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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Let’s talk about how to get bigger biceps
by understanding what this glove has to do with it. And no, it has nothing to do with actually
putting it on your hand. It’s about understanding how this relates
to the different types of contraction, understanding those contractions, and more importantly, implementing them into
your workouts so that you can get the most out of them. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it
on a bicep exercise in 1 minute. First of all, the types of contractions that we have. If you guys have been training for any length
of time you understand there are concentric contractions, isometric contractions, and
eccentric contractions. But ideally, you don’t want to just understand
the difference, you want to implement them, like I said, into your workouts. The isometric contraction we know, that’s
just when we have force-generated tension in the muscle but without movement at the
joint. Secondly, we have the concentric contraction.
That’s the one we’re all familiar with where we actually shorten the muscle as we move
through the range of motion, k. So, you’re shortening as you’re contracting
and generating tension in the muscle. And then an eccentric contraction is tension in
a muscle with lengthening because the exterior load is greater than
the force that we can generate in the muscle so we have an elongation of that joint. Now, here’s the deal. I have this glove here
to sort of show you why there’s differences in your strength levels in each one of these. This here is going to represent sort of our
shortening, our concentric contraction, and the amount of force that we can generate is really equal to the amount of force and the
recruitment abilities we have of our body to be able to shorten that muscle, alright, the amount of muscle fiber engagement we can
generate to shorten that muscle. There’s a good amount of force there for sure. But what happens when we start to get into
an isometric and eccentric version of this is we get help, mechanical help from the muscle itself and
how it’s structured and the crossbridge is formed. So, when we look at a piece of velcro,
if we put this on top now, this is an isometric contraction. We have
the help of the crossbridges being formed to allow us to actually hook on and stay in
that position. Our isometric strength is therefore about
20 percent stronger than it is our concentric strength. Eccentrically, if I actually tried
to start grabbing this and pulling it really hard, but of course I can pull it that way, but
if I try to drag it across there, it’s really hard and I’m a lot stronger there. And we are in real life, 40 percent stronger
eccentrically than we are concentrically because we have that friction generated by the crossbridges. So, what does that all mean for us here? It
means, if you want to take a set to true failure and promote muscle gains in your biceps, you’re going to want to go through concentric
failure first, isometrics failure second, eccentric failure third. You do it right here very simply. We get up
here, we set up for a Cable Curl, ok. The Cable Curl is, our arms are up high. Again,
we can promote shoulder flexion by having our arms elevated which is part of a bicep
contraction. So, we’re here. We’re going to pull in, k,
and we’re going to work to concentric failure. Keeping those elbows high. Til I can’t really execute another good rep. Now, right into our, right into our isometric
failure. So we can bump up the weight just a little bit more because we’re a little bit
stronger there. We’re going to flex-generate tension, walk
back, and hold them up now. And we just hold it there isometrically. Again,
this is a heavier weight. And even though I went to failure concentrically,
I still can maintain a contraction here, but not much longer. And now, isometric down. Now eccentric. We
bump up the weight even more. Again, already to failure twice. Get back in here. Flex ’em at 90 degrees here.
Walk it back. And it’s pulling me out. Come in. There. Walk it back, and it lengthens. Here.
You can even lean back. And down. Set it up. Couple more. One more. Until you really can’t decelerate that anymore.
Now, for any of you that say, ‘Well, I don’t have a big machine to do that with.’ All you’ve got to do is hook up your bands.
Again, single them up, work on them. Do here for your first ones. And then if you
have to go for the eccentric, just double them up so you have extra tension, alright. Guys, it could take you about 2 and a half
minutes to do one of these sets, and theoretically, some would say, ‘You’ve gone to concentric failure. You’ve
gone to isometric failure. You’ve gone to eccentric failure. What else is left?’ Not much. Do it a few times. I guarantee,
if you haven’t trained all 3 in the same workout, you’re certainly going to be sore. You going to certainly feel it for a few days
afterwards, and most likely you’re going to start to see gains by doing that. Guys, start putting muscle science and physiology
back to work for you so you can get better gains in a shorter period of time. It’s about doing more work, doing more effort,
and getting better results. ATHLEANX is a program that puts all this into
one step-by-step plan. I say it, guys, you’ve seen me say it before,
‘Someday is not a day of the week.’ Ok. Get started. There’s no better day than
now. Head to ATHLEANX.COM. Start putting science back into your strength
and see what it can do for you. Guys, if you found this video helpful, make
sure you leave a thumb’s up below and I’ll bring more of them to you. See you guys back here soon.

100 thoughts on “Biceps Workout in ONE Set (GUARANTEED BICEP SORENESS!!)”

