12 Wellness Headache Doctors in  Hingham MA

12 Wellness Headache Doctors in Hingham MA

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– Hi, this is Dr. Adam Wadel, and I wanted to give you a simple, how-to destress
physiologically at your desk while you’re working, or
actually anywhere you may be. So we’ve talked about some
of the causes of headaches, are actually in the muscles, right, from our high shoulders being pulled up, tension in the extensors, lower suboccipitals, leading to these headaches. So something really simple that you can do to help alleviate, that forward defensive posturing, is when you’re sitting at your desk, you can even do this walking, is for 10 seconds, I want you to raise your
shoulders to your ears. As high as you can. You hold them for 10, and then you bring them back down for 10. So again, You’re holding for 10 up here, and then you hold them down for 10. After that you just let’em relax, and you’ll actually feel
the muscles fall backwards. Now you can do that, throughout the day. Three to five times and hour, it really is a small time investment to help aleviate some of that tension that could be leading to your headaches. So if you found the video helpful, like it, share it. If you want to find out how we can help you more in the office, just click the button below. We’ll talk to you soon. (exciting music)

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