Caffeine is More Like an Illegal Drug Than You Realized…

Caffeine is More Like an Illegal Drug Than You Realized…

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If you asked people what the world’s most
popular drug is, what would the most common answer be? Many people will say marijuana, or cannabis
if they’re pretentious potheads. There will be some people that get closer
by saying tobacco or alcohol. Probably fewer than say weed, because when
most of us hear the word drug we think of illegal drugs. However, none of these are correct. The right answer: caffeine. We don’t think of drinking coffee as doing
drugs, but that’s what it is. So read on to find out more about the only
recreational drug that your parents will encourage you to take with that Starbucks gift card
they send you at Christmas. 10. It Makes You Feel Good The main reason that people take drugs is
because they make the user feel good. Drugs can make us feel so good that they’re
dangerous. Some people are willing to take them despite
the side effects and risks. The lows and highs for coffee aren’t quite
as extreme as heroin, but as you’ll see they do exist. Let’s start with the high. Caffeine consumption stimulates the release
of the chemical dopamine, which leads to euphoria. Other drugs that rely on dopamine include
cocaine and ecstasy. Recent research has shown that caffeine also
acts on the same neurotransmitters that marijuana does. So, that buzz you feel when you have your
first cup of joe in the morning is caused by chemicals being released in your brain’s
reward system. In addition to the rise in productivity, this
is another one of the positive effects of caffeine consumption. 9. It Can Have Side Effects Like most things in life, caffeine can have
some nasty side effects, especially if consumed to excess. Most of us know that it can cause insomnia,
nervousness, and anxiety. However, there are other negative possibilities
as well. These are much more rare, but they do occur. In some people, caffeine may cause stomach
problems, nausea, vomiting, headaches, chest pains, and increased heart rate. There are also some people who should take
extra caution. It can sometimes make anxiety disorders or
bipolar disorder worse. It’s also probably good to avoid it if you
are pregnant or if you are a child. It also can make certain problems worse, like
glaucoma, epilepsy, and high blood pressure. If you have something like that that impacts
your life, make sure you talk to your doctor, or more realistically, look it up online. Again, these effects are rare but it’s good
to at least keep them in mind. 8. You Build Up a Tolerance Has this ever happened to you? You do something fun you’ve never done before,
and the first time you do it it’s incredibly intense and memorable. The next time you do it, it’s still really,
really good, but maybe not quite as intense. But you still really like it, so you do it
a lot. And after a while, it’s still kind of fun
but it’s not the same. You enjoy it, but not as much. You just built up a tolerance. That’s what happens when you consume a substance
often. And this happens with caffeine as well as
with other drugs. In one study, subjects became desensitized
to the effects of caffeine in the first four days of consumption. This tolerance building is why you tend to
need more over time in order to feel the same effects. The best way to keep your tolerance low is
to keep your consumption levels low. And if you feel you’re drinking too much,
you can always take a few days off. But, that might be hard because… 7. It Can Cause Withdrawal When someone tries to quit taking a hard drug,
let’s say heroin, there are often withdrawal symptoms. Part of the reason it’s hard to quit is
because the drug makes us feel good, but another reason is because stopping feels so bad. This is the case with caffeine for many people. Attempting to stop consuming caffeine can
lead to withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine use releases adrenaline, which causes
an energy boost. But this energy boost wears out eventually,
and many people decide that means it’s time for more caffeine. But overconsumption can wear down your adrenal
gland, making you dependent on the adrenaline boost provided by caffeine. This leads to withdrawal symptoms ranging
from headache to constipation to depression. Luckily, these are usually milder than the
withdrawals experienced by heroin addicts and will usually go away within a week or
so. Whew! 6. You Can Overdose On It Most things should be enjoyed in moderation,
if at all. Caffeine has tons of health benefits, but
too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 400 mg
of caffeine per day is safe in healthy adults. But, this amount differs based on your age,
weight, and sex. Caffeine overdose usually only leads to unpleasant
symptoms that go away once the caffeine is flushed out of your body. So, most of the time, it’s not that bad. Milder symptoms include dizziness, diarrhea,
and fever. But you should go to the doctor if you experience
trouble breathing, vomiting, or convulsions. It’s probably best you go to the doctor
after that whether you drank any caffeine or not. To avoid all this, keep your daily caffeine
level below 400 mg, and even less if you aren’t used to it or are a particularly small person. 5. It Can Kill You As we said earlier, caffeine overdose usually
only leads to mildly unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In extremely rare cases, it can actually help
kill you. Again, this can only happen if large amounts
are consumed in a small amount of time. Back in April, a teen in South Carolina died
after drinking a McDonald’s latte, a large Mountain Dew, and an energy drink in under
