ASMR For Depression, Loneliness & Comfort [Fluffy Mic] [Tapping] [Softly Spoken]

ASMR For Depression, Loneliness & Comfort [Fluffy Mic] [Tapping] [Softly Spoken]

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hey it’s me Ellie if you didn’t know yes, hi my name is Ellie and today i’m here not as fallenshadow not as a character or a persona today i’m here for you as a friend as someone to talk to just someone to keep you company for a little bit if that’s what you need today i’m here for you one hundred percent and i want to try and make you feel just the tiniest little bit better i’m not gonna ask you if you’re doing oke i wanted to i thought about it but then i realised if you clicked this video if your just to spend time with me here today you’re probably not doing oke and that’s oke it is oke to admit that it is i know o i know but i’m here for you and i love you and i just want you to be happy so today yes we are just going to have a comfy little chat together i’m gonna try and say some things that might be able to help you a little bit maybe give you some thing to think about that you might not have thought about before and i’m going to be telling you about some of me when i feel really depressed and alone and unmotivated and sad but before that i wanna ask you a question and that question is when did you last have something to drink when did you last have something to eat something delicious i hope i want you to check in with yourself and make sure you’re not hungry or thirsty i have a nice hot cup of tea with me today i thought it would be nice and suiting to drink whilst i talked to you and i had a pain au chocolate pastry for breakfast today it was so nice i love those i’m a sucker for pastries but when did you last have some water if you haven’t had something delicious to eat and drink in a little bit i’d really love you to do that just he little things like that can make such a big difference i promise i’ll be here for you waiting when get back thank you so we’re going to have a nice little chat and then i’m going to move on and i’m going to fluf, fluf, fluf fluffy mic cover sounds it sounds nice right? it’s a lovely sound it’s such a warm soft fluffy sound it’s sounds like that soft soft fluffy sounds they make me feel so confident and happy i really love them and if if if if you listen closely you should be able to hear the birds outside it’s very quiet you see usually when i record now that i’ve started recording during the day there is birds chirping outside and it is so annoying annoying annoying annoying but the other day i listened to the birds cherping and i thought wow that’s amazing that’s so beautiful i don’t know i think it’s just such a a happy uplifting sound i wonder what those birds are thinking about i wonder what the’re doing wonder what the’re saying in there little bird language i don’t know maybe it’s kinda silly but instead of editing it out i thought i’d actually put some of that sound in the back so if i go quiet maybe you can hear it i hope so so this might be a kind of repetitive me saying this because i’m sure you’ve heard it before i know i’ve heard it so many times but just in case it can help a teensy bit maybe from me i wanna tell you that you are not alone you’re not you’re not alone in this struggle absolutely not you’re not alone everything is going to be oke i understand how you feel i’ve struggled with depression ever since i was very very young i have been medicated lots of times and it never really goes away depression is just always something that has been a part of my life as long as i can remember i’ve struggled with it i spent a lot of my life isolated my entire adolescence i felt like i was so alone i had nobody i stopped going to school when i was twelve and i didn’t leave my house basically for six years which it’s really rough and it doesn’t help so i know what it’s like to feel depressed and isolated and unmotivated and lonely i’m here for you i know what it feels like i know how pointless everything can seem i know that feeling of not wanting to try anymore not having any more energy to try i know what that’s like and i’m sorry that you have to go through that i say that sincerely i’m sorry but that gives you a little more background and hopefully helps you to understand that i’m coming from a similar dark place and only the last year or so i’ve really figured out things that help me when i feel so down and how i can cope not make it go away but cope you are not alone in your struggle i’m here and i know how it feels feel the way you’re feeling and there is thousands of other people watching this no doubt that also know that struggle we’re all here for each other we’re all together i think that’s nice that we can be here for each other but you’re not alone in life either even if ow even if it feels like you have no one i promise there is someone out there who cares about you if it’s a a significant other or a good friend or a family member closely related or distant i’m sure there i’m sure that there is someone out there who loves you and even if you don’t always get along with them even if they don’t understand everything i’m sure that they care and they want just the best for you and if you feel like that isn’t true if you truly truly feel like there is nobody out there for you i promise that one day there will be if you keep fighting one day there will be but if there isn’t right now and you keep going down and down this rabbit