1995-1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0L V6 Rear Valve Cover Gasket

1995-1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0L V6 Rear Valve Cover Gasket

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Alright, today we’re working on a 1997 nissan maxima uh… we are going to be replacing the
rear valve cover gasket on the car which is uh… kind of
difficult the intake manifold has to come off uh… so were gonna to show you how to take the intake manifold off and replace
the rear valve cover gasket so we’re gonna get started the first
thing we’ve already disconnected the negative battery terminal uh… anytime you’re working on a major
job under the hood you just wanna do that So we’ll go ahead and get started Alright the first thing I’m going to do is to remove all the uh… ducting from the air
filter assembly this uh… duct piece is actually missing its little clip that you’d normally have uh… You’d normally have some pushpins that hold this piece in but they’re
missing so we dont need to worry about that this just pulls up then we disconnect uh… let’s see. I’ll just go ahead and undo it all okay now thats out of our way uh… i’m going to try uh… I’m not sure what success we’ll have but i’m going to try to take the intake off yet leave the throttle body on the car and again i don’t know how well this is going to work so we’re just going to trial and error it I’m going ahead and get everything off the throttle body and
un-bolt it from the intake manifold all right so i should be able to just leave the throttle body off to the side like this that just saves us from having to disconnect the coolant hoses and hoses off the base of it what i’m gonna do now is go around and
just disconnect all the electrical plugs Then I’m gonna pull the throttle cables out of my way, just kind of open up everything get it all out of our
way okay i’m working on for lucius one um… theater i have to take off stuff so annoyed thing which has to promote your not so morning evaluation core lawful take this off and get to that continue taking more things apart personnel we’ve got just about everything under uh… whoever worked on this car last
there’s one bracket on the back of his aides really hard hit hitting the you can only get you back to
you lynn come so i think you at both out is i’ve seen in the past so who work for us so dot or dot that but
if you find that the intake welcome off fuel on the back and see if there’s any any bolts back there there uh… it’s holding everything still in place so um… we do you have is that you are to because on the back
as nowhere show you because it’s again it’s all by
feel you both on the you know if you don’t
get a new once i get the intake manifold off a
village show you uh… the ones i ended but whose gonna go ahead and do that now their property built on that and premier
and your team so ball goes well now and should be able to
you purely a world where could as should be
able to take up before intake bolts and then hopefully it’ll with uh… but i’ve
probably missed something will find out them minute here here and take out in support or might lucked out and here’s one thing i need to
disconnect is that you do your uh… pcv valve the valve cover there in here and listen up at this point hopefully that’ll they have one has i mean i don’t know if you notice one rubber hose right at the basement
auto body which i think that it is are not the throttle bodies at the base
the intake behind by the body now i get in there antitumor all right so while we’re away i want hadn’t auditors took some paper towels and plugged up each of the uh… six intake
ports here let’s just to keep anything from falling
down in their laughing you wanted like blues notable on down there uh… mystery region that way and so what will be now it’s use in this uh… crossing over to you and there are now abort all we’re on the entry parents are
not cover they were here and take off okay so got on the bolts out of the
valve cover got a bottle of court already read it and prior up on it try to slip them upon it first if it doesn’t do that then you have to
pry elected but as i mentioned except that one corner because i missed the boat ickes one mobile course targets thanks nissan there yet so military operas and you can see here this uh… it protrude leaking repair what we’re gonna do we got our our inside of our mouth leaner cleaned up someone still not perfect but little busloads off middle east next what we’re gonna do is take off the
to take out the three uh… spark plug to seals and you’ll see one of the body missing reason for that it’s actually still on me oldham sparkling tube so it has pulled out from there as for the other two just cried right out of the whole sewers who go or i am out we got the complete now cover set which
comes with new spark plugs heels full gromit actually that you know now cover saturday open it up frequent recognized wheelbarrow covered
estates uh… we got this from eight pty dot com so we got our new about cover gasket
c_u_c_ indicate also has a avenue washers with the robert grommets on there as well as the new spark plug tubes hillside so for straight ahead and install these into are top cover the way you want us to gil you’ll see by
looking at it one-sided steeper decide as a taper on it the reason for that is when you go to
put the valve cover on it’ll slide smoothly onto the sparkling teams answer you want the the cheaper piecing and you can usually just pushing them by hand to begin with and then well this market in and many here trying to take a little hammer what happens then required not be zen either takes a little bit of course uh… uh… are are uh… no internet centric circling upbeat display popped into the spark plug to
use so that when these side on there though for peace in the solution cars got a lot of sludge in the inside
of the engine here our next order here which valve cover gasket kit is on
the stock cover and might actually wrote the same sort just grab one and uh… does not line up florence plans are a separate two hundred years i’m gonna go back to
me to go in and stick just a little bit of who who were stealing in here just kinda hold this gaskin in place not
actually make the ceo but uh… holders of the fallout we go
to install it review that report are intended to put a couple of absolute
bus silicone little spots around the valve cover again this is not to make the ceo this