2 hours. He suffered from a caffeine induced cardiac
arrhythmia. Based on estimates, he may have consumed about
470 mg of caffeine, over the daily recommended limit, in under two hours. The energy drink is particularly to blame,
as it contains tons of caffeine and sugar. The American Association of Pediatrics has
warned against kids and teenagers consuming energy drinks, and they say no one can ensure
they are safe. Soda’s not good for you by any means, but
energy drinks seem to be even more dangerous. 4. It Can Increase The Chance For Hallucinations Caffeine is not like LSD. We’re guessing you already knew that. It does not directly cause any kind of hallucination. But, a study has linked caffeine consumption
to hallucinations. It doesn’t cause hallucinations, but they
are correlated. Those who consume the equivalent of 3 cups
of brewed coffee (315 mg caffeine) per day were more likely to hallucinate than those
who didn’t. Caffeine has been shown to increase stress. The researchers of the study say that stress
is also related to hallucinations. It’s not common at all, but stress may increase
the possibility of hallucinations for those who are prone to them. On the other hand, it may be the other way
around. They say it may be that those prone to hallucinations
may use caffeine as a coping mechanism. The jury’s still out on this one, as they
say. 3. It’s a Social Drug Sure, a lot of times people drink caffeinated
drinks on their own. In fact, that’s probably the most common
way to consume it. But there is also a unique social aspect to
coffee drinking. The primary locations of these social occasions
are coffee shops. In the coffee shop owner’s ideal world,
people would come in, purchase something expensive, and then leave. But that is not how people act for the most
part. People treat coffee shops as meeting places. They spend hours there studying, chatting,
working on business presentations, or “writing” (AKA wasting time online). They are unique places, like a bar but much
more relaxed. You can talk to other people, but it’s not
expected. And there are probably more people getting
actual work done than at the nightclub. The fact that it helps improve productivity
is one of the main reasons that caffeine is the world’s most accepted drug, and also
one of the reasons that people choose to do their work at coffee shops. 2. It’s Expensive Illegal drugs are expensive. Many small fortunes have been lost to cocaine
and quaaludes… at least that’s what we got out of Wolf of Wall Street. Unfortunately, caffeine is an expensive habit
as well, and a much more accessible one. Some desperate addicts spend $5 on coffee
per day. In a single day! A coffee habit slowly but surely eats away
at one’s savings, eroding the sense of security and ease that was their savings account. So, why is coffee so expensive? First off, it’s a volatile business, so
owners tend to raise prices because of risk. The crops and market tend to fluctuate a lot,
which causes uncertainty. There are tons of threats to the world’s
coffee supply, and a shortage could really hurt coffee shops. So, the lower the supply of coffee goes, the
higher the price will be for the shops and the customers. It’s production also requires lots of different
people and organizations. It’s estimated that each coffee bean is
handled by 30 different pairs of hands before it ends up in your cup. Most businesses have middlemen, and coffee’s
got a ton of them. Coffee is not necessary to life, no matter
what you’ve heard people say. It’s a luxury item and is therefore highly
priced. If you want to keep your costs down, stick
with the simpler variations, like black coffee. Specialty drinks are bound to be much more
expensive. And to make it even cheaper, make your own
at home. 1. Governments Have Tried To Ban It Before Most recreational drugs are banned. Coffee and alcohol are pretty much the only
two openly and fully accepted in American society. Alcohol is legal for anyone over the age of
21, and caffeine is totally legal for everyone. 8-year-olds drink soda chock full of sugar
and caffeine. There’s no longer any actual cocaine in
Coke, but there’s still a lot of white powder that’s pretty bad for you. In addition to the health dangers of overconsumption,
there are also psychoactive effects to caffeine. It is, after all, a drug. And, like pretty much all drugs, governments
have tried to ban it before. Banning drugs is like a drug to some people. In the 17th century Ottoman Empire, the consumption
of coffee was a capital offense. Sultan Murad IV was fully on board the anti-caffeine
train, prescribing death for coffee drinkers. That’s right, death. And he didn’t stop there. He would dress up as a commoner and walk around
Istanbul trying to catch people defying his law. He carried a freaking sword around with him
and when he came upon anyone sipping a latte, he would chop off their heads. Ironically, despite his anti-drug rhetoric,
the Sultan didn’t heed his own warning: his death was caused by alcohol poisoning. The coffee hate wasn’t limited to one country. In England, The Women’s Petition Against
Coffee argued that coffee was to blame for tons of problems, particularly regarding men. They even blamed coffee for causing impotence. They knew they had to fight back, for The
Devil’s Cup had ruined their husbands. This sounds somewhat similar to the Women’s
Temperance movement. And these sorts of ideas continue into the
present day, in a more restrained way. Just last year, New Jersey was considering
banning people from driving after drinking coffee. But, try as they might, coffee will rebound. Despite this resistance and it’s side effects,
we fully expect caffeine to continue to be the world’s most popular drug.

