6 Symptoms of Low Iron

6 Symptoms of Low Iron

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Signs of Iron Deficiency Iron is a mineral that plays a vital role
in health and well-being. Without it, many bodily functions would malfunction. “The primary role of iron is to carry oxygen
in the blood to every cell in the body,” says Beth Thayer, RDN, MS, director of the
Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin,
the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs and transports it throughout
the body. If your body doesn’t have enough iron, it
cannot produce enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, which means
you have too little hemoglobin. Women in their childbearing years are at higher
risk for iron deficiency because of the loss of blood during menstruation. According to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, the recommended daily dietary allowance for iron for 19-to-50-year-old women
is 18 milligrams (mg). Pregnant women should be consuming 27 mg per
day. Adult men, on the other hand, need about 8
mg of iron per day. “Women who are pregnant need the most amount
of iron,” says Marilyn Murr, MD, clinical assistant professor of family and community
medicine at the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center
at Houston. “The baby acts as a parasite taking iron,
and the woman increases her blood volume to circulate through the baby and create the
baby’s blood volume.” There are two types of iron: heme iron from
animal sources and non-heme iron from plant sources. Heme iron is absorbed more readily by the
blood. Foods rich in iron include beef, liver, oysters,
beans, fortified cereals, and dark leafy greens like spinach. Insufficient iron levels can wreak havoc all
over the body. Here are seven surprising signs of iron deficiency. 1. Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion The principle sign that your body is not getting
enough iron may be the most difficult to link to iron deficiency. “This is one of the most common signs of
iron deficiency because it means your body is having trouble carrying the oxygen to your
cells so it’s affecting your energy levels,” Thayer says. People lacking enough iron in their blood
often feel sluggish, weak, and unable to focus. Though fatigue can be the sign of numerous
conditions, if it does not go away with adequate rest, consider having your iron levels checked. 2. Frequent Infections Iron plays a key role in a healthy immune
system, so lower levels of the mineral can make someone more susceptible to infections. “Red blood cells help to transport oxygen
to the spleen, which is one place where infections can be fought off,” Dr. Murr says. Red blood cells also carry oxygen to the lymph
nodes, which house infection-fighting white blood cells. “When someone has an iron deficiency, the
white blood cells aren’t being produced as well, and they’re not as strong because
they’re not getting enough oxygen, making that person more susceptible to infections,”
she says. 3. Pale Skin Though it’s not always the case, pale skin
is often associated with being sick, and there’s good reason for that. Hemoglobin gives skin its rosy color, so low
levels cause the skin to become lighter. “When red blood cells become low with iron,
they become smaller and paler in the center so skin also becomes paler,” Murr says. This may be easier to detect in people with
lighter complexions, but no matter what your skin tone, if the area inside your bottom
eyelid is lighter than normal, this may be a sign of iron deficiency. 4. Swollen Tongue Lack of oxygen can also cause muscles to enlarge
and become painful. “It happens to all the muscles really, but
the tongue is the only one you can see,” Murr says. Cracks on the side of the mouth are also common
among people with iron deficiency. 5. Restless Legs Syndrome Some people who have iron deficiency develop
restless legs syndrome, a disorder that causes you to have a strong urge to move your legs. The urge often comes with an unpleasant, crawling
sensation in the legs that can make it hard to sleep. 6. Hair Loss Iron deficiency, especially when it develops
into anemia, can cause hair loss. “When hair follicles don’t get enough
oxygen, they go into a resting stage, and hair falls out and doesn’t grow back until
anemia is improved,” Murr says. It is normal to lose about 100 strands of
hair per day. However, if you notice your hair loss is excessive
and it is not growing back, this may be a sign of iron deficiency. If you’re experiencing these symptoms and
think you may be iron deficient, speak to your doctor. He or she can help you find ways to include
more iron-rich foods in your diet and determine whether you need to take iron supplements.

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  1. Hello right now I am suffering from uti, dizzyness sluggishness some pale on my body is that deficiency of iron plz reply

  2. Leg syndrome? Interesting…people keep scolding and telling me tk stoo shakung my legs. I do it subconsciously its soo hard to stop. I thought it was due to habit, didnf think it could be a sign of irkn deficiencg as well.


  3. my iron level is currently <1. I am taking iron supplements and unsulphured blackstrap molasses. my blood is @8. not feeling so great… how can I increase my iron and blood levels quickly…

  4. 6 Signs of Iron Defiencey. Extreme fatigue and Exhaustion Frequent infections.Pale Skin..Swollen Tongue.Restless Leg Syndrome.Hair Loss……….

  5. So if your husband is a Dialysis patient thats "extremely exhausted every day, and they say he ok, what the heck are you suppose to do??? He is in his 60s. They say his iron labs are ok, sometimes. Even when the iron is ok , what the heck are we to do, he is still exhausted. His heart is fine, his oxygen is fine. WHAT'S UP ?? Help someone please…..I'm at a loss….also check his lungs, they are ok.

  6. The only one of these symptoms I have is 5. The nurse practitioner I was dealing with insisted that I must be anemic since I'm tired all the time. When I have said I was tired, it was I'm tired of this, that or whatever else stupid people bug me with. At no point have I ever said I was tired, wanting to sleep all the time. Of course the idiot also thinks a woman should have gone through menopause by 40, and insists there must be something wrong with me down there. I'm only 46, not 64!

