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3-4 years back, F-35 program was deemed doomed. There were critical bugs being discovered
almost daily and program cost rising. But things have changed for good since then. The F-35 Lightning II is coming into its own. A new contract for 478 aircraft has been signed
by the manufacturer. The deal is worth $34 billion and is biggest
to date. Importantly the cost has reduced considerably
and now U.S Air Force will get the F-35A for $80 million apiece
As per reports, the aircraft will be delivered in 3 lots. In this video Defense Updates analyzes how
F 35s is turning out to be a success story even as Russia & China are struggling with
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II which
is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters is undergoing final
development and testing by the United States. The Pentagon began the F 35 program in 2001
with an aim to develop a cost-effective replacement for the U.S. military’s F15 fighters, F
16 and F18 fighter bombers and reconnaissance aircraft and A10 close in support warplanes. The F-35 has three main models: the conventional
takeoff and landing F-35A (CTOL), the short take-off and vertical-landing F-35B (STOVL),
and the catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery, carrier-based F-35C (CATOBAR) Apart from the United States, the primary
customer and financial backer, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Turkey
(now removed), Australia, Norway, and Denmark are also part of the program. Many other nations like Japan and Israel are
also deploying the fighters. The nine major partner nations, including
the U.S, plan to acquire over 2,000 F-35s through 2035, which, if delivered will make
the F-35 one of the most numerous jet fighters. On 2 August 2016, the U.S. Air Force declared
its first squadron of F-35A fighters combat-ready. The fighter aircraft is expected to remain
in service beyond 2050. The program now seems to be maturing and the
promise fo a cost effective but sophisticated 5th generation is getting fulfilled. Let us now understand how the Russian & Chinese
5th generation fighter programs are going. Russian president Mr. Putin revealed that
a procurement plan is being laid out for acquiring 76 Su-57. The announcement was made during a meeting
on May 15, 2019. These jets are expected to be deployed by
2028. The Kremlin previously planned to have 150
of these aircraft in service by 2020. Interestingly this disclosure comes a day
after 6 of these jets had escorted the Russian President as he flew to visit the Russian
Air Force’s 929th Chkalov State Flight-Test Center. Russian currently has 12 of these in flying
condition. Kremlin has been struggling to fulfill many
defense acquisitions due to fund crunch and this has come as surprise to many analysts. Viewers may note that the Su 57 program had
the backing of India. India was looking for a customized variant
of Su 57 for its air force and had put in significant funding. India wanted to acquire around 150 jets. In April 2018, India pulled out of the project. The main reasons were engine issue and unconvincing
stealth characteristics. Su 57 is currently suffering due to engine
problems. Sukhoi originally planned to use an advanced
derivative of the Saturn AL-31F engine, found on its Flankers, for the Su-57. Su 57 was supposed to have new AL-41F-1 engine. But the AL-41F-1 engine ran into technical
difficulty and didn’t match the required performance criteria. Saturn, the manufacturer is working on a new
and more powerful design, known as the Izdeliye 30 or Product 30. But even this has been facing developmental
challenges and may be available for testing at some time in the 2020s. Russia is also facing issues with the stealth
characteristic of the aircraft, which is in an important aspect of any proper 5th generation
fighter. As reported in Indian media, Indian experts
were of the view that the aircraft’s stealth characteristics could not be improved significantly
even with future modifications since it was flawed at many basic levels. Though exact details regarding this are not
available, but 2 basic observations have been pointed out by some military analysts. 1. Su 57 is not precision engineered like F 22
Raptor &. F 35. For example, there is a lot of gap between
flaps as well as between the rear vertical tail and the fuselage. This is probably because Russia doesn’t have
the machining technology to engineer seamless surfaces. This heavily compromises stealth. 2. Su 57 also has rivets on the outer surface. For example, the nose is bolted on the main
body with rivets sticking out. This kind of unevenness drastically affects
the stealth profile. China currently has only 28 J-20 of which
8 are initial prototypes. Just like Su 57, the CHENGDU J-20 is having
engine problems. China has not perfected its indigenous WS-10
which is used for its Flanker clones; Shenyang J-11 & J 15, let alone come close to finishing
development of the next-generation WS-15 it would need for the J-20. Viewers may know J 11 & J 15 are illegal copies
of Russian Su 27 & Su 33 respectively. The WS 10 engine is underpowered and has been
a major headache for China. The WS-15 is currently thought to be in a
ground-testing phase, though some reports state that it has entered limited production. Without the WS-15 engine, the J-20 can’t cruise
at supersonic speeds. In fact, China has not demonstrated it can
build any reliable jet engine even with designs that it basically stole from Russia. Building engines with indigenous design remains
even more distant. The Chengdu J-20 is thought to be powered
by twin Russian-built Saturn AL-31F engines found on the Sukhoi Su-27 and its Chinese
knockoffs. China has recently bought Su 35 which may
thing was to get access to its engine The addition of the Russian-built AL-41F1S
series engines that power Su 35 might have provided a solution to Beijing’s engine
issues. According to multiple sources, China initially
wanted to get the AL-41F1S as a stand-alone product. But as noted earlier the AL-41 series engine
is not suitable for a 5th gen fighter and Russian itself is looking for a solution. The Chengdu J-20 also seem to have issues
with ‘stealth’ like its Russian counterpart. Reports have emerged that a Sukhoi Su-30MKI
of the Indian Air Force managed to detect the Chinese Chengdu J-20 jet fighter. The disclosure didn’t come from any independent
analysts but from an official source. Indian Air Force commander Arup Shaha said,
“The Sukhoi’s radar can see them. The new Chinese jets are not so invisible
after all. No special technology is required to detect
the J-20, as it can be detected by ordinary radar stations.” This has ignited debates that the J 20 is
nothing more than a decorated 4++ generation fighter. It is to be noted that F 35 is the second
5th generation fighter jet that the U.S has developed. F 22 is considered is till considered to be
the most potent fighter in world and the U.S has around 180 of these. It is to be noted that even today F 22 can’t
be exported to any country as per Federal Law which is a stark contrast to F 35 program. There is already a significant number of F
35 deployed with the U.S Air Force and the new lots of will boost the number dramatically. This is also a good news for the partner nations
and seems to be win – win situation. So, it can be said that F 35 program is way
ahead when compared to Russian & Chinese counterparts F-35s combined with F 22 Raptor , will give
the U.S Air Force will an edge both in terms of quality as well as quality. This basically means the U.S Air Force will
continue to dominate the skies in the foreseeable future.


