Choose and Create Perfect Health: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Choose and Create Perfect Health: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

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Let’s start… Sharing Talking… And telling everybody about miracles And you will start increasing the number of miracles that will happen You will start increasing… Just give information about miracles That she was a patient of mine and there was no side effect of this medicine on her Involve that patient too… Even she can say that “You know I had this medicine and there were no side effects on me” Even the other person will be surprised if it is true…that there were no side effects She will mention about what he read on the internet And you tell him – “Internet mentions about the majority… Look at her she didn’t face any side effects” She will go back home with that information And she will create this constant thought There are no side effects Now That medicine will also give some kind of results… But you made the thought even more powerful than that medicine So even if there is a side effect of the medicine So it’s magnitude It’s magnitude will be very low… We have the power to change the destinies of life That’s why we have to share it all very carefully Information has to be given but the way you give it matters the most Because You don’t know the soul power of the other person Every soul is going to create their destiny Standardized information We were at a program in the hospital that day and The topic was… Should full information be given to cancer patients? And there were some patients… There were some family members And there was a debate kind of a thing Should we give or not… Should we tell or not Should we tell the family members or the patients or both… Only that person should be informed… Who even after listening to it… Creates a very powerful thought on top of that A lot of times… The patient themselves creates a very pure and positive thought But the people around them create very negative thoughts They do – “What will happen to him… How can something like this happen..” What does this vibration do to the healing? It slows it down It blocks it… But they don’t know about it. They don’t know… Who do they think needs to treat? The doctor It is the role of the doctor to tell them That half of the treatment will be done by me and the rest half of it has to be done by you So if tomorrow they come to you and say that you gave this medicine You should stop and ask them – “Did you create the right thoughts for the patient? Did you think in the right way? Did you play your role correctly Change… Put responsibility of the patient in their healing Put responsibility of the family in their healing And take care of your state of mind and start creating miracles Miracles is not once in a while Miracles is not something that happens once in a while Miracles happen in the lives of people who choose to create that miracle It’s not something external falling from above The person who is choosing… Deciding… He is creating And everyone can create because everyone has that fifth folder (of original sanskars) We think that our will power is lesser than their will power No The only difference is that I have not opened the file of my will power fewer times They have… opened it more often If I want even I can open it and create miracles… You really need to contemplate a lot on how to share information Sharing… Very important Informing… Very important How much? and more important… How How should it be done Focus On the wonders that people have created in the same treatment And you will be surprised by the results that people are going to give you You yourself will be surprised that these medicines… had no side effects on these people? Because they created that thinking Why does this happen that the same medicine… Some patient was taking since years, but he had no side effects And on the day he got to know about the side effects After that something happened… But he was having the medicine earlier also He was having the medicine earlier also After getting the information the side effect got created… Why? Because his mind created some thoughts Such as – “This medicine causes nausea…This causes nausea…This causes nausea..” It send the message to his body – “This causes nausea” It happened… Earlier mind didn’t know that this causes nausea So the mind didn’t create any thoughts The side effects of the medicine… Used to reduce Who will share all this information with the patient? Who will share? Angels will share Angels will share Doctors say that they don’t have enough time But there is only one purpose of the Angels… To give happiness to? To give happiness to… Others Not just to treat others To give happiness to others… And when we will give happiness to other people Then the vibrations we give to them… Who will get them first? We Blessings… Blessings are to be given and Blessings are to be earned By these Angels So we need to fit these three things in the equation… Information creates thoughts… And from thoughts to… Situations You came here You first got the information I am a peaceful soul… This was information Then you created a thought during meditation “I am a peaceful soul” Situation… You start feeling peaceful If you open the newspaper right now By the way, none of you got a newspaper here over the past two days…right? After going back home make one habit which will give you a lot of benefits Early morning Early morning Only Peace… Compassion… And Love – such information should be fed into your mind You should not even use any other words The information that goes early morning That will create the thought And the whole day it will come into your situation The whole day it will come into your situation So the information “I’m a peaceful soul”
Body? My body is? What thought will you create for it? My body is? My body is? “Perfect and healthy” If someone has an illness and he creates this thought again and again that he has that illness… A lot of times… People have tumor… Cancer…But they get healed They get perfectly fit But… the information That these might just recur again… They get this information from somewhere Someone just came and said “There was a person in my family… he got this disease again after 5 years…” They gave the information to that soul right? The moment they receive the information Soul said – “What if it recurs?” “What if it recurs?” “I hope it doesn’t come back to me” His family around him also thinks – “What if it recurs?” That’s all… And that’s how destiny gets created… What thought should this soul create? What thought should he create? What thought should he create? “My body is perfect and healthy” “And will always remain healthy” “That past karmic account is over” “It will never ever come again…” The person who will do it daily… The disease won’t get back to him But the person who will think about the disease daily It should not happen… It should not happen Situations are created by thoughts…We should keep that in mind So our Sanksars can change Our body’s health Our relations… Something in our work as well And most important the transformation from Kalyug (The age of vice) to Satyug (The age of truth and morality) is also created through thoughts The world will change only with our? Thoughts So is expecting something… Natural? From each other? Is expecting something from each other natural? Yes? A bit louder… you need to remember it till Monday You should not be expecting from each others? A little bit? Not even a tiny bit? Then what should we keep? Expectation means… Wanting that my file is also in your folder When your and my journeys have been different Then your and my files will be… Different And acceptance means I accept you with all your Sanskars But together we will create new Sanskars It doesn’t mean that if you get late then you will always get late and not only in this lifetime In his next lifetime, even when he goes to nursery, that kid will be late… Yes he will be late… If you some kids go to school late everyday They’re those same kids Who in their previous lifetimes, used to go running to the airport They’re those kids So accept a sanskar means Not criticize Not ridicule Not compare with anybody else… Accept And then together…work To open the fifth folder… The original Sanskar

