Can Sex Cure Headaches?

Can Sex Cure Headaches?

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did you know this to be true yes indeed
it is true and headache think you’re set ahead it
could be cured by some really good facts yes America if you weren’t getting them looking up
his dog in the hood and looking now because a new study has found backed if you have pasta headaches and
migraines a researcher in a Munster Germany at the University
Munster Germany sorry a hundred migraine patients and
202 some from pasta migraines what they found was backed each of the participants when they were suffering the migraines
engage in some sort of sexual activity I when they engage in a sexual activity
guess what happen dibs on the migraine patients third the
Sexpo produced a migraine a.m. it like hey everybody can relieve their
my grade by just having more sacks now didn’t matter what the position was
didn’t matter when or how fast it happened but although all the folks in a study
indicated the tie with the pain got relieved with either right before right after or during the big 0 or and other words for our non PG 13
audience during orgasm now the reason for this
and this is on the University Mississippi Medical Center doctor pendants and the reason for this
is because during orgasm our body releases the
chemicals dopamine an indoor fans and I miss you paradise right set Ronnie the troll me arm and this induces it’s a
pleasure in Hanser and a pain-relieving sensation on a call and offer their released it’s
very similar taking I and you know an Advil or Tylenol or
anything like that so they happen sex can solve your migraine have more bit maybe you have less
migraines well well home

5 thoughts on “Can Sex Cure Headaches?”

  1. yep thats why "i have migraine" is a bad reason for NO sex its a reason FOR sex ^^
    with my ex girlfriend it was same ^^ headache means instant sex ^^

  2. Sex does not cure headaches. I just jacked off and that's basically sex right there I also watched porn and during the experience the pain in my head grew 10-fold every time I started to jack off but when I stopped the pain would go away. In conclusion whatever causes headaches also deals with sexual drive and jizzing for men also I'm a guy so the same part of the brain deals with sex and pain and pleasure so if you have a headache don't jack off just don't don't watch porn or anything with lost in it if you're going to watch something watch scary movies. In conclusion whatever makes pleasure and taste and smell or any type of senses a headache is from those senses so it's probably an inflammation or but if you can jerk off without pain in your headache that it's dehydration and if you overslept and you have a headache when you get up then it's sore muscles or spine. In conclusion don't have sex and don't oversleep also drink plenty of water when you first get up but not too much that's going to make you sick just like a small little cup of 250 ml stay away from sugar cuz it'll dehydrate you stay away from alcohol because it can dehydrate you stay away from Salt because it can dehydrate you or don't consume as much very a lot of it. And especially do not have sex

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