3 Easy Tips To Eliminate Deadlift BACK PAIN & LIFT MORE WEIGHT! | USE THESE NOW!

3 Easy Tips To Eliminate Deadlift BACK PAIN & LIFT MORE WEIGHT! | USE THESE NOW!

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What’s going on nation? Today I’m going
to share with you guys three easy tips to help you eliminate back pain while dead
lifting and to help you lift more weight while dead lifting as well. Now what’s great about these tips is
that as soon as this video is over, you can apply them right away to current
routine and already started improving your dead lift. So make sure you pay
attention and if you have any questions, leave them down in that
comment section below. Now what I’ll also let you guys know
that if you’re not following me on Instagram, make sure you check it out. Scott Herman fitness on Instagram because
I’m starting to do a lot more stories and I also really like engaging
with you guys on Instagram as well, answering questions and comments. So if you want a faster way of getting
hold of me or if you just want to check out what I’m doing, hit me up on
Instagram. I’ll see you guys there. The first tip is that you guys have got
to incorporate the deficit dead lift into your regular training program. The number one reason why in my experience
people have lower back pain when they dead lift is because they develop a
really bad habit very early in their training programming, which is their hips shoot up first and
then they lift the barbell off the ground, which obviously puts all the stress
of that load on the lower back. And this is what I mean guys, you might be able to go down and get into
position properly with your chest up. But because you have poor
mind muscle connection, you shoot up your hips first and then
once those legs are fully extended, there’s only one option. The pull this barbell off
the ground and that’s lifting with your lower back and making
the deadlift more of a pull movement instead of a push. So if you’re
pulling it off the ground like this, now this is only 135 pounds, but as
you start lifting heavier and heavier, that entire load is transferring
from your legs to your lower back. And I’ll show you again cause usually
it’s a lot faster when it happens in real time. It’s hips up. And then pull, so it almost turns the dead lift into two
movements versus one which is supposed to look like this. Now,
how do you fix this? Well, that’s where the deficit deadlift comes
into play and that’s why I have this plate behind me and I’ve talked
about this exercise before, but it’s always good to recap to make
sure you guys incorporate it into your program so you can continue to
progress and get better and better. Now what I love about the deficit deadlift
and why it helps so much is because if you have poor mind muscle
connection or you know, maybe you do have good
my muscle connection, but you’re just having a hard time really
engaging in and focusing on your lower body, the deficit deadlifts forces you to
get so low to grab the barbell that you instinctively have to activate more
glutes and hamstrings in order to pick the Barbell up off the ground. Because normally you would be
about here starting the exercise, but because you have to go so low and
get so deep in order to perform the movement and when
you get into this position, you’re automatically going to feel those
hamstrings and glutes activating just sitting down here. But as you start to do it and focus
on keeping your chest up and utilizing proper form, you’re going to feel engagement in glutes
and hamstrings that you’ve never felt before. So how do you incorporate this
exercise into current training program? Well, it’s as easy as just
swapping it out for whatever. If you’re doing conventional
deadlifts for an entire week or for a couple of weeks instead of dead lifting
three times a week or twice a week, deficit deadlift, maybe one or two of those days so that
you can work on improving your form. Also guys, with this exercise, it’s not meant to be something that
you’re going to max out on right away, especially. So make sure you don’t go too heavy
as you start performing this movement. And also for those of you who might not
have access to standing on a platform like this, you can also get creative
because basically all I’m
doing is I’m bringing the barbell closer to my feet. So right now
it’s about the same height as my ankles. You can get the same effect by taking a
smaller plate and putting smaller plates on like a 25 on each side and
that’ll lower the bar as well. So whatever way you can get it done, make sure you start incorporating deficit
deadlifts into your training program so you can learn to activate more
glutes and hamstrings so you don’t start shooting your hips up too early
and pulling through your back. The second tip has to do with proper
breathing. And believe it or not, how you’ve taken a breath before you
start this exercise can make a huge difference on how much weight you’re
going to lift and how much internal pressure you have in your body. And what I mean by that is when you
guys are doing any lift, any lift in general, you should be breathing in through
your nose and out through your mouth, but some exercises where you really feel
the difference, at least in my opinion, are squats and deadlifts. For example, when doing a dead lift, you have to get super low in order to
get into the right position to grab the barbell. If you do a huge breath in through your
