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The office working hours of
Jackson Tolaram Private Limited… begins at 10 am every morning
for the last 60 years For the last 60 years,
at about 9 am every morning… the employees of this company
have been setting out for work General Manager,
Nowshirji Bomanji Batliwala… uses imported dyes
to darken his hair Who doesn’t want to stay young? Time
was when his hair was naturally dark His long-standing romance
with Shireen Daruwalla… is still the talk of Malabar Hills.
The Batliwala-Daruwalla union… bred four children.
All daughters Heerji Nanji Parikh,
the Chief Accountant… actively engaged in tallying his
own accounts too, vis-a-vis… Hansa Mehta, junior employee in the
office. 20 years on, it still seems… as if it began only yesterday.
Between 1947 and 1950… romance blossomed at the office,
at Pamposh Restaurant in Bandra… and under the trees in
the nearby Almeida Gardens One day, the accountant succeeded
in balancing his ledger with Hansa Hansa Mehta was elevated from
the little office table… and entered Parikh’s spacious
apartment, and today… the accountant has three children
to his credit M.K. Vasdevan Nambiar,
executive officer… sandwiched between promotions,
allowances and overtime work… he has never found
the time for romance Once he met with an accident,
went to the hospital… and seduced his nurse, Parvati Amma.
She was single too. They got married Pandurang Ganpat Dhole,
loyal servant for 15 years… has romanced no less than five women,
but the matter ended with… Rukmini, a widow with two children.
And then romance wasn’t enough He had to marry her.
Rukmini’s two and his three How to feed a fivesome of kids
in an lndian home off 200 a month… only a clever orderly working for
an lndian company can tell you Arun Pradeep, Supervisor Grade 2.
Our protagonist He too is eager to carry forward
the legacy of romance He is in love with Prabha
who takes the Number 86 at 9:05 am lrrespective of the fact that
Prabha is wholly ignorant of him Here comes Prabha And here’s Arun’s heart,
beating faster Had they not cared for queues
as in Delhi and Calcutta… Arun and Prabha would’ve been in the
same bus. Next time, maybe… All this lady knows is how
to dress up and strut around… and l get to do all the work.
– Why didn’t you come… for Rosie’s wedding?
– Couldn’t manage to get time off Today he got off right after me, and
he followed me right up to the lift Had you told me, l could’ve taken
a look at him How could l say? He was standing
right behind me He had this look on his face when
the liftman didn’t let him in Where does he work?
– Maybe somewhere nearby And once… we were standing close by.
The bus was very crowded Two people got off,
and l got the window seat He tried to get into
the seat beside me, but… What happened?
– Someone else took the seat Everything all right, Pandu? When did he call me?
– As soon as you arrived Another boundary! Late again? Be on time Where’s Bhatt?
– He has been absent since yesterday He must’ve gone to watch
the cricket match Let me have the statement of accounts
of Bluebird Company Have you drawn up the statement
of the Bluebird Company? Stop disturbing!
l’ll see it later There, you got him out Ever since he was promoted to Grade 2
he thinks no end of himself Send Arun.
– Arun sahib has left All right, go They’ve no interest in overtime!
– He’s young. No knowing… where he’s doing his overtime White cream? lt’ll give a good shine.
– Hurry up! Waiting for long? The buses
aren’t on time nowadays And when they arrive, they stop
ten yards too short What are you doing this evening?
Don’t tell you have no time A nice movie is running at Eros.
Let’s watch it l’ll come to your office
at five. All right? Come in queue.
– We’re together We’ll have tea at Gaylord’s,
then we’ll go to the movie Two to Fountain Arun, have you fallen asleep in there?
Hurry! Even l have to get to office Coming What’s the time? Nine twenty.
– What? Nine twenty Today was fun. He stood next to me
in the queue, and he was squirming l thought, why not needle him?
So l just asked him the time He looked at me as if
l was holding a gun on him Like it happens in films.
– l feel sorry for him Yes, he’s a nice sort. But every time
l see him, l feel like teasing him And nowadays, he even accompanies me
right upto my house Jokes apart, l hope
this doesn’t turn a problem Sahib, we’re working overtime today.
– l haven’t the time Who was that Prabha?
– He keeps tailing me Why don’t you complain?
– l will Where’s Jackson Tolaram?
– 2nd floor Excuse me, whom would you
like to see in Jackson? General Manager What work do you have
with the General Manager? Listen, l’m not a hoodlum.
You must be mistaken Yes, yesterday l did follow you
from the bus stop. But… What…?
– Please don’t get me wrong Where’s the General Manager’s room?
– Over there lt’ll be too bad if you report this.
You see, l’m always late. Believe me You can see my character certificate.
l’m not a bad person Who’s that?
– l don’t know, sir He keeps following me day in,
day out. l’m here to complain to you lf he persists, l’ll report him
to the police. Shameless! What is this l hear? This not only
gives you a bad name… it also gives us a bad name.
