Artist’s Depression: A Helpful Guide

Artist’s Depression: A Helpful Guide

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[Sound of the sea] [Soft Intro Music] [Sound of the sea] Today’s artwork was made in
the new Adobe Fresco app. Today’s video
was brought to you in part by Skillshare is an online learning platform dedicated to helping you learn a new skill. They’ve got more than classes in art, cooking, business and so much more. This fall season, Adobe and Skillshare partnered up to create some very informative classes on the new illustration app from Adobe, Fresco. Fresco is an app for every artist even those who traditionally work with paint and paper like me. It’s got tons of unique features to choose from, including some
absolutely wild live rushes that almost identically mimic the real-time flow of paints like watercolor and oil. You can
open up a world of possibilities while using Fresco It’s free to download on your iPad today and with the classes from Skillshare to help guide you, you’ll be a fresco pro in a snap. With Skillshare, what’s great is their annua
l subscription rate is less than $10 a month. That’s way cheaper than signing up for a
class at your local community college. Every creator on their site puts
tons of effort into their lessons. Like Dylan Mierzwinski and her course, Illustration practice,
lettering in florals with Adobe Fresco. Now, even though fresco is pretty user friendly, I wanted some more insight
on how to get the most out of the application. My number one most taken classes on Skillshare are always about lettering in floral. So what I saw lettering florals an Adobe Fresco, I jumped right on board. Dylan’s language was clear and concise and really helped me understand a lot more about Adobe Fresco when it comes to art that I like to make. You’ll see later in the video how
I tried to emulate this style a little bit while I created my piece in this video. Overall, this was a really great
introduction to not only Adobe Fresco, but also lettering and florals. Make sure to click the link in the description for two months of Skillshare premium for free just to try it. So why don’t you learn something
new today with Skillshare? [Music] There’s something to be said about a creator who is able to navigate their way through darkness. Who is able to stand tall in the face of adversity and use it to create dynamic works of art. Society seems to worship
the idea of the broken artist who, without great conflict, would not be able to create great things. But what about those of
us who have faced great conflict, only to find it dampens our
ability to make anything at all. Like we’re the only artists who
cannot make a delightfully melancholy piece, while living a not so delightfully melancholy existence. “Take your anguish and turn it into art.” People say, without realizing that if you could do that, you would have done it many times over. You feel isolated, like a chunk of ice that’s been broken from a glacier floating farther and farther away. Things that were familiar and comforting
seemed distant, empty, pointless. Like all the color has been drained. If this sounds at all familiar to you,
then this video may be of some help to you. Now I want to add a disclaimer,
that I am NOT a mental health professional. Just someone who’s experienced depression and the very frustrating inability
to create will caught in its downward pull. This
doesn’t mean my advice is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. I’m just trying to take some of what has
helped me in the past and pay it forward. Hoping
that it strikes a chord with someone else out there. I’m just trying to tread lightly here because in all likelihood, my journey with depression is very different from your journey with depression. So if this video doesn’t help you in any way, I’ve made sure to post some additional
resources in the description down below. Please know that this video in no way should be a replacement for seeking out legitimate professional help. It should only stand as an encouragement
to have faith in yourself in times of strife. That being said, the very first
thing I want you to acknowledge, is that it’s completely acceptable
for you to feel un-creative at this time. A common symptom of depression is
feeling detached or uninterested in activities that you used to regularly enjoy. So my first piece of advice is that if
you are not interested in creating art and feel like you need to take a step back, that is absolutely within your right to do so. If part of your healing journey is to turn your
focus back on yourself, to work inward first, then you shouldn’t feel guilt for doing that. You may experience bouts of
guilt throughout your journey. Depression has a funny way of making you feel
guilty for things you have no control over. When this happens,
try to relegate the guilt to just a symptom. It doesn’t control your life. You are not your guilt. Your guilt is a separate entity
that’s just here to mess with you. it’s like a little annoying goblin that wants you to feel bad. Depression has many lackeys and minions
that it sends out to pester you, to hurt you, but they are not a part of you. They are only a part of what
you’re going through at this moment. My next piece of advice, if you are in a place
where you’d like to start creating again, is to have a sketchbook/journal that is only for you. It can be more a journal than a sketchbook or it can be a sketchbook that has the occasional emotional blurb. It’s whatever you make it. Most importantly
try not to focus on making this book perfect. It isn’t to share, it’s to help you work
through your depression day by day. It’s not a sketchbook that you’ll
lovingly flip through when you’re older, It’s one that you might use as a tool if
depression ever rears its ugly head again. This perfectly leads me into my third piece of advice, which is to draw what feels right that day,
not what you think you should be drawing. Now, if creating art is your work and
you cannot afford to take the time off, I’m not saying to blow off your work. I’m talking about the notion that for some reason you should always be practicing strictly for improvement. While working in this private sketchbook, you’re not necessarily trying to improve your art skills, though you may find it does that anyway. In this book you’re creating what feels most natural. To ease you back into a place where you can
work on anatomy or structure or what-have-you. You want to start from a place of comfort. A place without pressure. One day you might feel most
comfortable drawing lines and spirals, where the next day you feel like drawing
something more detailed or dynamic. My point is to let your mind be completely free. Don’t worry about a theme to this book. Don’t worry about practice. You’re in a fragile state and
creating anything is being proactive. It’s taking a step in the right direction. Even
if one day all you feel like making is a single solitary line, If that feels right, if that’s what you
