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eight everyday habits that damage your health giving up damaging habits can be tough it’s even harder to drop those that you think are beneficial to you who could have ever known that fresh juices cause more harm than Good here are [eight] things. You should stop doing right now eight preventing yourself from sneezing When you close your mouth and pinch your noses to prevent a sneeze your intracranial pressure increases significantly The blood flow to your brains is disrupted and your blood vessels and nervous tissue are compressed This can lead to headaches damage to vessels and even hearing problems. That’s why you should never stop yourself from squeezing seven using perfume Manufacturers often use synthetic substances make perfume and get stronger scent also. They are cheaper than natural oils Few substances can cause dizziness nausea and drowsiness they also irritate your eyes throats and skin It’s better to [swap] perfumes for essential oils or apply them only in a well aired room 6 using a smartphone before bed artificial light at night reduces production of Melatonin a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness [low] Melatonin can cause depression Cancer Obesity heart diseases and a fragile immune system To improve your health you should go to sleep early without a smartphone in your hands five plastic containers Many plastic boxes contain artificial chemical substances such as valid and vicinal it helps [to] maintain their flexibility If you keep your meals and classic boxes for a long time such substances can seep into food and hurt your endocrine system It’s better to store food in containers made from glass, stainless steel or ceramic Also pay attention to the following symbols that they provide useful information about how to use containers [safer] storing products can be reheated in the microwave can be frozen maximum heating temperature for brushing your teeth right after eating Since it’s always say you should brush your teeth at least thirty minutes after eating if possible an hour is even better food and drink Especially those that are highly acidic have an effect on the enamel of your tooth as well as the dentin layer below it The movement of your [toothbrush] pushes the acid deeper and closer to the dentin this can lead to extreme sensitivity and damage the enamel three antibacterial soap Lots of Beneficial Bacteria live on the surface of your skin and play a role in protecting your body if you use Antibacterial soaps you often you’ll end up sterilizing your skin which in turn can make harmful Bacteria and for your body Dermatologists say you should use antibacterial soap only for cuts and scratches Don’t use it to wash your hands more than twice a week To type [D] Although they look fashionable Tight jeans spreads on your skin and nerve endings this causes constant discomfort that can lead to problems with your nervous system as if that wasn’t bad enough The reduce flow of air to your legs can cause itching and tingling it can even make your legs go numb one drinking freshly squeezed juice Do you think fresh fruit juice is good for you only in small quantities? In case of certain illnesses juices can cause serious harm to your body [for] [instance] doctors Don’t recommend drinking grape juice for those who are overweight or diabetic Moreover juices are strong allergen you can be careful giving juices to kids Give them only small amounts, and it’s possible and consult [the] doctor beforehand By the way, are you trying to give up any habits or adopt new healthy ones these days? [how’s] it going share your experience in the comments below? Don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side [of] life. We have more great videos for you


  1. 8. Prevent yourself from sneezing
    7. Using perfume
    6. Using smartphone before bed
    5. Plastic container
    4. Brushing your teeth after eating
    3. Antibacterial soap
    2. Tight jeans
    1. Drinking freshly squeezed juice

  2. I have a friend who sleeps really less and watched TV shows half the night and his health condition is a lot better than mine even though I sleep for at least 6 hours

  3. Using antibacterial soap, i use hand soap all the time to wash my hands idk if it’s anti or not, someone explain this it don’t make sense

  4. I am learning something new in all your videos so please, I want to lose weight and I want my good health to increase hence I need more of your health videos

  5. I m still confused with that fresh juice thing,seems fake to me..i hab always heard it to be beneficial for one's health.

  6. 8 I always prevent them
    7 I ALWAYS use perfume
    6 Whooopppsssssss totally not the middle of night before I go to bed……
    5 I always stock food in plastic containers if I could eat them later
    4 I always brush my teeth after eating
    3 I use it all of time!
    2. I have tight jeans and leggings so whoooops
    1 I drink it all the time!!!!


  7. I’m just putting this glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice down right this minute and I’m gonna pop down to the doctor for a cheeky consultation quickly, brb

  8. When Jesus said in the bible: "I'm ascending to my God and your God" What does he mean? 
    a).He is ascending to himself because according to the paul in church jesus is God.
    b).He is ascending to the true God because he is not God but a man who worship God.
    c).Both of the above.

    David, Suleiman and the other messengers of God are called "son of God" in the bible: So it means all of them are God in case someone believes that jesus was God, so do the others? 
    a).They are not God, nor jesus. Because son of God is an inspiration word used for respect etc.
    b).Yes all of them were God.
    c).If we call jesus "son of God" it means that: he is a special son of God (begotten)

    Jesus did not have a father and is this reason good enough to make him a special son of God? 
    a).Yes it is.
    b).No it is not enough to call someone a special "son of God" and worship him because Adam also didn't have a father nor a mother but we don't worship him because of this reason.
    c).I still believe jesus is God and i worship him.

  9. Fruit Juices, well extract is not the same as blend.
    extract has no benefit, but blend keeps everything intact.

  10. I knew it! My mom said that she looves perfume and i said "i hate perfumes cuz its letting me dizzy" and no matter how much the smell is I HATE IT!

  11. 1.Preventing yourself from sneezing
    2. Using perfume
    3. Using a smartphone before going to bed
    4. Using Plastic containers
    5. Brushing your teeth right after eating
    6. Antibacterial soap
    7. Tight jeana
    8. Drinking fresh squeezed juice

  12. I honestly don’t believe theses including the phone on because my friend always goes on her phone before bed and she’s been doing it for years and she’s fine

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  14. I want you to know that I no longer listen to your channel because of misinformation. It's a shame bc people are going to be hurt by your advice. I am specifically referring to the one on fasting. I no longer listen to you bc of that. What else do you have SO grossly incorrect? I used to enjoy your channel but now I can't trust it. Bummer

  15. First I used to watch your channel, sis vs bro, rickshawali , Troom Troom Select and Troom Troom etc at night in my phone, now I will stop it, now I will only watch in afternoon.

  16. Wow, most of these I didn't know at all and now I can say I don't do #6 anymore and but do #5 a lot which is bad for me and my health. One thing I do every day is watching Bright Side at least that doesn't damage my brain and health is makes it go up 🙂

  17. I'm on my phone right now at night 12:44 well it morning now because it pass 12 and when I saw the thumbnail I was scared that I can be ill and it makes ME scared so tommorow i won't play with my phone for a long time trust me 😉

  18. Find number 3
    1. Close your left hand
    2. Make 3 wishes
    3. Open your hand
    Choose a day
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
    Share this to any social media to 20 friends
    Your 3 wishes will become in the day you choose
    This is not a joke

  19. talking about sneezing made me wanna sneeze but i cant 🙁 Its like the times your nose itches and you need to sneeze but you cant D:

  20. I do #6 and #4. The #4 makes me confused, how am i supposed to go to school? brush my teeth but no food or the opposite? sorry im still 11

  21. #4
    So U take a toothbrush and toothpaste to school or office everyday to brush ur teeth
    after every meal ?
    Me: * brushes teeth as said in bright side*
    Ma friends and teachers: W .. WHAT U DO'IN ?
    Their expressions: 🤤🤔😞

  22. I saw the thunnail and said I can relate to the man like im doing right know so I just came here to cooment this have greay day

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