You must apologise immediately… and you must promise never to do this.
– Apologise for what? ls loving someone a crime?
Yes, l love Prabha Didn’t Mr Nambiar fall in love
with the woman he has married? Didn’t Mr Parikh fall in love with
Ms Hansa right here? And you and Mrs Daruwalla… l can suspend you right now for
misconduct and gross insubordination The boss has called you One of their consignments seem to have
arrived. But our invoices haven’t come Please see where their papers are.
– l have sent them already lt might be lying
in the despatch section Let her have the copies Please go with him, Ms Prabha.
l regret the delay Your eyes, my love… have stolen my heart My eyes aren’t thieves You must’ve lost your heart, my love Pull down the barriers
between our hearts What’s your problem?
Let our hearts meet We’ve just met Are you raring already?
Wait a while This wait has killed
so many seasons of Spring Your eyes, my love… have stolen my heart My eyes aren’t thieves You must’ve lost your heart, my love You’re always tagging along;
you’re always hovering around And l know what’s on your mind.
– All your fault Every day and all the time,
you’re making false promises Don’t you know you madman? Do you
expect me to show how eager l am? l won’t trouble you anymore.
Just tell me, how long… will you go on making me pine?
– Don’t you lose heart The rainclouds will rain someday What good will rains do… once the blossoms have wilted
and the elegy is sung? Your eyes, my love… have stolen my heart My eyes aren’t thieves You must’ve lost your heart, my love Scoundrel! You’re looking glad.
Did you see him again? l meet him everyday.
But today, in the bus… he managed to get a seat beside me.
– Then you must’ve chatted a lot? He was in a cold sweat.
– Why didn’t you speak to him? How could l have spoken?
But your plan worked Yesterday l went to his office,
to ask for the consignment He thought l was about
to complain to him And afterwards, you didn’t talk?
– Just a few words But yesterday, he was in bad shape.
He wanted to show me… his character certificate!
Said he isn’t the bad sort Anyway, so what if you didn’t
speak to him? All you talk of is him Do you know what this indicates?
– lndicates what? You want me to spell it out?
– No! l know you’re Prabha Narayan.
And you live in Ninth Lane Khar 3rd floor, Shyam Niwas.
– How long have you been after me? On the bus you keep reading
Denise Robbins. Romantic novels Have your tea before it gets cold.
– Last Wednesday, you wore pink Last Friday, green. You always wear
light hues; your bag is always white You always cross your legs
while sitting And you’ve grown the nail on that
little finger on your right hand Not having your tea? lt’s getting
cold. Arun, what’s on your mind? Have you ever held a girl’s hand?
– That’s on your mind? How does one hold a girl’s hand?
– Like this You haven’t reached the hand yet?
You have a long way to go! Did you receive your consignment?
– Which one? You came to my office asking for it.
– Yes… must’ve reached l saw a movie at Eros the day before.
Have you seen it? The bus comes late nowadays Sorry, what did you say? Back from the holidays?
– l’m joining work today Going to the office?
– Yes Come, join me Come on Come on, hurry up Yes?
– This is important Can you come for lunch? No, l’ll tell you when we meet At Samovar. One o’clock Yes, l’ll be there Be there at one.
There might be a crowd Hey mister, a fifty Come on, this is funny! What’s it?
– He telephoned… to ask me out for lunch.
– Are you going? Should l?
– Won’t you, if l were to say no? Even Nagesh is back at work lf Arun asks something embarrassing,
or if he holds my hand…? Don’t be nervous. Your Arun
won’t make any such mistake Arun is a gentleman. You told me so.
But l know what you’re thinking What use being a gentleman?
– Forget it! l’m not going for the lunch.
– Don’t go What are you doing here?
Sit, have some lunch l’m sitting there Let me give you company Arun is with Jackson Tolaram.
Nagesh is in our law department What would you like?
– Excuse me. Let me fix this Make us a special dish.
ls Peter in the kitchen? Tell him it’s Nagesh sahib’s order.
You’ll ask him to cook it well, right? Done well.
– Tell him it’s Nagesh sahib’s order! He’ll know What do we order?
Chicken Alapurz. 3 plates You like yoghurt dips?
Prabha digs it 3 plates Bread stuffed with mincemeat.
Rice boiled, okay? And… nothing else. Make it fast.
Or no tip Are you ill? No Have you read today’s circular?
The matches are staring from the 15th During the holiday, all l did
was to practice table tennis l’ve named you my partner
for the mixed doubles You start practice from tomorrow But l’m out of practice
– l’m with you Do you play table tennis?
– Did a bit in my college days Enough! ln college l was a cricketer.
Opening batsman and pace bowler l taught Sunil the stances What to say? l started working,
and everything went haywire Prabha, tell him… Running champion for two years.
