BMX Brake Spring Tension EXPLAINED

BMX Brake Spring Tension EXPLAINED

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Hey everyone welcome back to this week’s Tuesday tip video where in this video we’re gonna be talking about break spring tension So obviously this video is not going to apply to everyone like if you don’t have breaks But if you do, I’m gonna be talking about what spring tension is why it matters Why it sometimes doesn’t matter? and How you can use it to improve your breaks so basically the main purpose to spring tension is to pull your breaks back? After you pull them with your lever so your breaks go in spring tension is what brings them back out and it also dictates how far the spacing is For your brake pads as well if you have a straddle cable like with a straight cable set up like on this frame or if you have single to double Lower gyro cables you’re gonna Have a straddle cable spring tension is very important because that’s how you make your brakes pull evenly and get the exact same spacing on both sides of your rim but if you have Dual lower cables like I have you can see that It’s both cables independently back to the brakes and the spring tension Doesn’t have as much to do with the spacing of the brake pads because you can adjust it Manually with these barrel adjusters, and it doesn’t matter as much to make your pads the same distance away from the rim basically spring tension really matters to make them pull back evenly and For how hard it is to pull them with the brake lever The tighter the springs the harder it is to pull but the faster They come back the looser the Springs the easier It is to pull but sometimes if they’re too loose the brakes won’t come all the way back and you’ll end up with a gap in your brake lever right here because Your brakes aren’t pulling it all the way shut Again, so now that you know why it matters and doesn’t matter when dual lower cables Let’s talk about why it does matter with a straight cable setup Or a single to double lower cable setup using a straddle cable So honestly up until just recently a year or two ago. I did not realize that spring tension is how you Change the spacing between your pads and your rim I thought it was all up here and I used these pins in the straddle cable setup in order to pull my Cables tighter or looser in order to bring the pads the way that I thought they needed to go But in reality the way, it works is Say this brake pad is too far away from the rim, and the other side is too close You need to be able to even them out a little bit, so what it means is that? the Spring tension on the opposite side the side over here is Not as tight as the spring tension over here the spring is too tight over here pulling it back further or more powerfully than The other side so what you would do is you would either loosen this side up just a little bit or you? tighten this side up and That would in turn pull this side further away or let it go further away and bring this side a little bit closer The way you determine if you want to loosen or tighten Either side is based on How you like your brakes to feel if you want them to pull harder, then you make this other side tighter making both sides Have a tighter pull in general and that makes it harder to pull if you like it a little bit easier Then you loosen this side More, or less evening out the spring tension and making them a little bit easier to pull and keeping them somewhat how they were It doesn’t matter a whole lot I’ve just found that if your Springs aren’t tight enough your brake Lever won’t come all the way back and you have to tighten them anyways so I keep mine tight so now We’ve talked about spring tension, and how it works. I’m gonna give you a little bit of a visual what I’ve done Here is I’ve loosened this bolt so the spring is completely loose And I’ve taken this cable out of the brake arm on that side so as you can see with no Spring tension loosen completely up if you push in on the brake arm There’s nothing to bring it back. It. Just moves freely and You basically have no brakes because there’s nothing to bring it back away from the rim for you to pull it back again So as you can see if I twist the brake spring cap away From the rim it pulls the brake pad away from the rim, and then when I tighten this down here in a second You’ll see how when I push on it It pulls the pad away from the rim and returns it to its original position every single time So I’m going to tighten that down And then we’ll show you an example Now that I’ve tightened the bolt you can see that when I push on the brake arm and push the brake pad towards the rim and then let go It automatically brings the brake arm back out and pulls the pad away from the rim Just as it would is if we were pulling the brakes so pushing in is basically the same thing as pulling the brakes and letting go is the same thing as letting go and you can see that the spring tension works as it should and Pulls the brake pad away from the rim allowing us to pull the brakes again and again and again I’m not sure if you guys can see it or not in the camera But it’s extremely hard and takes a lot of effort to push the pad in towards the rim right now And that is because the spring tension is Extremely high and the spring is extremely tight and what that means is if I set up both sides like this the brakes would be Hard to pull if you like that setup, that’s cool If not you would want to loosen the spring up a little bit And then get your pads evenly spaced away from the rim, and then test the feeling again And you can play with your spring tension and get it to where you like it basically I like it right in the middle to where it’s still somewhat easy to pull But the brakes come back right away whenever I let go of them How easy the brake arms are to push towards the rim is a good indication of how your brakes are gonna feel if you push? On it and it’s extremely easy and they barely come back or they don’t come back all the way obviously you’re gonna want to tighten it up because once it’s all together the friction from the cables moving inside the Housings is gonna. Make the brakes not pull back all the way and you’re gonna have to do it again anyways so realistically if it’s hard to push in you’re gonna want to loosen it a little bit, and if it’s extremely easy to push in and doesn’t push back all the way you’re gonna want to tighten it a little bit and until you get experienced with brakes And you know what you like You kind of have to play with it and go back and forth sometimes working on breaks is tedious But if you work on them, and you practice a little bit, and you dial them in whenever they’re not feeling good You’re gonna get really good at it, right away And it’ll be extremely easy And you’ll know exactly What you need to do to make your brakes feel exactly how you want them to feel so when it comes down to it brake Spring tension is the main contributor for the way that brakes feel and pull because it dictates both how hard They are to pull or easy They are to pull as well as the spacing between the rim and the brake pads themselves if you have a brake pad That’s extremely close on one side and on the other side. It’s extremely far away The extremely close side of course is gonna hit first then you’re gonna have to keep pulling until the extremely far away side hits Which in my opinion makes for inconsistent brakes that don’t feel or break as good as they could if they were aligned evenly and with spring tension you can make sure that your pads are evenly spaced so that they hit at the exact same time and This combined with your spring tension the way that you like it will make breaks That you’re not only happy with but work better than they would if they were set up to Where one side was further away than the other or the springs? tension made for breaks that pull Differently than you liked in my opinion my brakes aren’t good unless both pads are evenly spaced from the rim in Hitting at the exact same time when I pull and without the adjustment of due lower gyro cables The only way to make that happen is with spring tension, so I hope you guys learn something useful from this video And we’ll catch you in the next one. Thanks for watching guys. Goodbye

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  1. The brake setups I run
    Demolition vulcan brake arms
    Odyssey ghost pads clear
    odyssey k shield kslic cable odyssey mono lever trigger style
    Odyssey spring field kit
    Odyssey ghost pads

  2. But the best setup
    Demolition vulcan brake arms
    Odyssey ghost pads clear
    Odyssey mono lever trigger finger style
    Kool stop brake cable

  3. I'm currently struggling at this point. My driver side refuses to disengage but the non driver side is disengaging perfectly each time. My drivetrain is RHD

  4. the infinite struggle with spring tension probably why odyssey invented the springfield brakes, where you don't have 2 adjustable springs and have 1 spring connecting the two arms. XD

  5. Thanks a lot man you just helped me out .I fixed my son's brakes. I got the bike from a garage sale and the brakes were all seized up on it. it's about a 10 year old Static bike. Thank you for the video on the explanation totally helped

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