[ASMR 한국어] 마음의 감기? (우울증, 불면증 완화) Taking Care of Your Depression

[ASMR 한국어] 마음의 감기? (우울증, 불면증 완화) Taking Care of Your Depression

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It’s a story about a friend, who restores the warmth within you. I wanna stay like this for a little while. Can I stay here? Please tell me if you need to be alone. Just opening your heart to someone will improve your feelings. I think that you look beautiful enough, even if you cry. Don’t worry. You don’t need to suppress your tears. Let’s regain some energy to start walking together pleasantly. I’ve slept tightly when I applied a hot pack. It’s ok to cry. I’ll wipe… I can wipe your tears everyday, over and over again… time after time.. Maybe you will feel better Perhaps you’ll feel it. This regular clicking noise makes me relaxed. Your hands are warming up. Some say “why can’t you just do it?” with such ease and “What’s so hard about that?” carelessly. But some people who are burdened with hardships might not be able to do it that easily. Because everyone is different, after all. There was a child who was innocent, kindhearted, and meek and the child often felt lonely. The ear pick will enter. I love you so much… Tomorrow things might be better… I’m coming in. I’m home. Were you at home alone all this time? I mean…it’s ok if you wanna stay at home, but… just… always being all by yourself is no good. that makes me worry about you so I came over to your place… I bought this when I went through a gift shop because this plushy reminded me of you… and me. So I couldn’t just walk by it… If you’re feeling lonely again, when I’m unable to be here for you… you can hug this bear. I’ll put the bear here. You don’t look well… Are you feeling under the weather? Do you have a fever? Your forehead isn’t hot.. but your body seems way too cold. We need to check your body temperature. Let’s check your body temperature in your ear. It’s a bit cold… entering…now. We’ll know the temperature soon. Your temperature is too low! It’s June, so the weather isn’t at fault. and you don’t seem to have a chill. I think you had too much stress. Are you ok? Your body is too cold. Do you feel too cold or have a freezing feeling within your chest..? Umm, just a few minutes. I’ll bring you a hot tea. Alright? I’ll be right back. Look at this. There are various teas, so pick one you like. There is star shaped tea that has rose earl grey flavor, The heart shaped tea has sweet peppermint flavor, The flower shaped tea has citrus ginger flavor and the simple, square one has green tea flavor. the shapes are so cute. You can choose the one you wanna drink. The star shaped one? I agree with you. It’s cute and has a good scent. Very warm and such a good scent. I hope your temperature will rise. The tea is ready. Let’s try. How is it? I wanna stay like this for a little bit. I’m worried about you. You look very stressed. Can I be here? Please talk to me if you need to be alone. Well, you know… When nobody is on your side, as you feel stressed, it might feel like you don’t have anyone to lean on. But you might feel better if someone is here, next to you… I hope I’m that person for you. You are not alone. You might feel lonely, depressed. A desolate, friendless life and you can’t find the strength to stand up anymore. If you are always alone. I’ll be by your side. I’ll be here with you. As always, like always, naturally. But… please forgive me, if I sound a bit cringy today. It’s because I can’t stand seeing you having a hard time. I’ve always had a higher body temperature than other people and my hands are so warm right now… but your body is cold so… I think it’s a good idea to hug you like this. *pat pat* there there I thought your mood would improve if I hug you tightly. You can lean on me. These days I think that it’s hard to make a living and still find time to relax. People can’t share their innermost feelings easily but you can tell me about your troubles. I’m thinkin’… these days it’s very rare to find a person who you can open your heart to, but speaking your mind, telling it to me straight might make you feel better. Or, just hugging me like this would do. I will never tell anyone. It must have been hard. It was hard for you, right? Thank you for telling me. Thanks for telling me your honest heart. Life seems to be getting harsher. Opening our minds gets harder telling dark, inner things… that seems to become more difficult each day. Knowing someone else’s harships is a difficult thing, so we can’t easily confide in others. And we’re afraid that showing our weakness will make ourselves vulnerable. But I swear, I will stand by you when you’re in trouble. We share the pain. Don’t be sad by yourself. I want to listen to you, to understand and share your story and feeling, I want that. You’ve been sweating, and shed a lot of tears. Do you mind if I wipe them away? I heard from somewhere, There are two types of tears. The kind that you get when your eyes are irritated, like from onion vapors. Those are reflex tears. The other kind… stem from emotional reasons, so those are