Table tennis and chess You didn’t get the bread?
– Coming up right now You know what that bald fool told me?
– That’s our General Manager But he’s a very nice guy.
– Very nice, my foot Nice maybe, for the female staff Eat, please.
What’s your name… l forget Yes, Arun Two o’clock! Hurry up.
– Goodness! Two already?
– The bald fool will be growling Prabha, let him join us for practice.
– Do come. We practise at… Churchgate Gymkhana.
– What time? Not today! Have you forgotten?
Today is the chess match Don’t worry. l have the scooter.
l’ll drop you Join us for practice tomorrow.
Thanks for the lunch Arun Pradeep failed to win
Prabha’s love At 1 :55 on the afternoon of October 7,
in front of Jehangir Art Gallery… motivated by vengeance, he shot
at his rival Nagesh Shastri… using a Smith and Wesson revolver
from a distance of four feet The victim died on the spot.
The accused committed the murder… in cold blood, in broad daylight,
and he should be sentenced to death On the morning of October 6,
the accused was hurt in a car accident The wound on his right arm
has not yet healed The civil surgeon’s certificate
has been lodged as an exhibit The prosecution’s charge that the
accused shot Nagesh Shastri, from… a distance of four feet is untenable.
– l would like to make a statement Go on Using a Smith and Wesson,
or any other revolver… l can shoot someone even with my
left arm from a distance of 200 feet What have you done?
You have scuttled your own case! What have you done Arun?
What is going to happen to me now? What a racket! ls this
any place to play? What are you doing?
At least, let me eat in peace You know, no place for
a third on the scooter Do come over to watch the practice
this evening. Prabha and l are… playing doubles. Like to come?
See you Shall we?
– Yes My motorcycle has been lying for
6 months. ls there a buyer, or not? Who’s going to buy it? l tell you,
sell it to a junk dealer You’ll get 500 or 600.
– We’ve sold worse Lots of fools in Bombay. Someone
or the other will fall for it Someone is reading the notice.
– Really? Get lost! Go on No knowing when a customer
might walk in Wait, keep this money. 1 ,000.
Make sure you return it to me! You have a scooter for sale?
– Looking for a scooter? Come on, l’ll show you Here A-one stuff The scooter l saw yesterday
…. is it ready? Have you got the cash?
– Yes, l’m here to take delivery Go on Yes? This thing looks great.
Say, do we take it? Yes, it looks sturdy.
Ask him Yesterday, you didn’t show me
this motorcycle. ls it for sale? You want it? lt just came in
this morning Abdul, tell Gurnam that
a buyer is here Take it sahib. Not too costly They want that motorcycle.
Have a chat Sahib, the tyres are new.
Take a look For 25 years, it has been with me.
l’m selling it because l need the cash Else, who sells such a fine thing?
– Can l test the start? Test-drive it. Original British stuff.
Every part of it, a diamond Peter, l say let’s buy this
motorcycle. What’s a scooter? Yes sahib, want the scooter?
– What does it cost? Who can pay a price for this?
But for 4,000 l’ll let it go l say, let’s take it. lt’s a bit
pricey. But you don’t find this stuff All right. Will you settle for 2,500?
– Not 2,500. 3,000. Final l’m selling you a piece of my heart,
l swear! What to do? l’m in a fix Not bad for three, l guess. Take it.
– Done? Okay, enjoy yourself. Three. Done.
– Out with the money 1 ,000. The rest in 2 instalments.
– What instalment? l’m selling it so cheap because
l need the cash. l want 3,000 cash But we agreed over the 3 instalments.
– For the scooter. Take it Where do l find 3,000?
– Try. You might be able to raise it What does this cost?
– You want this? lf they won’t take it, l will.
– What’s a scooter? Take the bike What a buy! You’ll always wonder!
– We’re losing the deal Forget it, l haven’t the money Keep this.
– No, first start it. Satisfy yourself No, it’s all right.
– No sahib. First take a look Pinto, roll it off the stand. The documents will be done day after Go on My commission! Look, what l bought for you.
Nice, isn’t it? You like it? Why l bought it? Prabha, you want to know the truth?
Only for you, Prabha Prabha, for you l’ll buy everything!
l wish l could… No, not wish. Want.
Want is a nice word>From tomorrow onwards, l want us
to go to work on our motorcycle Be there at the bus stop
at 9:20 sharp. l’ll… No! Nagesh gives you a lift
from there, right? l’ll pick you up from your house.
Right? This son of a gun Nagesh… How come you’re here? What was that soliloquy?
– You won’t understand Whose motorcycle is this?
– l bought it Really? When did you buy it?
– What for this the everyday hassle? Long queues, buses, the wait…
Come on. Let’s go. Sit All right What happened? Has it broken down? What happened?
– His motorcycle broke down Whose is it?
