BEST HIP AND BACK EXERCISES TO PREVENT PAIN – Hip & Back Mobility Exercises to Increase Flexibility

BEST HIP AND BACK EXERCISES TO PREVENT PAIN – Hip & Back Mobility Exercises to Increase Flexibility

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Hey it’s Joe from stayfitanywhere and
today I’m going talk to you about how our body is going to break down when we get older and I’m going show you how to lube up your hip and back to hopefully keep
them nice and limber. For me as I’m hitting my mid-40s next year I’ve got a
newborn coming in a couple of months and I’m currently chasing after a soon-to-be
four year old all the time. “No, come here!” These are all things that are
happening in my life and sometimes it takes a toll on the body
I’m sure as any of you dads that have had kids later on in life it takes
a bit more energy and our bodies might not be as smooth as they used to be back
in our 20s and 30s. So for me it’s all about how do I make sure my body is
capable of functioning the way I want it to so I can continue to support my
family and have fun with them. Last thing I want is to wake up always
feeling achy and sore and being ineffective of what I want to be doing. For me it’s really important that I keep my body healthy and strong and do
multiple different exercises to keep it. nice and loose and limber. One of the things I know for me personally is it’s not as easy to do some self-care and
that means to work on myself because one, I always think there’s other things I
could be doing that are higher priority and that’s gardening, fixing things around
the house, making dinner for the family and I’m working on my business, of course those all of those things are very important but it doesn’t help if I was
to fall apart or it gets sick or get ill. Because then I’m not doing any of
those things anyways so I always have to remind myself like that in a way I do
come first because if I’m not that healthy and I’m not strong
I can’t be there for my family. One of the things I try to do most is
bite-sized workouts. You might have seen a lot of the things that I’ve been putting together are small quick exercise routines that I can do
efficiently and effectively. Because one, I’m busy
I usually don’t spend an hour at the gym to focus doing a specific
workout. For me it’s all about how do I fit in many bite-size movements as I’m working throughout the day or doing different types of chores and errands.
It’s always about thinking outside the box and making it work into
my lifestyle. If you’re a busy dad and you’re trying to juggle between family
and work and how am I gonna do anything for myself? I’m here to show you that it
can be done but you’re gonna have to commit to it and you’re gonna have to
look at specific areas of your day where you can quickly do maybe two three four
five minutes of exercise. Those are really important and it’s going to help you out. This exercise is called the hacky sack. Just like the name says, I don’t
know if you’ve ever played the sport or the game of hacky sack. There’s a little
tiny small bean bag and you’re kicking it back from your foot from side to side
doing a whole bunch of fancy tricks. I use to play it on the computer so that’s
as good as I got. One of the things I’m going to show you is how this
particular exercise is going to help loosen your hips and for your back. For the hacky sack, stand up straight, slightly engage your abdominals. You always want to keep your trunk nice and firm and
this will require a little bit of balance as you’re going through. All
you’re doing standing one leg bringing your knee about hip height
and you’re going to pretend that there’s a little hacky sack there a little bit
of a bean bag. Then you’re just going to kick it up and then pretend it’s
going to do a little arc over to the other side and kick it back on the other
side. So you’re doing this little swivel right around the hip going back and
forth. The more you do it you can control your balance as you see it my
balance isn’t the greatest sometimes but here do on the other side. You’ll
find maybe one leg goes a little bit higher than the other. You
can externally rotate a little bit more to the outside this one I find I have a
little pinch in my hip flex, my psoas, what we call it, so I know that I need to
continue working on that. Because I’m getting stiff and as I age and like I’ve
been saying you know I’m getting up into my mid-40s and all the activities I’ve
done in my past these are coming back to limit my mobility. I want to keep
myself nice and strong for our newborn that will be here in a couple of
months. So I’m making sure I’m keeping everything nice and limber.
Again, the hacky sack side-to-side motion keeping your abdominals engaged
and just rotating the leg back and forth. And to the other side here. If you want hold on to something, hold on to a wall, hold on to a stick whatever you need to do. Because what we want to do is make sure we can rotate that hip and get
some movement into there. That’s the hacky sack. In this exercise it’s called
the side leg swing. I love doing this exercise because it just feels like my
hips are getting loose and with momentum of my leg and the weight of my leg swinging your back and forth just like those little pendulum balls that you see
on those desks. The balls is kind of goes back and forth back and forth, that’s
kind of what I want you to visualize when you actually doing the side leg
swing. The easiest way, find a wall. I like to sometimes stand facing the wall. As your facing the wall
