263 How To Address Depression.

263 How To Address Depression.

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These subtitles are an automatic transcription and haven’t been checked by a human yet. So there can be big errors! hello this Robert Smith I’m in Tim a
league County Cork Ireland and I received an email for someone says she
bought several of the dvds and she’s wanting to figure out how to she want to
figure out how to get rid of her impression you’ll hear cars from in the
background this is there’s a car rally where they have this track or guess they
travel through island anyway they ask how do you get rid of depression how do
you address depression and so one of the things that I have discovered about
depressed people or people who have depression or create depression there’s
there several modalities and how they do that one is that they were raised by
someone who also had depression so that means they have emotional conditionings
in and around depression now depression is an internal process it’s a belief
system it’s an attitude about self and what we do to ourself and there is a
comfort to it even though you say there isn’t but there is because you’re doing
it and the reason that there’s a comfort to because maybe someone who you love
who raised you who is depressed and so you’re mirroring and mimicking their
behaviors and so one of the things that you can do is one go back and address
the memories of seeing your mother depress or your father depressed and you
start addressing the emotions and the memories about them being depressed and
you can still love them but not be depressed and not act like them so
that’s one way now there’s there’s a big complexity to this it’s not just an easy
easy one Wham thank you ma’am it’s all gone I love I said one man Thank You Man
but anyway it’s not just one hit because there’s such a deep structure which
would learn how to cope for the world and so what you do is you go to every
memory and every experience that represents your parents or yourself
being depressed and you know always say do the big list the big list will be
everything that’s ever affected you from birth all the way up to present and
memories and how people treated you times and places you felt depressed or
experienced depression and then you always will notice that that there’s
certain places in certain times that you will produce manifest or experience
depression you know a lot of times people say well isn’t depression just a
chemical problem I said it’s just as a chemical
problem is happiness because you can you’re by your mind will create
chemicals in your body to make it feel whatever you’re thinking so one there’s
an attitude and belief about yourself when you look at yourself what is it I
feel about myself what am I so angry and why am I taking this out on myself you
may look at the experiences the the experiences and what you’ve experienced
what you witness experience traumas physical emotional traumas the death of
a loved one some will start creating depression because someone died and so
what you do is you look back at your experiences whether it’s death divorce
lost your job it’s a number of things you could as many ways to have feel free
depression is hard so one thing you can do is first
right your list to start cleaning it up now you have to understand the depressed
feelings are based on emotional conditioning and what you think and say
to yourself so it’s maybe the pictures inside your mind if you have images in
your mind about certain things it makes you feel bad change the pictures make
peace with the memories now you have to realize too that memories are internally
generated they’re created within you that means it’s your brain and you can
change what you look and you can also change the memory because the memories
aren’t permanent they’re not stuck and if they were permanently stuck then
you’d never want to improve your memory because it’s so perfect well memory is a
muscle and so depending on what you choose the exercise such as bad memories
good memories the more your life changes so one thing I suggest it’s writing your
long list and start tapping it out clean it up and releasing let me go the second
thing you can do is I caught by your journal called a happy journal and in
the happy journal you write and all the good experiences and the good things
that you’ve experienced and I start practicing feeling good
and and some people say well it’s a lot of work feeling good I said well it’s
more work feeling bad but it’s easier because you’ve been practicing it’s like
anything else it’s a skill so go in start releasing and start working on
yourself guys if it’s in you it’s in you and if you get it out you release it
we’re not just understand it but change the emotional impact the emotional
feelings Association to it then your life will change so again own up to what
you have within you and change what you have within you that’s the real real
deal change you change how you feel change how you represent things and I’ll
kaushal on my videos I believe it’s like 247 through 252 or so I have how to do
the happy journal so do the happy journal people who are depressed usually
have the unhappy journal within their minds so we want to practice feeling
good so that’s one thing you can do several things and another thing said
well what DVD set would I buy to help me with that
i would say probably i mean they’re all good but the relationship seminar
because really all of our problems every one of them starts with a relationship
relationship with our parents relationship with whoever it is that had
an emotional impact and then what you do is you start working your list or
creating peace within your life and then help heal your life and so I always
suggest watch the youtube videos on YouTube tap along look for your problem
create changes so this is robert smith you hear that hear the rally in the
background and we’re at a priori kimberly friary which is basically in
ruins now but it’s really cool looking so anyway this robert smith and keep on
tapping on you and change your life feel good for no reason there’s a skill to it
talk to you later bye you a you

20 thoughts on “263 How To Address Depression.”