– Mine Second-hand? lsn’t that from Gurnam’s garage?
You bought it from Unique Garage? Yes, why? You’ve been cheated.
How much did you pay? 3,000.
– Three thousand for this? This isn’t worth 300.
Return it. Right now But what use going there?
You won’t find him. Standing in the middle
of the street is no use Go to a garage and get it fixed.
Prabha, why keep standing here? Come with me, come on.
– Go on, you’re getting late l’ll take it to a garage.
– Come on Prabha, come on Poor Arun! What he thinks,
and what happens! But the question is about
the Jackson-Tolaram legacy of love Will he be able to uphold tradition?
Will he succeed? And how? The question is a bit tricky.
But what won’t a desperado do? My Lord, without Prabha, l will die!
You’re omniscient. Tell me, what to do? Lord… Please say something.
– l told you. He doesn’t speak What is to become of me?
l am so unhappy! You have made an offering, haven’t you?
– Yes And contributed to the Widows’ Home?
– Yes. l have given 101 Rupees Then everything will be all right.
– But l must know what is to happen Maybe he can write it down Do not disturb. Leave.
He wants to rest l can’t read this language.
– He knows only this language What’s written is, Go home as fast as
you can. Everything will be all right But… Now leave Has he left? Hurry up and
get out of your clothes The movie starts at 3:30! Have you got the tickets?
– Yes Two?
– Yes, two Yes, what do you want?
– l left my handkerchief behind Then there was news of someone in
Khandala, far from the madding crowd Julius Nagendra Nath Wilfred Singh
A retired army colonel… who has seen the world. That’s why
big and small, rich and poor… everyone asks for his advise
about everything Hearsay has it that 20 years ago… general manager Batliwala
of Jackson Tolaram… consulted the Colonel, and ended up
marrying Shireen Daruwalla Let’s see how our Arun fares Go back Shut the door Come here The other way Put your umbrella and your bag down So you opened the door
and let the chickens out? l didn’t know What is the matter?
– l’ve come from Bombay To meet Colonel J.W.N. Singh
– But you haven’t an appointment l haven’t one. But this is urgent l’m Julius Nagendra Nath Wilfred Singh Shobhna, sit for a while So you’re the one?
Greetings How did you arrive?
– l followed the arrows Through the dirt track?
– Yes That’s what l wanted to know.
So this must be a crisis l haven’t done anything.
– You have arrived ls that any the less?
Most people just go back That’s why l laid the track.
But those who do come… Baby, get the secretary… The secretary is a moron.
lf the case is critical… he gives you an appointment
after three days Get over to the billiards room
in an hour. Tell him l called you So Shobhna…
– Yes What was l saying?
– You were saying… yes Life has to be turned around Life has to be turned around,
and it’s an art you should learn Today’s mail There’s a candidate too.
– What candidate? He says you have called him to the
billiards room. He is from Bombay Did l? Oh yes, the chickens!
All right, sit Anything special in the mail?
– Bakhtiyar Bhatia from Bombay… Bloody smugglers! They come asking
for advice when they land in trouble The rest are insignificant.
Four from the ministers Six from erstwhile Princes.
The rest are job-seekers… some looking for licenses,
some looking for what-not Why have you grown a stubble?
– l’m coming directly from a shoot l wanted to discuss something
urgently with you Would you like to read the letters
from the ministers first? No, not now. Send it to the office Send Marilyn over, to take notes Tell me, what is it?
What’s your name? Arun and Pradeep. Two names? What’s your problem in Bombay?
Not getting a job? That’s not the case.
– lf it’s about acting in films… go back. Nothing is going to happen.
– lt isn’t about acting Then it must be a girl? Never mind. l’ll help you.
No one else can advise you better So you can’t find a girl? Can we go on, if you stay mum? The only son of your parents?
– Yes You have lived a protected life,
and they have always advised you Yes, how come you know?
– And now they’re dead? Yes.
– So you can’t decide for yourself How did you meet her?
– ln the bus No, in the queue No, maybe that day…
yes, in the queue ls she married or single?
– Single, maybe Works in an office?
– Yes Your office?
– No She knows you?
– Yes She meets you everyday?
– Yes, no l mean… l keep trying to see her.
– Where? On the bus, in the queue… A contender? Someone standing
in your way? Yes, that’s why… He works in her office?
– You know everything And he is better off than you are?
– What? Does he have a car?
– Has a scooter You don’t have a scooter? No What else is special about him?
– Table tennis and chess And he has barged in? An L.L.L case.
– What…? What will you do if you don’t
get the girl? Suicide? Well?
– Yes How?
– What? l mean, how will you kill yourself?
Under a train? Off a highrise? Or drown? Or will you poison yourself?
– l haven’t about this matter No problem. l’ll tell you Lacking in self-confidence As of now, you needn’t kill yourself.