  1. One of the smallest countries in this partnership the Netherlands ordered 46 of these. Great now we can really scare the shit out of those Somali pirates, and support the USA in middle East operations!

  2. that's right Russia a game-changing success story not like your unstealthy SU-57 no one wants any because it really sucks failure:)

  3. Whenever I see a close up of SU-57, I think that this plane can be easily beaten using F-15. The air frame is all metal and rust. Even Rafale has more shine and lower RCS than SU-57.

  4. Of course it would be a success it's American made !!!
    The many jealous anti-USA idiot trolls on Y-tube hiding behind their keyboards don't know crap and a good number of them paid by Russia and China !!! Semper Fi

  5. Russia thought just saying it was stealth on state TV would make it actually stealth.. Meanwhile China has to steal all it's military weapons blueprints 😆

  6. It's all about timing. The F-16 entered service in the 70's when thousands of 60's vintage F-5 Tiger IIs were reaching retirement. Now those F-16s are due for replacement and the design can't be updated anymore than it already is. The F-35A costs around the same as the latest F16V, and less than the Lightning II's nearest competitors, the Eurofighter Typhoon or the Dassault Rafale, which are at least a half-generation behind the F-35 in terms of technology. There were over 5,000 F-16s built, and while a lot of them will be in service for years to come, they will have to be phased out eventually. This could translate into a sales bonanza for Lockheed Martin and their overseas partners for at least the coming decade until something better comes along. Time will tell.

  7. The Su-57, with 360° radars, was designed to be an F-22 killer.
    It has radar antennas of various frequencies scattered about the aircraft. These can sense, and pinpoint, active radars from all directions. And its powerful Active Electronically Scanned Array N036 Byelka(Squirrel) transmits on more sensitive frequencies than most.
    It’s generally expected that if the Su-57 and F-22 wander within 50km of each other, they will detect each other.
    This is yet to be seen.
    But the Su-57 doesn’t just rely on using its opponent’s radar against it, or blasting the skies with its own electronic pulses. It has a wideranging infra-red search-and-track system looking for telltale traces in the skies — be it an engine’s exhaust, or even the friction of a wing cutting through the air. The F-22 as yet has no such ability.
    Su-57 even has an electrically-enhanced optical sensor (essentially a glorified telescope) in its front cockpit. This enables the pilot to use the Mk1 Eyeball to locate a stealth fighter even if his sensors have provided little more than a general direction.

