A Husband’s Insult About His Wife Sparks Tension | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

A Husband’s Insult About His Wife Sparks Tension | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

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IYANLA: And the other thing petty people do is that they elevate the little things and they diminish the big things. And, and I believe everybody in this community could give you some feedback that would enlighten you about the the way you’re showing up in the process. Would that be accurate? Hello? Would that be accurate? ALL: Yeah. IYANLA: Should we do that? Would you like some feedback? LAMAR: No, I’m good. IYANLA: You sure? LAMAR: Positive. IYANLA: So, why are you here? It’s not to fix if you can’t receive feedback. LAMAR: Right. IYANLA: Do you wanna be here? LAMAR: Not right now. IYANLA: Why? Why don’t you wanna be here right now? LAMAR: Well, personal. IYANLA: Personal? What does that mean? LAMAR: I got something else to do. IYANLA: Something more important than continuing the process to heal with your wife? LAMAR: Oh, we’re gonna heal. IYANLA: Really? LAMAR: Yeah. I’m her pastor. IYANLA: Really? LAMAR: Yeah. IYANLA: What does that mean? LA’GENA: Jesus take the wheel. IYANLA: What does that mean you’re her pastor? LAMAR: That’s–I’m her pastor. IYANLA: What does that mean? LAMAR: Like, I–I’m her pastor, that’s what I–that’s who–that’s who I am. IYANLA: For her? LAMAR: Yeah. IYANLA: Are you–were you aware of that? VAKHARA: No. I take that as an insult, and as a joke, and it’s embarrassing me that that’s how you feel. LAMAR: Okay. IYANLA: Why would you do that? LAMAR: Because I don’t wanna be here right now. IYANLA: I’m not gonna fight you for your healing. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “A Husband’s Insult About His Wife Sparks Tension | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. 1:41 he scratched his neck. Body language indicates he is uncomfortable. He's uncomfortable when confronted, but feels superior towards his wife. He's entitled, selfish and narcissistic. My heart aches for the wife

  2. He’s acting like an elementary school child who talks back to the teacher and tells bold lies. He’d rather trash his whole marriage than stand up to the truth.

  3. That man is so arrogant and self absorbed but I fault the wife because he didn't grow into that person he was that person from the beginning. I believe she found it cute but now understands that he has no love or respect for her.

  4. Either she will put up and shut up over his crap or leave ? He’s not respectful nor loving towards her . At all

  5. I wonder why people these days are so comfortable wasting other peoples time. No regards or cares just always what they want. This goes on constantly now. Very sad. Be done if that's what you want then. Wow……. ?

  6. Your a Demon is what You are. No body Greater than God and with an Ego like that He Will Remove that Queen from You???

  7. How could you marry such a monster and want to work things out with a monster? Smh who raised this fuckboy?

  8. Like I said ,dats what happens when u just go by looks , look straight n Dem eyes will tell u Everything u need to know RUUUUN run now !!!???????

  9. A man is supposed to be the Priest of his home 1 Tim 2:1. If she didn't want that then she shouldn't have married him and stayed a side piece. Be careful whom you chose ladies.

  10. Not to be rude or anything but iyanla you have 3 failed marriages I don't think you can speak to any married couples cause you have failed in yours 3 times

  11. He really gay but no one is talking about that at all. Most men who treat women like this are usually struggling with their own sexuality but can’t live their own truth and can’t face reality. He clearly likes men but he so scared if he loses her, he’ll have to accept himself for who he really is and that is a black gay man.

  12. He's politely reaffirming to the audience that the bucks stop with him as a leader of his household, what's wrong with that….?

  13. He got something else to do lol "im a pastor" AND so? lmfao. All the "pastors" in the world probably STDH's.He sucks. Just leave dude.

  14. He's in to deep to be honest to is wife and say that he doesn't what to be marry anymore …………..sometime we need to read between the line

  15. That's why we as people and mainly Christians are to wait in our God given spouses and stop marrying people that we have created soulties with. So sad this lady married wrong

  16. Amazes me to see the idiots Iyanla tries to help and they don’t even deserve her help. I wouldn’t waste my time if I was her.

  17. The comment was weird, delusional and stupid, but how was it an insult?

    I recall my brother's wife said she wanted to own his soul. That was probably the stupidest comment we'd heard in such a circumstance, but no one was offended or insulted. It was just an incredibly retarded thing to say.

  18. He’s not lying … The word pastor is the Latin word for shepherd. Husbands ought to shepherd their households the same way Jesus shepherds the congregation, with love. Therefore, the threefold cord of husband, wife & God should not include Iyanla, Oprah & nem!

  19. This is a for sure indicator that women are head over heels for looks more than men are women will marry and cherish a good looking man but most men will just screw a fine woman this is street knowledge people she married him had kids by him and run up behind him because he looks good women want kids by attractive men or men in power its all about a status when he says im her pastor it translates to im her pimp.

  20. This guy is definitely the reason why a lot of people's opinion of African American manhood is the lowest form of life on earth ?

  21. he was saying and acting out exactly as the churches and other "pastors" teach him to act. he did not come up with this notion all on his own.

  22. Could be vanity or narcissism, or it could be an Alpha male not down with the beta male, sweater wearin', feminist atmosphere he's been talked into being in.
    Bruh feel like…" It is a pleasure for you to meet me" lol

  23. the classic "i'm not thirsty but let me drink this water" and the good ol' "stratching the imaginary itch".

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