Your replies indicate that… you have lost the battle in life.
And you’ve lost the woman you love What’s her name?
– Prabha What did you say?
– Prabha Narayan l’ll make you successful. But you
will have to stay here for 20 days Do you have a place hereabouts?
– No Put him up in the guest house.
You will have to spend Do you have money?
– Yes A thousand?
– Yes l’m glad to see that your face didn’t
cloud over at the mention of a thousand Give me your hand First lesson. Don’t shake hands like
a damp squib. You do it forcefully Like what? Lesson two. You will stop scratching
your nose and your head Hold your head high and look into
a man’s eyes while speaking You get it?
– Got it, sir One thousand Give the money to the secretary Lesson Three. Don’t give money to
your seniors. Take from them What…?
– This l shall explain later Human beings were divided in two
at the beginning of creation Do you know?
– Yes, man and woman One is down beside the lake, one
under that tree, for the third… you will have to climb
the hillock. Go Man and woman? No, l was talking
of another divide This dichotomy is
of great significance lt is the divide between
winners and losers… between the ones above
and the ones down under lf you don’t belong up there,
you belong down there ln the game that is life,
there are no draws You either win, or you lose.
And the winner… is right on top. And the ones
on top, aren’t the ones down under Got it?
– Yes You haven’t got a thing! Even l didn’t
understand what l was saying Tell me the truth. Do you,
or don’t you understand? Lesson five. lf you don’t understand
something, say it. Understand? Eat What did l say?
– That the bottom is awfully crowded But there’s always room at the top.
– Right. You get that? Let me explain lmagine this is life ln life, man has to get there But generally, instead of
being up there… man is down here You Arun, are in somewhat
a similar state But you have to come up.
So what do you do? Look… Aren’t you on top? You have to turn your life around.
To stay a step ahead of competition Now ask me, who’s competition.
– Who’s competition? Yourself apart, everyone else
is your competition Whatever your station in life,
your aim must be… to rise above those around you.
Now ask me how How? What l’m about to teach you is an art,
the essence of my 65 years Your first problem is failure in love.
Let’s solve this problem first Now everything is up to you.
– Up to me? But l am yours Mere words won’t do. You must
do something to prove it What do l have to do?
– Let’s elope. To someplace far away No…
– Yes No, l can’t leave my parents…
– Then l shall leave alone Don’t leave me! Without you,
l’m going to die! Silly girl, you think l’m going
to leave you with Nagesh? Never That wasn’t good enough.
Who’s this Nagesh? Sorry sir, l forgot my lines.
– Oh, the competition? You were holding the lady as if she’s
an iceberg, and you hate the chill No! You hold her tight!
You overwhelm her The fun of it is, girls want
to be overwhelmed l’ll show you how Today, we’re going to elope.
Someplace far away No…
– Yes No, no!
– Yes, yes No, l can’t leave my parents Then l’m leaving Don’t leave me! Without you,
l’m going to die! l beg of you! Now l begin Lesson Eight.
Pay attention Whether you have the lady’s attentions
is an art too. lf she likes you… in your presence she will preen
herself, she will touch her hair She will shuffle her bag; on a mirror
nearby, she will look at herself… or she might clasp her hands, tilt her
head a bit, cross her legs… she will keep fidgeting. Ask me why.
– Why? When liking changes to love,
she becomes restless Are you scratching your ear?
That means, all this has happened? Now you have to find out whether
she loves you or not lf yes, she will laugh
at the slightest provocation First she will look down, then she
will raise her eyes and look into yours She will try to touch you. She will
place her hand close enough for touch The intention being, why not hold me?
This is your chance! When you realise that the damsel
is in deep waters, jump in But how to know the right chance?
– Finding out is a bit tough But keep jumping in. Get it?
– Got it You don’t get a thing. Will you go on
to go on jumping all your life? Come lf l get to know that she is taking
an interest in me, what should l do? That which every lover must do.
Be man enough, profess love But remember, a woman never takes the
first step. This is for the man to do And one must be man enough
…. to do it unhesitatingly First, take her hand. Like this.
She will try to release herself Leave her. Hold her hand again.
She will try again This time, you won’t let go.
Draw her gently to yourself The guests from America have arrived.
l’ve put them up in the guest rooms Give them an appointment
at nine tomorrow After that… What are you lost in?
– Sir, what if she doesn’t draw away? Then consider yourself slotted
to Romeo Number Two Come Sit Why don’t you sit?
– l will Hurry up! Get out of that dress Good you got out of that dress.
Or else… But without a dress, like this… Someone at the door? No, don’t worry.
Just go to my bedroom Done Who was it?
– No one in particular. Sit Let’s sit in the drawing room.
– Someone might come again lt’s fine here. Sit Sit What happened?
– Nothing at all Why did you scream?
– Because the lights went out Why have the lights gone out?