  8. lol. definitely a "success" that America is wasting $34billion on a plane that can't turn, can't fight and can't run. Not quite as good as a machine that burns dollars directly, but better than nothing. Imagine the horror if they spent that much on educating dumbass Americans or providing them healthcare. Result.

  9. This channel is so full of shit. So obviously bias, and one sided- both in reports and "conclusions" in manner we USA the best Ru&Ch- the shitty ones. All 3 projects have issues. And all issues are due to technical challenges of producing 5th gen fighter by its originally proposed parameters and unrealistic dates of entering service. But of all 3- actually F35 has struggled the most. Constant cost overruns, development phase that lasted for more 20 years, technical problems, and performance issues plagues the plane even today. But project is now just too big to fail- and its keep being funded-and thanks to that it will be successful. The truth is- if same issues were happening with Russian and Chinese projects, they would be long canceled, because neither of them have budget to maintain that kind of costs. So- F35 program really reflect its dubbing as the largest military project ever. On the other hand both Su 57 and J 20 also have developmental problems. But that does not make them fail programs as it is stated here. Eventually they will be both completed and in active service, because both countries invested heavily in them and they're 90% complete. Also all 3 planes have totally different role, hence the difference in priorities and performance. Su 57 is air dominance fighter- so it emphasizes more on raw performance, long range weapons, and powerful radars, not so much on stealth. On the other hand J20 is tailor made to suit Chinese air force as a long range stealth strike plane, that is focused on high value targets like aircraft carriers, transports& runways, and not so much of an air superiority. F35 is made to be the jack of all trades- but master of none, but still a plane with large scope of missions, since it need to replaces almost all 4gen fighters both in US and abroad. So all 3 planes have different priorities, different tasks, and were plagued by developmental issues. But that alone does not make any one a failure.

  10. What's the point in having all these stealth fighters now? The wars of the future are about missile technology and advanced weapon systems. No point in having stealth planes that cost 80 million dollars a piece, when our enemies are able to track and destroy them with advanced radar and hypersonic air defense systems like the S-400, and the incoming S-500. We could be mass producing upgrades to our current fighter jets, like they decided to do with the F-15x, having more money leftover to put towards hypersonic missle technology. We should be focused on our missiles being able to strike faster from longer distances across the board.

  11. F-22 Raptor jet fighters will refit with new highly advanced technology powerful engines as improved fuel give longer miles range as combat miles range but much faster than Mach 2.3 give deadly F-22 Raptors give Russia and China pilots will see them then turn around and back to their base as sacred. F-35 jet fighters get new engines too , give F-35 jet fighters as deadly dangerous same as F-22 Raptors . Both of F-22 & F-35 fighters will get new highly advanced technology systems as defense systems , improve radar technology systems , new air to air Mach 5+ missiles . New F-15X Eagle jet fighters will be build but deadly dangerous aircraft has very powerful engines give fighters fly faster than older F-15s has , but get new engines for F-15E and F-15C as stay flying toward 2040 while F-15X Eagles will fly toward 2060 . A-10 stay flying till 2030 as F-16 fighters do . F-18 stay on till 2040 as older F-18s will be retirement as replacement with new F-35 fighters . New highly advanced technology 6 generation jet fighters come out from drawing boards and test aircrafts should flying in 2021 before 2025 . Unmanned aircrafts will be flying around in 2030 . All fighters & bombers will be arm with powerful laser weapon . China been steal our top secret of F-22 & F-35 past years same as steal Russia top secret but already failures as not successful enough same as Russia not successful well . China and Russia engineers take part from black helicopter crashed in Pakistan , F-117 Blackhawk shot down , Iran captured unmanned wing 170 aircraft crashed into Iran . But Russia and China not unsuccessful on stealth design after India radar spotted China J20 aircraft . F-22’s radar as defense systems spotted Russia SU57 aircraft in Syria same as F-15 Eagle aircraft spotted SU57 aircraft too forced Russia decided removal SU57s from Syria due engines and stealth problems while F-22s & F-35s , F-16s and F15s still flying around in airspace of Syria . Russia leader Putin’s rebuilding weapons cost Russia more but hurt more than before lead broke again since old Communist gone bankrupt as power felled . Russia people lose patience then demand leader Putin removal from office as President of Russia then want peaceful with USA as removal weapons as illegal heavy & powerful missiles plus two missiles Satan 1& 2 , missiles and cruise missiles launchers removed from eastern Russia , cancel SU57 as less than 150 aircrafts , removal Russia military force from eastern Ukraine and Crimea as Russia return em back to Ukraine for USA and countries in Europe will remove sanctions against Russia . Russia removed all military from countries as South Africa . Trump will be removed from office as President , under arrest for violating laws and human rights laws as protection law , immigrant’s rights laws as protection law under United States as international laws and human rights laws as protection law under UN for murder innocent immigrant children and young adults died in cell rooms under ICE security under Trump’s orders lead violating human laws as protection law & immigrant rights laws as protection law ! China should stop building weapons and closed islands down , turn em over to UN for protection Sea of China rights as countries as Vietnam , Japan . China should cut missiles down as Russia & USA , Britain , France and countries plus North Korea should gave up nuclear weapons and missiles same as Iran do . Peaceful and friendship on Earth !

