Chair Yoga for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Eyes, Wrists for Home or Office

Chair Yoga for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Eyes, Wrists for Home or Office

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Start by blinking in quick
repetitions for 10 seconds Look at tip of the thumb and then look at a point far away. Repeat this 10 times Look at each thumb alternatively without moving your head Repeat this 10 times Rotate eyeballs 5 times clockwise 5 times anti-clockwise Place your palms on your forehead Push you head towards the palms and use your palms to resist the force. Hold for 5 seconds Place your hands behind your head. Push your head towards the hand and vice-versa Hold for 5 seconds Place right hand on the right side of the head. Push the head towards the hand and resist with your hand Repeat for the left side. Place your left hand on the left side of the head. Push the head
towards the hand and vice-versa Repeat the entire set one more time Relax once you are done on all four
sides. Let’s move to the shoulders Bring your arms on either sides then slowly raise your shoulders up as high as they can go then start moving them back. Feel the tension building up between your shoulder blades.Maintain this
position for a breath and then slowly come back up and then down . Repeat this two more times .This is a great exercise for countering hunched shoulders we tend to keep while working Keep both your hands on either shoulders and start rotating the elbows
forward. Inhale as you go up Exhale on your way down. Make the circles as big
as you can and try to bring the elbows together in the front . Do this 5 times
in forward direction and then reverse Relax after completing five rounds Bring your hands in prayer position at your heart centre. Keep the fingers outstretched and press the palms together so that there is
resistance then draw the hands down as far as you can before the wrists start
to open. Then slowly turn the hands so that the fingers point downwards. Then
begin to lift the heel of the hands. Make sure the shoulders are relaxed and take
a few breaths Come to your desk turn your palms so that your fingers point towards you. Spread your fingers wide and keep the entire palm on the desk. Lean a bit
forward so that your shoulders are almost above your wrists. This might
be enough of a stretch for you You can also start leaning back to intensify the
stretch Place your hands
on your desk and start moving back till your shoulders become level with your
hands. Keep your feet as wide as hips and under your hips.Lean into your shoulders,
stretch your back and form a nice long right angle through your body Then slowly move back and come up Interlace your hands behind your back gaze up towards the ceiling while raising your chest up and bend backwards keeping your arms away from the hips then slowly come back Do the stretch one more time As you inhale bend back As you exhale come back Close your eyes try to create total
darkness. Let all thoughts drain out of you mind Take a couple of deep relaxing breaths then slowly open your eyes. Please subscribe
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