– So that you can embrace me Cut the music Consider Prabha yours. You have
to stay on for just day or two Oh why…? Why is this happening to me? Why does the heart miss
someone so suddenly? These little takes, oh why? Those awkward moments
of meeting a stranger… are gone. Today, in many hues
he torments my heart Oh why, that awkwardness in moments
when l met yesterday’s stranger? Oh why, today these shades of blue
torment my heart? Oh, such strange moments Before l have dreamt my dream… The palace l dreamt of
has shattered Oh why… Oh why is this happening
to my life? Why does the heart miss
someone so suddenly? These little takes, oh why? l stand on the same road…
l am taking the same journey But l haven’t with me,
my fellow traveller My eyes seek everywhere on the
same road; the journey is the same But my fellow-traveller
is not with me My eyes seek… upon the same road Oh where are gone,
those evenings of ecstasy? Oh where are gone,
my days when he was mine? Oh why… Oh why is this happening
to my life? Why does the heart miss
someone so suddenly? These little takes, oh why? Time was when, like you,
l too was in love Look at this. l loved her so much,
l never imagined she wouldn’t be mine But l didn’t get her.
– Why? My foolishness. Anyway,
forget those old tales Your training is over.
Tomorrow, you leave Don’t be foolish enough to lose
in love, like l did This l expect from a young man
like you. Remember one thing ln love, nothing is unfair And Arun, l have begun to take
a special liking for you You know why?
– No Were you dumb, like me? Not that. Today l have the money,
the mansions, the respectability… and yet l have nothing. Guess why?
– Why? Because l don’t have my Prabha Yes Arun. She’s the one, whom l miss.
And l have everything, yet nothing Her name was Prabha too.
Well, so l didn’t get Prabha But l have always tried to bring
man and woman together l’m travelling with you to Bombay
on business. And l’ll also see… how you capitalise on my training Where have you been?
– Away on work You didn’t even inform me.
– So Nagesh, what’s happening? Prabha and l won the doubles.
– Really? Prabha, l’ll wait for you ahead Go on Looks like Arun is back.
– Yes Will you say something?
– Today Nagesh… Finish laughing. We’ll talk afterwards.
– Listen! Holiday over? Stand up and wish me Say it What happened? What is the matter?
Why are you screaming Give me the Bluebird statements.
– Not ready yet What have you been doing?
lt’s all wrong l’ll be back Add it up But l checked it.
– Then how did this happen? l’ll correct it,
and l’ll bring it back Forget it. l’ll do it.
Get me the register ln whatever condition it is,
l want to check it Won’t you check it?
– Get the statements first The statements aren’t ready yet.
ln a day or two… l want all the statements ready
tomorrow. Work overtime if need be l’ll do it.
– l’ll do it, sir Sahib, someone is here to see you Keep this money. Enjoy yourself.
And don’t you ever get smart with me Never! Send the gentleman in.
– Yes sir All this has to be typed today.
Why aren’t these statements ready yet? You’re going to work tonight
till it’s over, get it? Go l won’t move your leave application
until the Bluebird job is done And you… why are you staring at me?
Get me a cup of tea Have you sent someone to the garage?
– My room-mate is going there tomorrow l hear there’s an old motorcycle
for sale. Can you show me? Sold.
– Sold? 1925 make…? British-made? Royal Enfield?
– Yes, l sold it For how much?
– 3,000 Who was he?
– Some crazy fellow. Get to work Who’s Arun? Fine What? Prabha is coming too? No, l’ll bring her along No, l’ll come on my own Who is this? Let me see Arun on the line.
– Give me Fixed? Who’s Samovar? l’ll be there Please take a seat.
– lt’s all right Look, inside her womb, this woman
has an elephant, a bird inside This is Prabha. She works
for Frank and Lloyd This is Colonel Singh.
– And l work nowhere How is your work going on?
– Fine And how is your work going on?
– Which work? Apart from work at home, and work at
office, could there be any other work? Prabha, let me reserve a table.
Please keep each other company Get back soon Yes?
– Lovely name How long have you known Arun?
– Just a while How do you find him? l like him.
– He’s nice l wanted to know whether
you like him or not Let’s go to the restaurant.
We’ll find a place Which means that you don’t like him?
– No, that’s not the case You like him, and you don’t like him?
ls it that tough a question Shall l tell you something?
Your name reminds me of another Prabha She was in love with a boy.
But they never got together in life Why couldn’t they get together?
– They should’ve got together, no? Yes, if their love was true.
– That’s what l wanted to hear from you Here comes Arun. Got the table?
– Yes. Let’s go Do you need me?
– What? l want to take a look at
the paintings. You go on Come Prabha, where have you been?
l wanted to bring you along Arun, you ask me to get Prabha along,
and here you are, with her Prabha wanted to do some shopping.
l thought l’d give her company Shopping for what?