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  2. Coffee expensive? Not really. Is water expensive? My daughter spends more for water per volume than gasoline. I spend much less on water because my water comes from the tap. I do splurge a bit since I have a faucet mount filter. For coffee, we have a single serve set up. Not the cheapest avenue, but with each pod of absolutely delicious coffee I'm spending between $.34 and $.50. With the splash of milk I like in my Joe, I'm out a buck, maybe a buck and a half day. So this cup of Italian Dark Roast that I'm sipping on cost me less than my daughter pays for a single bottle of water. BTW… The hallucinations are most likely coming from the reefer. Just saying.

  3. Caffeine wold be illegal if introduced today, its because of its history its still around. The world needs it.

  4. I’m watching this cause I can’t stop drinking coffee, I noticed my anxiety and bipolar has gotten worst and I take medication now for that, I tried to stop but i can’t, I didn’t last a Day! My friends get so worried. I get dizzy and vomit sometimes, My anger gets worst. After watching this I will try harder.

  5. I take both Adderall and occasionally, these 300 mg caffeine tablets from Seven-Eleven. I can tell you that the 300 mg caffeine tablets are basically OTC Adderall. They may even be stronger and longer-lasting than Adderall, and if you take them with Adderall, you will have one hell of a time.

  6. I told my parents I will not do drugs since am going to university and than……

    One my friend introduced to me coffee. And I started drinking coffee and it helps me stay awake. 😂😂😂 thank you for touching more to see at the results👍

  7. As I'm having my morning cup of coffee… which yes, I'm addicted because if I skip my cup of coffee I get a major migraine until I have at least 2 cups

  8. "There are 8 yr olds who drink soda" lol, umm as a mother I gotta tell you there's 2 yr olds that get sips of soda and 4 yr olds that have ginger ale with dinner. 8 yr olds forsooth. In the US of A we start ze caffeine early. Bc freedom.

  9. I don't think the piano or any musical instrument is an accurate picture for talking about the feeling of doing something for the first. Most people give up because it isn't fun at first, it's not an instant payoff like using a substance.

  10. Interestingly, many rehab centers limit or even prohibit caffeine consumption (which is ironic considering its ubiquitousness at 12-step meetings).

  11. I had some issues with coffee some years ago. I found out that I had 3 stomach ulcers, measuring 2mm each. The doctor said it was because of my excess consumption of coffee. After a long term treatment I got healed from the ulcers, but also stopped drinking coffee. Now I drink a lot of tea, specially Matte tea, which has a very low caffeine content compared to coffee, and also many other benefits.

  12. Caffeine is my addiction and i mean like i have to have it once a day. Coffee to start off and i feel it right away

  13. I never drink coffee because I think it tastes vile but, unfortunately, since I started working night shift I've started taking caffeine tablets so now I've got all the side effects with none of the social benefits!

  14. I have about 10 cups of tea a day is that why I only sleep 3 days a week 😂

  15. I only drink Coffee throughout the week but not really on weekends as there isn't a need. If I can go days without coffee though I'm usually more irritable and take longer to wake up. My 'side effects' of not having coffee is a tension headache though only if I've been having coffee every single day for more than a few weeks without a break.

