Best And Worst Roofing Shingles from Certainteed, Atlas, Owens Corning, Tamko, IKO

Best And Worst Roofing Shingles from Certainteed, Atlas, Owens Corning, Tamko, IKO

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hey guys we’re hearing one of my bigger
jobs this year and this is the only job we’ve had to use tamko, Leah why did we
have to use them to match the other 13 buildings on the property that a
previous person they’re very very unfortunate so you know I’m not making
it up they’re so inconsistent you can see here caps are shorter but if you go
down here they’re all passing the line so as a roofer if you’re trying to make
this roof look straight you’re gonna fail because
the tabs some shorter some longer right next to each other so your line will be
wavy that’s the reason we don’t use Tamko hello and welcome everyone this is
roofing insides I me host Dmitry Lipinskiy and today we’re talking about best and
worst shingles to buy in 2019 last year and last three years I’ve been doing a
lot of testing anything from granule loss to weight to nailing zone and I’ve
put a lot of content out there engaged a lot of conversation in a roofing
community about who makes the best and the worst shingles out there today’s
review are gonna be a little bit different we’re not going to compare
them have to hat we’re just going to overview what it makes to make the best
shingle and what it makes to Bay and to make the worst shingle out there and
when I say the worst I don’t mean it in a negative way there is a room in place
for every shingle on the market manufacturing shingles is not easy job
it’s very complicated process I’ve been in many plants myself and I’ve seen
shingles in the making it’s hard every time you come to the plank you can
literally see shingles that don’t make it out to the field but unfortunately a
lot of them do and unfortunately about 1% of all the roofs fail regardless even
after they shipped out and being installed roofs do fail so the purpose
of this video it’s to save somebody headaches to help somebody make educated
decision which brand to buy if you installer and maybe it’s your first year
in business please pay attention because the court quite a few things we’ll be
talking about is installation process and why quality of the shingles matter a
lot so we’ve been getting a lot of calls a lot of inquiries because we’ve done
this content in the past and today I just wanted to make simpler version who
makes the best and who makes second grade because last year in my final
video of 2018 comparison between the shingles I pretty much come up with the
first and second grade classification and I put top four in a first grade and
top four bottom four in a second grade I still stand behind it but today I wanted
to explain it in a little bit different angle so here’s what we have here we
have top two shingles I’m not gonna name any brands I’m just gonna say that this
two Brants I just this one I just picked
from big-box store this one I picked up from local shingle supplier here in
Minneapolis and this – we picked up from another supplier and this one from
another big-box store while with the naked eye they all look very similar and
I would say driving through town looking from the ground on the roofs
you’re not gonna see the difference you’re not gonna see the quality
difference at least but if you are a roofer you will know that there is a top
three brands and if you stay to the end I’ll name all of them top three shingles
they have most fans they have installers who swear by them they they get offended
if somebody says it’s a bad shingles and lower-quality shingles their builders
Gration goes they’re truly second grade a lot of builders a lot of multi-family
homes a lot of wholesale companies do them because they don’t care if roof
will last 20 years they have to issue 10 year warranty almost any shingle in the
market will last at least 5 to 7 to 8 years and usually big problem starts
having in right around that time 7 8 years but what’s really important is
right off the bat is your nailing zone nail zone is important because first
thing the manufacturer does when you’re fails when they come out to inspect the
roof they look how it was installed and unfortunately that’s where a lot of
shingles differentiate best shingles will always have really easy to
understand nailing zone that it’ll be wider it’ll be easier to read where
lower grade shingles will have something like this you can see it like here you
can’t even see the line I mean if I would be installer and I need to install
you know two thousand an L two thousand to three thousand nails per roof you can
see how easy it is to miss or you don’t even know you don’t have directions to
nail the same goes here so lower-quality shingles have narrower zone and they’re
not consistent consistency it’s very important because even if you have
nailing zone but when you put two shingles together it doesn’t line up you
still force to go above or lower their zone so the problem with the whole thing
about the nailing zone is manufacturers do walk away from from those jobs from
those warranties they’ll simply come out and they say you know you high nail
everything and the reason installers high nail just because they want to be
safe they don’t want to face nails because face nail is where you when you
install a shingle and your shingle and your nail will be facing here that’s a
