5 Reasons Shopping Stresses Us Out

5 Reasons Shopping Stresses Us Out

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♫ Where in the world is ♫ Superwoman today ♫ Toronto, land of the home. What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman. And I know a lot of you
are going back to school, which means back to school shopping! And let’s be real, okay? F a pencil, you’re going back to school shopping for some clothes, because that main hallway is a runway, and you gonna work it. Who needs books? Everybody’s gonna be studyin’ you. Or, also, maybe you’re
not going back to school because you’re old like
me and you just like buying clothes because it fills the void in your heart from lacking
a significant other. Whatever, either way,
clothes, buying them, five reasons that stresses me, begin. Number one, change rooms. So, you walk around the
store and now you’ve got an arm full of 70 things
you need to try on, I mean, a few tops, a few
sweaters, a few jeans, okay, and by “a few jeans,”
I mean all the jeans, because let’s be real, okay? Everybody tries on five different sizes of the exact same jean, okay? Jeans got so many elements these days, we don’t have a choice. Low-rise, high-rise, mid-rise, are these jeans or effin’ tidal waves? What’s goin’ on? What’s happening with my hair? Reassemble. Fine, I was trying not
to be hot, but whatever. Continue. So, you walk up to the change room with your 70 items, and here begins issue number one. Ma’am, the limit is six items. Say what, hmm? Yeah, oh, okay, I have 27. You can take in six and
leave the rest here. Mmmmm, yeah, I’m gonna need all 27. No, you can’t do that. No, no, I’m sorry, okay, because
what you don’t understand is I’m not just holding clothes, no no no, I’m holding outfits, okay? I’m holding creations I
have assembled in my mind. I need to try on this sweater
with this pair of pants with this tank top
underneath with this necklace with this pair of shoes with
these pair of cute glasses and with this hat, and who’s
all up in here bein’ serious, six items? Did Picasso make a picture
with just two colors? You are making me fail. After losing that battle, I
go into the change room, okay, and here begins issue number two. Because y’all have those curtains that close the change room and not the door, because y’all tryin’ to be fancy. Look at us, we don’t have hinges! But what you fail to realize is that those curtains never close properly, and they’re so heavy and big, so I’m tryin’ to use
my force and momentum, like back, forward, to
change this damn thing, but every single time, there’s that crack that exposes me. The point of having a change room is so I don’t have to shave my legs and wear a nice bra. But if you’s up in here exposing me, that defeats the purpose. Now I gotta live all up in
the corner of the change room like a kid on time out. And sometimes the change
room does have a door, but that presents another issue, because the door is so
high off the ground. Now my whole lower body is exposed, okay? Dog, same problems, I ain’t shave my legs, I’m wearing one sock, how am I supposed to dance around, okay? Now I can’t even throw
your clothes on the floor after I’m done trying them on, okay? My lower half is being judged. What if I drop something
and I have to pick it up? My va-jay-jay is showing, ‘kay, I’m short, how is it supposed to work for people that aren’t tall, okay? Not everyone is tall. I ain’t no Grace Helbig. And now we move on to issue number three with change rooms. All the restrictions. Today I went to Zara, okay, and I wanted my friend, who styles me, to come into the change
room area to assist me, but they were all like, “No, she can’t come into
the change room area,” and not like inside the dressing room, I mean the general area
she was not allowed in. I’m like, “What the F? “What if I need help?” I’m all up in this change room tryin’ to zip up a dress from
behind, and I can’t do it, so I’m like, note to self, if you wanna shop at Zara, you
have to be a contortionist. Like, hold on, let me get this straight. You think I’m gonna steal
something with my friend? Like, I understand your concern, but can we be real for a sec, okay? You already counted all my six items, and now you’ve put that
information everywhere, you gave me the little
tab that says six, okay, you put a six on the door,
you put a six on my hanger, you wrote a six on your clipboard, you put a friggen’ six on my forehead, God dammit, you might as well hire Drake, put him in front of my change room, just so you can be like, “Oh, yep. That’s the six right there.” Calm down. Number two, mannequins. So, I walk into a store, and
I’m instantly feeling inspired, because I see all these mannequins, and they look hot as F,
I’m staying straight up, this mannequin right here
is my Woman Crush Wednesday. This mannequin is wearing
the dopest outfit, so I’m like, “Oh, my God. “I’m gonna buy all of this.” I go find each item that
the mannequin’s wearing, walk over to the change room
full of confidence, okay? I’m in the change room, I
put on the outfit, I’m like, “Oh, this is gonna be good.” I turn around, look at
the mirror, and I’m like, “Aahhhh!” It’s straight up a disaster. I have never looked so horrible. I swear to God, it’s like I walk into the
change room on a Friday night, put on these clothes, somehow got teleported
to Saturday morning, now I’m hungover on the street, and this is my new life. None of the clothes fit me, these pants made the mannequin look like she had an on-point booty, okay? These pants on me make me look like a country that has zero unemployment, why? Because there is no bum in sight. I look like an effin’ sailboat. I look like a paper airplane that wasn’t assembled yet, okay? It’s bad. Mannequins are the reason
I have trust issues. Number three, sizes. So, I try on this T-shirt in a Small, and it’s, like, a little too tight. You can literally see