– What women shop for… can’t always be made public What are we eating? Nagesh,
why don’t you lunch with us? ls Peter in the kitchen? Tell him
this is Mr Nagesh’s order. What? Peter has quit.
– What? Well, whoever it is… ask him to make it well.
3 chicken Alapurz, and… We don’t make French dishes anymore.
– What…? Let’s try Chinese today.
– Yes, let’s go Peter has quit? No more Chicken Alapurz? How was that?
– A la grande Now we’re going for Chinese.
– Where? Flora.
– Wait! Forgot D’souza? He lied for you Five for you.
And give Peter five Would you like something?
– Of course. Chicken Alapurz One chicken Alapurz, and ask Peter
to do it well Today! The flowers are blossoming My dreams are hues of gold Every morning dawns golden Every evening is a splash of red Your fragrance touches
the breeze, touches you… makes me ecstatic My heart flies… to a meeting in the skies Open your heart to the colours
in your priceless dreams At chess, Nagesh is unbeatable.
– Why is Arun taking on Nagesh? That’s a great move. You win.
– Play on. This is just my 3rd move And l haven’t checkmated you yet.
– What use playing? l can see it clearly. At move 7,
you will take my knight Move 8, l take your pawn.
ln moves 13 and 14, l lose my bishops Yes, l can take that knight of yours.
ln move 1 7… no, on move 19… you check me. Move 20, mate.
ln the 1970 internationals… Grand Master Klotozov played
exactly this game Yes? You have a 1925 Royal Enfield for sale?
– Sold When?
– A month and a half ago How much did you sell it for?
– 3,000 Why?
– l’m willing to pay 6,000 for it You need it?
– Can you find the man you sold it to? Yes Keep 500. Advance. Find out,
and get back to me at this address The paint-chrome job is over.
But it will run for a mile at most All l want is half a mile out of it.
Here you are Luck is when the fish walks
into the net! Get lost l was passing by. l thought l’d drop by
to congratulate you. You deserve it too Congratulations? What for?
– lt won the Pune Cantonment races lt won?
– Didn’t you read it in The Times? When you sold it, you didn’t say
it runs only on 93 octane… and for every five litres of gas,
it burns up a litre of lube Only after l went through
the manual, l found out… that a jet was missing from the
carburettor. At last… l found one at Pune. lmported parts
aren’t available everywhere Sorry if you have been inconvenienced
unnecessarily. We’ll buy it back ln Pune, Colonel Singh was persistent.
He asked me where l found it What name did you say?
– Julius Nagendra Nath Wilfred Singh Sit, please be seated.
Abdul, get a cold drink Have you sold it to the Colonel?
– Why should l? The world over, there are
only six of these left A company in London is looking for
this model for an exhibition They don’t even have one.
So they advertised… in all the papers all over the world.
You must’ve read it Sahib, l’m an illiterate.
l sold it because l needed the cash How would l know? l never even took
a look at it in three years… What was that about 3 years?
– Forget it sahib Give the bike back to me.
– You expect me to do that? l didn’t give it to the Colonel.
– You are rich! By God’s grace… you can buy a new one!
lt’s my companion of 25 years Please give it back to me.
– But… Let him have it sahib. You are
a gentleman. He was very foolish l have spent some 800 bucks on it.
– l’ll give you 4,000 for it Cash?
– Yes, right now He’s a moron. All brawn, no brains.
He’s going to be grateful for this Here’s 4,000, sahib On one condition.
– Sure You will let me ride this bike
whenever a race comes up A hundred times, yes! Consider
this yours. Please take the money Won’t you count it?
– Not necessary Shall l call a taxi? Abdul…
– Not necessary. l’ll walk What brings you here?
– Nothing in particular Don’t you touch that.
lt isn’t for sale Are you out of your mind?
Will l ever buy this? What are you looking for?
– Nothing in particular See you Here’s the 500, you paid at the garage l could say you’re very near to success.
l’m going to Baroda for a couple of days Another Arun in a fix?
– You could say that l’m not needed here, am l?
– Take your time Just a matter of a couple of days.
– Just a couple of days Let me call a cab for you One must walk. Brisk walk
is best for health. Get it? Walking is best Colonel Julius… etc Singh?
>From Khandala? Julius Nagendra Nath Wilfred Singh.
– Yes, are you? Right.
– So you are coaching him? Coaching him, yes.
But not in letters Are you the one who’s leading him
from the drawing room to the bedroom? ln 3 simple moves.
– Written by David Abraham? An old friend. What’s your problem?
– This is going to be your problem Really?
– Yes What’s this? Come Prabha, sit. Sorry to call you
during the lunch break. lt’s urgent What’s the matter?
– The matter is quite serious You must stop seeing Arun.
– Why? He’s trying to seduce you.