  1. Robert when you see a client for issues like this is the list based around all negative issues in general or all negative issues based around that issue? If it is the general list and let's say they had 200 things wouldn't it take forever to tap all of those out (meaning you and the client with sessions not their daily work)? Thanks for this nice video.

  2. @mosszaphod

    If it were a million things to tap on the rewards will be a better life. I teach my clients how to take control of their life by tapping and taking control of the thoughts. We are responsible for our own life and will be until we take our last breath, so you will tap until then. Tapping is one of the skills we use to really cope with our opportunity to heal and transform when things occur. We/they are worth it. Peace Robert

  3. @jojostar88

    You have to remember the tapping doesn't give you problems but rather helps heal what you already have within you. There is a rainbow at the end of the clearing. Some people are luckier than others because they get to clear more stuff but you will be greater when it is all cleared. Trust me on that one. You are a powerful person and will be able to make a major differences in the world. Peace Robert

  4. LOL, Rob you are the man, I could have never spoken so well with those roaring engines behind me. Great info too, Thank you!

  5. This is so true! My Mom was depressed,and my sister ,brother,and I have all had problems with it.We had a good teacher and we were excellent students! I understand this now but it wasn't until just recently.I have tapped on it many times.I've been writing in a happy journal for about 3 years (I'm on my 3rd)and been tapping for a few months,my sister takes pills (prozac),my brother does nothing and I am by far the happiest of the three!Thank you,this works…..!

  6. And yes,it is alot of work,but it gets easier with time,but i was determined I was going to be happy and I am! Pratice being happy,its worth it!


    It is not genetic but rather learned emotional behaviors.

  8. @TuRdSandwitch18

    Well whiting them out doesn't get rid of them but transforming them will heal you. If they are in you then you to get them out of you by releasing them from with you. So the real work is making peace with everything within. Start tapping on at a time.

  9. @QUINTUSMAXIMUS Honestly it seems to have helped me with my digestion, so I think that *eventually* it will help with deficiencies. It certainly helps a person address/handle things correctly. Just my personal experience and opinion.

  10. What if you don't have happy memories to replace the crap that was inflicted upon you by toxic parents? Yeah, I know they did the best that they could with what they had. I have no problem on tapping the bad memories that come up, or to tap rather than get anxious. As far as erase & replace I just have no idea of how to bring up 'good memories', when they don't exist. I hate even admitting to this. The 1st 14 yrs of life where so bad I had to disassociate just to survive.

  11. robert if i take the habit to tap every innecessary thought that comes to mind while i am missing out inthe perfect present moment…. will i be healing old stuff? probably yes because the old programs want to recreate themselves thru repetition…

    and..by doing so i dont need an agenda of tapping specific cause life will bring me(my brain ans its old pattens)lot of stuff to tap every day…of course making a list is awesome an tapping it but
    do you know what i mean?
    thankS A lot

  12. I see the comments below and there's no response from you Robert, but I'll try it here, then if not…I'll try other videos so here goes. I wasn't born depressed, or grew up in that type of environment…I HAVE A TBI…Traumatic Brain Injury…called a mild concussion, but its not mild to me. In addition to the standard fare of headaches, dizziness, and nausea, I get depressed…and my will power is shot…I see there is no video on Faster EFT and concussions. So in case you do read this, could you steer me in the right direction? Or is there any tapping procedure for people with TBI and concussions?

  13. Depression is a chemical imbalance. It is bullshit tnat it is emotional conditioning. There are ways to help depressuon but its not easy to tell a person who lives with depression go just be happy.

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