Aag Hi Aag Full Movie | Dharmendra Hindi Action Movie | Shatrughan Sinha | Bollywood Action Movie

Aag Hi Aag Full Movie | Dharmendra Hindi Action Movie | Shatrughan Sinha | Bollywood Action Movie

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Who are you? What do you want? The fire of revenge that
is present in my heart.. ..in that same fire l want to
incinerate you, your house.. ..your whole identity. Are you Bahadur Singh? Yes. l am Bahadur Singh..
whom you have made.. ..Sher Singh. For God’s sake forgive me. Forgive me. Kundan Singh, you have
taken undue advantage.. ..of your police uniform. l won’t let you commit
more injustice with the help.. ..of this police uniform. This share belongs to the big boss. Bhairav, l don’t
understand something. We loot the people
putting our life in danger. And the big boss gets
half of the share. Why? Birju, don’t dare to
utter such words again. Why do you forget that he
has done so many favors on us? Boss is here. Hail chief!
– Hail chief! Hail chief!
– Hail chief! Hail chief!
– Hail chief! Come, chief. l am the nominal chief. You are the real chief Sher Singh. No, chief. Just think. lf
you had not taken me under.. ..your shelter and
saved me from the police.. ..then instead of living a
free life l would have been.. ..in a dark corner of a prison. All the men present here
have fled from the fear of cops. l gave shelter to many people. But you are the most
courageous and loyal.. ..men of my group. The way l appreciate
loyalty similarly l give death.. ..to those who try to confront me. Poor Birju. He was so
happy since yesterday. He was thinking of distributing
sweets in the entire village. He got news that yesterday
he became father of a son. lnstead of seeing his son’s
face he has to confront death. A boy is born. l
will take double money. Forget double, you will get
four times more money, midwife. Will l get my sari? – Yes, my
sister. You will get the sari. Son, go and meet them quickly. lt is time to catch the train. Father, today l believe that
you were really a lieutenant. You are most concerned
about the duty of a soldier.. ..than the father. Can l go and see him?
– Yes. lf he looks like mother or father.
– Yes. l will come soon.
– Yes, hurry up. Ganga, he looks just like you. Ganga. Hey! Ganga. l cannot forgive your
favor for my entire life. What is this? You are
wearing your uniform. Ganga, war is going on. We have been summoned. You can think that l was
waiting for you to become.. ..a mother. Hey! What is this? You are a mother and still
you are crying on my departure. l don’t know why but whenever
happiness comes in our life.. ..you are called back on duty. You went on the 2nd
day of our marriage. Do you know why? God wants
that our love should grow. As love grows when we
are away from each other. Ganga, look. No. What are you thinking, brother? l was.. Bhairav. l was thinking of Ganga and Munna. Your Munna would be 5 years old now. Munna is 6 years old. And my sister’s
daughter is 4 years old. God should give
strength to sister-in-law. You are fighting a battle
with the world and she.. ..is fighting with her own self. Bhairav, sometimes l think.. ..that when will this battle end. Have faith in God, brother. He has started this battle
and now he will only show.. ..the path to end this battle. Mahatma Gandhi used to say
that the person who lives.. ..for other is the true
human being. For him.. Ravi, is this time to
eat and sleep or study? From today l will neither sleep
nor eat till you return home. Oh. Oh, l see! You are trying to trap a
father through the son. What else could l do? You are not in control of your wife. lf l had not been in control
of my wife then our family.. ..would not have
been small and happy. A happy family is that
which has all the necessities. Look at the doctors of the cities. They have air-conditioned
dispensaries, car, bungalow.. ..and they have fixed
time to see the patient. And on other hand, you. After getting so many
degrees from foreign countries.. We are among the stinking
cow-dung in the village. lsn’t it? Now can you tell me what the
necessities of a human are. l will tell you. There should be
happiness and peace in his house. People should respect him in
the colony where he lives. He should do such work
that even after his death.. ..other people should remember him. Today l will tell you
about my wealth and condition. When a poor man is
cured because of my dose.. ..l mean with my tablets,
he prays for the happiness.. ..of my family then l
feel like the biggest man.. ..of this world. l swear on you. My soul gets bliss. Dear, even animals
live for themselves. We should live for others.
lt gives us great joy. Father.
– What? Even Mahatma Gandhi used to
say this thing. – Yes, he did. l am sure he said so, son. Because for those whom he
lived they only killed him. Villagers. We don’t
want to trouble anyone. l only want the chief of
the village, Fateharan.. ..and scoundrel Lalchand,
who exploits the poor farmers. Hey! He is baldly wounded. l should help him.
– What are you saying? He is a dacoit.
– What if he is a dacoit? He is also a human being.
He needs a doctor. Bullets are fired
from all the sides. lf you will go outside then.. l don’t care! No
one can escape death. lf l am destined to die then
l can be killed here also. No, l won’t let you go. Geeta, if that man dies
without my medical help then.. ..l won’t be able to forgive
myself for my whole life. – No. No! O God! Your aim is perfect. lt directly pierced my heart. Who are you?
– l am a doctor. Doctor! Doctor, please forgive me. l swear on Ganges, l thought.. l shot you by mistake, doctor. Please.. forgive me, doctor. lt is the game of destiny. l came to take out your bullets. But l was not destined to do so. l don’t have the strength
to take out your bullet. You.. Yes. You take this capsule. You body will be protected
from the poison of the bullet. Take it, friend. The poison will be cured! You demon. He came to
save you from death. And you killed him. You have made me widow. You have snatched a
father from this boy. God willing, you will never get
the love of your wife and son. And your life will
be worse than death. Life should become a burden for you. Sher Singh, hurry up. One more jeep of the
police has arrived. Come. Come. Sher Singh, my curse won’t
let you live peacefully. You will never live in peace. You will never live in peace. You will never live in peace. ‘Sher Singh, l will kill you.’ ‘l swear on father.
l will kill you.’ You have made me widow. You have snatched a
father from this boy. God willing, you will never get
the love of your wife and son. And your life will
be worse than death. Life should become a burden for you. Sher Singh, my curse won’t
let you live peacefully. You will never live in peace. You will never live in peace. No! No. Sher Singh, what is the matter? You are sweating profusely. This is not sweat, chief. These are tears of my
soul that are coming out.. ..because of the fear of a crime. The man who doesn’t know
fear is talking like this today. What has happened to you? The human inside me
is restless like a.. ..bird in a cage. lt needs peace. And that
peace will be obtained only.. ..by penance. Chief, l am a sinner. l won’t get peace
unless is pay for my sin. l will never get peace. Not even after death. Where are you going, Sher Singh? To surrender myself
in front of the cops. Are you out of you mind, Sher Singh? What do you think? You
will live a life of respect.. ..after serving punishment. No. As long as you are
alive you will be called.. ..dacoit, Sher Singh. Chief, the penance for my
sin is not life but death.. ..which will be given to me
as my punishment by the law. Wait! You cannot go from here. Who is brave
enough to stop me today? Does anyone have the courage? lf you have the courage
then come and stop me. Sher Singh. The person who
comes to me, come with his.. ..own wish but goes with my wish. And straight to heaven. Sir, if you had not done
favors on me then right now.. ..l would have sent you to heaven. You disloyal man! Daulat Singh, l can cut your
body into pieces if l want. But you did a favor on me by
saying me from the police.. ..for that l am forgiving you. But from today l am no
longer indebted to you. Don’t worry. l promise you
that l will never reveal your.. ..and your group’s name. Proceed. Your Honour, the person
standing in the witness box.. ..is not only a criminal but.. He is a murdered and demon. He is evil like a fox. He is such a fire which
has incinerated humanity.. ..by committing atrocities. And his name is Sher Singh. You want to say this only, lawyer. What is going on here? Order. Order. Accused Sher Singh. You
can say whatever you have.. ..to say when you are asked. Before you open the file
of the crimes l committed.. ..that is kept on your table,
judge, l would like.. ..to open that file of my
life which made me a dacoit.. ..and which made me cruel. That file is not
written in ink, judge. lt is written in blood. lt has been engraved
on my heart and my mind. And it is done by few
cruel people of this society. They make us dacoits and
live their lives comfortably. The court gives you a
chance to tell your story. l was in the army. One
day we were on the front. After killing the enemies we
were celebrating our victory. And then l got my wife’s letter. The landlord of the
village dishonored my sister. My sister committed suicide. My brother-in-law and my
father tried to raise voice.. ..against this injustice. Then the landlord’s
men burnt our house. My mother, my father and
my brother-in-law were.. ..burnt alive in that fire, judge. They were burnt alive. Somehow my wife
succeeded in saving my son.. ..and my sister’s daughter
and fled from that place. Judge, one who won on
the border was defeated.. ..by the insiders. Judge. The insiders defeated him. l want to punish these
killers with the help of the law. l went to the police
station for this reason. l met the senior officer. l begged him for justice. But with the help of
money landlord had bought.. ..the guardians of law. They wanted to accuse me of
theft and send me to prison. l used to put my life in danger
for the safety of this country. And the law of the same
country became enemy.. ..of my life. This soldier then picked up the gun. l killed the landlord and all
the officers who misused law. Now it became my duty to
wage a war against them.. ..just like in the battlefield. l was a soldier, judge. l
did the duty of a soldier. But the law gave me
the title of a dacoit. The feeling of duty that was
inside me turned into hatred. l became like a volcano, judge. And only one thing
was left in my life. Fire and only fire. l cannot do anything
except express sympathy for.. ..all that happened with you. You have yourself
punished the guilty people. There is only one
punishment for your crimes towards.. ..the people and
that is death penalty. Death penalty? But you surrendered in front
of the law and desired penance.. ..therefore this court
gives life imprisonment to.. ..the convict Sher Singh. No, judge. Give me death penalty. Death is the only
punishment for my crimes, judge. No, Sher Singh. No. For you life is a bigger
punishment than death. When you will be released
after serving this punishment.. ..you will lead a life of
a good and decent citizen. And this will be a
very big example.. ..for those who want
to become criminal.. ..and for those who want
to leave the world of crime. Come, Sher Singh. You are the first
prisoner for whose welcome.. ..l have come personally. Thank you very much. Our work is to reform the prisoners. You are the first
prisoner who has come after.. ..reforming his own self. Look, now that you
have understood all this.. ..l have a small request. Speak up. l have given up the
deeds of Sher Singh. l want l should not be
called by this name again. My real name is Bahadur Singh. Don’t worry. No one will
know that the prisoner who is.. ..serving punishment
as Bahadur Singh is.. ..Sher Singh, the
famous dacoit of his time. l have one more request. There is an address of this paper. l want you to send the money
that l get after working.. ..in this prison on this address. Alright.
