Bastiaan becomes emotionless by Diazepam | Drugslab

Bastiaan becomes emotionless by Diazepam | Drugslab

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I don’t know, I can’t think straight. I don’t feel anything.
It’s hard to talk to me, isn’t it? Hi, I’m Nellie.
-And I’m Bastiaan. And welcome in our Drugs…
-…lab. And just like every week,
we’ll try a drug so you don’t have to. Is there a drug you think we should try,
leave a comment and maybe we’ll do so. Jamie, Rick…
-And Crankylvr did so too. They’re very curious about diazepam. This is diazepam, a round blue pill. Ours
is 10 mg, but it also comes in 2 and 5 mg. Diazepam is a medicine
and you only get it on prescription. It belongs to the benzodiazepines,
also known as benzos. It has a soothing, tranquilizing effect
and reduces anxiety. In the 70s and 80s
diazepam was very popular… and widely prescribed by doctors. They said it was a harmless tranquilizer,
but that turned out not to be true… because it’s actually really addictive. In the Netherlands over 600,000 people
are addicted to benzodiazepines. That’s really a lot. You’re addicted to a substance if you use
it consistently for more than three months. Some people suffer from anxiety
or sleeping disorders. But what I find dangerous is that people
use it because they’re restless or tense… or suffer from some kind
of panic disorder. That way you don’t solve
the underlying problem. After eight weeks you build up tolerance
so that you’ll have to take more and more. Until your body can no longer go
without it. A researcher has said that it’s harder
to get people off benzos than off heroin. So it takes longer to kick a benzo habit
than a heroin habit. That’s really heavy. It has a tranquilizing effect, so I think
I should do it, because I’m very hyper. Right?
-If you want to, I’m all for it. You shouldn’t underestimate this pill.
-No. It also gets prescribed for anxiety.
Are you afraid of something? I’m afraid of dogs.
Fighting dogs like bulldogs. What’s the matter?
-And of Chihuahuas? No, just big dogs. And I’m afraid of heights,
not so much when looking like this… but when I look down. My legs will
start trembling and I have to jump. My belt is on.
I’ll write down the base values. You’re getting a 10-mg pill.
You’re pretty hyper today. Yes?
-Yes, I can tell. I’m always hyper, or not? Diazepam has a half-life
that can run up to more than 24 hours. So if you take another pill the next day,
you may start stacking and take too much. Important: never combine it
with alcohol, medicines or drugs. Especially not with other downers
like GHB. That has a big impact on your respiration
and may cause you to stop breathing. And certain signals will get blocked… so that you can choke on your tongue
or your own vomit. Yes?
-Yes, right? There are many different types
of benzodiazepines. There’s a distinction between sedatives
and tranquilizers. Whether it puts you to sleep
or tranquilizes you… depends on the dosage, the strength,
how fast it works and how long it works. Sedatives usually get taken up
and broken down very quickly… while tranquilizers get taken up
and broken down very slowly. I’m suddenly sitting next
to a very quiet person. Are you just staring at me?
-Oh, sorry. You’re pretty foggy.
-I’m getting a bit dull. Seriously. I don’t feel like doing anything.
My arms just feel so sluggish. I’m a bit fuzzy. More relaxed?
-Yes, that I am. I don’t know, I can’t think straight.
It’s just very… Yeah, a bit emotionless. I’m so not myself. I could easily fall asleep, but I’m
fighting the urge to close my eyes. And your body? My legs are still trembling. You see that?
-Yes. But especially here I feel very sluggish. Do you feel your muscles are weaker?
-Definitely my arms. Arm-wrestle? I’m doing my best,
because I don’t want to lose. Did it take a lot of effort?
-Yes, it did. I’m glad. I find it very boring.
The vibe here is so boring. You created it yourself.
-It’s as if I’m at a funeral. Yes, that’s the vibe here. One risk of diazepam is brain damage. It’s been proven that after a year of use
brain damage occurs and the brain shrinks. It also causes forgetfulness. You’ve only had one pill, but I still wonder
what your short-term memory is like now. So let’s do a test. There are a number of objects here.
Bastiaan can look for a few seconds. Then he has to turn around
and tell me what he saw. Turn around. Yes. Okay, let’s hear it.
-Rabbit… A clothes peg.
Green tweezers. Orange. Bubble bottle. The tea can. A Mars bar. Was that all?
-No. I said rabbit, right?
-Absolutely. Sandwich.
-Yes. I don’t know what else. Did I have everything?
Oh, orange juice. You missed two.
-The two healthiest things. Since you’re so sleepy
and less concentrated… it also affects
your short-term memory. Diazepam reduces feelings of fear. You just indicated that you’re afraid
of Chihuahuas. No, of very big dogs. And of heights.
That’s why we have something for you. Here we have VR glasses and a nice video.
Because you’re going to go… to large heights. When I look down it’s kind of scary.
But I don’t feel anything. No fear?
-No. I don’t really feel anything.
I have no emotions. They’re turned off. That’s what you look like.
-Yes? Do you think it would have been scarier
without the diazepam? Yes, I think so. Because then I’d feel more.
Now I don’t feel anything. You look like you’ve been partying
for ten hours… then went to an after party
and are ready to go home. Really? I would like to go home. Wouldn’t you?
-Really? You don’t feel like doing anything?
-No, I’m so like… I don’t know. Diazepam works as a muscle relaxant
and tranquilizer. Here’s a challenging contest: how often
can you go up and down in 30 seconds? Go. You have to go faster. Two.
-My legs are so heavy. Stop.
-Already? Yes.
-It’s heavy. Especially my legs. Four times.
-Well, three. I’m not sad, I’m not happy, I’m not angry. There are people who abuse diazepam. They use it to get a rush
and feel relaxed. There are also people who use it
after using XTC, which are uppers… to fall asleep more easily. It’s hard to talk to me, isn’t it? I just don’t know how to respond.
-That doesn’t matter. Yuck. I just don’t know what to do with you.
You’re so flat. I just get no response.
If you were in pain I’d understand… but you’re just a flat spirit. And you will be like this for a while, because
it will last another 10 hours as it winds down. I wonder how you’ll feel this evening
and how you’ll feel tomorrow. I feel fine, just as I expected. When I came home yesterday
I lay down and fell asleep at once. I slept tightly
for something like 2 1/2 hours. Last night I also slept for 11 hours.
I just woke up. But I didn’t enjoy it at all.
I was so boring. I just sat there. I could only say yes and no.
I had no emotions anymore whatsoever. So it’s not for me.
This was Drugslab for this week. If you’re curious about a drug,
let us know and maybe we’ll try it. Like and subscribe
and follow us on Instagram. And watch the do’s and don’ts.
And I’ll see you again next time.