mouth and then come down just like this, when you breathe in through your mouth, all that air tends to sit kind of
like in this area right here and out. Obviously as you’re trying to bend down
and get as close as you can to this barbell. If you, if you have a huge air bubble
in the bottom of your gut, it’s gonna make it really hard to bend
over again to the proper position and also to, especially if you’re
wearing a weightlifting belt, it can tend to feel like an excessive
amount of pressure in this area and for me that’s usually when I feel
like I’m going to pass out. If I’m doing like a max lift and I breathe
in through my mouth and I grabbed the barbell and I have all this pressure
just sitting right here, I like, I’m going to pass out my face,
gets red veins bulging. You guys know the feeling. Now if
you breathe in through your nose, instead of all that air
coming in and sitting here, it actually gets a bit
more evenly distributed. Like you should feel your chest coming
up as you take in that breath and then when you go down into your
position to do your dead lift, you’ll notice that you have a much easier
time getting a bit lower and tighter in order to pull that
Barbell up off the ground. Now I am actually making a more in
depth video on proper breathing and why there’s a lot more benefits to
breathing in through your nose. But for this video where I’m just going
over some easy tips to help you with your dead lift the next
time you guys go to the gym, I want you to approach the barbell, obviously not with a lot of weight and I
want you to take it a massive breath in through your mouth and get
down and do a couple reps. and then I want you guys to take in a
massive breath in through your nose and perform a couple of reps and you’ll
instantly be able to tell the difference with or without a weightlifting
belt on. So tip number two, proper breathing. Breathe in through your nose so you
can keep everything nice and tight. And here we are with the third and
final tip. And like I said in the intro, I’m going to show you guys things to
do to help improve your dead lift, both physically and mentally.
The first two is physical. This is going to be mental. And this has to do with focusing on
pushing the earth down when performing the movement. Because even if you
fix your hips shooting up, and even if you fix your breathing, if you’re still not 100%
focusing on performing this
movement by pushing through your legs, you’re still going to get a bit more of
back activation throughout the movement and you’re not going to be able to pull
your full power or put your full power into this lift. And something that I like to do as I start
increasing my weights and approaching a PR is I’ll get into
my position, you know, I’ll kind of set myself up. I’ll make sure my feet are in the right
place and then I’ll even go down and place my hands on the barbell like this
and just kind of figure out exactly where I’m going to be when
I perform the movement. And then what I like to do when I max
out is I’ll literally kind of stand here and really mentally focus, like put images in my head of my feet, pushing the ground down in order
to lift this barbell off the floor. So in my head I’m literally holding it
in place with my upper body and my legs are just pushing the earth
down. And I tell you what, it might sound silly to you, but if you still approach this exercise
and you still feel like you’re pulling it more with your upper body
versus pushing with your legs, if you take like 30 seconds to a minute
and literally kind of stand there, you can call it meditation, you
can call it whatever you want. But if you kind of just sit here and
just focus on the lift being a push movement through your legs, you’re going
to see big increases in your numbers, whether it’s how many reps, how much weight you can do for
eight reps or PR in general. So that’s my third tip guys. You
really have to get inside your head, especially if you’re having a
hard time lifting heavy weight. Get inside your own head and really
focus on this movement being one where you’re super bad ass and you push
in the earth down with your feet. All right guys, so that
wraps up today’s video. Now remember if you have any
questions about any of the tips, please leave them as comments down
in the comment section below. Again, my goal with this video was to give you
guys three quick and easy tips that you can take with you to go to the gym
and improve your deadlift right away. Now I do have other videos that are a
bit more in depth on how to improve your dead lift and also guys, if you missed my last video where I
showed you two quick tips to help improve your squat, I have some stretching, some stretches in that video that can
help you guys that are really tight, especially through the hips. And I also have a really great
in depth article on my website, muscularstrength.com called dead lift. Why you’re not lifting
as much as you could. And I go over form for
Sumo and conventional, and I also go over a lot more deadlifts, specific stretches to help you guys get
a bit more loose so you can go a bit deeper and really make sure that you’re
pushing through your legs and not lifting your hips up too
early throughout the movement. So if you enjoy the quick tips,
please smash that like button. Subscribe if you haven’t already and
makes you turn on video notifications so you never miss a new video upload. And
as always, guys, more good stuff coming.

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