100 thoughts on “Clashes Continue as Frontline Tension Escalates: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 4)”

  1. our Peshmerga brothers fighting every single day against ISIS and dying and look at this arab asshole what he saying about deal or some shit , we the KURDS are not like those who sells his people and betrays them for his own Personal interests , FUCK who saying that , let the whole World know , we are NATIONALIST People and do everything for our Brothers and Sisters , we are ready to fight against the ISIS with our Brothers PESHMERGA

  2. Kirkuk this and Kirkuk that. Where are the brave iraqi soldiers to take it from Kurdish people?? Nothing but pussies in american humvees and pockets full of dollars.

  3. In perfect style: blame everything on the group you identify as your enemies. Anyone who knows Arab politics notices immediately.

  4. This is seriously good journalism. I work in mainstream media (sigh), and this is a perfect example why independent media is way deeper and more reliable. Great stuff Vice! I'd love to work with you someday. 

  5. Why would Isis give up Oil. That doesn't make sense. Isis would be stupid to trust the kurds. You really think the US is going to let Isis remain where they are. If Anything, the US government is protecting the kurds because they want it to be a official State. If Anything. the US government will allow neighbor governments control unstable areas. Bagdad and the surrounding area will probably remain iraq. But the Maps will be redrawn

  6. "All the arab are our ennemy" 6:10 
    Ok so i did nothing & i'm against those extremist but i'm still his ennemy ? 
    I hope IS  will burn you one by one fucking peshmorron

  7. The young kurd guy who say "arabs are all his ennemy"
    he make a very very big mistake 
    I'm not even pro ISS & i don't care but when he said that.. i'm asking myself

  8. Coming from america we love all people and want peace first and foremost.
    – we simply do not like terrorists.
    – There are ''crazy extremists'' in every country and every religion. do not generalize.
    – don't hate on religion, hate on the beings that takes religion and decides to kill in the name of.

  9. this is sorani kurds area in south east north iraq on iranian border,,,,,,,,,,,,,   long live Bahdini Kurds in zakho duhok and mosul city in north iraq on turkish and syrian border and long live YPG and PKK

  10. "All Arabs are our enemy" just when I was gonna say that they seem nice….I did hear such a statement from a Kurd before but I thought he was an exception…guess I was wrong…racist prick. 

  11. And listen Kurds are not Arabian and if you believe that you are well enough also a stupid fack Kurdistan have their owned flag and language and Arabs have their owned flag and language to understand it!

  12. I'm an Arab. And the only bright side I see of this is that, finally, the Kurds can have a nation for their own. This is a people that have had to suffer against so many regimes, and yet, have remained on their land and were not assimilated into the neighboring populations. My only hope is that some day, all Kurds and Arabs can make peace once and for all and live next to each other in harmony.

    I can only hope the minorities living in these areas, Arabs included, are not treated discriminately like the Kurds had.

  13. kurds are the biggest losers and failures in the world. Nobody is going to hand you any fucking land…. ever!!!

  14. I really dislike these hipster journalists Vice sends, I get the audience Vice has and wants, but come on, this guy looks so out of place, what's the rationale anyway, he speaks neither Arabic nor Kurdish.

  15. These are the fault of Arabic religion Islam 1)  Allah created  all creature and divide them Haram and Halal  2) He divide mankind Islam and Khafar 3) He advice to do sunnath Still all are coming with foreskin.  Foreskin God created to protect the sensitivity of bud.If it is removed he cannot enjoy sex. If  not getting enjoyment from sex;  that is his fault. But person will think that fault with woman. That is why  some muslim country allowed to marry even toddler. He is thinking  that he can get better enjoyment with a child. Because he cannot feel the enjoyment  with a grown up woman . If Allah is the cause of Human creation why is still producing with fore skin  He wanted to kill Khafar. He cannot stop the production of Khafar . That mean other than Allah created Human. Allah told  Ibeelezs to bow Adam. He refused. Allah cannot do anything against Ibileez.. Muslims are saying Allah is powerful. Because of Muslim religion Arab people are least educated in world.  Some  of girls are dying in middle east  because of Child marriage. In Iran  infant marriage is common. Why ?Nabi also proposed to marry infant.Nabi can fall love to infant and marry her.But muslim cannot Love?
    Following from internet-
     There are an estimated ninety to a hundred million women and girls living today in African countries that have had some form of female circumcision (Lane and Rubinstein 1996). Recent articles in the media have reported the growing practice of female circumcision in the US and Europe, among immigrants from countries where it is part of the culture. Circumcision occurs for a number of cultural reasons, such as religion, tradition, preserving virginity, and cultural identification. However, the practice of severe forms of female circumcision is now proven to be a great health risk, and the women of the societies that still practice female circumcision risk severe health problems. This paper reviews the practice of female circumcision and proposes a plan to reduce the use of harmful forms of circumcision, and consequently, the health problems associated with it.


  16. The Middle East is a HOT MESS, Islam is like a disease that spreads chaos and death like a plague everywhere it goes.

    Islam is a disease that God will eliminate one day soon.

  17. I am sorry but the Muslim is such a false religion not like I support any other religion because Christianity is just as bad but after reading the Quran I can't even believe people choose to believe that shit let alone kill each other over it. 

  18. i Think the reporter should have tour with the isof (iraqi special forces)  and see what these heros are doing .. 