can do, do it, even if it seems silly, do it. You are working out something within yourself. Every forward action,
even something small, is progress. Don’t forget that. Something else you might find helpful is to write down what you were feeling when you made a certain sketch. It doesn’t have to be this long in-depth paragraph if you don’t want it to be. It can just be a few descriptive words. Doing this may help you understand more about
your depression as you move forward, what you tend to create in certain high or low points. You may be someone who, on good days,
draw something a little more simple. Something less involved as to not get bogged down,
or you may be the opposite. If you see a simple drawing in your book,
it may be symptomatic of a really dark day, where you
didn’t want to bother with your sketchbook too much. Keeping track of your highs and lows is a really important way to understand more about your specific depression. Your depressions “flavor” if you will, because depression doesn’t present exactly the same in everyone. This brings me to my next tip, which is very optional but I find it brings a little bit of lightheartedness back into this whole journey. Try drawing what your depression looks like. That may change from week to week, day to day. You may choose to update your depression
every now and again, but just give it a shot. Imagine it like a page in
a wreck my journal style of book. Feel free to be silly. Feel free to be emotional. Feel free to add word bubbles and bad
language and scribbles and gestures. Use this page as a reminder that
you are not your depression. Remember your depression and all it’s minions like guilt, shame, anger, Dancer Prancer, Rachel, Monica, Ross, they are a part of what you’re going through, they are not you. Moving forward, if you ever have days
where you simply don’t know what to draw, I recommend my tried-and-true
suggestion, which is draw from life. Even
if it ends up being stylized and not realistic, who cares? You’ve made something. Remember, we aren’t in
competitions with ourselves here. We aren’t running any races. We are here to nurture the thing that means a lot to us, our ability to create and if that means you go on a random image
generator and it pulls up a picture of a rock, draw that rock with all your heart. Add a face to it, add a little Fairy shaving her legs on the top of it, leave it plain. It doesn’t matter, you’re making strides in the right direction. Now here’s another more lighthearted piece of advice. Decorate the living hell out of your sketchbook. Have fun with hot glue or googly eyes or embossing powder, go crazy. Yes. The sketchbook is just for you. And yes, I’d understand if you’d like to
make it more understated but if it suits you, bust out that glitter glue, sis. Even if you just want to add something
simple yet defining go ahead and do that. Personalize the outside so it can feel
even more personal on the inside. And my final piece of advice is this, If you have days where you’re feeling less creative
than days prior, don’t see that as regression. That is a necessary part of being an artist in general
but it’s a very normal part of depression. Use those days as reflection days, to look back, to admire, to be impressed with the strides you’ve made. Don’t
let those days beat you up and destroy your self-worth. Look at all the progress you’ve made and
use that progress to build upon your future. Thank you guys so much for watching this video and thank you very much to Skillshare
for sponsoring what I feel is an important video. This video may not reach as many people as I would
like it to, thanks to the YouTube algorithm. So if you know someone who would benefit
in any way from watching this video, I would really appreciate it if you’d share it with them. I really do think this advice is solid and I worked really hard to make this script digestible for everyone. So if this has helped you in any way, Please let me know how in the comments down below. Not all these ideas are my own original thoughts. They are things I have heard over the years
from different people, different artists. This really is just a compilation of things that have strengthened me in times of hardship. Speaking of which, I’m going through a few
things right now that I’m unable to speak on. I will be able to speak on those things relatively soon,
but please continue to be patient with me. I just don’t have a lot of time right now,
and I’m trying to deal with prior obligations. So if the channel is a little wonky, that’s why. Luckily this wonkiness is all time sensitive. So after a few weeks, things should return to normal. In the meantime, there just might be a
little bit of a longer stretch between videos. Nothing about the channel itself is
changing. I’m still doing talking funny videos. I just think YouTube is being a butt butt right now and going forward, I bet you anything, they will only notify you guys when I do a
non-speaking brushstrokes episode. I’m actually really curious about that. So let me know if that’s the only
thing you’re getting notified for, as I’m going to make more brush strokes episodes going forward but just as an addition to my regular content. Anyway, thank you guys so much for your kindness,
your thoughts, your patience. If you’re curious about updates, I do
update on Twitter pretty regularly. I also post Da Babes pics.
So it’s just a… Just a good place to be overall. Not only that but the best way to get in touch
with me or have your questions answered, is to either comment on a recent YouTube video or to @ me on Twitter I don’t check the DMS on Twitter just because there’s a lot of negativity
and I don’t want to invite that into my life. But I will sit there and answer @s all day happily. But anyway real quick guys. I used the new Adobe Fresco app to create the image for this video and I actually really liked using it. There are some mechanics in procreate that I prefer, like being able to create a perfect circle or line But I just found out that they are going
to integrate that into Fresco soon. So that’s really exciting. But there are some really unique brushes
that come with Fresco like these live brushes, I cannot wait until they release more of
these because I am absolutely living for them. I feel like watercolor is the most difficult
medium to recreate in the digital format and I feel like this live watercolor
brush has just absolutely nailed it. I cannot wait to see what else they’re going
to release under this live brush section. It’s just another really good iPad drawing app which I actually think we need more of. Being able to leech some goodness from different apps, has been the way of digital art since
the beginning of digital art itself. that variety is important, the same way it’s important to play with different mediums when working traditionally. Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to stay out of trouble. See you guys later. [Outro music]