– Thank you. Bahadur Singh. Someone
has come to meet you. Hey! Ganga. You have come here. l thank God for saving
my husband from death. But Ganga, if l had died then
all the pain who have eased. But God has done
increase it by keeping me alive. Why are you saying this? l prayed a lot for your safety. Dear, your prayers have saved me
but my life as a dacoit.. ..and my name will become a
blemish for you and our son. No, l won’t say to anyone
that my husband is in prison. Not even to our son. l will tell him that he
disappeared during the battle. When you will return
home after many years.. ..then l will welcome you with
our son like a brave warrior. l have removed this
feeling from my life. For God’s sake, please don’t
show me that dreams again. These dreams will become
reality one day, dear. lt is my promise. Believe me. lf you want to spend the
years of separation with.. ..these dreams
then l will accept it. But make a promise to me. You will never come
again in prison to meet me. Don’t put me into this examination. How will l live for so
many years without seeing you? Dear, if Vijay finds out
that his father is a dacoit.. ..and serving punishment in prison.. ..then how will he live? How will he live? Alright. l won’t come to meet you. But.. but give me
permission to write letter to you.. ..to ease my pain whenever
l will feel lonely in the.. ..battle of life. Alright. Yes, Ganga. Yes. The visiting hour is over. ”l will bear the burden of
your tears and sorrows.” ”Even if my heart cries
l will keep on smiling.” ”l will fulfill the promise
that l made during my lifetime.” ”l promise to make
your dream a reality.” ”All the desires in
my heart are for you.” ”Even before meeting we
have to get separated.” ”Everything was ruined
even before getting settled.” ”My dear. O my dear.” Greetings, bully Gangu. Greetings. You fool! You are
roaming with stick. Keep your hands behind. Now get lost. Wow! What a great horse! You fool! You are avoiding me. You brother-in-law
(abusively ) donkey. Sir, you made 2
mistakes at one time. First one is that
this horse has no.. ..no sister to whom you are married. So you he cannot be
your brother-in-law. And the second thing is
that you called him a donkey. But he is actually a horse. And his name is Pritam. Pritam. Yes friend. l am
explaining him that only. Look friend, this horse Pritam,
is very emotional. lf we hurt his feelings that
he neither sleeps nor eats.. ..nor drinks. And you have hurt his heart. Therefore you have
to apologize to him. Apologize? To this mule. Get lost. Look, now he is upset. He says that if he
gets angry then he will.. ..whack you along with me. He is my friend. Lad, why are you become
jumping like a wild pigeon? l think you don’t know my name. My name is Gangua. Everyone
in this area is scared of me. Twice l had been to jail. lndia is very proud
of people like you. Pleased to meet you. Now please apologize and
make this animal happy too. Apologize?
– Yes. You fool. l will now use him in
place of the bull of the oil-rig. Tell me. What is his
price? Tell me fast. Look, sir. First, you
cannot buy him at any cost. And secondly, if you call
him a donkey again then you.. ..will have to
apologize and get beating too. Apologize? Get up! You are laughing? Hey in the right, in
the left, he hold me. l think Pritam has
forgiven you. l’ll leave. No Pritam. Move away.Get aside. Greetings Chaudhari. Greetings. Greetings,
inspector. What is the matter? Why are you running so fast? We were chasing a killer. Did you see him? No, l didn’t see anyone. Let’s go. The danger has passed. Come out, Gangua. Gangua? Do you know me Chaudhari? l have the record of
all the big and small.. ..criminals of this area. Cops keep the records
of criminals and you.. Don’t worry. You will
find out everything. Whom did you kill now? lt is my hobby to commit murder. A spectator got killed but
l wanted to kill Vijay.. ..who sells horses. He was trying to be over-smart. Aunt! Aunt! Brother has come. Brother, what happened to you? Nothing. l got injured. But how did you get injured? You can’t fall from the horse. Oh, mother! l had a
fight with a goon. Fight? But you promised
aunt that you won’t fight.. ..with anyone. l will tell you if you
stop your commentary. But how did this fight took place? Mother, that good
started this fight. He was calling Pritam, donkey. He wanted to buy him. l told him lovingly that brother,
this horse is not for sale. He started using force. And brother whacked him. So you wanted me to get
whacked like a coward. You talk silly! You
only tell me, mother. No mother wants her
son to be a coward. But such fights can
only increase enmity. lts consequences are not good. Mother, l am a soldier’s son. l cannot tolerate
injustice because of the fear.. ..of the consequences. l am a soldier who
protects his country. l won’t tolerate injustice. Alright. Brave son
of my soldier uncle. Whatever you did, you
did the right thing. Come. l will apply medicine. Your son talks just like you. lt is so proud on
being a soldier’s son. God save her from the
evils of this world. Gangua, all of
them are my followers. The law gave them imprisonment and.. ..death penalty. l gave them shelter and
protected them from the law. They repay this favor in 2 ways. First, they never reveal
that l am the real leader.. ..of their group. Second, they do
whatever l want and nothing.. ..more than that. You saved me from police. l am grateful to you. l will obey all
your order except one. What? Don’t tell me to
forget about killing Vijay. You will be given a
chance to do that too. Right now you have to go
to plunder the merchant.. ..of Sonapur village. Chief, we got the news
that a new SSP has come.. ..in that area. His name is Suraj Singh. He hates dacoits very much. He won’t come in front
of Gangua is he is lucky. Run..Run.. Run..Run.. What you want? One lakh for coming here and
2 lakh for going from here. 3 Lakh.
– Cash. And gold, jewelry and your life. That fool died. Whose pyres are these? For 6 of you. l don’t have much time. Whoever wants to die
should raise his hand. Hurry up. Alright, cop. l will
raise my hand first. Mother. Mother, where are you? l am coming, son. Mother, l have brought good news. What? Did you kill Sher Singh? No, mother. But one day l
will even kill Sher Singh. But today l fired 6 bullets
again from this revolver.. ..and killed 6
dacoits and burnt everyone. You can kill 6,000 dacoits.
But l want only.. ..Sher Singh’s death. Mother, don’t worry. l am searching for Sher Singh. l day l find Sher Singh
l will finish him or.. ..else l will change my
name from Suraj Singh. Son, l will serve the food for you. Postman. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, Dholakram. How are you? New money-order. Yes, today is 3rd.
– Yes, today is 3rd. Alright, sir. Who was it, son? Dholakram, who comes on
3rd of every month, mother. Post man.
– Didn’t you tell the jailor? l told him, mother. l told
him many times to stop it. But he said that if we
tell him to stop then.. ..the God-like man’s feeling
will be hurt who is sending.. ..money for so many years. Only God knows what
favor your father did on him. Mother, he doesn’t want to meet us. He even restricted the
jailor from revealing his name. That jailor is a fool! Anyay, no matter what but
mother the day l meet him.. ..my head will bow in
front of him after God. Wait a minute. Hello, Suraj Singh here. Sir, we found Sher Singh’s file. What? The file is found. He is in central jail.
– ln central jail? You bring the file
to the police station. l will come there.
