
What else? 不需要了
No thanks 好嘞 好嘞
Ok 哥 这什么味啊
Can you smell it? 不好 煤气
No, it’s coal gas 我去看看
I’ll go check 大家快走
Get out, everyone 喂
Hello? 什么
What? 餐厅爆炸
Restaurant blast? 好 我们马上准备
Ok, we’ll get ready 通知休班的 马上返回
Call off-duty staff to get back to work 收到
Ok 分诊台增加绿色通道
Open up Green Channel 明白
Got it 抢救室再加两张床
Add two more beds in emergency room 我去
Ok 还有
Also 检查药品和器械库存情况
Check medicine and instrument inventory 收到
Ok 如果不够 立刻请院里支援
Ask for aid if not enough 明白
Got it 林雯
Lin Wen 在白板上记录
Record the patient number 送来患者的大致数量
On the white board 收到
Ok 把EICU可以移动的病人
Transfer movable patients in EICU 给我转到普通病房
To common wards 铺床位 好
Make beds, ok 乔娜 联系骨科还有外科
Qiaona, call orthopedics and surgery 江主任 知道了
Noted, Chief Jiang 血库备血
Prepared blood 田亮 除了急救车送来的以外
Tian Liang, patients may come here by themselves 还有病人自己过来的
Excepted for by ambulance 分诊这块你一定要负责好啊
Take charge of the reception work 给所有的患者
Classify mild or severe 贴上轻重度标签
Patients with labels 收到
Ok 海洋
Hai Yang 通知手术室
Inform operating rooms 做好手术准备
To get prepared 好
Ok 谁接到哪个算哪个
Take care of the patients 首诊负责
You first received -收到 -好
-Ok – good 珍妮
Jenny 你去疏导患者 维持秩序
You keep the order 好
Ok 再来两个人
Two more people 快点 快点 快点
Hurry up 那边再去两个
Two more over there 来几个护士
Nurses 好疼啊
Ouch 好疼呀 好疼呀
Ouch, it hurts 血压低 心率快
Low BP, fast HR 先生 先生
Sir, sir 病人三度烧伤 意识模糊
Third-degree burn, losing consciousness 快 送抢救室
Send to emergency room 左边抬一下试试
Left leg up 成 挤压了
Squeeze 赶紧送抢救室
Send to emergency room 先生 能听见我说话吗
Can you hear me? 叔叔
Uncle 坏了 什么情况
No, what happened 没有心跳了
No heartbeat 坚持一下 坚持一下
Hold on 你把手拿开
Move your hand 快来人哪 救火呀
Someone help 救命啊
Help -江主任 江主任 -江主任
– Chief Jiang – Chief Jiang 血压多少
BP? 80 50
80 50 三度烧伤
Three-degree burn 烧伤面积大于百分之五十
Burn area over 50% 赶紧送抢救室
Send to emergency room 好
Ok 快点
Quick 医生
Doctor 来 让一下
Move 让开 让开
Move 让开 让开
Move 一二三 走
One two three, go 快
Come on 慢点 把他放平
Slowly, keep him flat 赶紧送抢救室 走
Send to emergency room, go 小朋友
Little girl 过来
Come here 这情况怎么样
How’s him 血压低 心率快
Low BP, fast HR 送抢救室
Send to emergency room 怎么了 你说什么
What you’ saying? 我女儿
My daughter 我女儿 姗姗 六岁
Shanshan, 6 years old 你有女儿
You have a daughter? 叫姗姗 六岁 对不对
Named Shanshan, 6 years old, right? 你别着急 我马上派人找啊
Don’t worry, I’ll ask someone to find her 别哭啊
Don’t cry 阿姨在这儿呢
I’m here with you 你告诉阿姨你叫什么名字啊
What’s your name? 胳膊疼吗
Your arm hurt? 腿疼吗
Leg? 别怕啊
Don’t be afraid 你父母在哪儿啊
Where are your parents? 你是志愿者对吗
You a volunteer right? 是
Yes 你帮那个患者找一下她女儿
Help that patient find her daughter 叫姗姗 六岁啊
Name is Shanshan, She’s six 这边
This way 你没事的啊
You are all right 听阿姨的话
Listen to me 你乖乖在这儿
Stay here 阿姨马上就回来啊
I’ll be right back 修复我们这儿做不了
We can’t do it 马上转院
Transfer hospital 叫救护车
Call ambulance 我们科有人 知道吗
We got someone here, understand? 好 知道了
Ok, I know 疼死我了 疼死我了
It hurts 怎么回事
What happened 大夫
Doctor 身体其他地方有烧伤吗
Any other burns? 其他的没有
No 何主任 看这个片子
Check this, Chief He 这个人伤烧面积不大
Burn area not big 但四肢都有骨折
But four limbs have bone fracture 注意内脏受伤
Pay attention to organ injury 内脏没事的话
If organs are ok 先收急诊病房
Send to emergency ward 通知骨科来会诊
Notice orthopedics 让他们好好弄
Ask them to be careful 弄不好要残废的
Otherwise he’ll be a cripple 明白
Got it 怎么样啊 大夫
How’s it, doc 什么情况
How’s him 昏迷
In coma 右臂三度烧伤
Right arm 3-degree burn 右臂烧伤 左臂血压
Right arm burn, left BP 醒醒
Wake up 听得见吗
Can you hear me? 呼吸微弱
Weak breathing 血压低 心率快
Low BP, fast HR 抢救室
Emergency room 你是叫姗姗吗
Are you Shanshan? 珍妮 去帮忙接下电话