no-no so installer always want to be a safer high nails it misses the common
bond area and as a result waste of origin well not many people talk about
it but I personally think that one of the
reasons lower quality shingles don’t improve in my opinion because they don’t
want to stand behind us warranties it’s a really easy way out we’re good
manufacturers they can’t argue if you nail in this zone right here and you
have a blow offs well that’s a wind warranty right you come out and
manufacture have to replace it the same here
manufacturers telling you you have to install here boom how can you argue with
that another really big difference between good and bad single it’s a
sealant on the back for example this one right here there’s actually one of the
worst of this example so definitely you know what makes the best and what makes
the worst right look at this when Sun will hit and when Sun will activate this
line this shingle will seal way faster and the bond will be way stronger this
one right here I mean you can barely I mean it’s like 30 percent of this so
again on the flip side the shingles might look very similar you don’t see
the common bond but we actually see and one of the reasons would drop one
manufacturer’s couple years ago in my roofing business is because we have a
warranty issue where we install a job and shingles never sealed manufacturer
came out looked at everything we have six
blaah shingles on the ground within first six months after install nothing
we did wrong but shingles would not seal there’s their line looks just like this
they didn’t back up their warranty 30 days later they sent us a letter saying
that they don’t see manufacture defect so we took a piece of shingle send it to
their lab they came back not their fault well if it’s not your fault and it’s not
my fault and we have six shingles on the ground whose fault is it as a business
owner it’s you have to make a decision we made a decision not to install not to
offer the brand anymore and unfortunately there were right here they
were in the lower end and to this day they still stay there now another pretty
big aspect of the shingles it’s also weight and granule loss some of the
manufacturers claiming that weight is not important unfortunately I don’t have
to fight or agree with it I go against specifications so manufacturers who are
not consistent with their weight always say the weight is not important so for
example some brands I believe this is one of them would say that their
shingles should be 230 pounds per square when we weighted them there were not
even 200 so 30 pounds per three bundles it’s a lot it’s like 10 pounds is
missing one of the reasons it’s happening because asphalt is expensive
and just by cheating a little bit they save a lot of money so best shingles in
the market they will be a little bit heavier I’m not saying that weight is
absolute parameter for a better shingle but obviously the more asphalt the more
weight you have then the harder it is for weather to take heat on that shingle
another parameter as well is granular loss-making shingles is pretty
complicated process I’ve been quite a few plants and you’re talking about big
temperatures you’re talking about a lot of components you’re talking about big
lines and you can constantly see almost in any plan that there is a
big waste there is a whole batch is that shingles were not made per that
manufacturers specification one of them it’s a granule loss almost every
manufacturer test their granule loss at the factory because if if if granules
did not adhere good after install wind and rain will wash them away granules in
shingles are not just little rocks they actually have metals in them some of
them has copper so you don’t want a massive granulosa around your aluminum
around your maybe copper gutters for fancier homes so you wanna your granule
stay on your roof and you don’t wanna weather and wind and Sun keep beating
them so best shingles usually have way better granule it here where like even
here this too just by dealing with them here and in my test before you can see
how much granules right off the box already missing well of course
statements from those worst manufacturer would be something like oh but we put
more granules in on purpose during production well why would you do that
it’s 21st century you’re telling us you put more so you can waste more how about
work on your process and glue them better improve your process so we don’t
have to throw tons of granules in our grasses on our roofs and our gutters and
actually keep them on the singel themselves so again if you look from the
ground it’s not a big difference but if you start touching if you start filling
shingles difference is huge and that’s a true difference between the best and the
worst so who makes the best shingles right now well if you ask me personally
I might be biased but I’ve been doing it for years
I believe that certainty it probably has the most fans in the country certainteed
Atlas long scouring those top three brands are for me on the lower end site
it’s going to be IQ it’s going to be tamko it’s going to be BP and some other
brands there’s the big biggest difference of all
top three brands the best singles how their certitude Atlas and owens-corning
gonna have the most followers the most installers who swear by them like for