– Alright, sir. Jailor, l am hopeful
that you won’t return me.. ..empty-handed today. My enemy, Sher Singh is
serving life imprisonment.. ..in this prison for man years. And you are the
jailor here for 15 years. You didn’t tell me the name
of that good man who did.. ..favor on me but at
least let me meet my enemy. l promise that l won’t do
anything to him in prison. l will wait for him to
get out of the prison. My search will come to an end. Jailor, my heart will get
peace on get the information.. ..about my destination. Calm down, Suraj. Calm down. Drink a glass of water.
– Water can go to hell! Jailor. l am sorry, jailor. l am sorry. After searching for many
years when l found out that.. ..my enemy, Sher Singh,
is in this prison.. ..then l got excited with happiness. Jailor, just one time. Only
one time please take me to.. ..to Sher Singh, jailor. Suraj, he is not here.
– Jailor. Suraj, l know that you
are searching for him. Still l didn’t inform you about him. Do you know why? Actually it is such a
secret which l have kept.. ..hidden in my heart till today. You are a cop
therefore l will tell you. He escaped from here after few days. l kept this a secret so that
this prison and the police.. ..won’t get disgraced. Jailor, in this file it is
clearly stated that Sher Singh.. ..has surrendered himself. Then why would he flee. What are you talking about, Suraj? You know very well that we
cannot trust thieves and.. ..dacoits even if they surrender. We secretly searched for him. But we couldn’t find him. l think.. l think that
he must he dead by now. No, jailor. No. Don’t
utter such bad words. l pray to God that Sher
Singh should live even my years.. ..of life. So that he will be alive
and l can kill him with my.. ..own hands. l think you would waster you
time and energy by doing this. Because even if Sher
Singh is alive, he would.. ..have changed his
appearance and his name. You won’t be able to recognize him. l will recognize him
in one glance, jailor. ln my heart, my mind and
my eyes his image is as.. ..clear as it was many years ago. Greetings, Jailor.
– Bahadur Singh. This.. this are the first
flowers from the new garden. l thought l should take it for you. You did the right thing.
Put it there. – Ok. l am sorry. l forgot my file here. Jailor. Jailor.
– Yes. Look, all the plants from the first
yield are so beautiful. They really smell sweet. Really the fragrance is very sweet. Bahadur Singh.
– Yes. Do you know something?
The boy whom you raised.. ..with your hard-earned
money has become SSP today. Thank you God. He is SSP now. Today l am very happy. May God help him progress
every day and every night! May his entire wish come true! Why? Don’t you want
anything in return? What could l want in return, jailor? God knows everything. lf He
thinks that l have really.. ..repented then he
should provide food for.. ..my wife and son. l don’t want anything else, jailor. l don’t want anything else. Save me. Save me. Oh God! Save me. Save me. Take me out of here. Don’t worry.
Everything will be fine. Hurry up. Lie still. l will pull you out. l will pull you. ls this the way to get someone out? The door was closed. The
luggage was on the top. How else could l have got you out? Couldn’t you first take
out the luggage before me? ldiot! Yes, l am. Otherwise l
wouldn’t have come.. ..here leaving my work to help you. Hey! Where are you going? Look, madam. My mother has
warned me from fighting. l have tolerated on
being called an idiot. lf you curse me in
English again then l will.. ..give you one
lndian slap. Understood. Do you know who l am? l am the daughter of the
biggest landlord of this area. What is the new thing about it? Every girl is someone’s daughter. l am going. lt is evening. At night snakes and
scorpions come out on the path. Snake and scorpion!
– Yes. lt is a wild area. ln cities humans come out.
Here snakes and scorpions.. ..come out. Please help me fix my car. Mechanic is 10 km
away form this place. Nothing can happen
before tomorrow morning. So what should l do? Sit in the car and
wait for tomorrow morning. And remember one more thing. Keep your legs inside all the time. Because in place of me
if some wild animal.. ..like bear, tiger, gorilla
pulled your leg out then.. ..all you English
curses will be in vain. Bye. Wait. What is it now? Who else is there in your house? My mother and my sister. l am unmarried therefore
l don’t have any child. Alright. l will come with you. l will spend the night there. Ok, come. What is it now? Luggage. How far is your house? lf you come with me then
it will take only 7 steps.. ..and many more if you don’t. Where are your
mother and your sister? You said.. – l said l
have a mother and a sister. l didn’t say that they are home. Why didn’t you tell me? Because you didn’t ask me. Both of them went to the temple. They will return tomorrow morning. ln the morning?
– Yes, why? Both of us.. alone in this house. So, what happened?
– What happened? l will stay in the car. Wait or else l will
give you one slap and.. ..keep all your teeth in your palm. My mother and my
sister live in this house. This house is not less
than a temple. Understood. You will sleep inside
and l will sleep outside. What happened now?
– l am hungry. Everything is there in the kitchen. Cook and eat it. l don’t know how to cook food. You only know how to eat.
– Yes. After all you are a
daughter of a big man. l can give you tea and toast. l too know how to make tea. Because making tea is
the most difficult work. l will bring it now. What happened? What happened? Let go of my hand. What happened? What are you doing? Somnath, you. Tell me,
what is the matter? We performed worship of Shiva. l have brought the offering. But that madam..
– That madam is a bit.. Give it to me. Hail Bolenath!
– Hail Bholenath Hail Bolenath!
– Hail Bholenath He left. You courageous lady! You
wanted to sleep in the car. You got scared on
seeing a rural man. l am bringing. l am bringing tea. Hurry up. Madam, take tea. You ate all the sweets. l like sweets very much and
l was feeling very hungry. But these sweets
contained ‘ Bhang’ (drug). Oh my God! l get shaken
up on eating 2 sweets. l am a courageous madam.
l don’t get shaken up. ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”My heart sways merrily.”
– ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”My heart sways merrily.” ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”What is this sound?
What is this heartbeat?” ”Heart, heart, heart.” ”This sound is
coming from the heart.” ”You, you, you.” ”You are the thief of my heart.” ”This sound is
coming from the heart.” ”You are the thief of my heart.” ”l will lodge a
complaint against you..” ”..in the police station
that you are a thief.” ”My heart sways merrily.” ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”Chime. Chime. Chime.” ”What is this chiming sound?” ”Chime. Chime. Chime.” ”What is this chiming sound?” ”This, this, this.” ”What is this secret, after all?” ”What is this chiming sound?” ”What is this secret, after all?” ”Oh God! This is the
sound of my anklet.” ”My heart sways merrily.” ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”Hey! Why are you
sitting in the house?” ”Let’s go outside.” ”Come, come, come.” ”Let’s get in the
depth of the river.” ”We, we, we.” ”We should kiss the cloud.” ”Let’s get in the
depth of the river.” ”We should kiss the cloud.” ”ln this unseasoned rain
we should dance merrily.” ”My heart sways merrily.” ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of hiccups l got?” ”l got it. l got it. l got it.” ”What kind of
craving my heart has got?” ”My heart sways merrily.” ”l dance merrily.” ”You too come and swing with me.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” ”Swing, swing, swing.” Oh, so you are awake. Take tea. Where are my clothes? Do you remember what
you did last night? What? You exhausted both of us last night. You ate sweets of
intoxicating hemps. You got drenched in rain. lf l had not removed
your clothes then.. So, you removed my clothes. What else could l have done? What if the wet clothes
would have made you ill? But the way, don’t worry. l did it with these hands
in the cover of blanket. These eyes didn’t see anything. l swear on mother. Mother! O God! My mother has come.
lf she sees you like this.. ..then what will happen to me. Please wear your clothes. Please. l will wear it when
you will go outside. Outside! Yes. Outside. Outside. O God! Outside. Outside. ldiot. Mother. You have come, mother. How was the fair to the visit?
l mean visit to the fair. l mean the visit to the Shiv temple. What is the matter, brother? You are talking
topsy-turvy in the morning. Topsy-turvy? Am l talking
topsy-turvy, mother? – Fool. Mother! Mother, you must be tired.
– No, no. You are tired.
– No, no. You look exhausted. What
happened to you, mother? You have traveled so far by
bus. You are tired, mother. What is the matter?
Today you are taking.. ..good care of your mother? You go and bring a glass of water. Water. Water! Tulsi, Tulsi, Tulsi. l will bring the water, Tulsi. Tulsi. Tulsi, you
should rest. Tulsi. What is the matter, brother? You are taking care
of your sister too. Hear this. Both of you
have come from pilgrimage. Tulsi. Tulsi, sit down.
l will bring the water. Tulsi, sit down. My dear sister. Sit down, Tulsi. Aunt, girl. Mother, she is a girl. l was in a problem.
She helped me out. Her car broke down.
And my tyre was out. Mother, l will bring water. l will bring water. l will bring it. l will tell you,
what happened, mother? Where did this girl come from? l have brought
this danger on myself. Brother. Tulsi! Tulsi, l swear on you.
l didn’t do anything. Give me the commission
to calm aunt’s anger. Tulsi, l swear her
car broke down here. lt is a coincidence.
lt is a coincidence. Come. Aunt has called you.
