5 Must-Know Facts About Teenage Depression

5 Must-Know Facts About Teenage Depression

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Not that long ago doctors thought that depression
couldn’t even happen to teens and if they exhibited any signs of depression they were
simply dismissed as being moody and irritable. But as many teens and used to be teens like
myself can attest, depression in your younger years is a very real thing. The first thing
you should know about teen depression is that it’s probably more common than you think.
Teenage depression is a mental and emotional disorder that leads to symptoms such as prolonged
sadness, loss of interest in activities, lowered self-worth and feelings of discouragement.
According to the National Institutes of Health rates of adolescent depression peak around
age 16. By 18 around 11% of kids have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Just to
put it in even more perspective 1 in 5 kids in the US has experienced at least one bout
of depression. Fact number 2: Teenage girls are twice as likely to experience depression.
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration between ages
12 and 15, depression rates triple among girls. Doctors still aren’t sure what’s to blame
for such a steep increase but it probably has to do with a mix of hormonal changes bought
on by puberty as well as peer pressure. And speaking of at risk populations for teenage
depression, LGBT youth are twice as likely to experience depression compared to straight
teens and are three times as likely to have a history of suicidality. Bullying is often
cited as a primary cause of that escalated rate of depression among lesbian, gay, transgender
and bisexual teenagers. A 2013 study found that 14% of eighth graders were bullied in
school for either being gay or being suspected of being gay. Even more alarming is that a
2008 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that out of 7,000 LGBT
middle and high school students, 8 out of 10 were verbally harassed by classmates and
4 out of 10 were physically harassed. Whether we’re talking about boys, girls, gay, straight,
transgender, what’s important for parents and teachers to recognize in particular is
that teenage depression can look a bit different than adult depression. Specifically the hallmarks
of teenage depression include things like irritability as opposed to things like outright
sadness or complaints of physical aches and pains as well as extreme sensitivity to criticism
particularly for teens who tend to be over-achievers as well as social withdrawal but not complete
social isolation. If you or someone you know is a teenager battling depression the fifth
and perhaps most important fact to know is that it can get better. Cognitive behavioral
therapy or talk therapy sometimes paired with anti-depressant medication is the typical
professional treatment for prolonged bouts of depression in teenagers. If those kinds
of resources aren’t accessible for you, even just talking about it to a friend or family
member can help alleviate those initial symptoms of depression. A recent study among high-schoolers
found that even just understanding and believing that life can change and get better has an
insulating effect from depression during those crucial teen years. And while that might sound
like a naively optimistic mantra to cling onto, I can tell you from personal experience
from being a used-to-be depressed teenager that yes life can change and for the better
and also all of that cheesy stuff about exercising and eating right and treating your body well
and feeding your creativity and talking to people about what’s going on inside of your
head, yeah, all of that stuff makes a huge difference too and that kind of stuff, I’ve
only figured that out in the past few years. And as far as that talking to people goes,
if you needed an ear, I’m here. I didn’t mean to make that rhyme. You can always message
me, you can e-mail me, you can tweet me, you can facebook me. In the meantime be good to
yourself and be good to others too.

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  1. I exhibit all the signs of depression and my therapist says im depressed, but my doctor won't help because she says, "we don't diagnose teens with any kind of mental illness"

  2. I have this weird-emotion thing where I get these, sort of, "waves" of depression. During these I have suicidal thoughts, I don't want to move or go anywhere, and everything is just horrible. Other times I'm happy, and I can do things. I don't really have any friends, but that doesn't affect me during the happy periods. I've seen one therapist, who told me that I shouldn't strive for great grades and better work. I don't talk to anyone currently, and I don't want to get help anymore. It didn't help me, just wasted my time. I can't mention this to anyone, for the fear or bring laughed at or rejection.

