7 Chiropractic Headache Treatment  Hingham MA

7 Chiropractic Headache Treatment Hingham MA

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– Hi I’m Doctor Adam Wadel from North River Family Chiropractic, and one of the questions I get often is, “How do you help so many
people with headaches?” And the short answer is this, we listen. We sit down, one on one,
and I’m gonna listen to you. You know, what your health challenges are, what your history is, do you
have falls, slips, trips, car accidents, did you
play sports in the past where you may have been injured. You know, are you having
a toxic lifestyle, getting enough sleep, are
you drinking enough water. All these things are important
because all these things can contribute to getting headaches. My personal story is that
I suffered from migraines for a long time and then
was lead to chiropractic which then lead me to
becoming a chiropractor to help people who are dealing
with health challenges. Not just headaches, but an
array of different things. But headaches itself holds
a special place for me. So, when it comes to
headaches or any challenge, what we wanna do is sit
down and figure that out. We want a detailed game plan
when it comes to your health, not a general broad stoke of healthcare. We want a detailed stroke
because your individual genetics, your background, your history, that’s gonna help us come up
with a individualized plan to get you the results that you need. So, if you found this video
helpful, like it, share it. If you wanna find out
more how we can help you if you’re dealing and
suffering with headaches then click the button below. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll talk to you soon. (upbeat music)

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