– No. Do you know what
punishment l have decided for you? You will escort Aarti to her house? You fulfilled your duty.
l am proud of you. Mother. Father. Father. Come, my darling daughter. My little princess. Raise your cheeks. Now you studies are over so
from today you will stay here. l too want this only, father. But why did you come suddenly? You should have informed me. lf l had informed you
then l wouldn’t have got.. ..this much love. You clever girl. Vijay. Come inside. Father, he is Vijay. Greetings.
– Greetings. God knows what would have
happened if l had not met him. What happened? My car had an accident. Did you get injured?
– Don’t worry, father. l am fine. Thank God. What is your name?
– Vijay. l near the Mountain street. My business is selling horses. Oh, so you are the
one who had a fight.. ..with Gangua, the hooligan. Yes. He fled or else l
would have broken his bones. Vijay, you talk to father.
l will bring tea. Servant will bring
the tea, daughter. No, father. He made tea
himself twice since last night.. ..for me. Now it is my turn. Since last night?
– Yes, father. l had accident last evening. l stayed at Vijay’s
house for the whole night. l will be back. Get aside. l want to make tea. Madam, you?
– Shut up. What is this? You helped my daughter. This is your reward. Mr. Chaudhari, l fulfilled my duty. But l think that it is a favor. l have the habit of
repaying the favors done on me. These hands too don’t have
the habit of taking charity.. ..Mr. Chaudhari. Wealth can be the
price of a commodity. But it cannot be the
compensation for favor. lf you want to repay the
favor then say just one word. Thank you. This poor will get everything. Good day. Father, where is Vijay? He left, daughter.
– He left? Yes, he was in a hurry. He seemed to be in a hurry. Come, Aarti. How did you know that it was me? lf mother or Tulsi
had been here then.. ..Pritam wouldn’t have given a call. Your Pritam is strange. He is just like me. He cannot tolerate wrong words. And he accepts when
they say right things. Which words of mine did you like? Not even one till now. How can a boy like a
girl who calls him idiot.. ..during their first meeting? ldiot. l want to learn riding. Will you teach me? Riding is an art. lt is a skill. And it is important to
know about any art or skill. l will do as you say. Look, the horse is very sentimental. l mean, emotional. lf he is not ready
then no one can ride him. What is the method
to make him ready? There is only one method. Love. First, you should
come close to the horse. Then you should call
his name with love. You should pat him and caress him. And you should love him. What are you doing? Why? What happened? Nothing.
– Nothing? You mount him. l will teach you. How are you, Tulsi? l am fine. Tulsi, it was good that you came. Tell mother that l
will be late for supper. But where are you going? l am going to teach riding to Aarti. Oh!
– What is this? Commission. For telling something
and for hiding something. Tulsi, you rob
your brother too much. But l have to lie for you. Take this. Brother, hold Aarti
tightly or else you might fall.. ..teaching her. Your rein is now in her hand. Move, Pritam. Come on. Sir, one of the dacoits’
horses that was confiscated.. ..by the police had this mark. Don’t stop before
ending you statement. Tell me! The sign is of that stable
where these horses were bred. Our inquiry has revealed
that the owner of that stable.. ..is Vijay. That Vijay will be in trouble! Hey! Mr. who are you?
– Are you Vijay.. ..the owner of this farm? lt is called
ill-mannered to come like this.. ..at someone’s place. Do you make a V mark
like this on each horse? First answer my question. Who are you? Answer my questions
truthfully or else l will.. ..make your life miserable. lf you didn’t answer my
question in one minute.. ..then l will make
this mark on your face. And believe me it won’t
be cleared till you die. Hey Lad! Mind your language. Get out of here or else
your mother will wonder.. ..if her son could
talk or was born dumb. And if my suspicion
is confirmed then.. ..SSP Suraj Singh will
make you whole family dumb. l don’t like to show my card. But it is necessary to show
to shut up a horse like you. l am a soldier’s son, officer. l know how to respect the law. But l don’t like some cop
coming in front of me like this. l am not here to know
about you likes and dislikes. l came to know whether you put
a V-sign of all the horses.. ..or not. Yes, but what do the
cops have to do with it? Few days ago there was a
looting in Sonapur village. Police got hold of many
horses of those dacoits who.. ..were killed during
fighting with the police. And one of the horses had a V mark. Doesn’t it prove that you
supply horses to dacoits? My job is to breed horses
and sell them in the market. l don’t know if the buyer
is a dacoit or a merchant. lf l had not thought of this
point, boy, then l would.. ..have not come for the
enquiry but to arrest you. Remember one thing. l am not fully satisfied. The day l would find out
that you have connections.. ..with the dacoits that
day you will be in trouble. Thank you, friend. Because of this mad cop
l almost forgot that.. ..Aarti must be waiting for me. Aarti, Aarti. What happened? Vijay, if possible,
please forgive me. Forgive you? l didn’t understand. What has happened? Father has fixed my marriage.
– What? l know that you truly love me. But.. Tell me clearly. What is the matter? Swear..
– Don’t bind me with swear. l will tell you. He is my childhood friend. We played together
and grew up together. Father says that only
childhood friend can become.. ..the true life partner. Your father says so. What do you think?
– l am helpless, Vijay. l cannot break the
heart of Saajan (darling). Saajan? lt is the name of my friend. l won’t tell you to
break your Saajan’s heart. But l would like to ask
you, if you already had.. ..a Saajan in your life
then why did you show.. ..me dreams of love. Disloyal! You had respect,
love, wealth, everything. Then why did you play with
the desires of this poor man. Vijay, l..
– Pain is the destiny of poor. l will live with its support. But you.. You are heartless.
l can’t even curse you. Vijay, stop. Vijay, stop. Vijay, l was kidding. l swear on you. You
are my Saajan. Only you. “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “Let’s make a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “Let’s make a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “You are in the nights.
You are in my sleep.” “Only you are in my dreams.” “You are the happiness of my heart.” “You are the desire of my life.” “You are in the nights.
You are in my sleep.” “Only you are in my dreams.” “You are the happiness of my heart.” “You are the desire of my life.” “Let’s make a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “If you get upset with me someday..” “..then I will die of this pain.” “If you are not with me
then without you..” “..my life means nothing.” “If you get upset with me someday..” “..then I will die of this pain.” “If you are not with me
then without you..” “..my life means nothing.” “Let’s make a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “Whether we are alive or dead..” “..we won’t get separated.” “Whether in this world
or in heaven..” “..I will be with you.” “Whether we are alive or dead..” “..we won’t get separated.” “Whether in this world
or in heaven..” “..I will be with you.” “It is a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “It is a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” Your Vijay has come young.
– Ganga. A beautiful girl has
come in his life now. I like the girl very much. Thank you God. Thanks a million. Where did you go?
– To meet Vijay. I want to know the reason. Actually..
– Look, child. Don’t do such things for
which you cannot.. ..give any answer? From today you won’t go to meet him. Wait a minute, father. I couldn’t answer you
because I respect you.. ..and not because I
did anything wrong. I like Vijay. I want to.. You want to marry a boy who
is poor and sells horses. We don’t even know anything
about his family. We don’t know about their status. A person status is not made
by his work and wealth.. ..but by his virtue and his family. And he belongs to a
family of soldiers.. ..that protect the country. If anyone finds a fault in
him then I will say that.. ..he himself doesn’t
have a good family. You impudent girl! If you had not been
my only child then.. ..I would have cut your tongue. Gangua, my own daughter,
my own daughter.. ..is keen on ruining my house. What happened, Chaudhari? That scoundrel Vijay is
trapping her in his love. You wanted to take revenge with him. That time has come, Gangua. Long live, Chaudhari. You can be sure the Vijay’s
life will be cut short. If the enemy is alive then
Gangua cannot sleep. Now I will kill that fool and
sleep soundly. Peacefully. Vijay! Vijay! Bhairav. Vijay. Vijay. Get up, son. Vijay, Vijay.
– Brother. Brother. You fool! That day you
were very furious. Gangua.
– No! No, leave him.
– Let go of me. Run away. Is he the same Gangua with
whom you had a quarrel? Yes, sir. He escaped. If he comes in my hand again then
I will kill that scoundrel. Anyway. You come with me. Where are you taking my brother? I am not taking him as
a cop but as a friend. Because I am sure that Vijay
has no connection.. ..with the dacoits. Thank God. Now can I take your brother? You have made yourself trust-worthy
by becoming a friend. Suraj Singh makes friendship
with very few people. And Suraj Singh has the bad habit
of fulfilling his friendship. Come with me. I will deal with that cop later. First tell me fool, why
did you grab my gun? Tell me. Vijay is the son of our
old friend, Sher Singh. Sher Singh’s son.
– Yes, chief. I know Sher Singhs’ wife very well. Who is this mouse, whom you
are calling Sher Singh? Sher Singh is such a man that
if he enter the forest.. ..then even the lions will
flee from his fear. Gangua, right now forget
about taking revenge.. ..with Vijay. To take revenge with
Sher Singh’s family.. ..you don’t need brawn but brain. Vijay. Vijay! From where did you get this gun? Suraj Singh has given
it to me for security. This doesn’t know to protect
but only to kill. It kills the person for whose
security it is picked up and.. ..the person again whom
it is picked up. This is the angel of death, son. An angel of death made by humans. If Gangua tried to attack
us again then.. ..I will kill him with
this angel of death. And you would become
a dacoit by taking.. ..the law in your own hand. Mother.
