AC VS DC – Pain Test (Experiment)

AC VS DC – Pain Test (Experiment)

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working with electronics in any form can be dangerous sometimes Mains Ac voltage and even high enough DC voltage have the potential to kill you But the question is at which voltage value does it get dangerous? So in this video with the help of my variable transformer here I will apply DC and Ac voltages to my body to find a solution to this question let’s get started first off Let’s take a closer Look at the transformer the symbol on the front and closer inspection Without the outer case shows us that this is an auto transformer in comparison to regular transformer with two coils This one only has one But it still [can] create a variable ac voltage just fine by moving a wiper along the soil The only problem is [that] the inputs and outputs is not galvanically isolated This can be a problem with the TNCs low voltage grids That is available here in Germany We got [3] live wires and a combined protective and neutral wire But the important thing is that the star point of the supply? Transformer is curved if I would hook up my auto transformer and touch the output current can flow through the live wire my Body and back to the supply transformer through the neutral but in many Instances your own body [it] can be connected to Erv through a resistance which means an additional current can flow Which has the potential to mess up the experiments to test this I simply Connected a current meter in series to the live wire outputs touch the other probe with my finger and cranked up the voltage 80 Bolts 90 volts 100 volts 120 volts and as you can see my resistance to ground is just too big. There’s no current flowing and [move] that problem out of the way, I started the Ac experiment by using a similar setup but also added [two] aluminum sheets which will act as a contact points because the majority of electrical accidents happens by touching different voltage potentials with your hands, then I started the Experiments, and I can say that everything under 10 volts Ac was not that painful to endure, okay? [Eighth] Waltz is around 3.2 milliamps and I can clearly feel it It’s a really Disgusting nasty feeling, but everything above 10 volts can be quite dangerous 14 volts that is around 6 milliamps And this is a bit dangerous because I’m slowly losing control over my arm muscles and that is the biggest threat of ac voltages that you cannot move away from them because you have no control over your muscles and It can mess up your heart rhythm so don’t try this at home But I’m going up a bit more Okay 17.7 18 volts, let’s around 7 milliamps I Think [I’m] going to go up to 20 volts, but that’s really the end of the line Okay, 20 volts. [oh] Jesus ah [so] as you can see my hands are only floating ah above the aluminum plates 20 Volts That’s it with such a long application time it is worth mentioning that Everything above 10 milliamps can also be fatal, okay? Let’s try DC. But in order to create a stable DC voltage I firstly build myself a full bridge rectifier, the By1 64 chants the negative half of the Ac sine wave into a positive one and with the help of a big high-voltage Capacitor all the Ripples at the output are gone which gives us the ability to Create stable DC voltages up to 100 volts and Beyond the set up is still the same as before only the rectifier was added in between the metal plates and the Transformer [output] and the whole experiment was pretty painless but only below 40 volts 20 volts and Still nothing 30-Year Yep, so that’s around 10 milliamps flowing Just a slight tingle really nothing else. Okay 40 volts I can feel a bit It’s around 60 milliamps, but everything above the 40 volt mark was just plain torture 45 really 40 to 50 volts. I think that’s the limit at 50 volts. That’s Not pleasant to touch don’t try that Let’s go to 60 Volts 50 50 60 okay 60. That’s the end go down 60 a really painful feeling if You want to compare it in the end [Ac] is much more terrible than DC just because of the frequency of 50 Hertz and if I evaluate my Measurements. We can clearly see it that with the same voltage apply It’s more current flows with Ac the main reason behind that is [the] capacitive properties of the skin Which creates a complex impedance and we can also see you that with higher? Voltages the body resistance drops which makes everything even worse and with that being said Let’s end this torture experiment. I hope you liked this video if so Don’t forget to like share and subscribe Stay creative and now we’ll see you next time

75 thoughts on “AC VS DC – Pain Test (Experiment)”

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! M fully confused now
    @electroBOOM says 140dc is almost safe
    Here u say after 40vdc its painful
    Although both confirms that AC hurts more than DC

  2. I think the reason you got quite low voltages is that you were nervous and therefore sweating, reducing your resistance. I just tried a small experiment with 9V batteries (new, so 9.6 V) and got up to 50 VDC without feeling anything, but when I went up to 60 VDC I got more nervous and definitely felt it. Not really painful, but annoying, and it was increasing due to my increased sweating (after that I also felt the 50 VDC). Something interesting I noted, though, is that it was only painful when I started touching it, and after a second touching it, it was a much lighter feeling. And Mehdi from ElectroBOOM once touched 120 VDC without even feeling it!

  3. No wonder, why Thomas Edison electrocuted animals in public to show AC is much more dangerous. Long live Edison!

  4. Anything above 10mA is fatal
    So explain to me just how in fresh hell did I survive being shocked by 240 volts and 10 amps with literally no injuries what so ever

  5. Why do German houses have three live wires?

    I mean, whats the benefit? I know that in most of the countries, a three phase 4 wire system is used and only one phase is supplied to each house (with a neutral of course)

  6. Long before you were born, in the US, the Nat''l Bu of Stds. and UL labs determined a safe working voltage to be 50 RMS. Additionally, to be classed as class I intrinsically safe (incapable of causing an acetylene explosion) the voltage and current both had to be limited to a figure which I've forgotten.

  7. Your soldering Joins are sooo fine and nice in the intro.I dont know why me and my dad solder the wrong way.The soldering lead starts to melt and the melted lead turns into liquid.

  8. Square wave of the same peak to peak voltage as a sine wave is way more painful. I am not sure if it is because of the rapid rise and fall time or that fact that, given a voltage at a certain frequency, peak to peak voltage, and a duty cycle of 50%, a square wave carries 1.41x as much power, but it feels more than 41% worse.

  9. Scott: full bridge rectifier
    My brain: don't think of Mehdi don't think of Mehdi
    My brain a microsecond later: FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER

  10. Hey Scott but how can ElectroBoom touch 150V DC and feel nothing he says… Confused being a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics…What is Truth ?

  11. Your voice make me guess you are more than 40 years without looking yor face from your early videos, untill I can see your baby face. OMG. Scott is Great. Is that your really voice, sir?

  12. bloody cretin. dc contracts the muscles, ac alternates contraction with relaxation spasm."Its volts that jolts, but mills. that kills" (old adage )

  13. While messing with pc power supply i touched some thing and the 200V capacitors discharged and that felt painful as shit but luckly i was not grounded thanks to my rubber shoes.People BE CAREFUL THERE IS NO MESSING WITH ELECTRICITY

  14. Dc current causes electrolysis in the blood, you can die for embolism, even in low currents, and the worst is that you can not feel the process.

  15. Its funny, i was get shock from 250v both prong isolation transformer, but not as nearly the pain on only 1 prong 220v electricity live wire even actually im in good isolation from ground lol, ac 20v after transformer i dont feel anything except autotransformer though ?

  16. I would want someone to try wıth Amerıca's A.C. Voltage; but rhnk you very much for demonstratıng and please do not do this again!!!

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