  3. So it was almost Inevitable for me. I'm a fifteen year old female bisexual all of which makes it more likely.
    I'm not sucicidal or self harming (I did attempt self harm but it appears I'm not in a weak enough emotional state) instead to help me I've been drawing on my skin (a technique I saw on facebook before going into depression) a couple are small but there's a large pattern on my leg.
    On the palm on my hand there's currently the yin symbol.
    On my wrist from my pov it says "help me" if anyone was to look at it from the other way it says "I'm fine" then the big one goes from my foot to my knee on my right leg, it's a leaf and poison ivy pattern in reference to the character poison ivy, I want to get at least the one on my wrist and the leaf one made into tattoo's when I'm old enough.
    I'm only self diagnosed as I've only told one person, who is the partial reason for me realising (i think i might've been before the event that made me realise i just wasn't conscience of it) my depression, it wasn't really her fault though.
    I want people to notice rather then me telling them but I also don't want them to treat me differently or like it's a big deal, just make an effort to talk to me more.
    If anyone else needs anyone to talk to I'm sure we can try to help each other.

  4. I don't know what to do. I feel so alone. I feel like nobody could ever understand, or like they think I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I've never been suicidal, I've never harmed myself, but lately I've just been wondering, whats the point. I wonder if everything would be better if it just ended. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I feel so cornered and I don't know what to do.

  5. I'm 15 and I told my dad 1 hour ago that I think I have depression and that I self harm. I was so scared to do it, but now at least he's taking me to see the doctors about it 🙁

  6. My mom is a special ed teacher and she was talking about one of the kids in her class. She said that he was in 7th grade and was a tall/ big kid. She said he breaks down and cries almost everyday. I almost started crying because i have depression, but i havent told anyone yet and it touched me that other 7th graders like me might have depression. My mom said that it hurt her to see kids going through something like that kid in her class is. My dad said that "thats just how retards deal with things, they cry until someone gives them attention." I literally ran to my room and balled my eyes out silently. I feel horrible and trapped, i dont know what to do

  7. I've had depression for many years and I'm only 12. I hate myself, and I've had many suicidal thoughts. My life has been very rough because of my family. (things that are very personal)

    I also have social anxiety, and panic attacks. My friend says that she has depression as well. I work myself too hard in school. Some days I work so hard I fall asleep on my desk at home.

    I spend most of my time on the weekends crying in bed leaving junk food in my room wondering, why me, why my life.

    I have been so mentally harmed that nothing really hurts me besides my depression. My parents are kinda catching on but I don't think they know how serious it can be for me.

  8. I definantly don't want To die but I just feel depressed and sad for no reason sometimes I am confused can someone tell me what's going one

  9. I'm 13 and I've been depressed since I was in 4th grade and it's really hard for me to control my emotions. yes I did tell and adult and yes I go to therapy but in my opinion I don't think it gets better

  10. I did lose all the teen years because of all the adults did just ignore me.. It clearly sucks, but it's still ok because i can still be a teenager and hang with whoever i want.. I'm not alone, right!?

  11. Teenagers are humans between the ages of 13-25 and that's a thing that i need to keep in my head… I'm still happy!

  12. They say girls are more likely to suffer is that scientifically proven or based on the fact that more girls talk about it.

  13. I think I may have teenage depression, but my mom thinks I'm just trying to get attention or that I'm being moody. I'm afraid to ask anyone else about it and I'm not even sure if I have it. What should I do?

  14. There are a few components to reducing depression quickly . One resource I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Martos magic method (check it out on google) definately the most helpful guide i've heard of. look at the unbelievable information .

  15. Well honestly I don't think it's just hormones with me. I'm a 14 year old guy and I've had depression ever since I was 8 and my mom left my dad.

  16. Depression rates are higher with girls because girls talk about it. If they feel even remotely sad, your gonna hear about it. Because if that's the case then how come male suicide rates are at least 3x higher?