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    PLEASE NOTE I’ve taken on extra sponsorships lately, with companies I TRUST, because my son and myself have had some medical issues these last few months/weeks and have needed that extra income to pay off the bills that came along with those issues. Please understand I’m not trying to exploit people with depression. I AM a person who struggles with depression and this video, the script in particular, was in the works long before it had a sponsor. In fact, this video wasn’t even supposed to have a sponsor in the first place, but due to a shift in my video schedule because of said medical issues, I had to put the ad on this video instead of the one it was originally intended for. I realize it’s a bit tone deaf and I promise it won’t happen again.

    Anyway, I feel like the struggles I’ve had the last few months may have subconsciously inspired the script. I’ve felt very uncreative and not incredibly functional. I’m just very distracted at that moment and I apologize for that.

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    And advice. I dont know what to do

  56. Thank you so much it encouraged me to pick up my sketch book after I think two months of not drawing anything. All I did was a simple sphere with shading, but it brought me back to thinking about the lighting and the shading and just to take a step back from life.

  57. Idk y this hits different I always feel like I have to draw a certain way so if people see it they will like it, but sometimes I just want to scribble out how I feel on the inside. idk y but this was a really helpful video and really inspired me to try something new 🙂

  58. Hi Emily. I’ve been watching your channel for a while and I love your art. It’s amazing and I admire you when it comes to your story times and your art. I’m more of a digital artist myself. If you are available too, I’d like some advice. Is there a way I can contact you privately?

  59. I've been in an art block for a few months, and I want to get out of it, but any time I sit down to draw, I feel it's pointless, like I don't have any joy drawing anymore. I've flung myself into music and creating it. I spend hours and hours playing instruments to distract myself, but I can't just sit down and relax and draw anymore

  60. Honestly, I've had a really tough time recently and I can't bring myself to draw anything at all. I have that urge to, but the moment I pull out my sketchbook or stylus and computer, I can't seem to find the motivation to actually do anything. All I've really been able to do is go to school, work, then sleep. No worries, I've always been able to work through this before, but here recently, there are some days where I really am unsure of my self worth and the point of anything.

  61. I recently discovered your channel and stumbled across this video in particular at just the right time. Just hearing someone say it's okay and that I don't have to feel guilty about struggling or not having the desire to create is exactly what I needed. Thank you. Looking forward to giving the sketchbook a try <3

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