Aging & Depression? What should we know and look for? | Kati Morton

Aging & Depression? What should we know and look for? | Kati Morton

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Hey everybody. Today I’m going to talk with you about, Depression and aging. And more specifically, How depression affects older adults. Now the changes that we
face in life as older adults, Can be difficult. And can create depression. One of those being retirement. Now many people get excited for this. And we look forward to it. But for some people, They can experience feeling
like a loss of purpose. There is no real reason to
get up in the morning. They don’t feel like they have
anything they have to do. And it can be really hard. Another is loss of loved ones. As we age, Unfortunately those around us age as well. And we can experience a lot of loss. And we may even be struggling with
our own medical issues. As we age, We know that our bodies deteriorate. And there can be things
that we struggle with. And the last is, Increased isolation. Now I know, my grandparents talk
a lot about feeling isolated. That no one really comes around anymore. And their best friend’s spouse passed
away and the other one moved into a home. And it can be really difficult, To not have as many friends and family
around all of the time like we used to. And a lot of these can create depression. Or make our depression worse. And when we are older, Depression goes way beyond just our mood. It can make us irritable. It can affect our sleep. And it can even cause us
to gain or lose weight. Now the main reason that I think this is a
really important topic to start talking about, To have people sharing. And sharing their experiences. Is because it often goes undiagnosed. And I made a list of the ways that it
goes undiagnosed, and why. Because there are many
ways in older adults, That depression expresses
itself so differently, That doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, May not notice. Because they’re not looking
for the right symptoms. Now some of the most common symptoms are, That people who are older report being
depressed without feeling sadness. And that’s one of the main things that
we look for in younger adults and teens. Is that they report feeling
sad all of the time. But many older adults don’t feel sadness. Another is that they have unexplained
or aggravated aches and pains. Now we all know that depression
can feel very physical. And it can make it hard to get out of bed. And we can feel achy. Well older adults feel this even more. It can aggravate an old
injury that they have had. And they may think
something else is wrong. They may go to their doctor for a checkup. But what’s really going on has nothing
to do with that old sports injury. It’s more to do with their depression. Another is that they
have anxiety and worry. A lot of people report that
they can’t even sleep. That their mind is
running all of the time. And they worry a lot. And their heart will race. And so they will go to the
doctor for a check-up. Because they think it’s
something physical. Another is memory problems. And obviously, If we are struggling with memory problems. We do need to go to a doctor. Because we need to make sure that
it isn’t something else going on. It could be Dementia. Or any other kind of issue like that. And we want to make sure that if our
memory problems are due to our depression, We have a physician who
has assured us of that. And another is slowed speech and movement. It can be hard to get around. Everything just feels really heavy. A lot of patients report feeling like
their limbs are just so heavy, They don’t even want to lift them. And like I said before, Irritability. Can snap at people when
they don’t mean to. They can, if they have
help at their house, Even their wife or a family member, They, they’re irritable. They don’t want them in their space. And everything is frustrating. And the last is neglect of personal care. This could be anything from not showering, And not taking care of
the way that we look. It can also be not feeding ourselves. Not making sure that we’re
getting enough sleep. Not drinking enough water. Things that could overall
help us feel better. Because all of that just
seems like too much work. Now the thing that I want
to make sure you hear, If you hear nothing else that I say, Is that depression doesn’t make you weak. It’s not a character flaw. It can happen to anyone. Living anywhere. At any age. It doesn’t discriminate. Which is really unfortunate. Everybody can struggle with it. And there are also things that you’re
going to want to get checked out as well. Because medications can
even cause depression. Beta Blockers. And some blood pressure medications. Can actually create
depression-like symptoms. And so you want to make sure you bring these
things up to your doctor when you go. To ask about this. Okay, so we’re struggling with depression. Now what? What do we do to cope? What do we do to heal? And there are so many
things that we can do. But the most effective. And the ones that will help the most, Are volunteering your time. Getting out, helping others, Sometimes I feel like when I go volunteer, I get more out of it than they did. Because it’s that beneficial to our mood. And just overall psyche. And also exercise. Getting out, moving around. Just even getting out in the sunlight
can really help us feel better. And getting enough sleep. Making sure that we’re eating healthy. And lastly, Connecting with others. I know that sometimes people
may not come around. And it used to easy to see everybody. But maybe now we just have to
put a little bit more effort in. Maybe we need to make that call. Maybe we need to set up
times to get together. We need to make that coffee date. Or that lunch date. Or put together a dinner and have
the family over more often. Because we all are human. And we all crave connection with others. That doesn’t make us weird. That’s not something that makes us weak. It’s just the human nature. It’s what we all need and crave. So get out there. Get moving. Talk to your doctor. Because we all can feel better. Depression isn’t something we have to
live with for the rest of our lives. This is something that we
can get diagnosed with, We can understand it. And we can cope. And we can overcome. And as always, If you have any comments. Anything that you would like to share
about your own experience, Or a video that you would
like to see me produce. Let us know below. That’s how I gauge
what’s important to you. Because what’s important to you, Is important to me. And don’t forget to subscribe. I put out videos all of the time. And you don’t want to miss them. And make sure that you give this a like. Because this helps youtube know, And reminds youtube everyday. How important mental health is. [Bottom left video] Extra shame on top of the eating disorder, And the self harm behaviours. Than people who are younger. And it feels, It just feels bad. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Hey kati. I know you're really busy but I sent a message on KM I'd appreciate if you could read. I don't know where else I can turn. Xoxo @Kati Morton