  17. i have all these symptoms and yes i feel depressed my friend and my grandma died in the same day then i started getting bullied i don't know what to do

  18. My little sister is twelve, and I'm worried about her. She's really adorable, and I tell her that. She's so smart too. She's also bi, I believe. She thinks she's super fat, she's not, but because of that she tries to "scratch" off her fat. She is really independent, doesn't have many friends. "I wish everyone would stop treating me like a little kid. I'm much more than a twelve year old brat. I'm sorry, I know I'm not oerfect, I know I'm a disappointment. But you know what? I have feelings too. She hates nearly everything about herself. I don't know how to help her. I'm at university in a different country. I love her. I don't want her to do something she'll regret.

  19. iv had depression sence i was 12 and had thoughts of suicide lots of thoughts im 14 now and nothing has goten better just worst at this point i dont know what to do

  20. Freaking Lbg bs…what about disabled teens…physical disabled….not a political trend BUT A REAL ISSUE

  21. i've been depressed for like 3 years and i need help and i told my mom that i'm depressed but she didn't take it seriously and right now it's the worst it has ever been and i've told about it to my two best friends(who live like 10h away) and to two of my "friends" and i don't know how i'll get help

  22. Well,I have depression
    And anxiety,and ADHD
    And social anxiety
    I have been bullied
    And it's confusing how parents and teachers just don't get (usually) how a teenager can have depression
    And they think it might be because bullying,which really isn't true

  23. I used to be able to mask it pretty well, even though my family knew I hid most of my emotions, but lately it's just gotten worse. I have no interest in doing anything and whenever I think about the problems I need to fix I get so upset that I push them back so I can ignore them.

    I've been depressed since middle school, possibly even grace school. I don't want help even though I know I need it. For some reason I just want to suffer while helping other people with similar issues.

  24. Why all this videos make feel like my anxiety is completely normal?I know that no one has this point…

  25. Oh my goodness I really thought I was the only one! I thought I was being ridiculous and it was unhealthy to be so irritable and upset all the time I felt bad and petty and ungrateful and guilty for being so upset all the time while on the back of my mind trying to tell myself "It gets better" I'm still waiting for it to get better but I have some hope for the future that I won't have to deal with this

  26. I've had two bouts of it in my twenties and. Is really bad in my thirties I may have even had it in my teenage age years which weren't great but I can't recall a lot of it

  27. im turning fourteen in. a few months n i think i hav depression. idk. i told my mom ab it numerous times n she keeps sayin "trust in the lord" and i had a therapists when i was 9-10ish i had my first therapy session. my school saw my behavior difference before i did. i kinda hated my therapist bc she took away the time i would play/enjoy myself w other ppl. now tht i do recognise some sort of behavior change i wish i had someone to talk to.

    all my friends hav turned on me one way or another and so did my first boyfriend. ( i didnt ask for the relationship although i was attracted to him) he gave me temporary happiness. then i went bac to my old self. i couldn't stay w him anymore. it was too painful. i would get mad at him for no reason and i would question if he even cared ab me. when we finally grew apart he admitted to manipulating me to do wht he wanted.

    i cant really trust anyone…atleast not how i use to. i feel like im a dead man walking. i wish i had a distraction like my older sisters how they use social media to keep themselves happy. but no i find tht stupid and i hav no interest in activities.

    i dont think its normal for a thirteen yr old girl to be crying this much. almost every day. theres nothin i can do if my mom doesnt help me n my siblings are busy doing there own thing. i wish things were different

  28. This is completely bullshit! What is it about being a teenager that you experience all this crap. I recently got out of my teen years and never faced any such problems.

  29. I'm 16 and I've been suffering a lot this year , I've been crying every single night and I've been heart broken for no reason .! I really don't know what's wrong with me anymore , I cry without a reason and I just feel so sad . I've been wanting to end my life but my family won't let me .