emotional tears. Emotional tears, help us by cleansing the body from stress hormones. so they’re like a natural detox. So I would say… Tears keeps our body and mind healthy… That means you don’t need to try not to cry in front of me. I was exactly the same. Back in the day, my company life was so hard. I always cried so much, all by myself. In secret. At that moment, truly, I couldn’t bear those burdens any longer, unless I cried. To my mom I whined so much… really lots and lots. And on the matter of friendships I’ve been crying many times. In a way, the many tears were like a reflex for too much stress that my body could not handle any longer. After I cried as much as I needed, It felt like I was getting better. So I… don’t wanna say ‘don’t cry’. I want to say, ‘you can cry when you are with me.’ That is not stupid. Even if your eyes and face are swollen, I won’t laugh. I would say you are beautiful even when you cry. If somebody laughs at you for that? Then that one is the pathetic one. It’s okay to cry. Oh, your face seems a little dry after wiping your tears away. Do you want me to apply some lotion on it? Yes… sure. These are lavender and cedarwood fragrances. They make me feel really comfortable. Now you can just lay back Slowly… Gently… Gently around the eyes… To make the swelling disappear… I’ll take some time to massage you there. Slowly… Gently… On a day like today, you don’t have to be strong any longer, you don’t need to do anything. Let’s get some rest. Restore some energy, wake up tomorrow, with renewed strength to walk our paths… Let’s go for that together, with a smile… Nice idea, isn’t it? Now your face is properly moisturized. That’s done. But your lips still seem a little dry. How about some lip balm? There’s honey and mint fragrance. Which do you prefer? Honey? I’d like to put it on you. Done. Your shoulders are so tight. My shoulders are tight too. Look, they are bulging out. They get tight because of all that stress. Tight shoulders can cause a stiff neck and headaches. I have cute heating packs, you wanna get some heat therapy? The animal friends are here. I ordered them on the Internet, with chances at random patterns. some patterns were weird, out of style. So I wished “come to me, pretty one, pretty one…” Luckily I got cute ones! I’m just a kid at heart…with a taste like a baby. What, you too? Pouring hot water… It’s warm. Isn’t this cute, too? It’s very warm. I’ll give you a shoulder massage. It’s not too hot, is it? Once, my shoulders got too stiff, so I went to an oriental medical center… I received heat theraphy, that was too comfy… so I fell asleep Aww… Sorry, that is for you. XD I want you to get comfy too. That’s my wish here. Done. Mmm… I think your shoulder got warmer. I think your body did too. That’s a relief. Heating your shoulders got you better, but I think it’d be nice if you got massaged and relaxed. How about a shoulder massage with oil? I’ll rub some of that oil on your face, too. It’s a pure, mild natural oil. It smells good. And it’s not too heavy, so don’t worry. You worked hard today. Let’s lay down and get some rest. Until we feel better. In a comfortable way. Mellow it down a little. It’s going to be okay. I wish so. And I wish I can help. Until it’s all right I’ll be keeping you company, be with you, right next to you. It’s gonna be okay. It’ll pass. It’s gonna be alright again. Does that feel too vague? Then… I’ll be with you ’till it’s alright again. While you lie and rest, I’ll be with you ’till it’s alright again. I’ll listen to you, listen to your story. ‘Till it’s alright again. You don’t have to try to be strong. Forever and always I’ll be here – for you. I’m gonna be here. You can cry, anytime, I’ll wipe your tears whenever. Again I said cringy things. Well, it’s my speciality. Your bangs are very long. Uh… Can I maybe trim them a little? No thanks? But you know, somehow… When my bangs get cut,
it always makes me feel a little better. With the feeling of trimming… I’ll cut them just by a teeny bit. Just a little layered. And I would clean up the side hair a little bit just cut those little hairs that stick out. I think it’s done. They are slightly apart from the eyebrows now. This length is okay, right? Looks nice. The bangs are cut, do you want me to clean up your eyebrows? Since I already cut the bangs, I somehow wanna clean up your eyebrows as well. Here go the eyebrows~ To get started is always difficult. To start studying is… And also to start working out. The first time I tried to work out, it was annoying and difficult, but… after I started… I got motivated. And so next time I did it a little bit more. After you worked out so hard, the feeling of melancholy might get better over time. Maybe you would feel similar to that. I feel so, but I don’t how you would feel. Next time… would you, go out with me and take a walk along the river? It’s okay if we run, like a jog. Maybe… you could feel better somehow. It might not be so easy, but… Why don’t we try it together? If you get some fresh, cool air, at least you might start feeling better. I will motivate you