  2. Does an anti-depressant have to be an actual medication, such as a pill, or can it be anything like an activity, person, ect. ? #katiFAQ

  3. Thanks for this video.
    Could you please do one for middle age? I'm almost 49 and not ready to turn the big 5-0 next year. I barely feel half that. My therapist says it's due to abuse stuff. Been in therapy off and on for 30 years, since my mother died when I was 18. I have lost many other loved ones before and after that. I have been thru losses, abuse, robbed at knifepoint,eating disorders, alcoholism (sober for 24 years..go me!) and am struggling with my latest self-harm relapse lasting 3 or 4 years, but frequency has dwindled the past few months. I have been hospitalized 5 times within the past year due to something I'm dealing with but am almost thru.
    Sometimes, even tho I've overcome many of my issues, I still feel like I'm failing adulthood. Like I feel like I'm here but I should be there, my age is here but feels way back there. I'm not young (but feel it emotionally) and I'm not old but my body is starting to feel it.
    How do I deal with the "tweens" of adulthood? lol

  4. #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, I know you did a video on panic attacks,but I am still confused as to whether or not I could be getting them. I have OCD and Social anxiety and recently I have started having these confusing and terrifying feelings in my heart like a strong feeling of dread and anxiety and I think it could be possibly a palpitation, I notice there is no thought process apart from fearing I am going to get it, but I have been getting them throughout the day and I have been distracted at school because of this feeling of dread and panic, I also notice a lot of the time that I end up feeling nauseous as a result of this feeling and have almost thrown up from it. This feeling has been so scary to me I often feel extremely upset because I haven't been understanding what is happening to me. It got so bad before that I ended having the strong feeling so strong and my heart rate increased and I felt almost as if I was going to die. These palpitations I get seem to last for a certain period of time and then go away after being distracted from school and have only came during times of major events (first time during Christmas, the second time I was told by my therapist I will have a month until next session as I was doing well with OCD). The feeling is really terrifying and I really do not like it, is there anything to distract me from it?

  5. Hey Kati, this is a really interesting topic! I have a request/question if you don't mind. Have you ever heard of Exposure and Response Prevention therapy? What do you think of it? It can be used for many anxiety disorders and I've heard it used for eating disorders too. Could you make a video on it? That would make me so happy. 😀 I don't know if I should tag this with KatiFAQ but it's a question so I will lol. #KatiFAQ

  6. I struggle with depression. I am 33 years old and medically retired from the military. Everything Kati said I could relate to. I live by myself. I do not have work friends. I recently moved states for better VA care. I get involved with my church and volunteer with prison ministry. It helps to get out and meet new people!