  30. Im not a teenager yet but I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety :/ my mother always thought it was was a phase and that it's because of my hormones
    AND im apart of the LGBTQ+ im aromantic which means I want no romantic or sexual relationship my mom also thought it's cause I'm young but it's not :/

  31. You know, I actually kind of hate it when people say go talk to someone about it. I'm currently 14 and have social anxiety and depression. Sure, I haven't been professionally diagnosed but it's obvious. I've been depressed for over a year and have thought a whole lot about suicide. I also have no friends thanks to social anxiety. I'm too scared to talk or say hi to anybody and I always feel like everyone's watching me when I do something wrong. I'm not that typical friendly, outgoing fun friend that everyone loves and wants to get to know. Instead I'm that one shy girl that doesn't speak and is "stuck up." Even though I'm not. I actually can't talk to people about something like depression. I social anxiety makes it hard to even say hi to someone, much less talk about being depressed/suicidal. I really, truly wish I could talk to someone about it, but everytime I've gotten close I just end up backing out last minute and just start crying. Social anxiety and depression are the worst combo. I don't know if anyone else feels the same but god I wish I could be someone else.

  32. Idk I just cant get out of bed, cant fall asleep, can hardly go to school, Ive missed 25 assignments but Im frankly impressed I can even make it to school at all and I have been getting bad headaches and sensitive eyes (probs from my sleep problems) but even if I sleep good I still want to lay in my bed all day and do nothing. Idk Im 13 and Ive been going through this for a few years and no ones noticed. Im an introverts so I tend to bottle things up and I don't like to burden people and I am horrible at talking to people.

  33. My mother thinks I’m just being a lazy ass teenage boy and doesn’t understand what depression is? she thinks I can just turn it off whenever I want. I fucking hate myself I want to die ?

  34. “It can get better” they say like always. No I will never get over that my dad is dead and I never got to meet him because of stupid decisions that he and my mom thought of bringing me into life. I want to die and I’m done with life. Nothing goes my way and everyone thinks I’m weird and selfish for always being alone

  35. I'm a 16 year old lesbian, definitely have experienced everything you said but the thing is when I'm with other people I think I'm fine, when I'm alone is when I'm upset and just have this sinking hopeless feeling 🙁 I don't want to talk to anybody but I think I need to

  36. I'm 13. My life's going worse. It won't get better. I'm poor. My mom left me when I was 5 months old. I'm bit less uglier than Steve Bushemi when he comes home drunk. I love one girl a year older. She's rich. I'm socially dumb, but as IQ said im 121. I'm not originally english speaker as you might noticed. I play violin. My grandma has brain cancer if last stage…
    I tried to kill myself twice…
    She(The girl I love) was original source of my depression.
    I seem not to get better as is my life. Its worse every day. Day by day i will do it. I cant stand anyone anymore…

  37. My dad didn't want to accept responsibility for making me depressed as a teenager. When I pointed out things he did wrong as a parent, he wouldn't listen and said "if we get it wrong, we'll put her in therapy." What a shit attitude to have about your child's development.

  38. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JrH4dP_MEQ0 Sharing with you all the video that inspires me to live when i wanted to end my life because of depression. video from fb page of Steven Aitchison. Sharing with ❤

  39. Oh…… I was always told I didn’t have depression… it’s different to adult depression. I feel like I am always pressured to succeed and I get bullied for my hair colour on top of that. My self esteem has plummeted during the last few months since I reached high school, being verbally and physically bullied by seniors towering over me. I can’t even feel normal with my friends anymore apart from my best friend I that I knew when I was just a toddler. I got rejected by my crush who was secretly dating someone else so I can’t even look normal to him anymore. I’m just an introverted idiot.

    Sorry for wasting time. Just wanted to express myself somehow, knowing nobody will read this anyway.

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  42. I've been suicidal when I was 13years old …. and now this keeps getting worse … I can't even guarantee if I'd die with out suicide… my family doesn't care they don't even believe in humanity … I feel so hurt , I was crying so bad and all they did was instead of talking about it , they gave me a lecture about my bad grades ….

