a stressed senior in high school vlog :’)

a stressed senior in high school vlog :’)

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Hi guys, so I’m starting this vlog laying down on my bed which is how you already know I’m at my peak of being a mess It is December 3rd It is 10 o’clock and I HAVENT OPENED my backpack yet which is SO BAD if you didn’t know, I’m a senior in high school and let me tell you, when I say senioritis is real senioritis is real. I have never felt so unmotivated in my life which is obviously normal but I feel like just because it’s the Christmas season no-one wants to be in school but no one ever wants to be in school i thought i’ll make a vlog to show you how stressed i am and to illustrate this for you, i got my eyelashes done like 4 days ago and i’ve already picked half of them out which is really bad! don’t do that

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  1. Sis I’m 16 and will be taking exams in: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Dutch and French
    Everyday I get off at 4 pm ✌?
    Senioritis has been with me since the moment I chose my subjects

  2. omg those nails are amazing tbh you should use th instead of acyrlics save more moneh dont be broke lol i shod just shut up

  3. . ok this video reminds me of what it was like to be a senior in hs – doing whatever you wanted even tho u had tons of hw…..that you never ended up doing anyways ?

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  5. Your life just called me poor in 200 different languages, and I just smiled.

    All those rich ass kids at my school gonna call me poor when I go to high school next year, but screw you, judgemental rich kids. I'm a CCA.

  6. i’m a senior and i have senioritis… i only have 1 class… it’s not even an actual class… i just go for attendance…

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