  1. Does this mean this the only workout I can do for biceps? Cuz I do Bicep Curl Hammer Curl Zottman Curl and Concentration Bicep Curl for my biceps workout so I wanna know if I still have to do these or do that one set alone in the day

  2. Can we get a different set of weight-lifting exercises workouts that follow the same formula? Preferably something with equipment you can find at most gyms

  3. Hi Jeff, I just came up with a best method doing curls with dumbbells, all I did is get a "Swiss Ball" then put it up against the wall with my back leaning towards it giving me the best posture and I started seeing results.

  4. im going to try this on the seated curl machine
    concentric contraction (curl ups)
    isometric contraction (hold)
    eccentric contraction (ease down)
    can do the same on the triceps push down machine.
    I like the idea of a quicker but intense workout!
    if you think about it can apply the muscle attack trilogy method to the whole body!

  5. I am loving your videos!
    I'm 53 and training since I'm 13.
    I've done a few natural shows in my late 20s.
    Got an 18 year old who's got the lifting bug big time.
    I'm showing your videos to both him and my wife and I've executed a few of your techniques.
    Homerun my friend!
    I enjoy your detailed explanations on all your exercises.
    Keep up the great work.
    Very inspiring.


  6. I started doing the workouts that I see in all your videos and they all work 100%…. I've noticed a big difference on my body also.

  7. Since I am doing Isometric thing .. I am started to get those stubborn Biceps out 😀 .. Thanks mate for this

  8. J’ai deja fait ça c’est extrêmement efficace. Ma plus grosse progression en peu de temps a vu d’œil a chaque séance

  9. just when i don`t think some of Jeff exercises can`t get any crazier, i find this one!! i could try this one on the cable tricep pull downs machine. just set the base (where the handles attach to the machine) at the top setting, set the weight at a certain weight and try starting the exercise. if its too light, add a plate or 2 at a time until you a weight that`s just right. then try the 3 versions of this biceps exercise to failure. i`m sure to attract attention from my fellow gym members, but i`ll give it a go anyway!! so far, when i to the version Jeff showed us for cable pull downs for the lats, not one person pain any attention to me, nor have i seen anyone try it, when i was off on the other side of the gym working out on another exercise!! thank you so much for sharing Jeff Cavaliere, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  10. This is the shit wow it works I tried it for 2 weeks n yeah works ….. Each time I felt like my biceps were fried n it works the core too biceps triceps lats abs shoulders n so on ….. Thanks a lot Jeff 👍

  11. all of the motions you demonstrate are present in the traditional motions of a normal bicep curl lol you just isolate individually but they already have isolation curls right lol

  12. Before working the biceps, do you recommend working the triceps, it's old school technique but is it still relevant when going for an eccentric failure on the biceps .Thanks in advance guys

  13. Add in 2 sets of metabolic overload to failure at the end, and you'll lose all feelings in your arms the next day

  14. Does this work long head and short head? Does this also work the Brachialis? Can i use more resistant rubber bands to do these? I have cable machines but not like the one Jeff has it in this video?

  15. You can actually use the Lat Pulldown machine in your gym (common&popular machine) to do exactly what Jeff's demonstrate on this vid. Now no reason not to have biceps as Jeff's does. Thank me later.

  16. The last movement is super strange at first. I did this yesterday and the first two were easy but felt weird on the 3rd. Not sure I did them 100% just like Jeff (meaning the 3rd part) but I felt a "pump" and was sore this morning.. Of course i have a slight injury to my left brachialis muscle so that hindered my ability to go super heavy on this. So I did this one arm at a time.

  17. Just a quick one jeff you have a very good body i know its natral no roids. So ripped but with all the knowledge you have is that genetics as big as you can get with being natral . Im not knocking it you look great probably better then 90% with out gear i watch your vid all the time and they are great . I wish i watched them when i was younger . Just your training and gear would be wow

  18. Can you make a video on diet plan to loose fat faster? But if you already have video like that can you please drop me a link so I can check it out? Thank you

  19. why is it so expensive to buy a few of the machines you see at the gym and make a home gym? Like these cable machines are really expenisve and i dont wana get a shitty one either.

  20. One set on any exercise will work you can do negatives drop sets or rest pause techniques mike mentzer books explained it years ago it definitely works as proved by Dorian Yates

  21. Wish id bump into athlean x long time ago! Im 63 now, doing what i can at this age, all in all, Jeff's routines helping me more than ever, a sincere thanx to the BEST!

  22. That's how you do it – go home – don't come back too soon – let it soak in – grow . This is so intense 6-8 days before repeat.

  23. Guys this is the real deal. I’ve had troubling feeling the burn in my bicep but this method is the best. Thanks Jeff

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