5 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety of Being an Entrepreneur (Animated)


anxiety for entrepreneurs is like
finding a Starbucks in New York City is there on every corner you see when your
company’s hundred percent your responsibility and whether or not it
succeeds or fails is all down to you it’s no surprise that you may be finding
yourself bit overwhelmed and stressed right now in fact you may have burnt
yourself out so much from this anxiety that you may feel even sad or depressed
can you relate that’s why it’s so important that you learn how to manage
this anxiety so in today’s video I wanted to reveal to you the five ways
that you can deal with this anxiety that you’re facing right now because the
moment you do that you’ll become super successful as a great saying goes your
level of success in life is in direct proportion to amount of uncertainty and
anxiety you can comfortably handle so you’ve got to be able to manage this
uncertainty and anxiety in your life and that would really accelerate your
progress as an entrepreneur so without further ado let’s go onto the first of
the five points the first point is create a special moments folder this is
super magical so take action on this I want you to create a special moments
folder on your desktop on your computer or your laptop and in this folder I want
you to literally chuck in any images or any words that you associate with bliss
happiness maybe it’s the first time you landed your dream client maybe is a
moment in your childhoods where you think back and you’re like wow that was
magical or maybe is when you got engaged or maybe when you got married
I need you to chuck in any special moments into this folder and whenever
you feel down I want you to reminisce by going in through this folder and you’ll
feel like wow a sense of relief sense of accomplishment because I found so many
entrepreneurs are so so pushing themselves so hard that they forget to
just wind down and realize the journey the incredible journey that they’ve
actually gone through thus far and if you wanna be extra special you can
listen to a song and that used to play in the past maybe when you’re younger
when you had all that youthful energy and freedom feeling and you can actually
play that while you’re going through special moments folder and you’ll find
wow it just if you feel like you’re back in that moment it’s really really cool
how all these emotions have been anchored to songs and pictures and so
forth so try creating this and listen to the
song that brings back any positive emotions as well so going on to point
number two you must learn how not to think now one of the ways you can do
this is something that’s called purposeful breathing and what you do is
breathe in through your nose take a full lung breath in and then breathe all the
way out through your nose again and you do this 30 times again do 30 reps and
afterwards if you’ve done it properly you’ll find yourself getting instantly
into a relaxed state and after that and only after that you can meditate because
you should only meditate when your mind is already still so doing this
purposeful breathing really helps with that so after that meditate if you find
it hard to meditate do some active meditation go google it active
meditation really cool you jump around it’s a really cool way of meditating for
all of you who basically find it hard to not think okay so you can try an active
meditation or guided meditation use apps and so forth and also I recommend
keeping a journal journals is super super powerful because it helps to
really ground yourself so create journaling into a routine evening and in
the morning now going on to the third point it is to play okay play I find
so many entrepreneurs that are coach they’re just burning themselves out
because they’re just work work work work work and never really just truly
unwinding relaxing or just doing something that’s totally off topic so my
advice to you is to really unwind and do something that you’ve never done before
and you’ll find that this little pattern interrupt in your life will spark new
imagination creativity that you’ve never really just had in your life because I
find you’re running the same patterns every single day you’re doing the same
things to the moment you break this pattern by doing something totally off
topic that you’ve never done before you’ll find Wow you get this spark of
creativity inspiration that literally carries out for rest of the week so even
if you just take one day off a week you’ll find this energy just continued
throughout the week because you’ve broken this pattern so that’s my advice to you
make sure you work hard but you play hard as well going on to the fourth point is
you must learn how to master your time you can ask any billionaire what’s the
foundational skill of business they will all say time management
you see we all get the same 1440 minutes in a day 24 hours a day that’s what
we’ve all got to play with so you’ve got the same level playing ground in regards
to time as a billionaire out there what they do differently is how they manage
their time one of the ways they do this is by mastering the art of saying no
they say no to projects clients that’s not in line with their values and what
you find is less you grab on to your clients and your customers with mind of
scarcity as if all if you lose your client that you’ll never get another one
your clients will subconsciously feel this ok this is something I teach my my
mentees in regards to the power of your subconscious communication but your
customers will feel if you’re coming from a mindset of scarcity and you’re
clinging on to them think about it when somebody clings on to you in the past
how you often reacted well often you would literally push them away right is
exactly the same thing regards your customers to come from a mindset of
abundance so if you don’t like your client just say no get the one you truly
want so you have to master the art of saying no no to projects that don’t
fulfill your mission another point in regards to this is I want you to just
have an evening ritual two hours before you go to bed I want you to stop
checking for your emails checking anything that you know will burn
yourself out and it will equal more work and so forth I want you to implement an
evening routine into your life evening ritual and you’ll find that after a
while maybe a month or so you would find yourself relaxing better sleeping better
you wake up every single morning with more energy and passion because you’ve
really implemented power of evening ritual the power of
really winding down before you finally go to sleep so you can get that restful
sleep you need as an entrepreneur who’s really just squeezing every drop out of
a given day just like an Olympian who spends you know the day training hard
guess what the Olympians actual building and recovery happens from sleeping from
actually eating right shoes and so forth so treat your life like an Olympian
because you are Olympian every single day you’ve got a decision to make
whether or not you’re going for the bronze or the gold right and so you’ve
got to make sure you you work hard but then you rest hard as well it’s very
very important to implement an evening ritual into your life number five I
believe is very very important is to surround yourself with winners surround
yourself with people who are getting the gold medal in their lives and you will
find just from this alone that your life just begins to shift that anxiety begins
to just elevate and you just feel like wow I’m surrounding myself with people
who are winning in their achieving all of this great stuff and I can relate to
the problems they’re having and you realize yeah actually it’s doable I can
do this I must do this and this is why you must find yourself at the right
mastermind group I’ve got a very elite whatsapp group group and in this group they
are all my mentees who just converse with each other and they just literally
share all of their feedbacks their losses through out the week and just rubbing
all this energy in regards to the biggest wins biggest losses guess what it
all pumps each other up because we realize that you know everybody’s going
through these same issues and we learn from other people’s mistake as well so
get yourself into the right mastermind group it is so powerful and most
importantly get yourself a mentor if you haven’t got yourself a mentor if you
have an invested in a mentor my suggestion is you do as the great
Chinese proverb says to know the road ahead ask those that are coming back I
find too many entrepreneurs are trying to reinvent the wheel the wheel already
exist my friend all you got to do is you get a mentor ask him or her any
questions you’ve got in regards to the problems you’re currently going through
and guess what you will leverage from their mistakes which you mean which
means that you’re leveraging their time and you’re actually earning more time
the thing that you’ll never get back into your life so you can reach your
dream whatever that may be quicker and faster so that’s the power of getting
the right mentors into your life so those are the five ways to deal with
anxiety of being entrepreneur I hope you found this video helpful if you have
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