4 Spiritual Ways To Relieve Depression During Adversity

4 Spiritual Ways To Relieve Depression During Adversity

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when you do sujood on dust on the clay
on the ground not on the carpet on the earth Allah subhana WA Ta’ala does
amazing things to your mind body and soul my dear brothers and sisters that
in itself is an amazing remedy for depression and science backs this backs
this up as well I’ve seen brothers and sisters who struggled from severe depression one
remedy that I gave them go into sujood try this tonight
five minutes say 100 times glorify the name of
Allah (SWT) now don’t say it quickly take a deep breath every time
you say it do this five times and you’ll see
the wonders of Allah (SWT) I’ve seen brothers and sisters who tried
this and so many burdens were removed from their chests you just you feel
lighter you feel the Baraka coming from Allah (SWT) and remember this
is not my recipe this is the Quran this is the recipe that Allah gives us this is the prescription that Allah
gives us the formula that Allah (SWT) gives us try this my dear
brothers and sisters the second suggestion i have and
this has been really proven in the morning after you do the morning prayer
put your hand on your heart and say 70 times one of the names of Allah oh Allah the one who opens new paths for me if
you’re struggling with anything my dear brothers and sisters with depression a
financial crisis a family situation do this in the morning it has been proven
to give you instant relief and Allah (SWT) will respond
to you the third one you know Ummul Baneen is this great lady who
sacrificed for Allah (SWT) through her services to the Ahl al-Bayt is for
Allah (SWT) but in honor of Ummul Baneen if you’re stuck in a severe
situation try this my dear brothers and sisters I guarantee you Allah will solve
your problem because I’ve seen too many cases of people absolutely stuck and
Allah got them out of this basically you make a vow to say 14 thousand times if Allah answers your prayer and
gets you out of your situation but you have to do which you
say in Arabic the following phrase meaning i’m obligating
myself before God to do the following and to say the salawat and then you say the number that you want
I suggest fourteen thousand if Allah does so and so once it happens you
fulfill the vow this is extremely proven to work my dear brothers and sisters and
the last practical spiritual method that I will share with you that helps us with
depression is a beautiful hadith by an Imam Sadiq (AS) in which he
makes a reference to the Quran the Imam (AS) says in this hadith as i am
shocked at the one who feels depressed who feels the sadness and sorrow why
does he or she not resort to the words of Allah in the Quran when he says basically this is what
Prophet Yunus said in three darknesses in the whale “Oh Allah there is no God but
you I have been amongst the oppressors” say this
why how does Imam Sadiq (AS) come up with this method that Allah will
relieve you because Imam Sadiq says because I heard Allah saying in the
following part of the verse and the following verse after it that we
responded to him meaning Prophet Yunus and we saved him from that sorrow
and those believers who do the same they ask
Allah for forgiveness Allah (SWT) will relieve them asking God
forgiveness my dear brothers and sisters is one powerful remedy say and Allah (SWT) will relieve

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