having your leg and just going side to side. When you’re doing this you don’t
want to be twisting you’re stationary like too much. You don’t want to be bending all over the place but you want to make sure that you’re not hurting the knees. If
you want I would say angle your foot out about 45 degrees and that should help if
you feel any kind of pressure on to the knee. From here do a side leg
swing. You’re not really forcing it, you’re just making sure your leg is
swinging back and forth. This is the shinbox or windshield-wiper exercise. You’ve maybe heard both names if not that’s what they are. It’s a
fantastic exercise to mobilize your hips hopefully increase range of motion. I
also find it probably the most difficult for beginners too especially if you’re
stuck in the areas of your hip flex or your glute meds(medius). The areas of your butt that help you rotate your legs for the outside. For beginners I always
say brace with your hands back behind you and it doesn’t force so much pressure
into your hip flexors. From there bring our knees up slightly, you’re
looking at a 45 degree angle on each and all you’re doing is dropping it from
side to side. The better you are at it the lower legs can go.
For me I’m doing this today I’m bit hmm I guess would be tight and not
flexible but as I’m moving forward I can feel myself getting a little bit lower
from side to side. And if you get better at this and then bring your arms up so
you’re not using your arms as a brace anymore so you’re basically dropping
from side to side. You can see my daughter’s telling me
we’re getting late for the school bus so this is the shinbox/windshield-wiper
exercise. So ready to go! This exercise is one of my favourite
exercises. Why, because it’s so easy to do all you really need is some
sitting apparatus so a chair a bench anything. I used to do this a lot,
back on day when I was a software developer and sitting in front of a
computer. This is great to relieve any kind of tension into the lower back into
the glutes. Just very, very efficient. It’s also one of my wife’s favourite
exercises and a lot of clients love this especially the ones that that work in an
office and for me who is getting older and older, I don’t move around
as much as I used to but I’m gonna get back on track with that but for now what
I want to do is make sure my body is capable of moving. So very simple, this is
called the cross legged hip stretch. You can hold it for a very long time but
today I’m just going to do three to five second intervals as I’m going back and
forth. What you want to is I would say, sit on the edge of your bench or your chair. Right now I’m sitting on a piano bench, so here ninety degrees, hip
width apart, bring your leg up over the knee. This is your starting position. If
you find it too difficult to bring your leg up extend your other leg forward a
bit so the angles a little bit lower and then try bringing your leg up and then do from this angle but if you can bring that leg straight 90 degrees.
Keep your posture straight, your chest up and from there all you’re literally
doing is just leaning forward and bring your chest forward towards the ground.
One thing you don’t want to do is bend your back as you’re going through doing
this so you want to make sure your back is nice and straight. Pretend you’ve tied a board to your back and you can’t actually round
the shoulders. From there bend through the hip at the waist and then come
forward. I would always say breathe out as you’re doing this so you can when
you’re breathing out and then breathing in. You should be able to feel a nice
gentle stretch around your butt and the outside but this will tell you kind of where else you might be tight or feeling some
discomfort. So if it’s in any of those areas it’s time to address them. And you go the
other side same thing. I would always say do eight
to ten of these. If you want you can continue holding it if it feels nice and
that’s something you want to do. Before I used to sit there on the computer
and as I’m programming I would sit in this position and bend forward so I’d be
getting a stretch in while I was working away. That also helped with me with just only sitting in one position for so long. It does become my comfortable and besides getting up sometimes I
would just do a seated cross-legged hip stretch as I was working so something
like that you can do too. It’s very easy All you need is a chair you can do it
anywhere, it’s perfect. That was the quick bite sized hip mobility routine that’s going to really help loosen up your hips, loosen up your back. Because I know as we age and we’re running around with these little tiny
people, it just takes a toll on us. And last thing I know you want or
even I want for myself is to be achy and in pain and not being able to do
things that we want to do. Because as dads, for me as a dad,
I want to make sure I’m keeping active and I want to be able to play with them, I want to throw them around, well you know in a good way. If you liked this video I’ve got four exercises in addition to this that
you can get for free by clicking on the link in the description so down below
click on the link and it’ll set you up for those four additional exercises to
keep your hip and back, continue to be mobile strong and flexible. And remember
to subscribe to my youtube channel because I’m always putting it new
content for bite-sized workouts and different tips to keep you guys nice and
strong and healthy.

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