100% Va disability rating for Depression

100% Va disability rating for Depression

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– Hi I’m Combat Craig and today I’m talking about
the benefits you could expect to receive when you get
100% rating from the VA for depression or a depressive disorder. (air whooshing) (eerie radio crackling) (metal door clanking) Some of these benefits are
easier to find than others, the VA doesn’t make it
very easy to find anything. But you’ll need to look around, the VA is a big organization
with many departments. You wanna make sure you check with each of the relevant departments to make sure you’re getting
all of your benefits. This is not a complete list of benefits, but these are what I consider
to be the most important as of June, 2019. The first benefit, or question
that I get asked a lot, is if you can work if
you have 100% rating. And if you have 100% Schedular rating, or 100% P&T rating then you
can work with no issues. This means if your disabilities
mathematically add up to 100% you’re good to go. If you’re not P&T, you
can still be evaluated, and you can still be evaluated
if you are P&T actually, so be careful there. If you’re 100% with TDIU, you’re basically saying you can’t work, so I wouldn’t advise working because you could be
jeopardizing your benefits. Another benefit you get is access to the national park system. I tried to do it online, but
I couldn’t figure it out. So I actually got my card at the gate of the Yosemite National Park. I told the gal that I was
having problems online, I showed here my VA card and my disability rating,
like I had a copy of it, and she hooked me up
with a card on the spot, which was nice. Another benefit you get is full healthcare if you’re over 50%, but obviously applies for 100% as well. You get paid for travel, so if you’re at the VA, you
can go to that little kiosk and fill out your travel thing, or you can fill out a form and mail it in, they’ll reimburse you
for the travel to the VA. And I think that’s if it’s over 40 miles. So you might wanna check on that, I know I’m probably like
60 miles away from the VA so it works for me. You’ll also get dependents
pay when you’re at 100%, so you wanna check into
the details of that. VR&E, the voc rehab,
you’ll qualify for that so you’ll wanna check that out. At 100% you’ll also get base IDs, so you can go to the base exchange and use the PX and some
of the other stores that are available on base. At 100% you’ll also get full dental with either IU or Schedular. You’ll get the S-DVI waiver
of $10,000 life insurance at 100%. You’ll get the CHAMPVA, which
is the dependents medical, if you’re P&T. The dependents education you
can also get if you’re P&T. You can also get federal
student loan forgiveness. You’ll want to check, like with the student loan forgiveness, that’ll take some effort and you’ll have to go
find the right department, and jump through a bunch of hoops. Just like with your
dependents you wanna make sure that they’re on your claim and you’re compensated for them, and then you go a little
bit farther into it and tell them exactly what you need, what you’re trying to accomplish, so you’ll have to go to each one of these different departments. But stay on it, understand
what you’re supposed to get, and you know, get it. One other thing is each
state has different benefits. And they can include tax exemptions, tuition waivers and a
bunch of other things, and they’re all different based
on which state you live in. So you’ll wanna go, probably call the VA to find out what works in your state. And then again, there’s a
lot of different benefits that are in different
categories of your state, if it’s for like taxes for
your house or whatever. So understand what you get, and then go to the different departments, and bringing them the
relevant info and get it. Basically, there’s a lot of
benefits available to you if you have 100% disability rating for depression or a depressive disorder. So do your research and make sure that you understand everything, because they’ll give you some of the info, but must likely not all. So I hope this helped a little bit, and if you have any experience
with special benefits that I didn’t list, or that
are new and I’m not aware of, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you brother for taking the time to explain what benefits we have. God bless you and God bless America, Semper Fi !

  2. Hello Craig
    I just as you have recieved a general discharge.I am also 100% p&t. In reading about applying for my 100% disabled veteran id card that gives access to the px and commisarry and such things, it says that I must also be an HONERABLY discharged veteran to recieve this benefit. What do you know about this and please help. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I am a veteran at 100% P&T and I was a case manager with veterans a clients. I would let them know about the Ins and Outs of VA and how to navigate that system. Many of them didn't want to take the time to visit the hospital, but I had to tell them, "You deserve everything you can get, you put your body and life on the line now it's time for the gov't to do their job." Keep up the good work, we need this.

  4. Hey Chris, I had my first va mental health appointment today and my doctor is setting me up for a prescriber to give me meds for depression. At what point do I file for depression? Also is there anything else that I need to support my claim or should what my doctor has done so far be good enough to file? Thanks for all the great information! It is very helpful!

  5. I'm scared of my always increasing medication dosage and how VA will try to lower my %. Each medication change/increase only helps for about 6 months before my symptoms come crashing back. It's so hard to make decisions when my mind is acting up. Do we have a support group online?

  6. You can work with TDIU. You just can't make over the poverty limit. Working period with TDIU makes you look employable to the VA. It's better just not to work or just work a cash job

  7. Hello, My spouse is rated 90%, however he receives 100% pay, he is also P&T honorable. However our child has been denied educational benefits for the last 4 years.

  8. Thanks for your service mate. I have 100% but I’m super confused as to other benefits I can receive. I live in a run down apartment and I’m trying to move up but I’m not sure where the first step is. A lot of places in boulder, co said they can’t have someone who’s 100% disabled with ptsd and depression because I might put off the other flat mates??? I also have zero credit so maybe that’s why I have to deal with owners that ask weird shit?

  9. If you are tired of going round and round with VA and ready to take the fight to them then I recommend that you sign up for Va Claims Insider Elite. This link will take you to a video about the program as well as a simple sign up form. Va Claims Insider knows how to play the game and they will kick Va’s ass for you and you will receive the compensation that you deserve.

  10. Thanks as always….Do you know much about urinary incontinence and it's association with back pain and diabetes? Keep up the excellent work.

  11. I’m a military veteran that served on active duty during the gulf war and Bosnia. I have anxiety and depression but never diagnosed. Can I receive any type of assistance? Ty

  12. VSO here: If you receive a 100% rating for a Mental health issue/disorder, PLEASE PLEASE take the time to review the 38 cfr operational definition for that rating "Total social and employment impairment" means just that. If you are classified (Rated) 100 for the mental health issue and proceed to perform gainful employment, you are setting yourself up for a review and proposal for reduction. Under that proposal, your employment and social situations will be examined thoroughly.

    On a side note. NEVER tell anyone your personal rating or personal VA business for any reason. One of the biggest problems our veterans are dealing with is the letter, and or video of the veteran doing things that contradict the veterans rating.

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