Can Candida Cause Migraines?

Can Candida Cause Migraines?

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Hello there. It’s naturopath, Eric Bakker,
author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks once
more for checking out my video. I appreciate all my subscribers out there.
Another question. I get questions, questions, questions. This is an interesting one. “Eric,
can Candida cause migraines? Are migraine headaches caused by Candida yeast infections?”
There is definitely a link between migraine headaches and Candida. It’s not fair to say
that all migraines are caused by Candida, but there is certainly a relationship between
them both. It’s not fair to say that fire trucks cause fires, but there is definitely
a relationship with fires and fire trucks. Because quite often when we see a fire, especially
a big fire, we’ll see a fire truck turning up there. Did the fire truck cause the fire?
Probably didn’t. But there is a bit more of might of if there’s a stupid fire operator,
but it usually doesn’t happen. But there’s a relationship between them both. And often
a relationship between them is quite common. It’s the same thing we’re going to find with
migraines. Many people with migraine headaches have got some kind of Candida yeast infection.
That’s my clinical experience. I see many times if we clear up the yeast infection,
the headaches get less and less and less. I see the same thing with psoriasis. When
we clean up the yeast infection, the psoriasis disappears. I can show you hundreds of emails
from people that have told me this. I can show you many emails and go over many case
studies of people who got rid of their migraines once the Candida clear up. But did the Candida
cause the migraine? Who knows? Who cares? There is a relationship there. If we break
that relationship, we are also going to help to sever the tie between those two things.
Let’s have a look at a couple of interesting facts. Back in 1998, a study was done on a
large group of migraine sufferers and they found that 16 percent of all migraine sufferers
had a very bad Candida yeast infection. Another interesting point is a lot of people with
migraines have got a very low level of monocytes in their blood. Monocytes are a particular
type of white blood cell that get depleted with long term chronic infections like Candida
yeast infections or bacterial infections. When you’ve had an infection for a while,
the monocytes go down, down, down. If you had a gambling problem for a while, your bank
account is probably going to go down. You get the point? A problem long enough causes
another problem. Perceptive and smart people, investigators when they see things, they start
noticing that there’s a problem. The other thing is an interesting point I’ve
noticed is that women tend to get migraines two or three times more than mean. Many women
get migraines also around their menstrual cycle or the women on oral contraceptive pills.
We know that there is a relationship with estrogen and migraines as well. We also know
there is a relationship with estrogen and Candida. Funny that. What’s the connection?
The estrogen has an effect on increasing the release of glycogen from cell walls, which
feeds up the Candida. That’s what you’ve got to bear in mind. This is why vaginal yeast
infections usually flare up premenstrual rather than after the menstrual cycle. Migraines
usually are improved by about 50 percent of people who take fermented foods out of their
diet. Fermented foods. Alcohol is a fermented food. Sauerkraut is a fermented food. Aged
cheese has a fermentation about them. All these foods can really cause big headache
problems with people. But when you take them out, the headaches go away. When you take
them out, the Candida tends to go down, too. Many of the foods I’ve got on my migraine
avoidance list are also on the anti-Candida avoidance list. Funny that. Another bit of
a relationship there. Have a think about those points. While we can’t say the fire truck
caused the fire, we can say there is a huge relationship between them both. Think about
that. If you’ve got migraine headaches, consider my Candida Crusher program. Consider taking
the Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore products. The Canxida products work very well with people
with migraine headaches. Just like they do with psoriasis patients.
Thanks for checking out this video today.

3 thoughts on “Can Candida Cause Migraines?”

  1. I started getting the whole "one eye droop and/or water" completely incapacitating headache. I'm pretty sure it's a cluster and I'm think it's due to candida/ leaky gut. It came on about same time as some kind of "eczema/ psoriasis" rashy bubbly open wound blister rash between and on my fingers. Rash stuff went away after a 10 day and 14 day water fast and cleaning up my diet, but headaches still occur and usually in conjunction with alcohol and/or monthly cycle. Getting rid of alcohol long term right now.

    QUESTION though: My mom who has had osteoarthritis for almost ten or so years I think, recent bladder problems and rashes that come and go on her torso, just last year went into the emergency for incapacitating gallbladder pain. They tried to operate but she refused. Partly because the report said the "stone" was not appearing on the x-ray and was "opaque". We did apple cider vinegar and apple/lemon/ beet juice and the pain occurrences quickly lessened and never returned. It seemed more like an extreme inflammation from infection than a "stone" — could that be due to candida? It seems like it likely is given the overlap and timing of symptoms. Thank you!!

  2. Dr Eric, please if you can repeat to me because my English is not perfect.. Are fermented vegetables or kefir bad for migraine or good??? Thanks

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