is just to help hold the gasket when i go to install it saves headache he began to get from falling out right now you know this let me ask it up lynn person place or well that’s trying which we don’t have any other silicon on
the right on the asked surface cholesterol ng or swap out the grumman’s for the valve cover are so what we need to do is we’re gonna
replace sees them cover brought watchers but as proud as off one of the time you’ll see that’s that’s what it looks
like let’s let’s hear a recession part of the rock parts that once we get our valve cover
in place we’ll take our new grommets missy they just sit there is that these actually help make the
seal because the river river marines helps hold the valve cover and placed in
fighting the ball down the ballpoint pens so far and the squishing yes so we’re looking for helped push the valve cover down will so those emplacements to get the
velcro lined up our next step is going to be this is a very important step uh… won’t when i was on my break i
cleaned up the surface all around here at issue some uh…
generic parts cleaner you clean it all up the corners over here and dirt there the corners where this which starts to
go up here and down here at the base are very important that you put a silicone sealant party needs to do it in this corner and to put a good generous amount on
their uh… matt is where if you could have a leak that’s really uh… won a big glob of so sealant on that area uh… and then we’ll put our valve cover
on lecture again the metro queen and it’s a real clean and dry you want to uh… issue until the stick to it mature and stick a glob of uh… did silicon our tv on there and excessive and to put a big clobber
them discussing it around my finger the second year when they’re and then one up in this corner now let’s get a and spread it around the world you shoud paint and results and i would put the gasket on their
without cover on a real solution on industry but it’s got plenty there too into shape we want to do this pretty quick after
but not a silicone on there who do not want that to dry before you cd gaskin place lineup are valve cover we’ll carefully see enough to guess get
out of place signed up to this kind of push it and it all uh… fallen took place on
the spark plug tears she s family guy heading valve cover both from its on here and lastly where to go ahead and it all of our boats just by hand right at this point to go ahead and go
around and snuggle mall downer criss cross pattern i’m i’m not good for crumb disgusts them all down and i’m a background in tightening down
that’s the way went ahead and stand down all of the valve cover bolts no one background uh… now they don’t want to be overly
tight they only go so tight that that
tightness of them will not make a difference on whether the valve cover
leaks are not he saw it they had a a spacer onnum and i guess explain in that that squishy
has about washers actual holds that i’ll protect anyway once you tightening down to snug
in the mets at philadelphia about info grounds so now a we are ready to go ahead and put
the intake back on uh… just looking again we got our both state here then stick and now i’m just going to go back
through and put the intake on beautiful these guys out trickiest part will be getting these
houses on unity that first link in the bolts articulated yard to um… if your car so i think bolts just try to
put them back and and they are kind of important they will be in taking place
some so whoever workings lasso left us no
option to they did not leave the bolts in there right we’re going to start on that right before i don’t write everything
down time to get my do both but you are well started it’s again it’s going to go feels like
it will show you what i’m doing world suffered at much let’s get the pcl on
their team one thing i wanted to mention if you plan on doing a tune up at the same time uh… when you’re doing this job is the
perfect time to go ahead and give it to you know because you’ve already got the ignition
coils off uh… mall yet to do is down in a spark
plug images take out the sparklers basically unite indeed adam on-the-job today from their cecilia regular content uh… to summer one dimension okay i’ve got for the most part
everything hooked up uh… probably stick in the vacuum lines or deb both at the throttle body we had an uh… put our wiring back on just uh… big check on do in the wiring
insist you’ll see that every connector kind of
false in the general area where it should be now you can actually connector one thing so that’s not going to be pro-china connected to the area to run connector methodically walk-through he walked it doing connect one plug in a time yemeni brackets on them put ’em back together as you go or it will be the same thing just one of the time reconnected to have someone to go democratically and start connecting he might be like england down further going down below c one minute seem to have a home but it’s got to
somewhere paring back here so i brought a body are electrical connectors are all
connected uh… we’re gonna go and put our
roleplay will back on that’s that took it apart all you have to do contracts sct and anywhere place c work instantly right last time going to so our just like everything out aline everything up sled things on the map is carson what i consider excessive them to use them it’s going to make sure you know more louise slaughter air filter other inman worked worked complaints water filter and he’s got a bolt are bracket back on
here that we took off originally you know we try to find some push pins
the hold that in will do that you have a minute that is and she complete our double and a new
now is just look over everything and i will start up and make sure
everything’s plate not weaken and we will do it at a later time done the front valve cover um… but the procedure on that is pretty much
identical to do in the rear one just so you don’t take off the intake manifold
or if it is they thought this cover and then uh… do in the uh… rear valve cover once
you get the intake off the stake out the bolts laid-off clean
it cagey asking you yet this car looks like so many change the
font one in the past uh… so the problem that we can only
the rear with lincoln really bad knowing that you really know that said hewlett again we’re disconnect partnering interning for nothing non-starter up mister studio parceria proceed to watch and um…
roberto so on face book expert dot com slash p p v t y uh… also subscribers here on youtube innkeeper keith and i will keep making new videos
for you

