Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

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Whether you’re getting around by car, train,
or plane, traveling can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, even if you love it. That’s why I’m bringing you some tips
that should make your next trip a breeze! 1. Pack a couple tennis balls in your carry-on. Sitting in such close quarters for a long
flight can slow blood circulation and cause the muscles to cramp. If you take 1 or 2 tennis balls with you on
the plane, you can use them as little massagers to relieve and prevent that pain. Roll it along your ankles, calves, legs, wrists,
back, and shoulders. These are important areas to target because
they’re hot spots for circulation, and the ball will relax those big muscle groups. 2. Keep some chewing gum in there too. I’m not talking about chewing mint gum for
when you forgot to bring a toothbrush on a long flight. (Although, I’m sure your neighbor would
appreciate that if you decide to have a chat!) Chewing on some gum actually keeps your ears
from popping during take-off and landing. The magic isn’t really in the gum itself
– it’s all that saliva you produce and swallow in the process. Sucking on some hard candy or a mint works
the same way! 3. And a pillowcase… Hey, what happens if your flight gets delayed…
by a lot? If you have a pillowcase in your carry on,
then you can just stuff some clothes into it and bam: instant pillow. Now you can sneak in a nap while you wait. Oh yeah, bonus tip that’s related to this
point: you should always have at least 1 outfit (including socks and undergarments!) in your
carry-on. If your baggage gets lost, you’ll appreciate
that change of clothes! 4. And a trash bag! Ok, last tip for what you should stuff into
that little carry-on luggage. A trash bag or two will be a lifesaver when
you come out of the airport at your destination only to be met by…rain! Put the trash bags over your carry-on and
checked luggage, and your stuff won’t get soaked through. 5. Keep your clothes smelling fresh. Whether you roll them in your suitcase to
make extra room or you’re a folder, lay some dryer sheets in your clothes as you’re
packing. The dryer sheets will keep your garments smelling
fresh and clean like they’ve come straight from the laundry. “Yeah, but they’ll still be all wrinkled!” Hang on, now, I’m getting there!… 6. A trick for wrinkle-free clothes. I get it – the first thing you wanna do
after that flight is to change your outfit. What is it about airplanes that makes your
clothes feel so dirty afterward? Anybody have an idea? Let me know down below! Anyway, layer in some tissue paper between
them while you’re packing. It’ll keep your stuff from wrinkling. 7. Put a “Fragile” label on your suitcase. If your luggage is marked as “Fragile,”
it should be handled more carefully by baggage personnel. Plus, it’ll likely be put on top of the
other bags. So when you get to baggage claim, your suitcase
will be the first to come out on the belt. There you go, now you’re out of the airport
that much quicker! 8. Instant razor guard. Grab a binder clip and clamp it onto the blades
of your razor when you pack. This will save you from any accidental—and
painful—injuries as you’re digging through your suitcase looking for something fresh
to change into after that flight! 9. Make your suitcase stand out. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive
and flashy luggage. Use a plain basic suitcase and tie a bright
ribbon around one of the handles. You can also get creative and put cool stickers
on the sides or sew in a neat design if your bag is made from nylon. The point is, you’ll be able to spot your
suitcase right away at baggage claim. 10. Keep your clothes nice and clean. When you’re packing, wrap your shoes up
in shower caps. This will prevent the bottoms from dirtying
the rest of your clothes. You can also continue to use the shower caps
in your hotel room to put your shoes in so that you don’t get dirt and grime on the
floor (or vice versa because that hotel room floor might even be dirtier than your kicks! Ooh, time to change hotels! ). Get some new shower caps before you head
back home so that everything in your suitcase stays clean. 11. No more tangled cords. Whether you’re flying or driving, keep all
your chargers and power cords in a good-sized sunglasses case. It’ll keep them from getting tangled or
tearing. 12. Organize your jewelry on the go. You know those pill containers with little
boxes for each day of the week? They’re also a great way to store and organize
your jewelry (or any other small items) when you’re traveling. Keeping pairs of earrings together and chains
or necklaces separated in their own little compartment will keep them from getting lost
or tangled up. Try not to bring too much expensive jewelry
on your trip, though. There’s always the risk of valuable items
getting lost or stolen. 13. Don’t lose your bobby pins. Too bad bobby pins don’t fit in those pill
containers, eh? Well, you can use an old mint container that
opens and closes. It’s not just a travel tip but a good idea
to do at home too. There, now you’ll have a safe place to put
them instead of on the nightstand or bathroom counter where they can get brushed off and
lost forever! 14. Keep your shirt collars stiff. Got a business meeting or a nice dinner planned
when you arrive? Keep your shirt collars nice and crisp by
lining them with a belt. And now you don’t have to spend time digging
around for your belt; it’s right there with your shirt. A twofer! 15. Support your back on a flight. Most airlines provide a pillow and blanket
so that passengers can get a nap in during the flight. Take that little pillow and put it behind
your lower back. You’d be surprised at the amount of support
it’ll give. Just don’t forget a neck pillow too! 16. Book a really early or late flight. The majority of people can’t stand getting
up early or staying up late, so these flights are often cheaper. If you book an early flight, you can get to
your destination first thing and maximize those vaycay days. If you book a late-night flight, you’ll
have plenty of time to plan during the day to get to the airport on time. Either way, you’ll save time and money. 17. Go big on lunch. Speaking of money, paying for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner every day can get expensive, fast. Lunch prices are much cheaper than dinnertime
ones, so filling up in the middle of the day should give your budget some wiggle room. A good lunch should also cut down on those
late afternoon snacks that we usually crave before dinner. 18. Help your body with jet lag. If you’re going to be switching time zones,
start making changes to your sleep pattern the day before you leave. This may mean staying up later or going to
bed earlier, but it will help with the jet lag in the long run. Also, when you land, don’t give in to your
tiredness. Taking a nap as soon as you get to your hotel
will mess up your internal clock even more. Try to carry on with the day as you normally
would or as you planned. 19. Carry an empty water bottle with you. Oops, I forgot about one more item you should
cram into that already stuffed carry-on bag. Make sure there’s an empty water bottle
in there. That way, you can get past security with no
problem and then just fill the bottle up at the airport. Most have drinking fountains, so you’ll
save some cash! Oh, and you’ll need that water on the plane,
so here’s my final tip… 20. Drink water. The air inside airplane cabins tends to be
very dry. Drink plenty of water, or another drink that
contains electrolytes, to prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated helps with jet lag too, and
it prevents headaches and muscle cramps. The coffee, tea, soda, and sugary juices might
be tempting when the flight attendant comes around, but your body really just needs WATER
when you’re in that cabin. Bon voyage, and remember not to eat a lot
of beans right before a long haul flight – my own personal advice. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend. Here are some other cool videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right and stay on
the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On”