    I feel so hated

  43. but I'm too scared to tell my parents , I denied the though of ever having depression in my life since I was 12 . I've been struggling with GAD since then to . I tried dropping hints to my parents and all what came out of them is they think I'll turn to a monster if a don't leave the house nor do activities or socialize with my relatives and that I'll turn into our next door neighbor that has sever depression and takes meds as how they described her to be " crazy , loner and scary "
    so .. I wouldn't want to be called the same , that's why I don't ever tell them anything that hurts me

  44. Put a phone in their hands, remove God from their lives, split/divide the family unit, program them with Disney crap, destroy them environmentally….and you have a generation of completely messed up kids. Jesus come quickly.

  45. I felt really depressed a few days ago and wrote my feelings on a piece of paper.
    My parents found it and want me to go to therapy. This is what I wanted but I still feel like my parents dont care or that people will think im making it up.
    They clearly care but I still cant help it

  46. I'm thirteen. Last year, I decided to tell my mother. She told me it was just puberty, my brother said i couldn't be depressed for no reason. :/ i literally have no emotions anymore, i cant even cry. I hate it.

  47. good video,I think I might have depression and go into it quite a lot. None of my multiple hobbies interest me anymore.a product i found helpful for depression,is Elumpa Depression Cure Alchemist , it will be on google if you need that.

  48. i check the boxes off for most of those symptoms (except the physical pain part) so idk if im really depressed, going thru a lot or just a fucking loser

  49. I feel like it's not true that girls are more likely to have depression than guys, but they are more likely to express it, get diagnosed, get treatment etc.

  50. I’ve had a bad past I was in counseling at 10-11 and I was suicidal and cut for a little at ten and my mom had depression and my dad is bipolar and I’m in counseling again was almost hospitalized for suicide plans ig but I’m in counseling and it’s just not helping I’ve been like this for almost six years and it’s not getting better I’m 15 not and I don’t think it’s just a teen thing idk ig we’ll find out

  51. How do you tell people that this might be going on with you? I can’t bring it up incase it seems fake or I’m wrong

  52. All you need is a person you can talk to it's really gonna make you feel 100 times better . If not your parents try talking with your best friend and Trust me it feels really good after sharing all your thoughts with someone

  53. I think girls are more likely to talk about depression and report it. It's possible that young women are not more affected by it – they just report it more often than boys do.

  54. What do I do ? im not close enough with my parents and i feel that it will be embarrassing to say something to them what do i do ive felt like this for almost 10 months
    I feel like my life is worthless like i could melt into the floor and nobody would care like my life is so painful to live that i wanna die or it wont ever go away

  55. I'm in 9th grade but last year in 8th grade I just started not being happy like everyday I would feel guilty as if I did something wrong and I would think of wat I did and realize that I did nothing but I just couldn't stop the feeling then I just wanted to cry all the time without even having a reason to and I was just so confused now in 9th grade I cut my self and cry myself to sleep every night and constantly thinking of dying but I'm still convincing myself not to and ik y'all gonna be mad but I started smoking pot and drinking cuz I just feel like my normal self when I do I used to take pills for no reason but I stopped even tho it wasn't easy and when I think of y I'm like this I have literally no reason no ones bullying me my parents r nicer to me now I'm on the cheer team and doing things other girls wish they could but I'm still not happy and I hate this feeling im still doubting that I'm going through a depression but now I just don't know

  56. I just found out that i have Depression … I don't know how to talk to someone about it can someone give me some tips?

  57. Tis women is so right about all of this.Im am a teen with depression and this is exactly what I feel. I Especially relate to the part were she said that teens with depression can be really sensitive to criticism. They mostly are really sensitive with their parents critism

  58. I’ve tried telling my mom I’m depressed twice and she keeps saying that I’m probably just coming on my period or it’s my hormones but that’s probably why girls are most likely to have it because parents blame it on their periods

  59. when youre depressed, you dont want to get better you wanna feel as miserable as can hoping that the pain will kill you … i dont want help i dont need someone telling me how to feel…

  60. I had the most terrible days of my life five years ago . At first I believed it was just because I had a poor break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn`t go away even after I got a new girlfriend. After adhere to this depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it), I have held my depression away ever since. The results were simply astonishing..