84 thoughts on “1995-1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0L V6 Rear Valve Cover Gasket”

  1. The rear valve cover gasket replacement itself calls for 2.8 Hours of labor, I think most shops are probably about $100 per hour labor rate now, so that'd be $280 in labor, plus the parts. Of course if you do it yourself you can save a good chunk of money 🙂

  2. I have a 97 maxima that wont start if it does it cuts right back off I have had the fuel pump changed and the knock sensor and the mass air flow sensor along with the ignition switch and the relay oh yea and the valve cover gasket what else may and could be the problem

  3. Haha you are so correct, I have melted a wrench in the past too,, old habbits (even bad ones) can be hard to break though. 🙂

  4. How long did it take you to do this? I am thinking about doing it myself and would liketo know the approximate time.

  5. Wow this is a great video I am going to do mine this weekend and s/o to the camera man great work am about to save some shop money on this one. Thanks again for the help. I have a 96 Maxima some engine so I shouldn't have no proplem affter looking at this.

  6. Hey, I have a 95' Maxima SE. Okay… so what benefits will I receive from changing these gaskets?? Will the engine sound better after doing this? Will I get better performance from my engine? I just changed the PCV valve a few weeks ago, but I should of waited because I see that while taking the top intake manifold off you can easily access a lot of the needed periodic maintenance areas. But great detailed video man!!

  7. One more question, since I have a 95' model and never completed this maintenance, would I need to change all of those black hoses as well?? Your engine is so clean on your maxima. I wish mine was like that but my gaskets are slow leaking. Thanks!

  8. Thanks! The reason we did this job is because it was leaking engine oil very badly from the rear valve cover gasket. There really isn't any other benefit to doing this job. It won't change how it sounds or the performance of the vehicle. As far as the black hoses. They are probably ready to be changed. If they feel hardened or brittle at all then you want to change them for sure.

  9. OK, I see. Well, I believe mine is leaking as well. When my engine is hot while sitting at a stop, there is white smoke that rises from under the hood on the right side of the car. So I suspect a leak from that gasket is the reason for the smoke. Also, where is the best place to purchase replacement hoses for all of those hard to reach hoses you had to take off under the manifold?? I guess AutoZone or O'reiley's would be a good place to start. Thanks again for the help!

  10. We have a parts washer in our shop, so we used that. But you should be able to use any heavy duty degreaser to clean it up nicely.

  11. Hi APDTY, I do my own services on my Maxima and relized that the rocket cover gaskets need replacing. Is there any difference between the 97 and 96, as my maxima is a 96 model?

  12. Thanks for a great video and very well explanation. I would highly suggest when performing this job, one should also take out the EGR Tube and clean it. There are some websites such as forums.maxima.org/4th-generation-maxima-1995-1999 show how to do it avoid check engine light on when this tube has carbon built inside.

  13. Great tutorial. If you wouldn't mind, could you list the tools you used for this in the description? Ratchet sizes, attachments etc….