    I've never really had a caffeine crash until about 3 or so weeks ago. I was in town waiting to see someone from my job agency and I suddenly felt unbelievably tired and could only barely keep my eyes open. I nearly fell asleep. It wasn't pleasant. I kept yawning every few seconds.

    That's the worse caffeine crash I have ever had likely because I didn't get enough sleep the night before and the only thing really keeping me awake was the coffee. I know it sounds strange but when I'm mad drinking coffee helps me calm down or I feel calmer when I drink it.

  16. “Drugs” as in alters us in some chemical way? Everything. Also, table sugar/other types of sugars

  17. Coffee is essential especially in the morning, if I didn't have my cup of coffee when I got up the day wouldn't exist.

  18. I would have said sugar.. much more highly consumed .. and actually categorised with heroin when categorization of chemicals was undertaken.. but then changed by the American government because it would have killed the sugar industry

  19. Also, a study just proved that caffeine can be consumed by adults up to 25 cups of regular coffee a day and have zero side effects. I am a small man, and I've been drinking multiple cups of coffee per day since age 10, and NEVER had ANY ill side effects for nearly 45 years! Those who get side effects most likely drink that crap that isn't coffee at crapholes like starbucks, which is actually 80 year old lady diarrhea, with caffeine injection!

  20. Prohibition doesn't solve anything legalize all drugs with responsible regulation to enforce moderation and offer Outreach programs for rehabilitation if addiction occurs as well as educate them on the pros and cons and what to do when you become tolerant so people know to practice moderation not only to stop self destructive addictions but they're also make the most out of their highs

  21. I wake up and drink coffee. Then before I work out I snort cocaine. Then go to a class where it's stressing. I smoke weed to calm myself before it. After I go home and shoot heroin in my arm to study.

  22. Anyone else using anti-anxiety medication, and find that it allows you to drink huge amounts of coffee without getting the jitters? Haha. I can down a double shot and go straight to bed 😂

  23. For years I was addicted to (took) generic headache pills that had aspirin,tylenol,and 65 mg caffeine in each pill.The brand name starts with a large "E-x"…I could not go without taking every for hours or I would develope a devastating headache- which was the reason I started taking them to help in the first place.I started feeling like it was worse than heroin in a way..I went through a period of slowly weaning myself of of them and for 10 years now I am relieved of what was a bona fide addiction process..They caused worse headaches when they wore off that I originally had and panicked if I left the bottle at home or ran out..Went through about a bottle of 100 per week.I am not on that these days..only very rarely.

  24. I have an underactive thyroid only recently diagnosed. For years I abused caffeine to get me through the day. Roughly 4 cups of coffee a day plus a can of Monster here and there. After I was diagnosed and put on medication, I tried to go cold turkey on caffeine and I crashed after about 2 days. Just hit the wall hard, I was falling asleep at work, my hand-eye coordination was just not there and I had an awful headache. I've gradually binned off the Monster and brought myself down to 1 coffee a day. Still took 6 months of real effort and some relapsing. Honestly, my experience with caffeine over the past year has made me want to keep hard drugs so far away from me that they're on the moon. If I get that dependent on caffeine, imagine if I tried heroin. Caffeine didn't ruin my life or anything but it's certainly more dangerous and addictive than people would like to realise.

  25. The video just shows that drug laws have nothing to do with the dangers of drugs. They are more of a cultural thing. Sometimes they are also because of commercial interest, e.g. the campaign that resulted in the ban of cannabis was launched by dupont in an attempt to get rid of hemp ropes to sell their inferior and more expensive nylon ropes.

  26. I built up a tolerance to roller coasters so I got a motorcycle and never needed a roller coaster again.
    I dont have a bike and Im feeling withdrawals.
    Sweating and all the other symptoms are there.

  27. Possession of Coffee was punishable by death in most of Europe in the 16th Century… which shows that all drugs laws are all meaningless and stupid – meant for mind control and public experimentation… alcohol, cigs and coffee? All shite… give me LSD, morphine and cannabis.

  28. i drink coffee pretty much every day. if i don't have a coffee some day i won't even notice. caffeine has absolutely no effects on my and i literally just drink coffee because i like the taste of it. anyone else?