the Chipotle rice bowl I ate through the shirt in my stomach. So, I’m like, “I have no problem, “I’ll try on a Medium.” But now, I have no boobs, and I’m like, “Okay, well, that’s like, literally, “the only thing I have going for me.” So, I need, like, a Smedium. I am literally the in-between
of every size I try on. I need either a Smedium or, like a, Marge. Simpson. What up, T-shirt reference? That was a really good one. No, but for real, I can’t be
having these size issues, okay? I already have way too many other things goin’ on in this change room. And let’s talk about the
fact that I have to dress appropriately to try on clothes. I have to dress the part to try on clothes and get dressed again. And you know exactly what
I’m talkin’ about, okay, ’cause I tried on this outfit, I’m already not wearing
the right bra for it, okay, I’m already not wearing
the right panties for this, so it looks horrible. Like, these pants might be wonderful, but today, I’m wearing
my granny period panties, and all I can see is that
thick outline on my booty, and it’s ruining everything. And if my hair and makeup aren’t on point, I’m gonna hate everything I try on, because I don’t look the part, okay? You understand? Are you hearing me, sweater? Okay, so the least you could do is fit me. You’re selfish. ‘Cause you know what I’m gonna do, right? I’m gonna buy the damn
Small and I’m gonna be walkin’ to the cash register like, “Oh, don’t worry, that’s it, “that’s my motivation to
start my diet, working out, “this is gonna be my
fitspiration right here, watch. “Two weeks from now, totally
gonna be nailing this T-shirt.” Yeah, I never wear the damn T-shirt! T-shirt in my closet right
now with the tag on it. I don’t work out. Or, I buy the Medium and I
show up to school the next day, and they’re like, “Oh my God, “I’m so sorry your family lost their job.” No, no, man, they didn’t. No, no, I was just too
fat for the smaller one, you know what I mean? No, thanks, though. Number four, commission. Hear me when I say people don’t just hurt people, okay? Commission makes people hurt people. And, yo, straight up, I’m the last person to
hate on anyone’s hustle, I get it, you wanna get
that commission, girl, okay? You want that new iPhone,
you got bills to pay, I respect that. It’s not so much what you’re saying, it’s moreso that I have to
pretend to listen to it. Like, first, I’m gonna
walk into your store, and you’re gonna stop me and be like, “Hey, did you hear about our
special sale just today?” And I’m just like, “Girl, you tryin’ to
make me feel all special, “I know this is a real-life
mass text message.” I’m gonna walk through
your store, la-la-la-la-la, I’m only gonna pick up
one piece of clothing, you’re gonna run over and be like, “Did you want me to start
a change room for you?” I’m gonna say yes, I’m gonna
get into this change room, I’m gonna try on clothes,
then leave 45 seconds later, you’re gonna ask me if I’m fine, and here’s the thing, okay? You’re gonna ask me if I’m fine, but it doesn’t really matter what’s happening in that change room, I’m gonna lie and say I’m perfect. In reality, I’m stuck in this dress, okay? Literally, I’m stuck, because apparently, it has three sleeves, okay? The tag is in my hair, okay? And the zipper done
pierced my nipple, okay? But you’re gonna be like, “Are you fine?” And I’m gonna be like,
“I’m fine, thank you!” Girl, I don’t trust you
like that yet, okay? Confiding in you with my problems. And then when it comes
to buying something, you’re gonna stop and tell
me about this bonus card point system y’all have you
want me to register for, this whole, “Buy 77 sweaters and get the “78th for one percent off!” I’m gonna tell you I’m
not interested, okay, unless it’s free, in which
case, sign me the F up. Then you’re gonna ask
for my email address, and I’m gonna lie and say
you already have it, okay? And then you’re gonna try to upsell me on some sort of shoe protector, and I’m gonna lie again and tell you that I already have it. I’m gonna pay way too
much for these clothes that probably don’t fit me, okay? You’re gonna give me my receipt, and then you’re gonna circle
some ish on the receipt, and be like, “If you
fill out this survey,” so girl, okay, I ain’t
fillin’ out the survey. You know it, I know it, let’s just stop living this lie. (laughs) Oh my God, the accuracy. Number five, wearing the clothes. So, I just bought all this dope stuff, and I am so excited to wear it tomorrow, I’m gonna look fresh to death, okay, people gonna double-tap me in real life. So the next day comes, I
put on all these clothes, I look in the mirror and I’m just like, “What the F is this? “None of the clothes fit me anymore, “and they’re hideous.” And I’m just like, “How did I purchase these clothes “yesterday with such confidence? “Was I delusional yesterday? “Maybe yesterday ate a salad, okay? “And now today I’m my real, normal self, “and maybe yesterday I was a size four, “but now I realized, oh crap,
am I actually a size six?” How does this happen? This happens to me all the time. It’s like I’m at a store and as soon as I give them my money, the clothes transform in the bag, okay? And they’re just like, “Oh, we got her. “We don’t have to impress her anymore. “We can just let ourselves loose.” I swear to God, yo, it’s just
like a relationship, you know? When you’re in the dating phase, and they’re tryin’ to
impress you, you know, boo got a six-pack, okay? Four months later when y’all
comfortable with each other, now he looks like he’s
five months pregnant. God dammit! But what I wanna know is, did I forget something? Let me know something you
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like, freakin’ awesome! But most, most, most important, I hope you have a wonderful day and that you’re genuinely smiling from the bottom of your heart. Until next time, one love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoom!

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