Chiropractor Migraine Headache Relief Tip with Ice

Chiropractor Migraine Headache Relief Tip with Ice

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– Ice, you hear me talking
about ice all the time, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. But, I have a really awesome
tip for you using ice that you probably would
not have thought about. So once again, for my folks
that are dealing with headaches and especially migraines,
have you ever used ice? I want you to an icepack. So if you’re gonna deal
with a debilitating migraine that knocks you out for the day, grab one of these ice packs. This right here is a gel
ice pack, so it’s pliable. You wanna keep one of
these in your freezer. If you don’t have this, even use a bag of peas if you have to. As soon as you get your migraine, grab this gel pack, ice pack, and place it at the base of your skull. Okay, right back here. And, I want you to find a quiet
place, dark place to rest. Set your phone timer for five minutes cause I don’t want you falling asleep. You’re gonna get so relaxed. And this is gonna help those
blood vessels constrict and calm down that
terrible migraine headache. So, five minutes. If you feel like you need it longer, go ahead and do 10 minutes. If you’re feeling pressure
along the forehead, go ahead and switch it
over to the forehead and you are gonna get instant
headache and migraine relief. If you have any questions, remember always look to the cause. Let’s make sure your nervous system is functioning at its best. That’s what we’re here for. And, make it a healthy day. Until next time, it’s Doctor
Urvi with Carmel Wellness.

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