– Don’t dare to touch it again. The gun that made you a
dacoit was picked up.. ..today by your son. I snatched the gun that came
between the husband and.. ..wife like a terror from
you son’s hand today. But I won’t be able to snatch
it again and again. I have spent the journey
of your life without you. But now.. now my steps
are becoming shaky. I don’t understand what should I do? Jailor.
– What is the matter, Bahadur Singh? Jailor. Till today I never felt that
I have obligations towards.. ..my wife and my son. Till today I never thought
to do anything for them. But today.. today I am worried
after reading this letter. It is written that some
men have become.. ..enemies of my son’s life. Even my son has decided
to kill them. Before some incident happens
please get me out of here. Please decrease the term
of my punishment, jailor. Let me go from here. Or else the day the father will
be release after serving.. ..punishment, the son will enter
in to serve punishment. I will do my best. And I am sure that because
of your good record.. ..your will be pardon from
the rest of the term. Thank you very much, jailor. Thank you very much. What happened? Who screamed? Look mother, Tulsi scared me. I am making you develop a habit. Brother does such pranks
all the time. Tulsi.
– What is it, aunt? Can’t I even joke with my
would-be sister-in-law? You stop all your pranks now. What will the others say when
you go to their house.. ..after marriage? That this is what your
aunt taught you. Other’s house. – Yes, we are
talking about her marriage. Let’s see what happens.
– Sit down. Great! Now I will tease Tulsi. Shut up! Where is Vijay, mother? He went with Suraj Singh. He said that instead of selling
horses in the market.. ..he should supply
them to the police. But, why did you come here now? I came to give you father’s message. He requested you to come
home to this evening. Greetings. Do you know why I have
called you here? Yes .To talk about marriage proposal. Whose marriage? My son and your daughter. Before accepting marriage
proposal we have.. ..to think about other
relations too. If you are taking about the
difference of status between.. ..us then I would say that
you may be wealthy but we.. ..too don’t starve, Mr. Chaudhari. With hard work my son makes
enough money to fulfill.. ..all this responsibilities
with honour. Fulfill only responsibilities
is not called life. The roof under which you
are standing is worth.. ..more than ten times your house. Chaudhari, I am not like those
women who will beg at.. ..the doorstep of a rich man for
his son’s marriage proposal. And plead for it. If you have called me to insult
me like this then I would.. ..be better for me
to leave from here. I have called you to leave only. To get out of this house,
my daughter’s life.. ..and even from this area. If this is your advice then I will
consider it your ignorance. But if this is a threat then I will
say that don’t dare to take.. ..any such step for which you
have to regret in future. Ganga! – If you know my
name then you would.. ..even know that I am
a soldier’s wife. And my son is a soldier’s son. Our family doesn’t become
scared by some threat. You are lying. The man who
is the father of your son.. ..and who is your husband,
I know his real name.. ..his real profession. Why? What happened? Why did you become quiet
all of a sudden? Are you feeling thirsty?
Do you want water? No. Then, listen. I will tell you. That man’s name is Sher Singh. Dacoit Sher Singh. People
used to cower because.. ..of his cruelty. He killed husbands of so many wives. He killed sons of so many mothers. And made so many children
orphans and.. ..threw them in the street. Yes, yes. My husband was a dacoit. Circumstances forced
him to become dacoit. But his conscience and
his good soul made.. ..him repent for his crimes. The penance which made dacoit
Valmiki a saint.. ..can it make my husband a
decent man of the society. This is all stories of book, Ganga. I have also read the
stories of Valmiki. But the truth is that you are
dacoit Sher Singh’s wife. And when people will find
this out then you will be.. ..defamed and disgraced
in this society. You son is proud of being
a soldier’s son and.. ..announces it everywhere will
be ruined in this truth. He won’t be able to face
people’s taunting words. And you were talking about
the passionate blood.. ..if it makes your
son furious then.. ..he will either kill 2-4
people and become dacoit.. ..like his father or he
will commit suicide. No! No! You came with marriage proposal
for my daughter. First go and rectify
your relationship.. ..with your husband, and your
family with the society.. ..and your son with his father. Yes, if all these relationships
are rectified then.. ..you can come with marriage
proposal for my daughter. All the doors of my house
will be open for you. If you can’t do it then break
all your ties with this.. ..village and go away from
here forever with your son. Or else I am afraid your son’s
life might get in trouble. Aunt. Father, why did aunt left
crying from here? She remembered her old relations. I am sure you must have
said something wrong. Aarti, I am your father. Because of my love you shouldn’t
forget your manners. Father, I will talk to aunt.. Aarti! From today you won’t
get out of this house. Come upstairs with me. Father!
– Come. – Father! Don’t dare to step out
of this house now. Aunt, you have come.
– Oh! Mother is back. Mother. Mother. Mother. Tulsi, I will kill you.
Where are you going? Come here. I won’t leave you. Aunt is back.
– Mother, fix her married soon. She has become very naughty, mother. You want me to marry soon
so that you can also.. ..get married. But as you are elder you will get
married first. – Isn’t it, aunt? If you two want to talk
nonsense then go out. Leave me alone. What is the matter, mother? Why are you so quiet?
Tell me, mother. Did the Chaudhari say
something wrong to you? I swear on you mother, if he
said something wrong to you.. ..or hurt your heart then I
will cut his tongue, mother. I said I have headache.
You two go outside. No, mother. We won’t go out. I bind you with my oath, mother.
Tell me. – What happened, mother? Vijay.
– Mother, you are crying. Tell me the truth, mother.
Or else I will burn.. ..Chaudhari’s house. I will incinerate his richness. Vijay, do you love your mother? More than God, mother. But.. Can you make one promise?
– Mother.. First promise me. Yes, mother. I promise. You forget about Aarti, son.
– Mother! What are you saying, aunt? I am saying the right thing. She is the daughter of a rich man. She was raised in luxury. She
can’t live with our Vijay. If wealth is the only hurdle
between us then.. ..I will earn more money
than Chaudhari, mother. From where will you bring that
honor, pride and prestige.. ..that is with her? Do you know she is very
high class family? So, is a soldier’s family
of low class, mother? Soldier. Soldier. Soldier. Your father was in army. But for so many years there
is no news of him. A single woman who raises
her children without.. ..the support of her husband
can be target.. ..of society’s taunt. But the world knows that
he went on the front.. ..to fight a battle, mother. He is the prisoner of enemies. And the proof of it will be
in the military records.. ..of government files, mother. And I will bring this proof
to satisfy this society. There is no proof of this fact. There is no proof. It means that you have lied to me. My father was not in
the army. He was.. Who was my father? What
was his profession? Tell me, mother. Who married you and left
you shelter-less? Who is the one whose blood
is running in my body? Who has forced you to weep
for you whole life? Who is the one whom
you still worship? Who is the one who has disgraced
you in the society? I will kill him. Tell me the name of that scoundrel,
mother. – Tell me. Don’t dare to say anything
against him. For you it should be enough
that your mother lives.. ..with the support of his
name and one day she will.. ..die with his name. The name which has humiliated you.. ..the name which has
ruined my love.. ..from today I will erase
that name from my life. My father is dead for me from today. Vijay. Who? Who is it? What do you want? I am thirsty. I will bring water. “When I saw you, you came .. .. like the dawn in my life.” .. still part of my life.” “I couldn’t cry my heart .. .. out embracing you.” “You are mine but you
.. .. couldn’t become mine.” “We couldn’t unite even
after meeting.” “What kind of meeting is this?” “Even before meeting we
have to get separated.” “Everything was ruined even
before getting settled.” “If sometimes it comes.” “If sometimes the days
of happiness come..” “..then it get incinerated.” “Even before meeting we
have to get separated.” “Everything was ruined even
before getting settled.” “My dear. O my dear.” Ganga. Ganga. How are you, Ganga? How are you? After coming out of prison
and before reaching home.. ..I had made many dreams. I thought.. I thought
our Vijay will see me.. ..and embrace me calling me father. But I think the battle
of my life won’t end. When will this battle end? When will this separation end? Maybe.. maybe I have not
yet paid for my crimes. But you.. you don’t worry. I am here now. I will live this
life.. I will live for you. I will live for my son.
I will live for Tulsi. I will do everything for everyone. Vijay.. Vijay loves Aarti very much. But Aarti’s father..
Aarti’s father.. Aarti’s father is not ready. Don’t lose courage. I am back. Now nobody will point
a finger on them. I will fulfill Vijay’s desires.
Yes. – Yes, Ganga. Ganga, Ganga. You go
now. You go home. Someone might see you. Go. Vijay. Can you make a promise
to this mother? What? You will make Aarti
my sister-in-law. Mother, what are you saying? But you make me promise that.. Vijay, now nobody will come
between you and your love. Not even my promise. I will go to meet Aarti.