hole how are you going to find them? so stick in there please until then i’m here for you i am i know it seems superficial and silly coming from an internet stranger but i promise that i say this sincerely i care i want you to be happy i love you you are going to be oke oke I’ve drank the rest of my tea i really do love that sound it’s so soft and safe and warm doesn’t that sound just make you feel warm i know when you feel really down and depressed and unmotivated even your favorite things in the whole world can seem like like a huge chore your favorite people can seem hard to talk to it just feels like you don’t wanna do anything you might just wanna lay in bed sometimes even sleeping feel like to much energy which is so silly sleeping is sleeping takes the opposite right? but somehow it feels like that and the best thing that you can do is to keep going and to keep pushing and to mope with those feelings when get out of bed today even if it’s just to take a shower to make your bed to make something to eat don’t let those feelings win don’t let them defeat you it might seem that impossibly hard to do these things or walking down the stairs might feel like running a marathon but it gets easier when i didn’t feel like writing and writing is the one thing that in my life that has always always always brought me happiness and depression takes that away from me so to show depression who’s boss i wrote and at first i had to sit in front of the computer for hours just staring at my document and not making any progress but then the words started to come and then once they started coming to me they wouldn’t they wouldn’t stop i also love to draw i love drawing so much and that’s another thing that depression stole from me hey i drew i started baking when a peak depression spike hit last year i think and wauw it’s so nice to make something delicious to put so much hard work into making it and then getting to eat something delicious and sweet as a reward it feels so good fresh air does wonders i promise i still don’t go outside enough but just a five minute walk going to the library going to the gym or going to the store to pick up some snacks just a walk a little walk and when i started going to coffie shops and writing just so i can get out of the house a little more just little things like that think about what you can do that you usually do in the house that you could do in a different atmosphere and trust me it works wonders just changing where you’re sad not sitting at the same desk or in bed all day it just makes you feel so much better it gives your brain so much more to work with it’s great and this next thing that’s helped me might seem a little silly but smile more smile more it is crazy how much difference smiling makes and this is coming from someone who has been clinically depressed for over a decade this is coming from someone who spent like over a quarter their lives isolated this is coming from someone who’s been on lost of medications that didn’t help once i looked in the mirror and i smiled at my reflection so clearing an reflection was passively looking at my reflection i smiled at it and i thought wow i actually have a really nice smile and i’d never realised that about myself before that i look a lot prettier when i smile and i feel a lot better when i smile and when i smile at myself and i smile at people that i love smile right now smile for me i’m smiling right now for you this smile this smile on my face is for you bacause i want you to be happy with me i do and make sure you’re getting enough to eat make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of water bacause it’s magic water is magic eat good delicious healthy foods both yes it’s possible just eat lots of things that you like your favorite foods and spend time with the people that you enjoy being around i know it might not seem like it but those people that love you they are still there even if you feel like this right now the’re still there for you and they always will be always i sound silly i know so silly but even if the things i have to say even if my roleplaying can’t do anything to help you i hope that i’ve always been able to keep you company for a while and get your mind away from other things and make you feel just a little bit less alone that’s all that i want to do i wish that i could just give you a hug and tell you these things but i can’t so but i hope the thought is enough fluffy sound and of course this is my last thing of course if you can’t snap out of it if it feels like it’s never going to end if it just keeps getting worse please please please please reach out for help a professional i’m not a doctor i’m not a professional i can only speak from experience but it’s oke to admit that you can’t do it alone it’s oke to admit you need help there is resources everywhere everywhere everywhere that can help there is someone out there who can help you and this will end it will i promise you that this is not forever this is not how things are always going to be things are going to get better they will you are going to be oke and some day even if you can’t be now you are going to be happy and loved and you are going to be so so glad that you made it through this i promise thank you so much for spending time with me today thank you for listening to me ramble thank you for thinking about something else for a little bit thank you for letting me help you i love you and i will see you next time good bye