  1. Shower caps??!! Why not plastic grocery bags .they are free and much more easy to in every store ever. Great tips besides that one! 🙂 Thank you!!! I duct tape two tennis balls together..instant chiropractor!! Puts all your vertebrae back in place quickly.

  2. Agree with everything except the fragile sticker. If everyone starts to do that, then the actual fragile items will be ignored. Ever read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

  3. Garbage bags these adverts are made by Americans we don’t use that term in Canada and it’s a flight centre Canada Add

  4. Fragile tags don’t work????? Remember, your bag doesn’t move, stack, get ready placed on the belts, or loaded on an then off of the plane by itself. During your bags travel through the system on a normal one way flight, it’ll be handled by approximately 12 people. So before you chastise folks for trying to make sure YOUR bag makes it on the right flight unharmed, think about how well you’ve communicated how important your fragile bag is. Go ahead and put on a small cheapass looking sticker on your bag. As many bags get put on a flight, would YOU notice it. Blah!! 120 bags on a flight in 20 minutes, yea… a little cheap sticker works well… haaaahaaa. Make the letters BIG, make the FRAGILE label look really important. Perhaps then each of the 12 will actually notice the warning label and be a bit more gentle when transferring your baggage.

  5. 1:02 "…keeps your ears from popping during takeoff and landing." What's that, again? It is just the opposite. Chewing helps allow your ears to 'pop' during climb and may help your ears to 'pop' during descent, facilitating in both cases equalization of air pressure on both sides of the eardrum by keeping the eustachian tube open.

  6. 5:46 "Most airlines provide a pillow and blanket…" Right here I checked to see if this video is more than 15 years stale. Nope. It's only 4 days new. *Flash news* Most airlines do not provide a pillow and blanket.

  7. I'm portuguese so Portugal is my favourite country, last year i've been in Mexico and I love it, but I'll be heading to Cuba in a couple of months and may be even better than Mexico, but none of them can be better than home, none of them can beat Portugal

  8. My neighbour thinks all dryer sheets should have a “haz-mat” warning! Are they crazy or should I take the lesser of two evils & forsake the chemical band-aid?

  9. I was generously groped after packing a candle and headset together. “You don’t pack stuff to look like a bomb” an irritable TSA agent growled at me.

  10. 7: you clearly haven’t looked out your window as they are loading them. I am surprised the amount of distance they can throw them

  11. When I was in the Navy, before there was a TSA, I put duct tape and used it to make stripes on my duffel bag so I could spot it right away but half a dozen Marines waiting for their own duffel bags lifted and checked the tag as it was going around in the conveyor. They must of thought it meant their own duffel bag was searched.

  12. 1. TSA or their equivalent in other countries will make a mess of your neatly packed clothes so the tissues won't help.
    2. No one in their right mind will put an exposed razor blade in their baggage.

  13. It's all the people who have horrible personal hygiene in the enclosed Titanium tube! Creates a lot of ambient "funk!" At least I think so!

  14. The "fragile " label idea doesn't work. I marked my fragile projector and computer in a bag labeled fragile. I saw the carrier out my window literally drop in on the conveyor belt to the plane. Mine wasn't the only one.

  15. Just imagine, everyone at the baggage claim is a Brite side fan, and they all labeled their bags "fragile" so theirs comes out first. I just wonder what would happen.

  16. I luv how he mentions the gum has nothing to do with it, always have to make sure to explain everything perfectly for the idiots haha ?

  17. What kind of weirdos are flying these days? I was a 100k mile flyer for years and never landed and wanted to change clothes or worried how the clothes smelled.

  18. i swear, are you the grammarly ad speaker. there was literally a grammarly ad before this and i thought the ad was still going

  19. It it not the saliva vs. the gum that helps your ears pop. It is the act of swallowing, which equalizes the pressure in the ears. Gum helps, but just swallowing nothing still does the trick.

  20. Well produced garbage is still garbage, seriously a tennis ball for massages and telling people how gum works? Useless information is garbage

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  22. Putting fragile on your luggage makes it a target. That's like putting fragile on a package that you are shipping. The handlers must be getting a bonus for damaging those items.

  23. If you mark your bag as fragile it gets stacked at the bottom of the pile. It comes up whenever it comes up.. priority and military bags 1st. The most unique bag on the pile last as a marker for the Bso

  24. Eat two cans of the cheapest refried beans you can find and about 6 ounces of blue cheese before the flight that’s how you can get an extra seat and make new friends

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