– Yes. I want to meet Aarti. You can’t meet Aarti.
– Why? Because Aarti herself doesn’t
want to meet you. This not Aarti’s wish but
your wish, Mr. Chaudhari. But now we will do what we want. Before the only son
of your mother dies.. ..return back quietly. I have come here because of
that mother’s command.. ..Mr. Chaudhari. And I won’t leave without
meeting Aarti. Alright, you will meet Aarti now. Vijay has come to meet you. Vijay!
– Wait. He will aim at Vijay. You will go and tell him that
you don’t want to meet him. If you say even one more word then.. ..he will be shot dead. Vijay. Vijay, go from here. I don’t want to meet you. Aarti. Aarti, what are
you.. you saying? I am telling the truth. Go
away and never come back. Listen to me, Aarti. There is no need to
say or hear anything. You can go now. “Come. My darling.” “Come. My darling.” “Come. My darling.” “My darling. My darling.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “Now that we are in love we won’t..” “..be afraid of the consequences.” “But as long as we are live
we won’t defame love.” “Even if we have to leave
this world and even if..” “..God gets upsets with us.” “We won’t break the
promise of love.” “The enemy of love will see
the craziness of love.” “Promise. Promise.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “We won’t care for this world.” “We are from the new generation.” “No one can put shackles
of atrocities on love.” “The loving hearts will
break all the bonds.” “What is the use of living
after losing in love?” “Promise. Promise.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “Whether we are alive or dead,
we won’t be separated.” “Whether it is this
world or heaven..” “..I will be there where you are.” “Whether we are alive or dead,
we won’t be separated.” “Whether it is this
world or heaven..” “..I will be there where you are.” “Promise.
– Promise.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” “My darling, come.” “My darling, come.” “We made a promise in love.” “We will never separate
from each other.” No! No! Let go of me. Vijay. Vijay. Vijay. Vijay. If you want to live
then go from here. Before I get furious with anger
all of you go from here. What happened? What happened? There is nothing to worry.
It is just a small wound. Apply hot turmeric. Come. Come inside. Brother. What happened to brother? Tulsi go inside. Bring
heated turmeric. Listen. Where are you going? I am going to take revenge
for these wounds. This man will pay for my wounds. Who is he, sir? Bhairav Singh. Sher
Singh’s old friend. Send his picture in all
the police stations. I want this man alive. Sir, Vijay was brutally beaten
up by Chaudhari’s men. What are you saying? You know sir, that Mr.
Chaudhari is a.. ..very influential man. He has relationship with high
officials therefore.. ..nobody lodged a complaint.. ..Chaudhari will pay for it. Chaudhari. Hey! Chaudhari.
– Who is it? Sher Singh, you can’t imagine
how happy I am.. ..to see you after so many years. I repented for 14 years to get
rid of all the past memories. You can imagine how distressed.. ..I am to see a part of
that past, Daulat Singh. Here people call me Mr. Chaudhari. Really. Then I am called
Bahadur Singh. But there is a difference
between both of us. Your 14 years of repentance
is a proof that you were.. ..dacoit Sher Singh who
has changed his name.. ..to Bahadur Singh. But there is not record that
I was or I am Daulat Singh. If you had listened to me and
not surrendered to police.. ..then even you could have
take up the disguise.. ..of a respected person and
lived a comfortable life. You have only cleaned up the
clothes you are wearing.. ..Daulat Singh. In other word, you have
covered your crimes.. ..with the cover of wealth. But I.. I have purified
my soul with my penance. I have become heeded
to my consciousness. Look at this. Can you see this blood? This is my son’s blood. Few years ago, I had seen blood of my mother, father, sister
and brother-in-law. That day I became furious
on seeing that blood. I shed blood to take revenge. Even today I can shed blood. But I won’t do that. Because 14 years of penance
has taught me that.. ..there is no end to the
feeling of revenge. There is no end to it. What if I call it your cowardice? You should worship this cowardice.. ..because of which you, your
friends and your house.. ..is saved. Or else the ferocity of
my anger would have.. ..incinerated all of you. Dault Singh, listen to me carefully. I love my son more than my life. If someone tries to come between
him and his love.. ..then I will kill him. I can also threaten you, Shera.
– You can’t threaten me. You are forgetting that we both
are on the same platform. I didn’t reveal anything
about you to repay for.. ..the favors done by you. But now I can expose you. And if I decide to do this then
only you will be ruined.. ..because penance has taught
me the art of survival. Mr. Chaudhari.
– Come. Come, Mr. Suraj. Welcome. I know that you are friend with
high officials of this area. You are right. I have special
affection for the cops.. ..But till today you have seen
only cops who are friends.. ..but I am your enemy. And I am enemy of all those
who do illegal work and.. ..deeds in my area. SSP Suraj Singh, to maintain
peace and harmony.. ..his area, treats a small
pickpocket and.. ..millionaires equally.. ..Even if he is friend
with high official. Even if he is friend with the
prime minister of this country. You can get this fact confirmed
with your friends. Look, Mr. Suraj.. I am warning you, Mr. Chaudhari. If you men tries to hurt
Vijay again then I will.. ..break their hands
and give it to you. And after that I will arrest
you along with them. I heard that law was famous
for taking action. But today I learnt that
it is full of words. Mr. Chaudhari, if you want to
see the effects of my words.. ..then one time.. just one time
do a small illegal work. I will fix you. Aunt.
– Yes. The man who brought
brother was uncle. How did you know? You never talked to someone before.. ..the way you were talking to him. Why doesn’t he stay in the house? He came to stay. But when he
saw the feeling of hatred.. ..his son had for him, he left
after quenching only thirst. But where was he till today. In prison. God know who had cast
his evil eyes on our.. ..happy life, Tulsi. Your uncle was in army. But one day, the landlord
and his few men.. He completed his prison term. But my prison term
is still not over. It is the duty of the wife
to serve his husband. But I can’t do it. A mother’s duty is to unite
his son with his father. But I can’t even do that.
– Mother. Vijay. When did you wake up? When you were telling
about father, mother. Vijay, that is.. Mother, I am proud to be
a son of such a father. Mother, the person
whom you worship.. ..you have told about his miracle. Now tell me how a son can
apologize to his father. Enough, son. Just call him father. He.. will embrace you. Father. Father. Son. Son. Say again, what did you say?
– Father. Son, to hear this word I was
restless for so many years. Son.
– Father. Son.
– Mother said it right. My son. – You call him father
and he will embrace you. Vijay, that day when I heard
you I thought that.. ..you will never accept
me in this life.. ..and you will never
call me ‘father’. Please forgive me, father. You forgive me, son. Because I kept you away from
me for so many years. But now.. now I won’t keep
you away. – Father. I won’t keep you away, son. – Father. Tulsi. Don’t be upset son. I
fixed your engagement.. ..without asking your permission. Do you like her? Mother, who won’t like such
a decent, kind girl.. ..from a good family? I have fixed your engagement
day after tomorrow. Day after tomorrow. But I won’t be able to come
home for 2 days. – Why? I got information that Bhairav
and his friends.. ..are going to attack
Maanpur village. Give me your blessing, mother.. ..so that I get success
in arresting him. My blessing is always with you, son. But on your engagement, if.. Mother, once I get hold
of Sher Singh.. ..then forget engagement,
I will even get married. SSP has brutally beaten Bhairav. He might reveal our secret. Before he opens his mouth I
will blow our enemy’s brain. I am just waiting to get
my daughter married. Child Aarti’s marriage. With whom? I have fixed her marriage with
a mill owner’s son in the city. We will take here there
tomorrow in the night.. ..and we will get her married. Aarti. What is the matter, Aarti? You have
come at this hour. – ..of the night. If I had not come at this
hour tonight then.. ..it would have become the
last night of my life. What are you saying? Father wants me to marry
someone else tomorrow. It can never happen, Aarti. Take me away from here, Vijay. So far that my father
won’t reach there. What you are saying is right.
But to flee like this.. We don’t have any other
option, Vijay. Please support me or else
I will commit suicide. Aarti. Let’s go. Son, your sister’s engagement
is tomorrow. Marriage party doesn’t
come in the house of.. ..the sister of a boy who
elopes with a girl.. ..but only disgrace
comes in her house. I heard everything. Aarti will surely come
in this house.. ..but in a grand manner. But my father won’t
allow that to happen. Your father will do what I want. You scoundrel. How did Aarti
escaped from the house? Jeeva. I know that you are my loyal. But even a minor incident
of a respected family.. ..shouldn’t be exposed. If you are so scared
of getting defamed.. ..then do allow such
incidents to happen. Special when I involved love. Why are you here? How did I come here? I came to return the
honour of your house. Aarti. Come inside. Where did you go so
late in the night? To meet Vijay. Shameless girl! Chaudhari, you shouldn’t raise
your hands at lovers. She is my son’s love. Who says that?
