4 thoughts on “#21 Identity Trauma & Depression – Christine with Dr. Franz Ruppert in Singapore”

  1. are all chinese like this or is she really not getting the very simple points hes making.

    the self = i + want. i is the sum of our biology and experiences and our want is the will of the self to future states.

  2. Yep many traumas stemming from childhood and into adulthood was diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder and do suffer depression at certain times of the year and therapy has brought up some painful memories I buried that where of certain traumas and now I know what causes the emotions and feelings to well up I’m finding it a lot easier to deal with I don’t get those feelings of wanting to die so often I used to want to die because I wanted to stop feeling the pain of the acts of violence and abandonment neglect and worthlessness being abused made me feel I used to think it was something wrong with me why anti depressants never worked I don’t have family or friends because I had to cut ties with family and the few family members I talk to I don’t discuss things with them I find a lot of solace in the YouTube videos and the trauma/sexual abuse councillor I go to so the suicidal thoughts are becoming less frequent again I wanted to die because I felt trapped and crippled with no way out of the damages of trauma I couldn’t understand why I kept getting abused and bullied as an adult then I learned that if you have childhood trauma and abuse that often you become the victim and target of abuse into adulthood so I learned about self compassion and setting boundaries I learned about letting myself be my authentic self and I feel so much stronger and more free I used to feel like such a burden and a failure because I tried to please abusive people to try to get them to stop abusing me these are all discoveries I made from going to therapy and doing the things I’m learning it’s opening up reasons and memories

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