example last year my company installed Tonka and I actually put a video about
them it was one of the worst roofs I have to install I didn’t have a choice
because there was a big apartment complex and we have to follow the
specifications proper that management company but when we’re installing them
the product was so inconsistent we hated it my installers hated it there isn’t
happening because it’s building builders great it’s a cheaper product it’s not as
good as others but when you say five ten dollars per square its adds up so a lot
of builders reusing them and there’s a place for it right so when you buy
something and with the builders great when you buy a house and you know it’s
building a house you doors gonna be downgraded windows not giving the best
and so on so what but if you buying custom good house and builders care
about everything this is what I want to install again there is a place for every
single out there if you’re installing word of comment below what brand you
like why you like it all manufacturers have class-action lawsuits against them
in the past including Atlas including certainteed including Owens Corning I
mean all shingles fail the problem is not failing the problem is how do they
come around it how do they backup their warranties and this is where real talk
and roofing communities should take place because I’ve seen so many roofs
failing and manufacturers come out and they just don’t under them where so many
factors comes out and write your checks on the spot and apologize like yep sorry
bad batch where ever let us take care of it where some manufacturers not even
allowed to sell their products in some states another one too is the process of
educating installers I told you in the beginning that if you install it pay
attention because there are some brands like for example I kill I remember years
ago meeting iqo rep at Home Show and I asked him what does it take for me to
become certified installer he said just give me your address and
you know your name and company name I gave him everything within two weeks I
was certified he sent me certification Demetri Lipinski with the storm water
proofing and certified installer for I kill something put in my wall
you didn’t you didn’t do anything now on on the side no the best one of the best
shingles out there a certainty it did try to get certified with them they’ll
make it do the test before they give it before they make you certify that’s the
difference like serious manufacturers the best manufacturers they do care
about how you install it they do care about you register warranties with them
at the end because they want to back up those words just where builders grade or
2nd grade shingles or in my mind were shingles to buy they don’t have none of
that you pretty much have to sign off for right from the beginning that you’re
not getting the best you save any money and you given up stuff a lot of people
also ask how to find installer and my only tip about installer is I’m not
gonna tell you find installer to install certain sheet or all we see or Atlas my
thing is make sure you installer have commitment to the brand install there’s
dead brand understands the warranty of that brand have relationship and
training program with that brand I don’t care what are you installer installs
maybe he wants to install tamko right it’s fine as long as he will stand
behind that warranty and as long as he does it per manufacturer specification
I might install oh she somebody else might install certainty and somebody
else might Intel Atlas as long as we have those relationships we will deliver
good product now stay away from roofers on the other side who will come to you
and say product doesn’t matter any product you have will install it you
want this will install that you want this will install that that just tells
me they don’t really care they don’t stand for anything their work doesn’t
mean anything if if roofer cannot tell you why he likes one product and doesn’t
like another or if he tells you they’re all the same to me
it’s a red red sign big red sign that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
because this products are not the same there is a tons of difference there
tons of difference how to install them there’s tons of difference in their way
there’s tons of difference in performance and the wind warranties in
the paper warranty some of them will tell you in the warranty that their
claims will never be more than like $40 per square where you pane like 350 on
average probably so the thing is be careful out there and not all shingles
are the best the best are atlas certainteed and owens corning in my book
the worst are tamko IQs VPS and pepco now some of them are climbing up to the
first grade but they’re not there yet there’s a few within mention for legal
reasons pretty much every single time somebody reaches out to us or threaten
us with a legal issue we’ve decided we’re not gonna even talk about them you
on the other side can talk about them in the comments below let us know the
brand’s you like the breath brands you hate if you agree or disagree with my
opinion here but I think I know what I’m talking about I think I have a lot of
installers who will support my opinions I would like to hear from you only 6% of
our viewers comes from subscribers 94% what are you waiting for
we know who you are anyway subscribe below right now