so that you can stand up… uh… so that you can get started Now your eyebrows are neat and tidy. Good! I recently cut my fingernails neatly, so I felt good about that. You’ve got long fingernails, may I cut yours? Look, isn’t it cute? I’ve been wanting to give you this for a while, but we could’ve gotten oil or something all over it. I cut you hair as well. So I didn’t want to put it on you before now. Here you go. Feel free to relax. You can lean back comfortably. These nail clippers are really cute, right? The circular shapes are so adorable. Actually, I used to… sometimes… for no reason… get so depressed… and drooping, in a slump… and helpless. Whenever that happened, I took a shower just to move my body got myself dressed up into something, or… clipped my nails. Is it a little weird? But… somehow… These regular clicking sounds make me relaxed. For now I am clipping only fingernails… but I wish… I can cut… your toenails later. Now, is that a little weird? Hey, did you just smile? I’m so happy to see you smile. I like the way you smile the most. “I like the way you smile the most.” All right! As a service, I’ll put on hand cream, too! Did you know about hand massages? They are so good! I’m done with your fingernails. I hope it was pleasurable. It’s magnolia fragrance. I think it is good for the blood flow. Not that long ago, I bought a hand massager that works your pressure points! It is so nice! I’ll lend it to you sometime later! Well, there is something even better: that is a hand massage by a real person, like this! Your hands are getting warmer. What a relief. They used to be like solid ice blocks. That’s it. Also not long ago, I bought scented candles, as well. Bergamot and Basil. When the woodwick burns the crepitating sounds make me relaxed. It’s kind of hot right now. I wish the scent and sound could make you feel better. Sometimes I think, there are things in the world that you can’t do by yourself, and there are times that you can’t stand up by yourself, Such things are more common than I thought at first. Because people can’t understand everything. It may be a near impossible thing, to truly understand one another. So we carelessly ask “Why can’t you do that?” and “What is so hard about that?” easily. But people may have other difficulties and hardships to deal with. So they may be preoccupied with burdens, unable to achieve “easy” things. Everyone is different, so we should try to understand others and reach out a helping hand, so that the ones who struggle can stand up. We all should help each other out, that is what I believe. So don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes I think so. Someone out there would understand you, like I understand you. That’s what I thought. I bought a book at the bookstore today. It’s a picture book, and it’s a bestseller. I felt nostalgia… a throwback to the innocence of childhood, so I brought it. Do you want me to read it to you… to help you sleep? In a village, there was a quiet, pure, soft-hearted, and lonely child. But he couldn’t show the others with confidence, he pretended to be very bright and strong in front of people. He had a strong image with a very pure heart. An evil devil envied and wanted to take away his pure heart and soul, so the devil put a curse on him. It was a curse called “the cold of the heart.” His body and heart were frozen. He shivered with chills, depression, loneliness all day long, It was a terrible curse that made him unable to feel happy. The child was stuck in the castle shivering with cold. He didn’t want to meet anyone, nor talk to anyone. Constantly pushing others away, but It was hard to bear all that loneliness and pain. There was an old friend beside him. The child grew irritated and angry at his friend, and expressed his depression to the friend, The friend hugged the child’s cold body without saying a word. Only then, it was at that moment that he realized who was the most precious person he’d ever been with. The hot tears streamed down, and lifted the curse that was once upon him. So he got the warmth back. It’s a beautiful story. Every time I take a deep breath, my mind becomes calm, and my heart that was beating so fast, calms down slowly. I can feel it. You’re under a lot of stress, don’t you have a migraine? Let me massage your scalp like this. Why don’t you try to take a deep breath as well? Maybe you’ll calm down. Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out… Slowly… The heart rate slows… You become relaxed. You can feel it. How is it? Are you feeling better? How are you feeling? I think you’re going to fall asleep. ‘Cause body and the mind are one, If you don’t rest enough, your mind has a hard time in tandem. Do you want me to clean your ears so you can sleep deeply? I’ll do it gently with a cotton swab. If you fall asleep, you can just keep sleeping, no worries. Earpick in~ Lots and so much… I love you… so much. ‘Cause I love you, please don’t get hurt or sick. I worry about you a lot. Let’s sleep soundly and wake up. Tomorrow may be a little better. I’ll be with you all the time. Good night~

