10 Chiropractic Headache Relief Services  Hingham MA

10 Chiropractic Headache Relief Services Hingham MA

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– Hi I’m Dr. Adam Wadel,
and today I wanna give you three things that can
you do on a daily basis that can help eliminate or alleviate the cause of your headaches. So number one is drinking
enough water, right. We talked about how dehydration
can be a cause of headaches. The simple math is this, you
wanna take one half ounce to one ounce of water
per pound of body weight. So a 200 pound person would
drink 100 ounces of water to 200 ounces of water a day. If you take that number, divide it by 8, that’s the number of glasses you get. Typically my patients say, “I
can’t drink that much water.” But if you space it
out throughout the day, you’d be surprised on not
only how much you can drink of the water, but how much
different you’re gonna feel. My suggestion is start your
day with a big glass of water. Have a glass at each meal,
and a glass between each meal, and then one before bed, and then you can be properly hydrated. The second thing you can do if you’re suffering from
headaches is supplementation. It’s well documented that
the food that we eat now, even if it is organic and non-GMO, does not have the same amount of nutrients that our food did 100
or even 50 years ago. So three nutrients that we
are completely deficient in, for those of us who suffer
from headaches, are B vitamins, magnesium and CoQ10. Now what I’m not suggesting
is you just run out to a store and buy those supplements,
as if it’s gonna help you, but you wanna sit down
with a wellness expert, and discover which products
that you should buy. And the third thing that we
can do on a daily routine is while shopping for our
food, eliminate as you can processed foods that have
nitrates or nitrites in them. You’re gonna see this in
processed meats, hot dogs, bacon, that sort of thing. So when you’re purchasing those items, look on the label and see
if they say no nitrates or nitrites added, or
nitrate or nitrite free, because it can be a huge
catalyst to causing headaches. So those are three things
that you can do today that can help alleviate
or eliminate the cause of the headaches that you
might be suffering from. If you’d like to learn more
about how we can help you, just click the button below. Thanks so much for watching. (happy music)

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