Are You Under 24? Science Says You Still Have the Brain of a Teen

Are You Under 24? Science Says You Still Have the Brain of a Teen

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We define adolescence as the years between
childhood and adulthood. The exact age might depend on the country
— things like the age you can vote or drink — but it’s roughly defined as being from
age 10 to 19. But, a new study is suggesting that adolescence
should end as late as 24 to account for the full range of human development. WOOOOOO aww wait i’m still an adult. Compared to other animals, humans give birth
to pretty helpless babies. Newborn sea turtles can find the ocean on
their own and giraffe calves can walk unaided within hours of being born… Whereas, we can’t even hold our own heads
up for the first two months of life! Comparably, we can take years and years to
becoming fully-formed and functioning humans. Adolescence is defined as “the period following
the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult,”
and it’s commonly associated with our teenage years. But what if that’s all wrong? What if adolescence doesn’t end until our
mid-20s? Typically, at 18, our parents are no longer
responsible for us, we can vote, we can go out into the world and get jobs! But, that doesn’t mean we’re not still
growing and changing… For example: females develop more regular
menstrual cycles… and males could still see some growth in height! Some people don’t even develop their wisdom
teeth until their early 20s! And both males and females gain bone and have
slight increases in weight gain. Not to mention the human brain continues to
form and develop until our mid-20s, too. Meaning we reach maturity, in terms of judgment
and decision-making, at about 24 or 25. And let’s stick to that, because body changes
outside of adolescence are one thing, but brain development is another. The frontal lobes, the areas of the brain
responsible for planning, working memory, and impulse control are some of the last to
reach maturity. As a child grows, the brain makes more and
more neural connections. Gray matter volume peaks at about 11 or 12
years old, then the unused connections are pruned away, leaving behind an efficient brain
that’s more adept at making informed decisions and reacting to its environment. But there’s also research that shows the
teenage brain, under development, is more vulnerable to impulsive sexual, eating, and
sleep habits. In addition, the high rate of drunk driving
among teens has been linked to their underdeveloped prefrontal cortices and limbic systems. Teenage brains are, simply, works in progress. Whereas, most research seems to agree, development
is pretty much over by about 25. Thanks to societal changes in the West, the
transitional period between childhood and adulthood is taking up a greater portion of
our lives. We’re waiting longer to get married and
start families, and more people are attending college than did 50 years ago, extending their
school-age-years. So, maybe it IS time we changed how we define
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of adolescence? I mean, 30 years old works for hobbits … why
not us? Tell us in the comments, please subscribe
for more, and I’ll see you next time on Seeker.

89 thoughts on “Are You Under 24? Science Says You Still Have the Brain of a Teen”

  1. Maybe the age of adulthood should be raised up to 30. But I don't know for certain. I, for one, am immature. But I don't how I compare to other other people my age.

  2. As somebody presently in high school, the fact that teens have only partially developed prefrontal cortices is very, VERY noticeable

  3. Sweet! I knew there was a good reason to call myself a college kid. Now to convince my mom that I still need someone to cook me free food and pay my bills..

  4. So does this means its morally ok for a 23 yr old to sleep with a high school student (14-17, but not ok for a 23 year old to sleep with a 30 yr old?

  5. I like the pajamas. Some don't get to or barly tap into going through these enatomy systems. Sending neurons down the spine from the brain was true or not with brain cells still

  6. Keep the laws the same, I'm w8ing to hit 18 so I can actually drink alcohol and not get treated like a 1month old baby by my parents eventhough I'm 16(well since yesterday)

  7. My 25th birthday is in a month. I will be disappointed if I don't feel a wave of new wisdom wash over me when I blow my candles out.

  8. im 24. hardest were 19th and 24th bday for me, because after 18, didn't think that time would fly so fast and 24th because 23 still looked like leaning towards 20, while 24 looks more 25-30

  9. I think the tobacco, alcohol, and porn industries would probably prefer this information doesn't get out.

  10. I have thought about this issue many times (I study neuroscience), and agree with the definition: in terms of brain development, one is adult past 25.

  11. I think we're weak compared with animals because they have shorter lifespans thus they need to develop faster but our lifespans are much greater than theirs so we can develop not slowly

  12. I had a dental implant at 19 but my skull kept growing after that so now that tooth looks noticeably shorter than the other natural teeth.

  13. i feel 10 years old should be the start, so when ur 10 ur 1 years old so when ur 24 u really only have the mind of a 14 year old, lol try telling a young person that one 😀

  14. Good to know there are other adult-children in the world, we should start a forum to help each other with growing up problems like… How to grow up, yeah let's start there.