Jenny, get the phone 什么情况
How’s him? 血压下降 心率快
BP drops, fast HR 三度烧伤
Three D burn 可能有低血容量休克
Might be hypovolemic shock 快 快送抢救室 快
Send to emergency room, quick 好 我知道了
Ok, I know 可以
Ok 姗姗
Shanshan 让一让 让一让
Move, move 姗姗
Shanshan 不好意思 麻烦让一下
Excuse me, please move 接患者 几床
Patient, which bed? 让一下 让一下 让一下
Move, move 救救我们吧
Help us 姗姗
Shanshan 来 准备过床
Ready to move him 好
Ok 慢一点 慢一点
Slow down 慢点 抬
Slowly, up 一 二 三
One two three 来 拆板
Remove board 姗姗
Shanshan 姗姗 你怎么在这儿啊
What you doing here? 这谁家小孩啊
Whose kid? 那个 应该是别的患者的
Might be other patient’s 赶紧带去啊
Take her away 别在这儿了
Don’t stay here 走了 姗姗 走了
Let’s go, Shanshan 我带你去找妈妈
I’ll take you to your mom 走了 找妈妈 走
To your mom, go 烧成这样了
It’s too serious 我这液也没法扎呀
No place for injection 血压也没地儿量
And pressure test 何主任
Chief He 全身烧伤面积多大
How’s the burn area 至少百分之八十吧
80% at least 伤得这么重
Too serious 要不送EICU吧
How about EICU? EICU也没用了
Not helpful 时间不多了
He got no time 赶快联系他家属
Contact his family 行
Ok 我再找找吧
I’ll go find them 今天我要跟大家分享一下
What I’m sharing with you today 被宠物咬伤之后的
Is some emergency measures tips 应急处理办法小贴士
After being bitten by a pet 当你被无毒的宠物咬伤时
When you are bitten by a non-poisonous pet 这个时候呢
At this time 伤口会自动地闭合起来
The wound will automatically close up 一定要记住掰开伤口
Be sure to open the wound 用盐水或者是清水进行清洗
Wash with salt water or clean water 一定要清洗干净
Clean it up 当你被有毒的宠物咬伤时
When you are bitten by a poisonous pet 请注意 口腔有破溃时
Please note that when your mouth is broken 请千万不要用嘴吸出毒素
Please do not use your mouth to suck out toxins. 因为这个时候
Because 毒素会通过口腔破溃
Toxins will flow with the blood to the whole body 经过血液流至全身
Through your broken mouth 是非常危险的
It’s very dangerous 怎么办呢
But how you do with it 可以用拔火罐的方式
You can suck out the toxin 将毒素吸出
With the cupping method 在经过简单的处理之后
After a simple treatment 应该尽快到医院进行诊治
Go to the hospital as soon as possible 并且在二十四小时之内
And within twenty-four hours 进行破伤风
Inject tetanus 和狂犬疫苗的注射
And rabies vaccine 在疫苗注射期间
During vaccination 请注意不要喝咖啡
Do not to drink coffee 不要喝浓茶 也不要喝酒
Strong tea or alcohol 避免过度疲劳
Avoid excessive fatigue 避免剧烈运动
And strenuous exercise 也不要受凉感冒
Also don’t get cold 当你身上还有伤口的时候
When you have a wound on your body 请千万注意
Please pay attention not to 不要跟你的宠物过度亲密
Get intimate with your pet 以避免二次感染
To avoid secondary infection 最后一定要记住
Please remember 千万要定期给你的宠物
Always give your pets regular vaccination 进行预防狂犬病的疫苗接种
Against rabies 不要忘了
Keep it in mind 祝你有愉快的一天
Have a nice day 拜拜
Bye [music] 原以为人生故事平淡
I thought that life is full of dull stories [music] 谁知转眼风云突变
Who knows it suddenly brings surprises [music] 昨天已成为过眼云烟
What’s just passed is yesterday [music] 明天为何如此遥远
Why is tomorrow so far away? [music] 原以为人生路途遥远
I thought that life is a long journey [music] 谁知尽头已在眼前
Who knows the end is here already [music] 恩怨情仇就此了断
Grievance and hatred, let it end [music] 生死离别不忍说再见
Life and death, say goodbye [music] 今天的分分秒秒
Every minute today [music] 都是对生命最严酷的考验
Is a test of life [music] 今天的相依相伴
Your companions today [music] 都是对生命最深情的眷恋
Are your most affectionate devotion to life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念
Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严
Never give up the dignity of life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念
Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严
Never give up the dignity of life

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