  14. Sorry I don't have an exact list of what I used, but when working on a Nissan, they were kind enough to use only certain size nuts and bolts, if you have the following on hand, you should be fine: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm Shallow sockets,, Deep sockets,, and Wrenches.. That small assortment will let you do just about anything on the car and is probably all I used in this video.

  15. Hi, Great Tutorial. Got a question, why you do not have any gasket on the intake port? In case there suppose to be one, do you happen to know what it is called. Thank you.

  16. Hi, are you talking about the intake manifold gasket? (the one with 6 holes), there actually is a gasket on there, unfortunately watching the video again, we never mentioned it. That gasket is technically called the Upper Plenum Gasket, or upper intake manifold gasket.

  17. Yes, thank you. On the video it looked like there was none. After reading several forums I decided to change it as well plus the two underlying gaskets. I just hope it won't be to much of a job.

  18. The labor cost is free if you do it yourself! It would just cost you the price of parts, otherwise you'd have to check with your local shops to see what the going rate on a job like this would be.

  19. I just started watching this video. Why was the valve cover gasket replaced?…my 98 v6 is leaking a few drops of oil lately on concrete driveway. there is much dried up oily residue around the valve cover seals and block.  It also smells when you get out of the car possibly because the oil is heating up on the engine block and its giving off a burnt smell.  I think I can handle this project. Thanks in advance.

  20. good job!  But do not use too much silicone at the square corners since the excess will glob into the valve cover, maybe break off and clog an oil passage somewhere.  Just enough is more than adequate.

  21. I have a 91 Nissan maxima n I brought all of the parts to got everything to do with my brakes done over n my brakes is still locking up on the left side someone help please asap

  22. My 1995 Nissan Maxima GLE is leaking oil really bad from the rear valve cover gasket. My question is, do I need to mess around with the timing chain in order to replace the front valve cover gasket?

  23. Common problem with a 4th gen Maxima is a plugged EGR vent tube.  With the manifold removed, it is a perfect time to clean it out.  Your video at 11:23 showed the EGR tube fully plugged with carbon deposit.  The intake manifold is probably plugged at that same connection point as well.  OBD Code P0400 is most likely in the near future for that Maxima.  Good video and I picked up some good tips along the way…Thanks for posting it.

  24. Just completed my first major vehicle repair using this guide. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video!

  25. I tried this process on my maxima and i was able to switch out the gasket, but when i put everything together and my car started my car it starts and then shuts off. the car stays on only if you keep your foot on the gas and loud popping noises and funny smells happen after a while of reving it. do you know what i did wrong and how to fix it. i would really appreciate any feedback. i also got 2 mechanics to come check it out annd they said they didnt know what the problem was. im getting frustrated im to the point where im gonnna scrap the car and take a loss. i hope you see this soon.

  26. Which could be the function for the two last hoses you disconnected before taking off the intake manifold. It seems they flush hot water to the base of the intake manifold.  I´ve just bought a car like this and it has broken a pipe where must to be connected one of this hoses.  Do you think this problem could cause a higher gas expenditure?

  27. Thanks for the video. Folks need to pay attention to the EGR gasket that falls inside the engine when you pull out the manifold.  I did not realize it was missing until I read comments below after the fact and suffering a vacuum leak which led to the engine not idling. I recommend folks change the manifold and throttle gasket with new as well.  This job was not a walk in the park! You need two persons to do it.

  28. I just reassembled everything & now whenever I go in reverse or put the car in gear & let it go forward, the engine/car begins vibrating, any ideas? Appreciate the assistance and the video either way.

  29. Excellent video thank you its going to make changing my valve cover gaskets so much easier now i know where and what to disconnect on my 2000 maxima your videos have helped me maintain, service, and keep my car running smoothly and safely much appreciated for your time and effort put into these very informative videos

  30. that oversized blob of silicone is unnecessary it doesn't need to extend more than a quarter inch past either side of the corner and not way up the side of the inside timing chain cover that mess that you put on that thing is why I never take my car to a mechanic shop I do the work myself I've never had a problem with any of my jobs leaking and I work for a dealership as a mechanic

  31. Good video except I would be pretty mad if I was the owner of the car. He brings it to you to fix and you don't replace those two missing bolts. Wow! Another reason to do repairs yourself if you can.

    It doesn't take away from the video. It's was very helpfull in doing this job on my car. Thx's.