  15. This video came out 5 days before I turned 24, good to know I had the brain of a teenager for those remaining 5 days ?

  16. I don’t need science news to tell me this. (But thanks for this too.)
    I can feel it in me bones.
    I’ve recently just got two of my wisdom teeth, and mensies is just beginning to become regular. And I still have the brain that of a 16 yr old and detest all things regarding adulting.

  17. Lol, absolutely. I don't understand the rush to identify as an adult. Kids (or Young folks), enjoy your current years wisely, you'll never be this young again. [And I'm 26!]

  18. What do I think? I think adolescence is when you learn the most and should be having fun doing it. The "Golden Years" are a crock of shit! HAVE FUN KIDS AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!

  19. It is funny to consider that, in some stages of Ancient Roman Law, people would only acquire full legal capacity at the age of 25 (more specifically, being able to enter binding contracts in name of their families).

  20. Of course certain people probably fall below or above this average. Some dudes probably develop into their late twenties early thirties I’m sure.

  21. I totally believe it. It wasnt until i turned 25 that i started thinking more of an adult than a youth?

  22. I would consider myself mature when I turned 19. I took some difficult decision for my future and was able to control my sexual , porn addiction too . And now, my friends consider me as some Wise man from Ancient Times. LoL. But its isn't, a 12 year old can behave mature too. Body age doesnt matter.

  23. 01:24 Baloney, maturity depends on environment and individual experiences and decisions. There are 14 year olds around the world who are more mature than 25 year olds. Maybe this is the average age for the American approved standard of "maturity" IN America. But a 10 year old living in an ancient empire under attack being forced to fight, brutally execute people, even having the opportunity to become king, would mature a lot faster than a first world American tween who is exposed only to senseless TV, entertainment, as well as pseudoscience and does little more than conversate with friends and gossip about celebrities.

  24. I'm onlly 11 years old and I feel old becuz people who are born in 2018 will be young and I'll be a old grandma with some fresh toast on the table

    I like toast alot

  25. It depends on environment. You can't compare animals living in the wild against humans in a city. Long years of living in the wild had passed on hardwired survival instincts to the animal's gene. It should be human who lived in wilderness tribe vs human who lived in a city. Where people in the city has grown weak relying on money more than their own ability to grow their food and shelter. Meanwhile in a war torn country, age of children and teens had to face reality sooner and goes adulting mode even faster.

  26. no other species on this planet has the complications humans have in regards to being equipped with the tools necessary to decode reality itself, therefore we require aid and assistance until our individual selves have acquired the information necessary to operate on their own, until that time we must be taught and teach properly and yes there is such a way, or we will fail the future generations to come. Be safe, Be smart, and take care of yourselves….you are ALL important!

  27. 21, feel like an idiot because I don't understand things ect. It sucks being surrounded by people with 10+ years of experience on you.

  28. I'm 17 and when i hear people saying they're still 16 or 15 years old i feel very sad… because, I'm thinking that I'm already too old

    sorry for my bad grammar and English ?

  29. Adolescence ends differently for everyone… Adolescence is mental too
    Also… My mom grew till 30… True! If you'd believe

  30. i agree. i didnt really mellow out until after 26-28. its like a switch you go from antsy teen to straight up matured adult

  31. 24 years old? More like 30. New research has been done, and the human brain is actually developed at 30:

    Even at 25, you still kind of are teenage-like. Just because you turn 25, doesn't automatically make you completely grown up. Sure, you might be slightly more mature at this age than you were at 23, but you don't become a real adult until your 30s.

  32. I must say that this is pretty old news. However, it does bear repeating, so… Perhaps we should be a bit more like hobbits, not being considered true adults until we're well into – or through – our irresponsible "tweens." For most of human history, we lived very short lives; often not making it to 40. We were often considered to be of a responsible age in our early teens. Some cultures have countenanced marriages down to ages of 13 or 14 for boys, & even 10 or 11 for girls. To some extent, this was almost of necessity, because of those relatively short life spans. But now, many people – even in some poorer countries – live much longer than that. In industrialized nations, that life span is often doubled, to close to 80 years. Maybe it's time we acknowledged that, by changing some of our expectations – as well as our laws. Such privileges (and/or responsibilities!?) as voting, drinking, marriage, driving a car, owning a gun, etc. might be re-evaluated; as well as the retirement age – which has been "stuck" at 65, even while people have been living longer & longer. Many of these issues would no doubt be hotly debated either way. Some are very political in nature. But eventually, we'll have to deal with them, or they'll begin to have increasingly noticeable consequences we may not want. Thanks for the video. ????? ?????.

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