  7. Hi Kati, I was wondering what id need to study to be a therapist like u. I have an eating disorder and suffer from self harm but I would want to recover and study my heart out on whatever you do. I know im only 13 but YOU ARE MY IDOL!! I want to do what you do. Thank you so much:)

  8. Great video! This is very helpful, I am a gerontology major and recognizing these signs and symptoms will be very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Kati, I have stopped my eating disorder behavior for a while now (a matter of months), but the worst part of my eating disorder is still there.  I still have anxiety around food and still feel guilty/stressed after eating.  What can I do to stop?  I want to fully recover but part of me thinks I will always have bad anxiety around food.  I want to eat and not feel any emotional response, but i'm not sure how to get to that point.  Is it just something that takes a lot of time?  It's still a daily struggle for me.  Please give me some tips or advice.

  10. For me growing older has always been a good thing as I become more independent instead of dependent through my experiences with those I encounter and the evolving joys of life. Its amazing how much can happen in just the span of five or ten years. Yes sometimes I think I wish I was twenty but only if I could keep the experiences and knowledge of the 49 year old I am now.

    Thank you Kati Morton for another always awesome video of excellence 😀

  11. Saw this really great idea today:

    Start a "negativity jar". Whenever you're mean to yourself, put a dollar in the jar. Then use the money to buy something nice for yourself (or you could donate it!)

  12. Hi, Kati. I'm 56, and I'm going through an adolescent identity crisis, mid-life crisis, and the depression of aging at the same time. One thing that helps me is that I have some ambition to be a writer. It gives me hope and helps me make sense of my life. That can be a good resource for people who are isolated.

  13. Hey Kati, this video comes just in time because my grandmother who I care for a lot has been diagnosed with depression and dementia lately. She is very irritable, forgetful, doesn't trust anyone, doesn't eat properly, sad, suicidal and overall a mess. We are very worried and don't know what to do to help her as she forgets many of the things we tell her. She is on anti depressants and we try to talk to her a lot, but it is very hard to cope with the grief and sadness that comes from a loved one struggling with this and her dementia getting worse. Have you got any advice how we can support her? And tips on how we can cope with it? #katifaq

  14. #katiFAQ
    I'm really struggling in my first year of university at the moment. I have depression, anxiety and PTSD. For three months before moving abroad to study occupational therapy I was a receiving inpatient hospital treatment for the abuse I endured growing up. I went back to my family home at Christmas and since then it seems all of my mental problems have returned full force. I'm not sleeping and not coping at all and when I do sleep I have nightmares of being back in that abusive home. My anxiety is making it impossible for me to attend university and I've missed more than the allowed number of absence days. Flashbacks are really tormenting me. I'm seeing a psychologist every week but that is keeping the abuse to the forefront of my mind. My friends keep pointing out to me that this university course is my only chance to escape my past and move forward and build a future for myself, but I just can't cope. Am I going to be thrown out of university? What are my options?

  15. You should do an equivalent video to this for men, I'm particularly thinking young men and how it can manifest as changes in behaviour – irritability, anger, violence, alcohol abuse etc.

  16. This is a great video. This is something that needs to be talked about and thank you Kati for making this! I'm going to share this on my personal Facebook so more people can see it.

  17. Can you make another video on how to help these people if you see an older adult that is depressed like a mother, father, or in my case a grandparent? #KatiFAQ

  18. #katieFAQ I've recently been diagnosed with BPD. It's been tough for me but also for my boyfriend to cope with my mood swings, irritability and self harm. Is there any way to help him cope better?
    I am on the waiting list for cbt/dbt but due to where I live could take anything up to a year.

  19. With Depression, I seem to struggle with going between two moods of not caring or caring too much. I have MDD and BPD. My therapist is trying to help, but i seem to be out of options. I feel at the end of my rope and I have been Hospitalized 7 times. Each time helping, but my question is what can i do to improve my mood when i get into the "I dont care" stage? #KatiFAQ  

  20. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati! How do I stop thinking about food most of my day? Either when I can eat again or how I will avoid eating. Thanks!