– I do. Aarti!
– I want to marry his son. It is not possible as
long as I am alive. This marriage cannot
take place without.. ..father’s blessing, Chaudhari. Therefore it is important
for you to live. Parents decide what is
good and what is bad.. ..for their children. Who are we to make the decision? These 2 loving hearts have
already made the decision.. ..who love each other. Listen to me, Chaudhari. Aarti will stay with you as
my belonging till I come.. ..to take her with Vijay’s
marriage party. As an old friend I am placing
this trust on you.. ..before leaving. Yes, I forgot to tell you something. Tomorrow Tulsi’s engagement
is there. I know that you won’t come there. But it is very important
for Aarti to come there. I hope you won’t disappoint me. “My God! My God! My God! My God!” “My dear. My dear.
My dear. My dear.” “Even if you and I are not alive
our love will be alive.” “Today I have said this
tomorrow the..” “..whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Even if you and I are not alive
our love will be alive.” “Today I have said this
tomorrow the..” “..whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Love cannot be plundered.” “Love cannot be erased.” “It increases as much
as it is shared.” “Love cannot diminish.” “Love cannot be plundered.” “Love cannot be erased.” “It increases as much
as it is shared.” “Love cannot diminish.” “Without love in the heart,
heart won’t be heart.” “Today I have said this
tomorrow the..” “..whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Love is oath, loyalty..” “Love is a high, it is
an intoxication..” “Love is smile,
love is happiness..” “Love is the beloved,
it is God..” “the lamp of love will always
be lit in the heart..” “Today I have said this tomorrow
the whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Time where..” “Was annoyed..” “You were always with me..” “Time where was annoyed..” “You were always with me..” “Time lost here..” “But love never did..” “Love will always be here..” “Today I have said this tomorrow
the whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Even if you and I are not alive
our love will be alive.” “Today I have said this tomorrow
the whole world will say this.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” “This world is beautiful
because of love.” “Without love there is nothing.” Sher Singh. You scoundrel,
you ruffian. What are you saying? He is my husband. He is my husband’s killer. He is dacoit Sher Singh. Dacoit Sher Singh. I was Sher Singh, but sister.. Don’t dare to call me your sister
with your impure lips. You have killed my husband. You snatched the love of
a father from my son. Now your funeral procession
and not Tulsi’s palanquin.. ..will be taken out from this house. Wait. Listen to me for a minute. Don’t do this injustice, sister. Have mercy on her. Look, this concerns Tulsi’s life. She doesn’t have any
mother or father. She is orphan. Don’t ruin her life. You can give me any
punishment you want. I beg you. For God’s sake,
please stop. Please stop! Drive fast. If you tell me anything else
besides Sher Singh’s.. ..address then I will force
my hand in your throat.. ..and pull your tongue. Speak up!
– I only know that he is in prison. He escaped from prison, you bastard! Then I don’t know where he is now. I swear, I don’t know. Give me the name and address
of all those people.. ..who were his partners
in his crimes. Sher Singh must have
surely met them. There is only one such
man and he is our.. ..real chief, Chaudhari. Chaurdhari..
– Suraj. Son Suraj. Yes, mother.
– Sher Singh has been found. Where is that scoundrel? Sher Singh! Where are you hiding, coward?
Come outside. Where is Sher Singh? He is not at home. You said it right. You are
fulfilling your obligation.. ..of friend in the right way. I took the oath of enmity
before making friendship. And I have a very old habit
of fulfilling my enmity. I am sorry for whatever happened. It will be good for all
of us to forget the past. I am sorry to say that your
husband, Sher Singh.. ..will die at my hand. Suraj Singh. I know my husband very well.
You are the only son.. ..of your mother. I am afraid that she
might lose her son. Only time will tell that. I will see to it. Bloody hell. What are you doing? After
all what is my fault? Your fault is that you are the
son of my father’s killer. What are you saying? That coward is hiding
because of my fear. He will surely come to get you out. And I will take my revenge
by killing him. I can understand your
pain very well, Suraj. But at that time my
father was a dacoit. He has been punished for that crime. Sher Singh’s punishment
will end when he.. ..will be killed with my hands. Suraj. Suraj. Suraj.. Suraj Singh, you used to
plead and fight with me.. ..to meet your well-wisher. Today I have brought
him here to meet you. Where is the kind and generous man? I will call him now. Wait a minute, jailor.
Wait a minute. The man because of him
we have everything.. ..that same holy man is
coming to this house. Mother, give me your shawl. There is no bigger thing that
this to welcome that.. ..holy man. No, Suraj Singh. Even God cannot be given
the right to walk.. ..on mother’s drape. Then how should I show my
devotion towards that.. ..holy man, Jailor? Tell me how. I will do one thing.
I will close my eyes. You bring that holy
man in front of me. I will welcome him by applying
the dust of his feet.. ..on my forehead. I will perform arti (Hindu ritual). You have made my destiny. Today whatever we are,
we are because of you. If it had not been for you
then we would been.. ..living in a very miserable state. Sher Singh. Jailor, what is this joke? This is not a joke but
a truth, Suraj Singh. He is the gardener you
have raised you up.. ..into a fine human being
with his hard labour. No, no, no, no. I don’t believe any of these. He is a killer. He is demon. He is my husband’s killer. Son Suraj, what are you thinking? Kill this man. How can I raise this hand, mother? How can I? I love the man who supported
as much as I hate the man.. ..who has killed my father. It is my love and my hatred. Whom should I end?
Whom should I end? Whom should I end? Arjun, raised his weapon against his relatives.. for
justice. And you are getting tied
in the bond of favors. Your father’s soul needs peace. Your mother wants you to fulfill
your obligations as a son. If you are not coward then
fulfill this duty, son. Fulfill this duty. Sher Singh. You cannot escape
from my hand now. Judge.
– Sher Singh. Remember the day when I shouted
and requested you.. ..to give me death penalty. But you gave me life imprisonment.. ..saying that after serving
my prison term I will.. ..be called a honest
man of the society. I will become an example for
those who are moving.. ..towards the world of crime. And even for those people
who want to get.. ..out of the world of crime. But judge when today I am
living as an honest man.. ..of the society, a protector
of your law has again brought.. ..me on the path from where
a soldier became a dacoit. Who is he? SSP Suraj Singh, who has
taken undue advantage.. ..of his post and arrested
my son Vijay. Not only that but he has also
taken an oath to kill me. Save him from his death, judge. Or else the flame of hatred,
which was subdued.. ..by the penance of 14 years,
will become furious again.. ..then from Suraj Singh’s house
to till court of law.. ..there will be only
fire everywhere. Fire of Sher Singh’s revenge. Before the court is adjourned
SSP Suraj Singh.. ..should be brought in this court. Keep you hand on the Geeta
(holy book) and swear.. ..to say the truth and nothing else. I will only say the truth. SSP Suraj Singh, did you
arrest Sher Singh’s son? Yes.
– For which crime? I arrested him so that Sher
Singh will become.. ..restless for his son and
come in front of me. Why did you want this? Because I want to kill him. Why do you want to kill him? Because he has made me an orphan. He has made my mother a widow. My father was going
to save his life. But he killed him. When did this happen? It happened 15 years from today. At that time he was Sher
Singh, the dacoit. But now he has been punished
for his past crimes. His punishment has not healed
that wound, Your Honour.. ..that was inflicted on my heart
because of my father’s death. My mother’s wish was not
fulfilled that arose.. ..on seeing her husband’s corpse. That oath was not fulfilled
that I took on the pyre.. ..of my father. You are a police officer. You should respect the
decision of the law. At this juncture I would respect
the emotion and not the law.. ..Your Honour. You are lying, Suraj Singh. The man who has sent his
hard earned money.. ..to your for 14 years, because
of whom you got education.. ..and you became a responsible man.. ..whom you have considered your
God for your whole life.. ..if you don’t have respect
for that man in your heart.. ..then all you words and all
your emotions are false. Jailor. Your Honour, I accept that
Sher Singh killed.. ..many people as dacoit. He plundered thousands of houses. But the death of Suraj Singh’s
father became a new.. ..path for his life. The death of that innocent
person changed him.. ..from demon to human. Your Honour, his own wife and
his own son had to wander.. ..in the streets in poverty
but he kept on sending all.. ..his salary to Suraj Singh. So that Suraj Singh would
become something in life. Now think, Your Honour, if Sher
Singh had not done that.. ..then today instead of Suraj
Singh, Sher Singh’s son.. ..would have become a cop and
stood here in his uniform. And Suraj Singh would have
wandered in the streets.. ..with his mother. The compensation for killing
someone’s father and.. ..someone’s husband is to send
his salary for 14 years.. ..then give me permission, judge,
to kill Sher Singh. I promise in this court that I will
give my salary to his wife.. ..and his son for 40 years. Judge, give him the permission. Let him fulfil his desires. But listen something, Suraj Singh.. ..now you won’t be confronted
by a decent citizen.. ..but with the same 14 year
old dacoit, Sher Singh.. ..whose hands never trembled
while killing anyone. Why are your making
claims of 40 years? In 40 minutes your pyre
will burn on this land. You are taking about 40
minutes, Sher Singh. I need only 40 seconds
to fulfil my oath. Order, order, order. This court has heard and tolerated
lots of things.. ..for a long time. SSP Suraj Singh, Sher Singh
killed your father. And you will kill Sher Singh. Sher Singh’s son will kill you. And your son will kill
Sher Singh’s son. If the world had worked
on this law then.. ..there would have been
no need and importance.. ..for cops like you. Suraj Singh, this court orders
you to release immediately.. ..Sher Singh’s son Vijay Singh. And the Sher Singh whom
you want to kill.. ..for today you are responsible
to protect his life. What is this? You are resigning. Sir, the court gave me 2 orders. I have released Sher Singh’s son. But I cannot obey
the 2nd order, sir. It means that you will take
your revenge with Sher Singh. I don’t want to say anything
on whose basis the law.. ..could arrest me and
put me behind the bars. Suraj Singh, you are
playing with fire. There is only fire in my heart. I was raised by fire, sir. Therefore my mother has
not named me Moon.. ..but Suraj (Sun), sir. Suraj Singh’s resignation and
his enmity with Sher Singh. It is very good news for us. I want to take advantage of
this situation and marry.. ..Aarti as soon as possible. I don’t understand why you are
so much afraid of Sher Singh. I am not afraid of Sher Singh
but getting disgraced. If he reveals my secrete then
my fame and prestige and.. ..all this wealth will be ruined. I have talked to the groom’s family. They are ready to marry
in the temple and take.. ..Aarti with them. You go and welcome them. I will bring Aarti. No. No, father. I won’t marry. Stop it, child.
