8 Best Chiropractor for headaches in Hingham MA


– Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Wadel, from North River Family Chiropractic. And we’ve been discussing headaches, and the question I often get, well how do you fix
these people’s problems? Well, the theme in
chiropractic is that symptoms, as you can see in this
picture here, are misleading. In this case headaches. So what we wanna do as a chiropractor is find out the hidden cause, that’s why we have the
image of the iceberg. In order to find the hidden cause, to be as specific as
possible, we utilize X-ray, because the theme in this office is to see is to know, and
not to see is to guess, and we don’t wanna guess at your health. We wanna be as specific as possible. We’ll use a scientific
specific X-ray technique with a digital hospital grade X-ray. Not only are we’re just
gonna have you stand up, but we’re actually gonna do
a motion or movement study, which allows us to figure out if the bones are moving properly, or if they’re stuck and misaligned, which could be causing those headaches that you’re dealing with. So if you found this
video helpful, like it, share it, if there’s a
family member or a friend that needs to see it, have
them hit this button below, and see how we can help you. Thanks so much for watching. (happy music)

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