  12. By the time Russia and China have working 5th gen fighters the US will already have hundreds of 6th gen fighters. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Just a year ago the near experts said it was a complete failure.As new aircraft with the latest technology goes, they have fixed it quickly.

  14. What is there to prevent both the Russians and Chinese from completely reverse engineer an F35 ? Then we are back at point zero again !

  15. F-22 and Su-57 are fifth generation fighters but
    the Su-57 significantly differs in design philosophy from the F-22 Raptor. In the key areas of speed, maneuverability and stealth, the Raptor emphasized maneuverability and stealth. The Su-57, on the other hand, places an emphasis on maneuverability and speed.

    The design priorities of the two aircraft give the two aircraft different advantages at different ranges.

  16. Sure, F35 is way ahead. If Russians would spend so much money, they would probably be completed with their program as well.

  17. Our enemies are truly scrambling, the F-35 brings freedom closer to millions of people. A large scale war is not out of the question but the F-35 can be a deterrence as well.

  18. I think the f35 would look more nicer in black with that grey or silver lining color I think it would be more related to the other big black stealthy bombers

  19. russia does not have enough planes to have a good spare parts supply chain. couple that with them getting shot down in limited numbers. russian industry could not replace them fast enough

  20. At 9:41 —chinese J20 being detected by indian radar—.
    Guess what—just recently German radar operators reported that german radar could detect the F35. They both can be detected—because they augment their radar signature thru "Luneberg Lens" when flying under normal conditions—.

  21. China can't invent anything by it's self that's any good, all they can do is pirate somebody else's property, and Russia has always had second rate aircraft.

  22. Stealth fighters are not actually invisible after all—just difficult to detect. The question remains just how close they can approach an enemy before they show up on their sensors.

  23. India should have gone for f35 instead of rafale if they could have nuke delivery capability and mmrca is on hold only for f35

  24. This is for all those Russian bots pretending to be Americans. You can shove it, losers! The F35 program is a success and your effort to shape public opinion is a failure.

  25. The videos from 'Defense Updates have improved. But they could do better by getting rid of the dull background noise and 'ding-ding-ding'. It only detracts from the actual content. As for the war games advertisement, I am grateful for 'fast-forward'.

  26. Some notes: There are concerns about the lack of speed of the F35, it is not a Mach 2 aircraft but does have super cruise ability. There has been this hear talk about upgrading both the F-15 and F-16 airframes to more stealth configuration and maintain or even improving their top end to Mach 2+ for the F-16 and possibly Mach 3+ for the F-15. Both Aircraft would be Heavy Carrier Aircraft, Large loads of long Range generation 5 an 6th missiles. In short the F-22 and F-35 would be out front of the Heavy F-15 and F-16s, locate the enemy from their Stealthy position and transmit the targets data to the long range missiles. Once the F15 and F16s are clean they can dash in and help the more Stealthy 22s and 35s clean up at closer ranges. The F-14 is also been missed by fleet operation again because the F-18 is not a Mach 2 aircraft, they can't even catch an RF-4 Phantom, 1,200 mph vs 1,400 to 1,600 mph. I have read a few decades ago that F-15s that were used of generation 5th and 6th testing have been flown at speeds at or better then SR-71 speeds of 2,100 plus at extreme Altitude which proved that the F-15 airframe is a mach 3+ airframe limited only by the engines. Note I actually saw some of the testing results with a peak speed of 2,340 mph at 89,000 ft that lasted for over 15 minutes of sustained flight. These test were performed in the late 1990s and maybe going on today. 6th generation will likely be in the Hypersonic speed and near Space regions of flight with very strong anti Sat capability up to 500 miles and specially equipped could take out GeoSats at 25,000 miles especially over Battle fields. Note high speed airframes bring a natural stealth with them see the SR-71. Finally what has replaced the SR-71's engines Pratt & Whitney J58 JT11D-20 which converts from an Axial Flow Turbojet to a near Ram jet for Mach 3+ air speeds at 70,000+ Feet. Got to believe their is a new engine out there. The only engine design that becomes more fuel efficient when you push the throttle forward and pick up speed.

