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– Hi I’m Dr. Rodger Owens with
Health Quest Physicians group and this is a minute in better health. Today, we’re gonna discuss
whiplash type injuries. A whiplash injury is a rapid
acceleration, deceleration injury to the cervical spine of the neck. Most commonly associated
with motor vehicle accidents, however, we see a lot of
them with sports injuries, slips, falls, any type
of injury where your head is extended and comes back
forward in a forceful manner. The immediate effect that occurs when you have a whiplash injury is the loss of the normal cervical curve. This is a normal neck with
the head sitting on top when you’re looking at it from the side. After a whiplash injury, we
lose that normal cervical curve, that curve’s there for a reason, to function like a spring to help relieve the pressure on the joints. The symptoms associated
with a whiplash injury are muscle spasm, pain of
course with the neck, headaches, fatigue, a lot of the
musculoskeletal related symptoms. Now, if you just treat the symptoms without correcting the
structural problems, it will lead to a long term disability in the cervical spine called
degenerative arthritis. Now, this is the
degeneration of the spine. The discs are completely reliant upon the proper movement of the spine
to keep themselves healthy. Now, a lot of doctors like
to blame arthritis on age, however, if you look at
this, this disc right here that’s perfectly healthy,
that’s the same age as this one that’s degenerated. This area was injured,
stopped moving properly, therefore, the disc
dehydrated and deteriorated. This over a long period of time leads to degenerative arthritis. And that’s a permanent situation. Now, if you know of anybody
who’s had this type of injury to their neck or their cervical
spine, have them checked. Please like our video or share this with somebody you think would benefit. Or call our office if
you have any questions. Thank you. (lighthearted music)

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