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  1. I cannot begin to explain to you how helpful this was. Your videos are really great at giving the feeling of a person keeping me company which is a great thing. Not only that but your other videos are so creative and well done and really just gets my imagination going which is a huge part of how I cope so I want to thank you for making the content that you do

  2. Yeah I know from experience I'm 15 and I have depression and it's such a big deal with the pain of it weighing you down everyday as you wait for death

  3. Thank you for opening up and sharing this new type of content. Your videos have been a real help for me recently, and I'm sure everyone agrees. Very good, 11/10. I'm going back under my rock, now. Thanks.

  4. Never had a video hit so close to home before. I have isolated myself for over a year now and this video makes me feel a bit better, Thank you so much

  5. how much do I have to pay on your patreon to just get you to say you want to see me succeed in life. maybe if i hear someone I listen to daily say it I would actually feel the need to do something with myself rather than lay in bed hoping my life ends at some point soon.

  6. Thank you, you posted this video at the perfect time. At least in my life. I always love your videos but this was something i really needed to hear. You help us all and i think it goes without saying that we are all grateful for all the emotional support you have given us. Im sorry to hear about your struggles but also glad that you are getting through it. You are a great person and we love you to!

  7. Usually I’m not depressed, and the fact that I’m ok with being lonely 😞 but this really helped me. Thank you 🙏🏿

  8. I keep coming back to videos like these from you because they just calm me down like nothing else, and your regular voice is really soothing to listen to. Thank you for making these <3

  9. I much prefer this pitch of your voice, I feel like it's more genuine and cute, the higher pitches in the other videos seems too forced

  10. 😏Heeell yeah lets get it today fellas!😏

    By “let’s get it” i mean: “lets get temporary reassurance that maybe we’ll be okay someday to distract us from our current pain and suffering” :’)

    Happy Valentines day everybody!

  11. Im very grateful for your videos. It's nice to hear about you once in a while. It makes your content better knowing that you can relate. I was depressed since i was a kid too but now i'm accustomed to it. Good luck with your situation

  12. Shadow you are seriously the one person who has single handedly made me cry more than any other person in the history of my life. Thanks for helping me through depression. Even though you don't actually know me haha.

  13. Thank you so very much for this ASMR video, it really helped me and the feeling of just a little bit of weight off my back after so many years brought me to tears. Thank you.

  14. Not that anybody cares, but, this audio's pretty much perfect. The way you make it so personal and honest, i can really feel the passion in it. As a ' depressed ' teenager, i feel the urge to cry out to someone, but this video, helped me out with said urge. Thank you ' fallenshadow ', for being here, not as a character, but as a human being.

  15. Hi Ellie, I'm glad you're making these videos, I recently had two anxiety attacks a few days ago, believe me, I was so scared due to struggling to know what my body was doing at the time, this really helped me.

  16. About the smiling thing, it’s hard to express an emotion you’re not feeling, but it’s also so hard to not feel an emotion you’re expressing. If you can, try not to close off your body. Be open and expressive. Heck, try skipping around your house in private if you want to. And, of course, smile often.

  17. All of my friends have either moved away or just dont care about me anymore, its hard to admit but i am very lonly and i feel everyone elses pain when i think about it to much

  18. "When did you last have some water?"

    What do you take me for, some parched and dessicated non-hydro-homie pleb? Hydro homies like myself are always sippin' the good stuff.

  19. I've watched a lot of ASMR comfort videos but this is the first one that has had such an impact on me. Thank you, I needed this. p.s. I'm a big fan of your vids and started watching them back when you had like less than a dozen. I love all your vids please keep it up!

  20. You know what. I'm bored of life. can I die now pls? god? hello? yes Im speaking to you mister kami sama. Take me back to nothingness now thank you!~

  21. Hey Shadow, I’ve been watching you since June 2017, I used to be on your discord but now I’m long banned lmao. It’s me Jonah, if ever that rings a bell. You’ve gotten good at this, keep up the good work, I’ve gone from a discord troll to a genuine fan over the past years.

  22. Love it as always! One question thou.
    You put softly spoken in the title but isnt that the default for asmr? I feel like that needs to be reserved for if youre going to angrily shout it is german.

  23. Lovely video Shadow! It's sad to hear that you wouldn't leave your house for 6 years, but I'm glad you are now starting to go out more and more. Remember to take care of yourself before taking care of your fans ♥️♥️

  24. Damn I stopped going to school when I was 12 too and it took me 6 years as well to leave my house. Well thanks for the video it was really a helpful video.

  25. It just feels my heart with joy knowing that folks like you are trying to bring happiness to those that don't have it, especially since most of us suffer from Depression, I myself have to live with it but things like this give me hope and an appreciation for those who actually care and want to bring happiness to those who don't, Humanity needs more like you.

  26. Been 6 years now, no friends, no siblings, can't talk to my parents about my problems, just keep everything bottled up inside, struggle with anxiety as well, insomnia is also a major problem.
    What really gets to me is the fact that I went from a confident smart happy kid with friends to a depressed self doubting loner adult. Graduated from university with my degree and I'm supposed to be happy about it but for some reason I just don't feel happy.
    Hopefully things will get better soon.

  27. Yes life is pointless…. And that is AWESOME you can choose your own point in life and don't care about a reason at all. You can do everything and you can be everything you want just embrace your life and do what you earls want! Be your own God and shape your own world!

  28. thank you so much for making this video, even if it was just for a short bit, i felt that i was not alone, i felt loved. thank you so much

  29. I honestly didnt think i needed this… but this just a gve me a good nights rest that I havent had in a long while. I feel more energized than usual. Thank you so much. Great ASMR.

  30. In hindsight, loneliness wasn't so bad. I'd much rather have loneliness back, and with it the hope of finding people who care about me some day, than know that even if I do find those people, I'm going to push them away because their attention gives me straight up panic attacks. That stings a lot more.