100 thoughts on “Bastiaan becomes emotionless by Diazepam | Drugslab”

  1. Just may be late on comment.. In Nepal best easy IV drug is combination of diazapem, neurophen and phenorgen..

  2. Kunnen jullie ook eens oxazepam testen? Benzo’s zijn wel echt troep, ik ben er zelf 3 maanden mee bezig geweest voordat ik het naar nul afgebouwd had en zelfs de 2 maanden erna nog behoorlijke ontwenningsverschijnselen. Gebruik was 10 Mg dagelijks oxazepam gedurende 5 maanden. Voorgeschreven tegen angst/paniek/spanning. Nooit meer. Snap ook niet dat mensen dit voor de lol pakken.

  3. I think I should take this to be able to fit into society of todayas a modern human being. I feel love, sorrow, fear, happiness and a lot more in just one day, "too many emotions and expressions" "I'm too alive" The system tells me I need to be like this; a robot with no emotions. Fuck the system!

  4. I would be very interested in a video on Mirtazapine. As it is claimed to potentiate the effects of cannabis and has hypnotic effects (sleeping) but also treats depression and anxiety. It's clearly very complex and potent and I don't feel there is enough information on it, particularly the recreational effects, interactions and side effects
    Andy =)

  5. Good video. I actually made a short video about valium today called 'The Beautiful Whirlpool'. Please subscribe to my channel if you dig it darlings. The vid – Stay strong and maintain the discipline! Rob xx

  6. In Thailand I was popping 2-3 10mg valiums a day and drinking non stop… by the 6th night and no sleep the night before I broke down was so depressed it was fucked up was crying for no reason.. luckily I was okay after a 16hr nap lol

  7. Took these for stopping anxiety(panic) attacks. If feels so good. Better than an orgasm. Although I took it just for a couple of weeks 2 years ago, I can tell that I got kind of addicted to it, now that I remembered how it feels I want a pill so bad

  8. I know people who take benzos (valium xanax ect) and they always take it with a cup of tea with small bit more sugar than normal they say it makes it stronger is this true?? Reply soon plz

  9. In Cambodia, you can buy it over the counter, no problem. They'll sell you Morphine Sulphate, anything you want. A better policy, I think. You're an adult. It's your decision. That said, the one thing better than Valium is extreme, daily exercise. This causes the brain to flood with endomorphins and dopamine, a much better drug than diazepam.

  10. Careful guys, I almost died because of Midazolam, a super potent short-acting version of benzodiazepine. Don't mix it with alcohol, just don't, you'll have a blackout for sure.

  11. Smoke heroin, may have a bad name but its much less addictive than benzos, oxy, speed or coke and i no from my own expierence with them all.

  12. i cannot believe i just heard Dancer by Gino Soccio in the background of this programme. a timeless classic so rarely played. much love

  13. Could you also try Bromazepam in one of your future videos? Thanks for all your videos BTW, they offer great insight

  14. I have been taken a diazepan 5ml for two years every night to ensure a good nights sleep i have not experienced any side effects would not take any during the day.Would not want to walk around in a daze.

  15. Try shooting up china white heroin or fentanyl…oh and please overdose…stupid assholes.

  16. I’m 14 and a doc prescribed it to me

    I never took it though because I don’t feel the need to (I’m on SSRI tho)

  17. Hoe zorg je in Nederland dat je in aanmerking komt voor Diazepam? Ik heb het ooit eens 3 dagen van de dokter mogen gebruiken voor rugpijn en angst, ik heb toen na weken slecht slapen eindelijk weer eens perfect geslapen. Ik ben nu een jaar verder en merk dat het slapen weer slecht gaat, de dokter wilt het echter niet meer voorschrijven. Hebben mensen hier ervaringen mee?

  18. its not really addictive. really addictive are opioids. Xanax at 2mg at night 3 hours before sleep will calm me down, and offer a gentle sense of relaxation, not like the orgasmic euphoria opioids produce.

  19. I am still with 4 new and sealed boxes that I bought and left over from my treatment. Selling cheap and sending by post office. If in case you are interested, just call on email => [email protected]

  20. Ik heb een spier aandoening, en slik 1 week 30 mg op een dag. Met een stopwerk, maar gelukkig word ik er niet leip van, en zorgt het dat ik wat kan bewegen

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