  27. Thank you god and god bless our amazing country!!! We will be able to fight and defend our nation to max with our brand new fleet of 5th gen F-35’s!! 🙏🤩🥳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. India pulled out of su57 project because Russians were cheating at various levels.
    Like no tech transfer
    No clearity on who they will sell this craft to
    High maintenance low serveciblity
    Overpriced and underperforming
    And they were going it to sell to china so this 5th gen fighters doesn't mean anything to India as India wants to buy 5th gen fighters to deal with china.

  29. Sorry but China is a bubble about to burst, and the Russians just can't even begin to enter the league of US mil spending power. China boosted its economy through building masses of unused real estate and entire cities that are literally empty. They can't play that game and expect not to crash and burn.

  30. We honestly need to develop a fighter aka dogfighter, the F22 is a great fighter sure but for only 1 hour of flight then it’s grounded for hours and way too expensive to produce and maintain. The F35 isn’t a fighter that’s up to par vs another jet it’s up to par vs a sam site. It can’t turn for shit (must have in a dogfight) and it’s engine isn’t that strong (energy) it’s a stealthy brick who fights bvr, but what if they get pounced due to human error they can’t run or fight close in engagements “ 🦃 “

  31. According to this video the F35 is a flawless jet nothing can out match it. The reality is however very much different. https://youtu.be/mxDSiwqM2nw

  32. For Me the f35 have a good idea
    But there will 2 set back
    1 they need a new technology where the f22 raptor and f35 cost will reduce up to 99%
    2 went 2 Gerald r Ford class super carrier to be online in the near future they need a improve speed and mobility and higher repairbility to be domestic export for allies

  33. Another pain in the neck for tax payers. Stop waisting money on guns and give your brain a chance. Death to the crazy weapons dealers.

  34. With China ready to mass produce the J-20, this is good news indeed. A stronger deterrence means a smaller chance the Red Dragon makes a preemptive move.


  36. With how corrupt the Russian military/Oligarchs is, I wouldn't be surprised if Israel or the US already has an S400 to exploit it's weakness. The Chinese haven't figured out how F22's boosters work and contracted Russian engineers to create their "fifth generation" fighters. Better than nothing i guess… LOL

  37. F35 is not a success story. It’s overpriced junk! Not one plane works as intended. Some planes can do some things well but not a single one can do everything it’s supposed to. Helmet still doesn’t work on any, same as cannon. Still piece of shit

  38. Russia doesn't have the machining technology to engineer seamless surfaces? 6:45 I find this hard to believe, as right now Russia is the only way to get humans into space.

  39. This is great, but the problem is that slow, unmaneuverable aircraft of any kind are not the future of warfare. The fast, smart and maneuverable missiles of all kinds will be able to halt any ship or aircraft.

  40. Stealth?? hmm,,,let see…F-117A was cherry of top technlology USAF..and what happed old Soviet AA NEVA 125 from 1960*s shoot down invisible Night Hawk!!

  41. I just want to state for history’s sake that I’ve been saying all along what a fantastic platform the F-35 will be once they work out the kinks…..and we’ve only begun to see it’s amazing capabilities. Wait until it starts flying with unmanned aerial vehicles that carry munitions and refueling capabilities. Throw in the future B-21 Raider and we will continue to have air superiority for a long time.

  42. As long as the US keeps blowing money like this you can forget about medicare for all. No way in hell am I raising my taxes when the government still wastes money like this. Fuck that

  43. F-22, F-35, B2, AIRCRAFT CARRIER…..ect

    All of those are USELESS as long as there will be nukes around, the only casualty they do are the people (american taxpayers) who pay for them !

  44. https://www.defense-aerospace.com/article-view/release/207189/deceptive-pentagon-math-tries-to-obscure-%24100m%2B-price-tag-for-f_35s.html Smoke and mirrors. Again

  45. murikkka pew pew pew

    We christians

    Who cares about the million homeless people. let's spend trillions on the military and send our trooops home to saudi arabia

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