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  1. There are subtitles and this video is just for your happiness. 🙂 여러분들의 마음을 위해. 皆さんの心のために。

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  2. どうしてそんなに優しい言葉が次から次へと出てくるの、、


  3. 매일밤 이영상 듣지않으면 잠을못잘 정도여요
    이런거 또 올려주세요
    대사를 외울지경이여요

  4. 최고다 진짜….
    진짜 뜬금없이 들어왔는데….너무 좋자나…
    학교생활 너무 힘들었는데….ㅠ0ㅠ

  5. 우울증과 함께 지낸지도 이제 6년
    기댈 곳이 필요했습니다.
    부끄러운 인생에서 회피하고 싶었습니다.
    마주하지 않고 도망만 가는 저를
    붙잡아 주셔서 감사드립니다.

    단지 화면 너머의 영상
    손에 닿지 않는 망상이라고 할지라도

    이 은혜. 잊지 않겠습니다.

  6. There was an ad of a scary movie and i had full volume on, but was either too lazy or too sleepy to turn the volume down

  7. I decreased the amount of stress I had but instead, it got worse because I watched myself transform from being apparently an over achiever to a procrastinator. It gets worse every day. I hate to see how much I get worse every day. I don't have friends anymore. I'm sick of this.

  8. ppomo: which tea do you want?

    me: the star. earl grey is my favourite tea : )

    ppomo: holds up star the star shaped one?

    me: yes please- : D

  9. Th-thank you?? I know its kind of taboo in east Asia for LGBT matters to be seriously talked about and dealt with, so it makes me so happy that you did this here?? I… love you now ok guess im subbing

  10. True facts!!!! : 1. Your beautiful 2 . Your the best 3 . Your perfect 4 . This is for everybody 5 . PPOMO cures depression ❤??????????☀?⛅???

  11. 뽀모님, 이 영상을 들으면서 취침하면 마음이 편안 해지고 잠이 그렇게 잘 옵니다. 정말 감사합니다!

  12. The German subs are so cute. Like, the way they're written and the word choice. I don't understand Ppomo but I feel like that's how she talks.

  13. 뽀모님 처음으로 댓글 남겨봅니다ㅜㅜ 영상 항상 잘보고 잘듣고 있어요! 한번씩 무기력해지고 우울해지는데 이 asmr들으면서 마음도 편안해지고 잠도 잘자고 있어요!

  14. 언니, 전 오늘 유난히도 더 힘든 하루를 보냈어요.
    사람을 만나는게 두렵고, 이 불안이, 이 우울이 도저히 사라질 생각을 않고 계속 크게 자라나고만 있어 더욱 힘들어지는것 같아요.
    벌써 6년째 병원에 내원중이지만 제가 먹는 약은 줄어들 생각을 않고, 계속해서 힘들어지기만 하네요. 이런 위로의 영상이 제게 힘이 되지도 못하고, 삶을 살아가는것이 더 두렵게만 느껴질정도로 힘든 날이예요.
    포기하고 싶다면 포기해도 괜찮을테고, 걷고 싶지 않다면 더이상 걷지 않아도 괜찮을거라 믿어요.
    언니가 제게 얼마나 큰 의미를 가졌는지, 저를 얼마나 크게 구원했는지, 언니가 알지 못하더라도, 전 늘 언니를 응원해요. 늘 행복한 하루 되셨으면 좋겠어요. 정말 사랑합니다.

  15. It’s odd I was feeling a little down and I clicked on this video and just started out right balling as soon as it started. I think i needed a good cry and while I don’t have depression or am going through anything that severe. It was nice to feel like some of my burdens were lifted even for a little while. Thank you so much Ppomo

  16. I really like to do stuff like that if my depressed friend is in a bad mood 🙂

    Oh wait. I am the depressed friend 🙂

  17. PMSで周りに迷惑かけてそんな自分が嫌でこの時期は家に引きこもってしまう。PPOMOさんのこの動画で今日は少し癒されました。

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