    Thank you for this video, Ellie. I may yet manage to get some work done today. I feel that I've the energy to do so now.

  31. What convenient timing for this to be recommended, 1 day earlier and i wouldve thought ‘im neither depressed nor lonely’

  32. I had huge panic attack and was unable to breath in a while, i wanted to try can asmr get me calmed down, it did, i had good sleep only thanks for this video. Thanks for all you do <3

  33. Please do more videos like this becuase it makes people feel so much better based of comments and how I feel after listening to this I know it means a lot to people to hear these genuine things and to feel genuinely cares for, and that fact that its comming from a "stranger" makes it even better.

  34. I am all for the Roleplay Asmrs, The characters, the voices, the atmosphere. But when the Asmrtists do these personal videos, it's amazing.

    Honestly thank you, Thank you Fallenshadow… In my eyes you've been risen and Adorned in sunlight.

  35. Wtf is the point of joining your discord server if we can't even mention you lmao. I swear you people are insane. Most people these days can't even handle a phone call without freaking out and acting like a child.

  36. Please do more of these videos they actually make me feel like I'm not alone and every thing will be ok in the end

  37. So wholesome. This is always a nice break from reality.
    Here's a story, for anyone that wants to read it.

    My past two years have been pure agony. Mum got horribly sick. Several trips to the ICU/ER. I don't even know how much time she has left. I was accused, discriminated and charged with a felony. It was deferred, I served no time other than probation (which I'm currently on) and 15 months of 24/7 house arrest. My 18th birthday was spent in a hospital and my support dog died on my 19th birthday. I was never able to take her outside past our small backyard. Our backyard was right next to a dog park. Clearly visible to a distraught dog, wondering why she couldn't go. That stuff doesn't go away. Her whimpers still hit me in the head at times. It sticks with you for a very long time.

    I am lost in life, but I'm slowly getting my bearings together.

    But with such a story, I'm no exception. I'm sure other people have it worse, and some people might have it easy compared to my situation – but we all have different feelings. Some people get hurt more easily. Someone could be $100 in debt and treat it as a mid-life crisis. My story may be bad – but I won't undermine anyone else's problems because of what I solely experienced. You're all here because you're going down a deep phase of sadness – I'm assuming.

    It sucks, but things always get better.

    I've been off of meds for 3 months now. I've not had a major breakdown at all in that time. Whether it's my mental fortitude kicking in, or I'm just numb to everything at this point – I think it's a culmination of both.
    In my future, I have plans to join the military. I want to utilize my career in aviation to eventually become an astronaut. Big goals for a struggling gent.

    You can overcome depression/anxiety, those who have it. The best mindset is to understand that, no matter what you do in life, horrible crevices can form in the way. If you ever get to a standstill, to where you can't cross the gaping crevice – build a damn bridge. Analogously, this refers to how it will take a lot of effort to get past the depths of a rabbit hole, but you certainly can't give up.

    And, please. It's okay to seek help. Don't feel bad about it. You're not stressing out any doctors, you're not being a burden, your family isn't going to treat you as if you were an embarrassment, and your true friends are going to be there to support you – if you choose to tell them. You're being brave. There's always someone to talk to.

    Thanks for reading. Take care of yourselves.

  38. I think I've come to the point where I'm no longer depressed, I'm just unhappy and directionless. These videos used to make me cry uncontrollably when I'm stoic most of the day, and I'm almost a little sad I didn't get that same spike of emotion this time. Your cute accent has always been a perfect escape to a distant land. Professional help has always done much more harm than good in my case. They've given me drugs that made me suicidal, they've locked me up places where I was punished for playing with my clothes, and they've given me careless advice regarding dealing with the girl I loved. The first good interaction I had was recently with a private therapist who I could just talk to like a friend… It seems like that's all I needed really. I wish I could see her more than once every few months, but it's something.
    You have no idea what kind of impact you have, Shadow. For some reason, hearing the thoughtful and compassionate voice of a girl is something completely invaluable to me. It is incredibly healing. The fact that you are a real person and not just a fabricated anime character give me some hope for this world.

  39. When I was in my bed listening when she said I love you I got so emotional inside I almost cried when I was little my mom would hurt me but we no longer live with her but the emotional damage is still real I may seem normal in my videos or outside but my emotional damage is real this video helps me there has been many times I wanted to die but this video makes me feel better and there's been time I wish I could sacrifice my self so there would be no emotional pain anymore to the creator of this video thanks a lot you have helped me well only a little but it's something I thank you so much for wat you have done for me and everyone else

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