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  1. main aapki video bahot dekhna chahti thi bachpan se but now main aapki video dekhti hu q ki mujhe zarurat h aapki video ki q ki aap bahot achhi achhi baate sikhaate ho

  2. Now I feel like it's only me who is responsible for everything that happens with me. It's really very true that I keep on saying the bad things in my mind and exactly that thing happens to which I was afraid of. For me I started feeling bad everytime and therefore searched the symptoms in Google and as expected I may be suffering from depression and anxiety and when I got to know about this info I started thinking as am suffering from depression and anxiety and everytime wherever I may be this particular thing got stuck to my head and I keep reminding myself without realizing its not true and my life has become worst. I again felt like my body is weak as compared to others and anytime it might get attacked by any disease and exactly this started to happen..I feel bad not active anymore crying like hell..then I got chronic cough for almost one year but I put the believe that if I go and see a doctor and only the medicine prescribed by him will cure me and exactly that happened…now again am suffering from a fissure and I bleed for almost one month this time when I went to the doctor,,,she scolded and this made me believe that its going to be chronic and yes till today the fissure didn't heal even after taking medicines and am still crying…BUT !! NO ITS OVER from now on I will not allow myself help my mind to sent negative messages to my body and I am a healthy and perfect person and I will heal myself ☺

  3. I am suffering from disease that reacts on my body… And now my both hips were damaged and knee also start… Doctors are saying the only solution is replacing them otherwise critical condition u see ahead. But I am sure with positive energy I cure.

  4. Om shanti didi ji 🙏💐
    Di kisi wajah se main 7day yog class nhi attend Kar Pai ,,par 8month se apki talking and yog laga rehi hoin ,,bahut kush change hua hai Meri life main ,,tnx didi ji 🙏💐

  5. ઓમશાંતિ ઓમશાંતિ ઓમશાંતિ 🙏🙏🙏🌺🌹💐🌺💎☘️🌼🌸🍀🍁☘️

  6. Maim your vedeo is very nice.
    plz tell me maim kya hm apne possitive thought se meditation aur yog ke jariye without medicine kisi bhi bimari Ko thik kar sakte h?
    plz tell maim

  7. Depression OCD schizophrenia and other mental disease and other all chronic disease 100% curable by miracle techniques and herbs and awakening all three minds buy peripheral levels Dr Swamy Chetan Das Ji 82 786 90095

  8. Happy NAVRATRA Didi & Happy RAMNAVMI.We should must have a atleast definite amount of expectations in journey of life forever

  9. I think everyone experienced the right and wrong thought influence on the body but why people's ignorant and unfaithful about true teaching by shivani didi how negativity yet spread in the world,

  10. Shivani Didi You cleared my 2 years disease. God sent you to save lives like us…. I thank you from Deep of my Soul
    I m grateful To have Om Shanti Guidance. in my life..💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️ Really feels Favorable of u.

  11. I m suffering from maleria…mai kux b kha pii nh pa re hun dva under jate h grm krte h mujhe…loose motion ultiya ate h….but mujhe poora visvass h mere baba mujhe poore trh theek krege …

  12. I want to do suicide…… I do not want to live now…..Kya mujhe counselling aap de sakte hoo

  13. Mam kya hn kisi apne ke liye positive thoughts use karke unko heal kar sakte hai kyoki jo bimar hai vo negetive atma hai

  14. मेरे पास पेशंट आया तो दवा मिली मुझे कोई
    अधा दवा, आधी सोच से ठीक होती है. सब की विलपॉवर अके जेसी है. डॉक्टर का मतलब ये नहीं उनको अच्छी जानकारी देनी है.
    इन्फॉर्मेशन. संकल्प. श्रस्ती.
    मुझे बीमारी नहीं है. असा सोचना है. कही हो नाजाए तो हो जाएगी बीमारी. अगर रोज कहना है कि मैं बहुत स्वस्थ हू. असा बार बार कहना है मन मे. इसी के माध्यम से कोई बीमारी बड़ी से बड़ी ख़त्म हो जाएगी. Thanks brahma kumari

  15. Omshanti didi, didi mei bht pareshan hu muje sahi decision lena nai aata please guide me n husband ke sath relation kaise thik karu, chup rhti hu phr bi bht tension hei kya karu n government job bi nai lagti pichle 10 saal se try kr rhi hu kya karu so please guide me please please please please om shanti

  16. Dear Dear and dear Sister Shivani, aap per jitna bhi Sneh jataao, kam hai…
    you are my best Motivator of my life. I listen you daily and miracles happened.
    Tum Jiyo Hajaaro saal.

  17. Om Shanti didi
    Please tell me guide me to make my eyes healthy through meditation. Left eye cornea transplant Dr.recommend due to glaucoma.Right. eye field is also
    decreased. I can see center part.
    Please get me rid of this difficult
    Situation of my eyes through meditation

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