  61. I'm also a teen (15) and I've been like really sad and sentsitive for the last couple of weeks. I'm never EVER like that normally and i really didn't know what was happening. Today I suspected It was depression. The plus side is I LOVE fishing with all my heart, and that gives me the courage to look foward to something. If it wasn't for that… I don't know, or whant to know, what I would have done. I was planning on talking to a friend about It tomorrow. Should I?

  62. This is all very nice, give everyone a hug and they will be fine.
    What to know the real answer?
    Mobile phones!
    I'm deeply involved in this stuff at the moment and the science is in however no one is talking about it.
    The graphs tell you, teen usage of mobile phone hits its peek at 16-17, and girls are more susceptible to the effects, as driven by the media regards body image and attitude.
    My son has described lots of social circles where the kids may all be in a room together, however everyone is look at their phones instead of each other. Oh so connected!
    Teens as well as adults have become victims of a drug of their own making, Dopamine.
    The problem is that it has become socially acceptable to be addicted to your phone, and dismiss the real world in favor of a notification on your mobile as being more important.
    Why does the LBGT community get special mention? Statistically, they can be dismissed as a blip on the chart, as in reality, there is fuck all of them, yet they take up so much space in the conversation. Can't we focus on the 99% instead of dragging this tiny minority into the conversation and giving them soooo much space. This group of people have their set of problems that are not part of the main focus, normal teenage kids, and it pisses me off every time LBGT is mentioned as if they are some special group of people that are entitled, and need more help than anyone else.
    Getting back to the main issue, every time my son spends more time on his phone, the worse his problems get, yet a great many of my efforts to remove him from it are combated with all the excuses as to why he has to have it, not for his benefit, but for everyone else.
    The mental health experts won't even talk to me about it, I just get stone walled in favor of lets give him some of 'this' so he can get to sleep to start with, totally ignoring the fact that these drug groups made him aggressive and violent on the downside, as demonstrated while he was in their care, to which they fixed it by giving him more opiates, snowballing it till I got him out of there. The reason he can't sleep is due to hyper stimulation from the phone or laptop in bed, trying to wear himself out to sleep, while the dopamine addiction is being satisfied by next, next, next on the internet. There will be no sleep, to which the mentally deficient heath system suggests, this is the problem. It's a symptom!
    The kids put the phone down, the dopamine stops, then the downside starts to kick in and they are depressed, as the real world provides no dopamine unless you do something in it. It takes effort and time to get that small dopamine hit in a normal environment (pre smart phones). Today's teens are lazy, as there are so many apps to do things for you now, and the real world provides no instant gratification, unlike the internet or …. drugs which is the favorite 'go to' for people with an internet/phone problem.
    I expect the real reason no one wants to talk about the phone/internet issue is that the corporations will loose big money if it was to be found that there is a direct link between phones/internet and teen depression and suicide. Governments will have it demanded of them to legislate against kids having them. Can't have that!
    How about instead we have a big national awareness program to help (medicate) kids, as a politician, I look fantastic to the public, and we now have more commerce than ever due to more government spending on useless programs that don't work, (If they worked, there would be no need for $ into the future), the drug companies make more profit peddling drugs to kids, and the telco's etc keep their profits. Sounds like a political win/win. The only downside is kids are killing themselves in greater numbers each day, but lets bury that stat until after the election, then we can blame it on the opposition political party, while we become the hero's and give more funding to a system that is killing more kids than it saves.
    Parents of this world, please stand up and unite against the real issue here, and stop wagging the dog!.


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