  29. Probably that goes for tea as well. After all, even if tea has less caffeine, the more you drink, the more caffeine you consume. There are even energy drinks that day they have a little more caffeine than green tea but not as much as coffee. But how do you make your tea? Do you squeeze the teabag so it gives up more caffeine? Do you steep it for 3 minutes or 10? Or an hour? (Forgetting your tea is steeping is a real thing.)

    The upshot is that caffeine is caffeine whether you drink it in several low – dose tea mugs or a high – dose demitasse of Ethiopian coffee. (That African coffee is seemingly pure caffeine in my estimation of maybe a 5 ml sip. I won't forget that!)

  30. Just a little point on Energy Drinks vs Mt Dew. Red Bull and Monster have LESS Caffeine per serving than Mt. Dew. Read the label. I told my son that he could have a Mt Dew instead of Red Bull and he showed me the label. I was ahocked.

  31. What is the difference between water and coffee? If you do not get water, you will die. If you do not get coffee, everyone else will die!

  32. As a police administrator, I found that coffee was the great crutch that kept me awake a hundreds of City Council meetings, as well as public meetings dealing with such challenging problems as parking during a snow emergency. Add a doughnut to the mix and you have a police department meeting dealing with the everyday problems such as drunk driving and speed zone violations. I can't tell you the number of times where I have had to meet with the parents of delinquents where a cup of coffee offered to an angry father brought us back to civility and instituted plans to solve the brats problem before he became a serial killer. Ah yes, COFFEE the magic fluid that keeps civilization functioning when all else has failed.

  33. The most underrated drug is oxygen.
    Every human is highly dependent on it and the attempt
    weaning leads to death within minutes.
    These properties make oxygen the most dangerous drug
    which is there. With the famous words of Maute Flanders.
    <Who protects our children>

  34. I work at a coffee shop and let me tell you $5 a day is not a desperate addict, there are people that come in 3-4 times a day spending $20 every day. This is not including the coffee they may pay for at home. That’s $560 a month….

  35. Some of this is kinda silly. The negatives listed are either negligible or non-existant for the vast majority of coffee drinkers(Halucinations? LMFAO!) The % of people that have serious problems are like .001 % of the total number of coffee drinkers. You could probably select ANY food or drink and find a small percentage of people with a bad experience. I'd prefer to see a top 10 list of coffee's benefits which was barely mentioned!

  36. WAIT. Coffee is nessacery for life.
    It is a proven fact:
    If I have too much blood in my caffeine system I am useless. And long period of this I will die.
    Light weights
    I need over 400mg shortly after I wake up. I drink a pot of coffee or as I say a cup of coffee every morning.
    Yes. I do have a drug problem.

  37. One of the ways any drug can be dangerous is that over time the effect of it lessens and makes you want more and more. Then when you've had too much you have to deal with the increased side effects. Then since all the alternatives have been outlawed, there is nowhere else to get your fix and you just use more and more until the side effects cause serious health problems.

  38. Work a morning shift anywhere and you’ll see how bad it gets. Especially, if you watch your coworkers who are dependent on the stuff.

  39. I'm on adderall and vyvanse for ADHD and caffine withdrawl is exactly like withdrawl from my meds(I take regular tolerance breaks bc I dont wanna keep upping my meds). Except my meds tend to just make me dehydrated and sleepy, caffine tends to cause more of a headache and makes me wanna stab someone

  40. People normalise caffeine so much but take away everyone’s coffee tomorrow morning and thousands of people would be calling in sick from withdrawals!

  41. So is sugar. If they tried to put sugar through FDA acceptance it would fail because of the high and divesting side effect… Some many health issues are caused by these “LEGAL DURGS”… but as little no as people make money on others’ misery then they go for it🌚

  42. Caffeine is not expensive. Caffeine pills are dirt cheap. Making coffee at home is dirt cheap. Caffeinated generic brand MIO is cheap. You don't have to pay a lot for caffeine. I'm a caffeine addict, I spend nearly nothing on caffeine. Every so often I will treat myself to a bang.

  43. Pretty sure the number one is sugar, not caffeine. And since most people put sugar in their coffee or tea, I’m guessing it’s by quite a big margin too..

  44. I guess I'm the one energy drink addict among all these coffee addicts. Oh well, two Bangs a day hasn't killed me yet.

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