100 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Man With Extreme OCD”

  1. Why live like this tho ??? No matter how many times you do things or think your cleaner trust me YOUR NOT!!!! I understand some ppl really can’t control it but it’s a mind thing

  2. my neighbour has this she a neatr freak but to a whole other level i told her one day just leave the house how it is(which is still spotless) but she cant..

  3. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how brave he is for literally leaving his comfort zone, his home, to get help. That's so brave of him to do and I can only imagine how hard that must have been on him.

  4. This poor man 🙁 He seems like such a wonderful guy and I'm so proud of him for fighting through his compulsions and seeking help. <3

    If you're reading this, know that we're all rooting for you!

  5. Oh man. I was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 16. I was lucky to get an early diagnosis because the earlier it's diagnosed the easier it is to deal with the obsessions and compulsions. I understand just a little bit of the pain you go through sir and I am so sorry. I really hope dr. Phil is able to provide you with professionals who can help you just like the psychiatrist who helped me when I was young. The book Brain Lock was a game-changer for me!

  6. If I had OCD I would get crazy looking at YouTube likes and not seeing an even number like 10, 20, 30, 100, 1000. I already have a problem with seeing like 9 likes instead of 10 ?

  7. I can't even imagine :/ he doesn't even have a comfort zone I bet. I hope they can help him somehow even if it takes just the tiniest of anxieties away from him.

  8. Damn as someone else with severe OCD, I feel so bad for this man. I hope that he gets the help that he needs. OCD is such a debilitating disorder.

  9. I have OCD and I’m a social worker I been in therapy since I was 15 now I’m 25 I have learn so much about myself and my OCD I’m thankful for my treatment

  10. Please try
    Effexor . I understand many people don’t want to use medication, but ocd torturers your mind , and this drug has
    Helped me so much .
    I hope dr Phil helps him .
    There is hope and you can have peace of mind.

  11. This breaks my heart… I have OCD that was getting progressively worse as well and somehow I've managed to reduce it to almost completely functional levels.

    I still have to obsessively check everything in my house multiple times before I can leave (faucets, lights, windows and door locked). Counting specific seconds or times I've checked everything. Among a myriad of other bizarre tendencies… It's hard on those around me because mine is not debilitating anymore and they don't understand why it takes me ten minutes to walk away from my car sometimes. I can just imagine what it's like for his wife too.

    It gets worse on occasion and I have no clue if it has something to do with my mental state or what. All I know is there was a point in my life where I realized if I don't start doing something to curb it, I will end up like this with no control at all anymore.

    Sending him so much love. ❣️

  12. There must be some doctor who can help you with it. Please get help. Whoops, wrote this before you were going to see Dr. Phil. Hope you are much better now.

  13. I don’t understand, just shut the door one time. This is just me not understanding, but could anyone like this explain cuz I want to know and understand

  14. I remember when I was 10-13, I had a SERIOUS issue with OCD, just like this guy, but it was for much more childish and obviously ridiculous issues and it literally almost drove me insane and the only thing they helped me was paroxetine like no joke at all it literally cured me almost I’m still on it to this day and I’m 23 I’m so afraid to go off it in fear that I’ll resort back to those ways. But I totally understand this guy feeling trapped in his own head it was awful. OCD is so insane cuz everyone has it differently. Mostly nowadays I still do have OCD but it’s completely towards cleanliness and hygiene I just need to have everything where it belongs but it’s more because it gives me a good feeling of everything being in place makes me feel good and hygienic I have to wash my hair and shave my legs everyday and have my hair brushed and stuffed but like a normal amount

  15. He has these compulsive feelings yet he doesnt have to wipe the remote ? Sounds like hes faking it in all honesty .

  16. A few years ago I had 2 roommates who were very clean. I used to joke that they were OCD (I clearly didn't know what it really was.) Guess what, I ended up marrying a guy that actually has OCD. Boy, did I learn that the hard way. It literally takes over your life.

  17. turning the lock on the door 3 times, is OCD. Walking in certain pattern is OCD. Having to touch certain things at a specific time is OCD..

    Fixing a crooked picture frame and organizing things by color isn’t having OCD..

  18. This gave me a new perspective of ocd. Im not even gonna lie i straight up thought that ocd was just being rely clean. I rely feel for this man actually anyone with this….God Bless u n jesus loves u amen and he died for us amannn and hes comming soon so repent amennn

  19. Poor guy, I have some of the things he is talking about the way he has to do things and make sure several times I am the same way with a couple of things. Like grab the door knob and make sure

  20. I have OCD also mostly Related to My Skin Picking Disorder & tryna be almost Perfect in every Task I do. It comes from growing up in a Heavely DISFUNCTIONAL Family. Sadly Therapy did NOT help as My Therapist never ever mentioned it to me. It's my own Diagnosis like others too. What ir appears to Help is Meditation ?‍♂️, Possitive Affirmations & other Alternative Healing Techniques i m using. I ve quit Therapy cause in 3 yrs of Therapy way too less Progress. I did Make my Healing a Priority & working towards it Almost on Daily Basis ??✨

  21. I’m so proud of him! I don’t know him and will probably never meet him but I’m so proud that he got into the car!

  22. This is the worst case of ocd I've ever seen. It's one thing to have germ or contamination ocd but he has like all the types: contamination, counting, checking, and steps. my lord.

  23. clearly he has issues. who doesn't
    but not getting a Clorox wipe..
    . because it's to much work? obsessive laziness disorder. lets be clear , yes he needs help
    but. if someone isn't enabling this, he wouldn't survive. shock therapy, let him do it on his own
    shower… 20 mins in cut the water
    don't want to eat… fine
    he will get hungry enough eventually.

  24. I feel so bad for this guy….I had severe OCD when I 6-8 years old….I remember personally taking 2 hours to wash 1 plate, 1 fork, and 1 butter knife; I used to wash my hands so much they would crack and bleed everyday….all the while I 100% knew that nothing was REALLY wrong, but I knew if I didn’t give in to the ritual I would be overwhelmed with nausea and anxiety….Even at that age, I knew what I was doing was illogical, but I couldn’t help it. It is SOOOOOO lonely and EXHAUSTING (literally)….my heart just goes out to this man…????

  25. I recently got to the point of washing my hands after touching most foreign objects, I’ve worked in the medical field and part of why I couldn’t take it anymore is because every time someone would touch me I would wash my hands. If fluids touched me I would need to take a very long shower and scrub and scrub and still it doesn’t feel like it’s good enough I would get so paranoid to touch any part of my face or body after working even after washing my hands and sanitizing probably 100 plus more a day my hands were so dry and cracked it looked like I was a handyman

  26. What a nightmare, no one should EVER be a prisoner in their own head.. we’re so proud of you for coming on the show!! With treatment, you WILL free yourself from your own head, you ?can ?do ?this?!!

  27. I was like this in middle school. Still have really bad ocd but in middle school I was so afraid of germs that I scrubbed the top layer of my skin off up to my elbows and wouldn’t hug my mom or leave my room for months. Even after most of the skin was gone I’d still cover my arms in hand sanitizer even though it was crazy painful. Ocd sucks man

  28. Is it not normal for people to wash and rinse their hair 3 times, I don’t think he has any of these compulsions truly because he can just not bother to do things, so there’s hope for recovery for him, I understand the hair washing thing it’s got to feel right before I can step out, he isn’t crazy at all and he will get better, x

  29. I wonder what he thinks will happen if he doesnt do these things

    Some people think someone is going to die. Others are scared of getting sick. I wonder whats his deal

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