72 How to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medication | DIY Pain Relief | Natural Pain Relief

72 How to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medication | DIY Pain Relief | Natural Pain Relief

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are you comfortable there okay just introduce who you are of IRAs hands very good all right so you have a headache in it correct I have a headache and like zero to ten how strong is your headache my headache is strong and you feel it somewhere in your head what do you feel that some neck pain going on down here so okay do you have a pain guys think about a pain if you have a physical pain your body now Reena don’t be tapping on your pain because I want it and and don’t tap on yours okay think about something that bothers you read there’s something that could anger you and you think about something about a couple of weeks ago that bothered you okay now if you have a pain guys I want you to just take a deep breath take a deep breath close your eyes and I want you to notice what it feels like if it’s sharp if it’s dull if it is it hazardous location if you have an emotion with it feel the emotion okay you got yours ours all right and you fill it up here correctly all right and right there and it goes right down your neck yeah okay and what does it feel like it’s like a sharp pain a dull pain of pressure it’s more of a pressure okay so fill your pain I’m gonna take this hand right here okay all right and everybody notice your pain and then follow me tap right here on your card shop say even though I have this pain I lovingly accept myself I lovingly accept even though this seems kind of weird it really doesn’t matter as long as it works it works I released let go this pressure I releasing it go and all that it represents right between your eyes release and let it go I’ll get it beside your eye it’s safe to let it go under the eye just let it go just collarbone it’s safe to let it go grab your wrist take a deep breath and say peace peace all right now think about your headache and what ago it was like a nine in it correct and how strong is it now same less different it seems to be just right here and then right here in the back of my neck but it’s still there it’s changed any no okay let me add how long you’ve had this headache all day all day anything happened today that could bother you and don’t even tell me what it is yes okay I want you to think about whatever happened and I want you to in your mind to put yourself right there hear what you heard see what you saw and feel what you felt you got it you know who’s involved right and you feel it your body somewhere all right how strongly there are the emotions pretty strong first all right now you see the picture in your mind of them and what happened now right in your mind imagine in front of you a tree pull the roots right out from under the tree and watch the tree do what Paul’s thighs what happens if we have us to the tree yeah it dies all right everybody follow me tap between your eyes I release and let go all the sadness is beside you I release and let go all the emotional traumas I release and let go all the helpless feelings I release and let go all the angers all the guilt all the rejections and everything else grab your wrist take a deep breath say peace right now think about what happened today and can you think about it and how strong are the emotions with it and you feel something right mm-hmm all right feel what’s there now notice I don’t have any idea what it is do I guys and neither do you but watch this so I release I let it go I already submit a comment it’s safe to let it go deleted they may have problems they may have but I’m letting go of mine but I’m along with that headache along with that headache I accept myself I accept myself tolling completely totally and completely take a deep breath say peace peace alright remember what happened this morning or whatever it happened and how strong does it bother you right now you have a headache is that correct all right it wasn’t 9 how strong is it now it’s about a three about a three yeah all right and that three feels like what a tightness a sharpness what is it annoying annoying everybody said it’s even though they are annoying they are and I’m carrying it in my body I’m carrying they have problems they have problem and I might as well let go the headache I might as well just let it go just let it go just let it go just let it go just let it go take a deep breath say peace right now check your headache is it still there no where did it go I just let cut my cast it’s gone isn’t that amazing idiots amazing ok now why did that work guys first of all she had an experience today and that those emotions she said what do I do with it so she stored it up here in her mind and she entertained it and it bothered her all the way until just a few minutes ago guys have you ever taken Tylenol does it work this fast it doesn’t does it what if you take the title no and you do it like this it works really really fast I promise you it does what is it that something now remember the event that bothers you this morning does it bother you at all think about it well I want you to think about it well ago you thought about it and it bothered it did it bother me and then think about against if it still bothers you it doesn’t isn’t that amazing did it work did you really have a headache I really did have a headache give her hey how did you see that change you know what was the real deal I’ll start tapping on the physical part I didn’t move very fast so I went to the real cause do you realize that 75 to 90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related complaints the leading cause of death is stress and emotions do you realize the stress and emotions are the leading cause of death suicide health problems relationship problems and guess what stress is an internal product which you produce based on your reaction to the world guys if you have the freedom that change how you feel you’ll have the freedom to live longer you’ll have the freedom from pain you’ll have the freedom to feel more loved and make more money do you understand that where is the control inside you but you didn’t know this is so simple iris wasn’t it I mean it was just almost seems and she looks at no the headaches gone no the problem changed that’s pretty bizarre isn’t it okay

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  1. lol i was in the sun to long so my head hurt alot but i watched this video and im fine i didn't even do what he said i just watched and my headache is nearly not their anymore lol sweet

  2. Don't hate on me but for the last 4 days I've been having a nagging headache that didn't wanna go away, which is not like me-I very very rarely have headaches that even last a minute. Anyhow, I came here and tried the technique. At first, I wasn't sure I could find anything bothering me but I realized I was anxious. I allowed the feelings to go away. Headache reduced by 20%. I then ate chocolate to boost my endorphin levels and also watched something funny. Headache went away even today!

  3. I'm 14 and this works for me. I do parkour an when I have a head ache I can't do a single thing cuz my head aches are so bad! When I found this video a long time ago I added it to my favourites do I could go back to it and it still helps me today. You don't have to be older for it to work as long as you beilive it will work it will work.

  4. my headache is strong…. jog on. When i get one i cant speak or smile cus my face drops. This is bull. Ur lucky u dont get cluster headaches. I would beat the shit outa this guy due to his pure annoyance if he tried to get me to do this during a cycle. Lol gimme a beeak

  5. Love this guy, I want to become "certified" by him personally. I did this on the plane on Gulf Air from London to Bahrain final destination India and took someone's headache away using this exact technique and the guy I helped thought I did magic on him. I told him he healed himself, I just assisted. I want to make a living helping others. Please let me know how I can. Thank you!

  6. Is he still alive, then? ( no offense,defense,self defense, or thoughtfulness, maybe a little bit of thoughtlessness)… Wait…

  7. Trust me! To get rid of a headache is very simple. I know this sounds silly but it's really true. If you masturbate or have sex your headaches go away. Also give a thumbs up if it worked so everybody can see it. Tnx for reading 🙂

  8. god all mighty freakin dam this stuff really works , u know when u wake up with a headache well i just had that and so i watched this video and by the end of the video i was laughing with joy because my headache was really gone. im impressed

  9. Today I woke up with terrible allergy (sneezing and so on) all day I was sneezing,feeling miserable, and just in the evening I remembered this technique. I tapped maybe five times and that's it ! I'm not sneezing anymore! Miracle :)! Thank You Robert so much!

  10. Oh My God it worked I have had this darn headache all day and now it has gone! I am so happy and grateful of me being hot and bothered THANK YOU!!!

  11. What if you dont know why you have the headache? I cant usually associate any thing that has happened or an emotion with my pain. I get jaw tension with my headaches and have other pain associated with muscle tension. I dont know where the tension comes from or why I have it.  This have been going on for years. (Doctors call it fibromyalgia, I know it as a dis- EASE in my body, not a disease)

  12. I get debilitating migraines, since I found faster EFT, I have tried this…. tapping off and on all night long. Very difficult to do as I am in so much pain. After hours, I can get it down some, but still bad…..I go to the emotions about trying to make everything perfect and more, but still I can't get it to work for me… any suggestions or help? I get one of these about every 2 weeks and feel like this is my ticket to freedom, but I need help. thank you!

  13. This video is so helpful ! When I watched the video with the women with Ptsd cause of a rape as a teenage too. Robert you are a hero !

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