– No, father. No. Let go of me. No, father. Stop this crying.
– Father. No. Let go of me. Come on. Sit down.
– Let go of me. No. Sit quietly.
– Father, please. I don’t want to get married. Priest, start the ceremony. Father. Father. Leave me. No. Let go of me. Beware! If anyone acts smart
then he will lose his life. Come, Aarti. What are you doing? Aarti could get shot. Catch them. Get down. Idiot! So many men couldn’t
even catch an ordinary boy. The whole group is
searching for them. They will be caught very soon. I want my daughter at any cost. At any cost. Yes. Now Sher Singh will bring her to me. Ganga. Tulsi. What is all this.. Ganga. Sher Singh. You son has
fled with my daughter. If you want the lives of
your wife and neice.. ..then bring Aarti to the
den before 8 O’clock. Your chief. Chief. Chief. Chief. Congratulation.
– What is it? Sher Singh is killed. Aarti was not with him.
– No, sir. He came alone. Should we kill both of them, chief? Not now. Gangua will bring Aarti with him. And maybe we will need them
to deal with Vijay. That’s enough, Vijay.
I can’t walk anymore. Don’t worry, Aarti. Now
we are out of danger. Don’t give false hopes
to the girl, boy. The real danger starts from here. I set you free on the
orders of the court. But this time no one can save
you from me till your father.. ..Sher Singh, comes in my hand. Uncle. Catch him. Stop, Sher Singh or else
you wife will be killed. Chaudhary, if there is even
a scar on my Ganga’s neck.. ..then I will rip you apart. Surrender yourself
in front of my men. Or else I will behead your wife. Scoundrel. Sher Singh, now in front of
your eyes I will kill.. ..all your family members.
– Chief. Beware!
– Take her away. Leave me. Leave me. Leave her. No! No! Stop it! He can be dangerous even
when unconscious. You. I fired at the revolver and
not at you, Chaudhary. It means that I have come
here as a friend.. ..not as an enemy. But I have 2 conditions, Chaudhary. Conditions? The first condition is to
tell your men to get away.. ..from Tulsi because I don’t
spare the lives of those.. ..who try to attack the
respect of a woman. All of you move back. And the 2nd condition. I have taken the oath
to kill Sher Singh. Only I will kill him. You want me to accept your
condition because you.. ..have this toy with 5 bullets. Forget about this toy, Chaudhary. I have such a toy that you
will be devastated.. ..if it gets shattered. What do you mean? Come. Aarti.
– Father, you are a dacoit. I am ashamed to call you my father. Where did you find them? I went to Sher Singh’s
house to look for him. I found the letter written by you. I was sure that Sher Singh
would surely come.. ..to meet you. I got hold of your daughter
to take him back. Suraj Singh, because of
the feeling of revenge.. ..my husband’s life was ruined The happiness of our
house was destroyed. If you take the same path then
your life will become hell. Suraj Singh knows very well
what is hell and what is.. ..heaven for him. Beware! Drop your weapons. Or else I will blow your chief’s
brain like a balloon. Drop it. Chaudhary, I could have made
this move by keeping.. ..your daughter at the gunpoint. But all your men are loyal to
you and not to your daughter. Therefore I had to keep
you at the gunpoint. Does it mean that you are
not Sher Singh’s enemy? I am Sher Singh’s enemy. But I am not a scoundrel to
let these women die and.. ..let the love of these
innocents be ruined. I will surely kill Sher
Singh, Chaudhary. But after saving all of them. And after killing all of you. You cop. When I found out that Vijay
and Aarti are in your hand.. ..I brought your mother. No, no. Why are you leaping here, fool? Bravo. Live long, Gangua. From today the booty will
be divided in 3 parts. One part will be mine, 2nd will
be for my friends and.. ..3rd will be for you. Jeeva, I think Chaudhary
is very weak in accounts. Mr. Chaudhary, there
will be only 2 parts. One part will be for my
friend and 2nd for me. Because.. – Because he is
your would-be son-in-law. Idiot! Get back. You fool! Why are you leaping? A dacoit’s daughter should get
married to a dacoit and.. ..not to a commissioner’s son. Am I right, friends?
– Yes. Scoundrel! You too are on
the side of this ruffian. The person who puts his own
life in danger deserves.. ..to be the chief. Do you know fool, if the
enemy is alive then.. ..Gangua cannot sleep? Today I will kill all
your family members. I will each and every one of
them in front of your eyes. And then you will watch and scream. You will yell and beg for mercy. And you will say, leave
them. Forgive them. But no. Gangua doesn’t
forgive his enemy. And then in front of your eyes,
will your little cute darling.. Scoundrel! I will avenge this blood
with your blood, fool. If you are potent then
untie my hands. I am not potent but I am demon. Tie this scoundrel. And make his father conscious. Cop. Sher Singh, the game
has turned its course. I have dethroned Chaudhary
and become the chief. And to celebrate it
I want to see a show. This cop has killed many dacoits. And this fool wants to kill you. I had heard many tales
of your bravery. Why don’t both of
your compete today? Scoundrel! Don’t take undue
advantage of time. Everyone knows that I can’t
raise my hands on him. And even he knows that I won’t
raise my hands on him. No, no.
– No! Fool! Look there. Vijay!
– Brother! Vijay!
– Save him. Sher Singh. As long as both of
you keep fighting till them.. ..my man won’t do anything. And if you stop fighting then
my man will pull the rope.. ..the swords will come out and
your son won’t be able.. ..to leap anymore. I mean he will be dead. No! Will you fight for your son,
Sher Singh? – Brother. No.
– No, Bhima. Wait. Pick up the weapon, Sher Singh. Pick up the weapon, Sher Singh. Pick up the weapon, Sher Singh. Father. Son Vijay.
– Mr. Chaudhary. Father.
– Child. Please forgive me.
– Father. Cop. I won’t leave you. No! Gangua. You cannot kill him. Suraj. Suraj. Come here. Suraj. Come here. Suraj. Before.. I die.. shoot me. Hurry up. Hurry up. Fulfill your vow. Yes.
– Sher Singh. Suraj. Fulfill your vow, Suraj. Look, I don’t have time. Shoot me. Shoot me. No! No! No! No! No! Your love won, Sher Singh. My hatred has lost. I lost. I have lost, Sher Singh. Today I found out that my
guardian is greater than.. ..my father’s killer. My guardian is greater than
my father’s killer. Yes, Sher Singh. Yes. My guardian is greater than
my father’s killer. Suraj. Suraj. In the last breath of my life
the peace that you have given.. ..me, I couldn’t have got that
even in my next 7 lives. Today.. today my penance
is complete. Today my penance is complete. Ganga. Ganga. Can you hear me? My penance is complete, Ganga. Mother.
– Ganga. No, no. No, Ganga. No. Ganga. You are luckier than I. You have died as a married woman. This life has given us pain
at every juncture, Ganga. It didn’t allow us to meet
as long as we were alive. But today.. today I will
die with you, Ganga. I won’t leave you leave
this world alone, Ganga. I will be with you, Ganga. “Today we will unite in such a manner..” “..so that we won’t separate again.” “We were wandering thirsty among the flames of fire.” “At last we have met under
the shades of flames.” “This was a part of
our destiny, dear.”

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