– What are you saying? He has learnt all the tricks.
l suspected this when he took us… to the Chinese restaurant. Being
in love with you is just a sham The intention is quite something else.
– What else could be the intention? You don’t know why
a man chases a woman? No seeing him from now on.
– But he has called me this evening Where to?
– To his house He doesn’t have a house.
– He has one, in Bandra He’s going to use the classic ploy>From drawing room to bedroom
in three moves Have you read David Abraham?
– What moves? There will be no one at home.
Romantic music will be playing He will treat you to condiments
laced with sedatives Arun will be smoking.
An ignited matchstick… will fall on your dress.
You’re going to get out of the dress At which point of time, someone knocks
on the door, and you enter his bedroom The bedroom will have only one bed.
He walks in… he makes you sit on the bed’
lights out, and… Shut up Nagesh. Arun isn’t so lowly.
– How am l bothered? Go on, fall into the trap.
– Of course l’m going Only to see whether you’re
saying the truth Are you out of your mind? l too
have a responsibility towards you No, l’m not going to let you go.
– No Nagesh. l will go Let me see how much he loves me.
But if this is true… No need to go. Come, let’s watch
a movie together Business in Baroda done?
– Done Tomorrow, we’re leaving.
Business here is over too l have to meet Arun once.
– Arun had telephoned He has invited Ms Prabha. Tonight.
– Tonight? Yes.
– Where? He has hired a place in Bandra.
– What’s his hurry? l must go! Do you know where in Bandra?
– l don’t quite know But he gave an address.
– Let me have it Any problem, sir?
– He’s being foolish Prabha is a nice girl. She loves him,
l’m sure. He needn’t use ploys Should l accompany you, sir?
– No, you stay here lf Arun calls, tell him to do nothing
until l have arrived Staying here this evening? What is the matter, Prabha?
– What if Arun does something like…? What has Arun done? Let’s go Don’t be morose. Come to my place.
My sister has just arrived from Delhi No, not tonight. l must see Arun.
Maybe for the last time Won’t you tell me?
– Not now. Let me see what he does No problem finding the house?
– No How is the place?
– Nice Have a paan. lt’s made with
Benares condiments No, l don’t feel like it Sit Prabha. Why are you standing? You live here alone? You know very well, l’m not married.
– l mean, no one else lives here? As of now, no one That act of being in love is a sham,
intent being something quite different What is the matter? Why are you
so silent? Do have a paan l’m not silent. Why don’t you sit? Since when have you started smoking?
– l smoke sometimes. When l’m alone You aren’t alone now, aren’t you? Why, who else is here? Arun will be smoking. An ignited
matchstick will fall on your dress Surprised? Why did you have to do all this?
Don’t you have faith in me? l don’t know why, but l was
always afraid about losing you You could’ve asked me at least.
– Had l the courage to ask… For something as trivial… See who it is No one need come now Why have you come here?
– l’m going to send you both to jail! Later! Now get out of here!
– No! First l’m going inside! There you are! Why didn’t you come to Metro?
Look, here are the tickets Did Arun seduce you? Rogue! Look at Prabha ever again,
and l’m going to flay you alive! No need to worry. l’m with you.
Come on l’m not worried. And you needn’t
be here. Get it? We have decided to get married Now l can rest assured.
– You shut up! Prabha, what are you saying?
All these are ploys. Foisted by him! This is a lie! l’m going to send
the two of them to jail! You’ll see By all means. But must you intrude
into such delicate moments? You have two tickets to the theatre.
Let’s watch the movie As for them, they’ve taken a decision.
– What decision? Why don’t you say… all this is a ruse you’ve worked?
– Not ruse, son. This is art You can call it philosophy, or science.
– Science? Bullshit! Just ploys… to seduce innocent girls!
The two of them are together… thanks to your ploys. And you are
the one who will separate them now Who can separate them? Their love
is true, they are sincere They don’t need my art,
they don’t need my ploys l only show the light
to the blind But where there is light,
my little lamp is of no use After the wedding, make sure
you bring Prabha over to my place And son… the art of getting
a grip on your life… What?
– You won’t get to know through letters Take a month off. Come to live with me.
You’ll surely find another Prabha Arun too upheld the legacy
of Jackson Tolaram They married After the wedding, in accordance
with the Colonel’s wishes… Mr and Mrs Arun Pradeep travelled
to Khandala to meet Colonel sahib The Colonel blessed them and
he gave them a gift. 1000 Rupees He returned his fee. When truth shines,
what use are fees and the art? Who is this? Yes, it’s Nagesh. He has taken
a month’s leave. Leave without pay He’s coming to take lessons from
the Colonel sahib He has a story to tell too.
But that’s for later So Nagesh enlists with the Colonel Anyway, forget him. As of you should
send them a congratulatory telegram Number Eight reads: Our best wishes
for a happy marriage forever

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