  7. People really have no idea how weak this can make you feel..and you really do feel the lack of oxygen to the brain…. you have a very hard time thinking and concentrating…and yes you can tell… and if you have a test that day… forget it.. so yeah… eat your spinach

  8. The answer for that is in the leaves,Tea BLACK TEA,don't have the symptoms of deficiency ,I feel much better about that low bleed problems.

  9. Drink a teaspoon of black molasses it works great for Anemia. When I was pregnant with my twins my blood level was very low and the Dr wanted me to receive a blood transfusion so this elderly lady told me to take a teaspoon of black molasses every day and My blood level went up and I never did have to get that blood transfusion.

  10. Saving you 6 minutes of your time ❤️
    #1. Extreme fatigue & exhaustion
    #2. Frequent infections
    #3. Pale skin
    #4. Swollen tongue
    #5. Restless leg syndrome
    #6. Hair loss

  11. After I had my baby, all of the hair on my head and body fell out. My iron got so low that my body started attacking my hair follicles and I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. My hair has been gone for 2 years. Take your iron Ladies!

  12. Not for nothin', when youse was sayin' spleen… youse was showin' a picha of two kidneys and a bladduh.  Fuhgeddaboudit!

  13. I started taking a liquid iron form called s.s.s tonic and it has helped me so much even my hair is growing more. The pills would make me constipated good alternative i hope i help someone. 2019 lets get healthy

  14. I am extremely iron deficient. I think it was my hemoglobin levels that my doctor said were at 36 when they should be at 150. Big yikes.

  15. I suffer with anemia and the only thing that’s ever worked for me is a supplement called “Floridix” I buy it at an online health food store called “Vitacost” it has no side effects with constipation etc. and it actually tastes good like fruit juice ♥️

  16. Yea I was feeling like crap I didn't knw I was pregnant I took prenatal vitamins the next day I felt like new im taking them for ever

  17. I had pretty much all of the symptoms.
    I would even eat ice. I sucked on it most of the time because I didn’t want to ruin my teeth but every now and then the crunch made me feel satisfied. But deep down I hated it. I wanted to stop but the cravings would get so bad that my mouth would water just by having a cup of ice in my hands in a public place. I wasn’t proud of myself when I felt that way.
    Another thing I had was that no matter how much I cared for my lips. (Like keeping them moisturized) the first layer of it kept peeling right off. And I mean like I can just rub it right off with some water and my fingers. I always thought it was the mouthwash or toothpaste I used. I went through a lot of brands to look for one that didn’t cause my lips to peel. But it kept happening so I assumed that my lips were just sensitive to toothpastes.
    Along with the peeling, it got worse when I started getting a white film collecting at the corner of my mouth. I thought that it was because my lips were peeling so much, or that I was dehydrated and my body wanted to consume more water than usual. Funny thing is I never liked the taste of sodas or carbonation so just drinking water wasn’t a problem for me. It was a problem when I thought I had to drink more of it. Like I’m talking gallons. The white stuff would appear ever so often but then it got to a point where it would appear pretty much everyday. I got so frustrated with it because I wouldn’t even know that I would have it until people that I talk to eyes would glance over to my lips or just rub their own lips from seeing it from mine.
    So once it became an everyday thing, I began to think that maybe it wasn’t from dehydration and that I needed to focus more on my lips. So I always had chapstick on but even so the white stuff appeared and there would be even more than usual and it would be all across my lips where they meet. So I went through a bunch of brands trying to find out which would help my lips not do what it did. And every single one would have a different reaction. It would stop for a couple of days and then the white film would come back. WHY?! WHY did it always come back???
    So one day I googled my symptoms. And went to my doctor. Found out I had anemia and now I’m taking iron pills for it. All of the symptoms stopped at once and I am so grateful that I don’t have to worry about these things happening anymore. The film was my breaking point because I would get so embarrassed about it and tried everything in my power not to get it during the day. It doesn’t appear anymore but every now and then I would check the mirror to see if it’s there (because I’m paranoid like that) and it’s not. I don’t chew or suck on ice anymore which I’m so happy about. My mouth doesn’t even water anymore by looking at it. And lastly my lips doesn’t peel anymore.
    These were the three main symptoms that I had that were really a pain for my everyday life.
    I also had the exhaustion, infections (happened twice in the same month last year), pale skin (I can only tell if my skin was pale only when I got dizzy and my eyes were blackening out), hair loss ( my hair was very thin too. Certain spots on my head had less hair than other places), restless legs, and swollen tongue (which I thought wasn’t even a symptom because I would just eat ice to see if it would got down), also my fingers would feel tight and hot. I couldn’t take warm/hot showers because I would get light headed from all of the heat. Basically all of it went away by the simple action of swallowing a pill. And I’m SO glad that I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

  18. My hemoglobin is 6 every time I go in the hospital. It's only 8 now.Alot more symptoms than this.Brain fog,Tingling an numbness in legs, Shortness of breathe "severe'..Hair thinning an vertical lines in fingernails an irritation an depression with crying spells.

  19. I found out that long term use of esomeprazole (nexium) can block the absorption of iron. It might also be true for omeprazole but my experience was with nexium.

  20. I have low iron it's not fun tired alot and no energy for anything question do you get Black lines in you're nails? ?

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