Botox for Migraine Headaches

Botox for Migraine Headaches

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Male: I used to get about a dozen migraines
a year, and they would be very, very, very severe. Female: I was getting tension headaches right
between my eyes. Female: Doctors using Botox for cosmetic procedures
have discovered an amazing side effect, the ability to treat migraine headaches with just
a few injections. Male: I’m 44 years old and have tried all
sorts of things from all sorts of medicines. I’ve been to headache clinics, MRIs, CAT Scans,
and there was nothing really that had worked, and I was just suffering my entire life. Female: Now, after visiting Epione in Beverly
Hills every three months for injections in his forehead and scalp, Steven Pizener says
Botox is his miracle cure. Male: It’s not just changed how I look, but
it’s changed my life. Female: They fit me in that same day, came
in while I had the headache, treated with Botox right between my eyes where the headache
originated. Female: Breaking the painful cycle of migraine
headaches starts with a tiny needle. Male: You start with in the brow line and
then in my head, and it – at first I didn’t actually think it was going to work. I was
very, very skeptical about it. Female: Botox is very effective for migraine
headaches. Again, it’s a very predictable product. It’s been on the market for a very
long time. And Epione, you know exactly what strength of Botox is going into your body,
and you know that it’s being administered by a professional. Male: By far the most life changing treatment
we offer here is the Botox for migraine headaches. Female: Harvard trained cosmetic dermatologist
Dr. Simone Ourian’s experience and expertise allows him to place the Botox where it will
make the most difference. Male: I’ve gone now from about a dozen a year
down to two a year, and the – how many of them, that’s really what’s helped, and the
severity of them has also diminished. And that’s controllable for me. Female: The reduction in migraine headaches
is a surprising and welcome side effect for many patients who began using Botox as a wrinkle
reducer. Female: Some people even feel that when they
get their regular cosmetic Botox treatment, that it helps to alleviate symptoms of headache
and migraine as well. It really just helps to relax the muscles that constrict the blood
vessels around the head, which is the source of migraines. Female: It took away the headaches. Within
two days, no headaches at all. Female: During a headache or migraine episode,
the head muscles contract, causing severe pain, and doctors theorize that as Botox loosens
the grip of those muscles, the blood can begin flowing freely again, providing immediate
relief. And Botox is extremely safe to use, with few side effects. Mild bruising is the
most common, but Dr. Ourian says virtually all of his patients leave Epione feeling and
looking much better. Female: I came in for the headaches. The headaches
went – you know, the headaches were gone. My whole brow relaxed. My forehead relaxed.
The wrinkles were gone. And I had a little mini eyebrow lift to boot, so it was great. Male: To go from 12 a year to 2 a year, I
can’t say enough for it. This works. [End of Audio]

2 thoughts on “Botox for Migraine Headaches”

  1. I get over a dozen a month. I wish a had a dozen a year. Chronic migraines are horrible. I use botox every three months and it had barely made a difference. I hope doctors find something that that actually work one day for severe sufferers like me. When you suffer from chronic migraines every day, not just regular migraines, aura migraines your quality of life is so poor.

  2. Go to a neurologist who specializes in migraines. I'm getting 200 units of botox for $155, covered by insurance. That's $2,000-$4,000 worth of botox from a cosmetic place.

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