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  53. New homeowner of a 2 year new construction and need a whole new roof due to hail damage. I've had a couple of contractors come to talk to me. One swears by GAF but they also offer OC. Listening to this video I think I'll go with OC.

  54. Thanks for this video! Could someone kindly provide
    Me some feedback on the IKO DYNASTY shingle? Replacing OC shingles after 20 years and I’m disappointed in how they held up. Any advice is appreciated!

  55. Great video! Could you recommend installers in the West Palm Beach Fl, area for certified installers of the top 3 brands. Thanks

  56. What's your thoughts on the GAF Weather Stopper System Pluss then they have the Silver Pledge and then the Golden Pledge. Having a company going to batt with Insurance, on a light hail damage job and that is what system they provide? Thanks in advance..

  57. This is the type of video that I like to see. Do you have a link to see any videos you have made that show your tests and results?

  58. Live in Washington State about to put a new roof on in two weeks. Roofer suggested IKO, I said no and asked about OC they agreed. But now I am torn between OC and Certainteed any comments for the PNW.. we get lots of rain and more rain and maybe a little wind mixed with rain. Love to know your thoughts.

  59. I haven't used certainteed in quite a few years had some problems with them have been putting Owens Corning on ever since no problems

  60. As far as the singles I have installed Owens Corning is the best and then Certain Lankmark. Every other brand like IKO, tamko, and really anything else is low grade. Gaf timberline are the only in between I know. I hear they void warranties quite often. Ceratainn Landmark seem to be the most popular around my 60 mile raduis though. Personally would like to know why they are so much more popular than OC when just a slightly worse shingle in my opinion. Do you think they have better warranties? By that I mean they cover and take care of their warranty issues better

  61. Thanks for sharing Buddy! Were you at the Roofing expo in New Orleans in 2017? If so I think I met you. I was there with Landen Smith and Nick Forsell. Haven’t seen those guys in forever! Anyway, I do a lot of repairs. I have not touched IKO to my knowledge but I tell you Tamko drives me crazy! It’s almost like they put literal trash in their granules! I get stuck and poked with shards that look like metal pencil lead and things and fiberglass gets stuck on my skin way more than any other sihngle. Of course also like you say it is definitely difficult to match lines.

  62. After researching shingles for my home I went with Certainteed. What a joke the fit and finish are terrible. They look older than my 24 year old three tab. I have a friend that owns a roofing company and he told me to stay away from Certainteed and use Malarkey, I wish I would have listened to him

  63. The top of the shingle is a factory edge, simply ensure the underlay is perfectly straight matching the underlay with the plywood creases. Applying each shingle individually with two hands eliminates imperfections and mistakes appearing from gauging.

  64. Trust this; GAF knows they would not stand up to the worst you have, so that is why they are not sending them to you!

  65. Just found your channel recently but I have really appreciated your information and knowledge. I'm getting ready to have my roof redone and I think I'm going to go with Malarkey Vista AR, I'm in the PNW and it rains a lot here. How are you feeling about Malarkey these days? I know it was your #4 choice a year or two back. Are they still good shingles to use? Thank you.

  66. We are researching about shingles, & a roofer.

    Our home was built in 1963. It has blank boards the roofer who came out today. Told us that because of plank boards it didn't matter which shingles we decided the manufacturer would not stand behind any warranty because of the planks.

    Is this true?

  67. Hi, Thank you so very much for this extremely informative video. I have one question, is Owens Corning and Silco the same company? Again, I really appreciate you educating myself and my husband on shingles and look forward to hearing your response. Thank you ever so much, Robin

  68. I've spent the past few years dealing with IKO, OC and certainteed. Both IKO cambridge and dynasty install easily and look good, and I've found medium granual loss out of package. OC tru def and duration have both been wonderful, minimal granual loss out if package, easy to walk an 8/12. Certainteed landmark and pro are by day the most expensive, and look the worst after install, imo. The certainteed also had maximum granual loss out if package, on a 6/12 it is like walking on tiny ball bearings…
    All three are great, but I really dont like the amount of granual loss I got out of the package with certainteed.

  69. I have had a Designer shingle put on my home 🏡 I will not say by the company I will say this if you go with a GAF Company they have to be a Master Elite . I agree with you they do not back up there products & I cannot thank you enough for all your information I wouldn’t wish anyone the …. We have been threw the past year . Blessings

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