  32. Excellent video, Just done a 98 Hyundai Sonata V6 V3000 same as you done replacing the rear gasket had leakage both valve covers the rear being the worst , Thanks heaps for your help and time

  33. This video was incredibly helpful. But what wasn't helpful was the two bolts holding the back of the manifold to the bracket and the two bolts holding the EGR tube to the manifold. This project took way longer than it could have. The location and tight space between the back of the manifold and the firewall made this project last at least 2 hours longer than necessary. I tried all kinds of 12mm tools, and had a really really hard time getting those bolts loosened and ultimate free. I even lost a 12mm wrench down the back that I couldn't get too until I finally removed the exhaust the manifold. I’m mid-project right now—so I'm NOT looking forward to putting those bolts back. Like this example, I will probably leave the two bracket bolts out. The Nissan engineers who decided this was the right answer should all be walked outside and shot. I hate when projects last much longer than they should because of wicked stoopind engineering decisions.

  34. 'If all goes well, I should be able to take off these four intake bolts and hopefully it will lift up, unless i missed something' – this is how I feel every time I pull an intake manifold… It's always something!

  35. incredible pain in the azz just to get to valve cover, i have the '97 maxima with 156,000 and has never been into, im sure it will need new plugs,valve cover gasket,and possibly coils soon,if i had known it was this much work to change the 3 rear plugs i would have NEVER bought this car,i will drive it till it dies and let someone else handle this nightmare lol, thnx for the video.

  36. today i changed the valve cover gasket on my 1979 chevy c10 stepside truck and it took me 30 minutes flat from start to finish, thank you chevy for the good old days of well built machines that can be repaired without major headaches lol

  37. Adding a medium thread lock(blue) on valve cover bolts thread assures that they wont come lose in future. I found 50% leaks are due to losening valve cover bolts by time. And apply small amount oil at spark plugs tube seal also make valve cover slide very easily. Rest of the video looks good. And please dont bang thing on the top of the enging. Find proper banch or floor to do that.

  38. fill this fix oil leak from going in the spark plugs. I have seen a moderate amount of oil when I change my spark plugs

  39. low pressure power steering pump clamp. reach up into the foil sleeve and see if the hose clamp is lose. a good indication would be if you smell burning ps fluid through the cabin air fan when you crank the wheel over hard.

  40. Thank you. just did mine also by watching your video was very helpful and was good opportunity to find out EGR was clogged and oil in my spark plug number The toughest part is removing the 4 bolts in the back of the monifold

  41. I plan on tackling this job soon. Good tip you should also replace the fuel injectors and manifold gasket so you dont have to worry about removing all these parts again.

  42. Whew! Thanks very much for the video.. I’m thinking of tackling this project on a 2000 Infiniti i30 which looks to be identical to that year Maxima because after doing changing the spark plugs and coil packs and ignition condenser to clear some engine codes (they’re clear now) I noticed oil in the #3 #6 #5 & #4 spark plug chambers. I can see that the spark plug seals are bad and brittle and allowing oil to get in. There are no leaks with the valve cover gaskets but it seems I have to take the valve covers off to get to the spark plug seals! That’s all that can cause oil to pool in those chamber right. The car runs fine after the tune up. ??

  43. Hi there,, I'm about to do this to mine, now do you or did you have to change the intake manifold gasket as well. I brought a gasket kit but never had the intake gasket included thanks.

  44. No gloves. Braver than I, lol. Cut myself too many times, cleaning a cut suuuuuucks. Good video though. I have one of these and it looks like its not fun to work on lol.

  45. I need both front & back replacement on my gen 4 a32 vq30, how long would it take a qualified mechanic to complete the job???

  46. Thank you. I may attempt this soon as I am losing a significant amount of oil from the rear cover on a monthly basis.

  47. If the oil leak persists, remove the outter and inner timing covers and replace the Orings on the front of the block.

  48. Hello I have an 1997 Infiniti I30 and it’s smoking from behind the manifold but no smoke coming from the exhaust. Any clues?

  49. Hi there! We recently had this done on our '98 Maxima, about 4-5 months ago, I just checked the coolant to discover that it has gone rusty. Is it possible that because there is a coolant line under the manifold that has to be disconnected in order to remove the manifold, that could have introduced air into the system causing oxidization somewhere? Either way I'm getting it flushed out but it would be nice to know. Fantastic video also! Very informative.

  50. Looks like the injectors are right there as well…..i néed to change all of those out…gaskets and injectors, thanks for the video

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