  21. #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati I love your videos, however I'm in a bit of a weird situation. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar I Disorder with Psychotic Features, however my therapist told me she "wasn't entirely convinced I was Borderline." It's like she's refusing to believe in my doctor's diagnoses. Should I find a new therapist?? 

  22. Hey Kati, I've recently learnt how to do Mental Health First aid and I feel confident to help people who might be going through a crisis. Maybe in the future you could do a video on Mental Health First Aid. So people know what to do if they come across a situation. Thanks

  23. Excellent video; however, I wonder; if it can truly be said, that a person can get over depression?  From what I understand is that, if you were abused or neglected as a child, you will probably need antidepressants the rest of your life because the epinephrine in your brain raced in that "flight or fight" response so long, that you're on your last nerve and you better protect it.      

  24. love you kati…ty…still at a block in my road…helped everyone else all of my life even when struggling myself…now lost but not sad! So you are right,,,,I no longer get sad except about loss of parents after taking care of them for a decade. but am numb…anorexia relapse for 7 months now. oh well…i have lived this long? hugs kati and thanks for my therapy.

  25. Hi kati it is an important topic in deed. Please I need your advice on how can I help my mom I do not know if she is depressed cause I am not an expert, but she is irritable, she complaints about pains, and everything is complicated or problematic for her, she critizises the things we want to do, like go out to the library! She says "there is too dangerous" she usually says things like "each day I have to have problem" or when she finds something difficult to do she says "that happens when you get older, you just go down, it is awful" she says we do not listen to her, I do not know what to do, I feel negative energy and I am really sensitive to negativity, I have anxiety and I had depression on 2014, so this hard to handle for me, but I do not want to leave my mom alone, please, please, I need your advice! Thank you for the work you do, I have learned so much with you, I think that you are a good influence and an intelligent human being, thanks for everything!

  26. Hi Kati, Ihave  presentation about  depression in elderly and am gonna introduce this topic o elderly people so what is your advice to me?

  27. Thanks for this video that gives viewers a better understanding of the things that can cause symptoms of Dementia.

  28. Get out there and get your senior discount. Free senior tea with order at Taco Bell! Join the Civil Air Patrol. Volunteer one day a week to help the stressed out librarian that has to handle the computer teaching in the adjoining room at the same time at an elementary school where the principal says to send the uncooperating kids to the other teachers rooms instead of his office. Join a health club with tv you can watch while treadmilling. Try to get the one next to the fan. Join an online game community. I joined Runescape. I went to the library once and was playing Runescape and I was slaying chickens. Well you should hear the racket chickens make when they get slayed. I had my earphones on and was having a good time. I did not realize the earphones weren't plugged in and everybody could hear the chickens being slayed. Needless to say everyone else was not having as good a time as I was and the librarian paid me a visit. Let me see I also started taking a painting class once a week with age challenged ladies such as myself (and they don't realize I don't think like they do). Artists are given leeway for mental issues anyway so if people think you're an artist you might even get worshipped like those monkeys that throw paint on the canvas. Also it helps to have a social worker that threatens she will come and get you if you isolate yourself. But I told her that I might not come out unless of course I run out of Dr Pepper or toilet paper. Also after 30 or so years a neurologist got me on some medicine that helped me instead of making me worse like the psychs did.

  29. ur wrong some of us older people are happy I run 10 miles and lift weights for 2hours work still . so some of us seniors are like a rock heehee

  30. I wish my parent's and grandparent's had told me about getting older. I am only 46. I have no desire to take care of myself but i dont care. My last child is a teenager. My kids are 14-26. I am struggling to find myself again. Who am i outside of being a mom. My life has been trying to raise kids that make a difference in the world. Because they are giving or embark on a life that makes them happy. I don't care about much anymore. LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK!

  31. Excuse me, no offense but unless you are old, then please shut up.
    You have no idea.,At72, blondes like you are boring.
    This is,awful .

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