  19. From The Fate of Nations:
    Those who would take up the sword in the name of God or for political advantage will have failed their mission and calling in life, and they will lead others to failure as well. Within this failure, there will be no peace and no resolution, for they will have denied the Knowledge of God within themselves. They will have denied the Plan of the Creator for humanity. They will have turned themselves against the greater wisdom that God has placed within them and within all hearts. They will have, through ignorance and arrogance and vanity, destroyed their great opportunity to make a real contribution to their people, to their nation and to the world.  (Learn more: http://www.newmessage.org/the-fate-of-nations)

  20. all I say   fuck isis  or them call  Islamic  state  my  ass   tham   all  going   die  ……   and will   be   no Islamic   state   ……them fight   for nothing  just  ………..

  21. Kurds, in my opinion,  should get their own indenpendent state …. long time ago!   but nobody cares, no one gives the shit, same like Tibet and Tibetians opressed by commie China bastards…. East Timor got one – why not Kurds etc?

  22. I'd love to see the Kurds take over the rest of Iraq, they seem like they really know what they're doing.  They have good government, a very well trained military force, and don't impose stupid sharia law on their citizens.

  23. The Kurds have done more for peace in their region than the rest of Iraq. People want peace and prosperity whoever can provide that should have control.

     2 cents

  24. Saddam Husain ones said if I have American weapon and kurdish fighter I could easily control the world , kurd known for bravery thro out the history

  25. oh my God just listen to that arab speaking 1:22, When it comes to Kirkuk he always talks about the oil!!! It seems that the oil is important for them while JUSTICE is important for the KURDS!!!

    The Kurds want justice in Kirkuk while Arab want the oil!! Now you see the difference.


    For Christ's sake the Middle east is full with oil you dumb arab!!!

    Biji KURDISTAN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Justice and Peace!!! =)))

  26. That arab at 2:23 is like ¨¨oh why isn't isis fighting against the Peshmerga forces, maybe they have some deal with Isis''

    Well you dumb arab!!!!! Isis first invaded iraq and they are fucking made in Iraq, If the army of Iraq stood up and fight and not run away they would maaybee have a chance to claim victory but… maybe.. Huh..  their so called ''Generals'' in Iraq left their uniform with their ranks…so that's why,, Kurdistan is more north you dumb idiot!!! Have you seen a map before???? Iraq is sitting duck!!!

    The Kurds are still fighting and they're Proud!! The Victories is Our, And thanks to United states of America and the European Countries, Italy, France, Germany And Greece for the ammunitions :)) Zito Ellada <3

    And US Arm the Kurds!! We are fighters!! 

  27. That arabic guy is so full of shit when he says there has been no clash between Kurds and Isis, there are plenty of war footage that shows the battle. unlike the cowardly iraqi army the kurds are willing to stand their ground. Kirkuk is a Kurdish city. We will fight for it forever. 

  28. Maybe ISIS wouldnt attack the kurds because they are hard ass fighters, well equiped, well trained, and are willing to fight till the last breath to defend kurdistan. And what ever this arab is concerned about its stupid because the kurds are built on equality(knowing that women have almost the same rights as men, and can fight in the military)

  29. I have respect for the Kurd's, they seem so much more different then other countries or nations in the middle east, and I have respect for them. I hope they will get what they are heavily fighting for which is their own free country. They are better then Iraq in almost every aspect.

  30. My god is vice a sunni media outlet?? The reporter saying that isis haven't clashed with the peshmerga in kurdish controlled areas! Is he implying the kurds are working with isis? Thats what it sounded like to me. Typical vice

  31. USA want the credit of kurds to kick ISIS in the ass and retreat, lol… CIA is silly with this things, everyone see that and they think people dont.

  32. That Kurdish fighter at 9.09 is talking from the heart. You can really feel how important the land is to him and his people. Go the Kurds. Victory will be yours.

  33. I'm a morroccan-german arab, and I really hope that the kurds won't only defeat Daash, but will defeat any hostile movement against them. They suffered quite a lot, and I think that Kurdistan would be one of the most developed countries in the region. They deserved their own Nation, as they are fighting for many years now. Inshallah their Courage will never leave them until the Birth of their own Nation.

  34. The EU should fund the Kurds, give them Lethal and especially NON Lethal aid so they can start building a country.

  35. just to make it clear…. from the start of the fighting before this was news in the west there was issue wth the Iraq gov. they got rid one of the ministry sunni member who fled, once he fled the nashqabandi order came to rise and there was a deal with the kurds and sunni arabs and this was noted on multiple news sources. this is why kurds gained so much ground. ISIS was in a war with Baghdad. with wasn't until in late early/mid 2015 that the deal to not fight with ISIS and kurds was broken. This is fact and is on youtube. VICE is pro kurds and pro ISIS… just look at the countless vids on both its unreal!! They also say that the Iraqi army fled…. that wasn't the case atall. the west doesn't tell you the details on what happened on the day that ISIS came to power in Iraq when they took huge chunks because they never did give up… they were told to stand down and told that they were going to go on holiday and taken away on trucks but was handed to ISIS by the sunni tried in support of the nashcabandi order. about this section of the vid Diyala is 95% arab as I am from that region and im shia aswell. I have had many relatives die in the last two years alone. Diyala is not a Kurdish region and never has been so people commenting saying they have a right and they are ohnest don't know shit on what is going on and how disgusting these thief's are. my family lineage spans back 1000's of years from hijaz to Babylonian and have always lived in diyala and not once has there been mainly Kurdish people in that region or it ever was under their control. just look on a map foryour selfs on google where diyala sits in Iraq and tell me that they have a right to invade in any of the regions that they are in…. the people in all of the regions that they are in never asked for them to invade into that region. The want to steal the land and that's it!!!

  36. It is sad to see an officer with two stars saying all Arabs are his enemy without an appropriate justification.

  37. arabs always keep fighting each other..and western propaganda keep spreading..fucking arab bloody fool

  38. I Think al arabs are our enemy, not maliki and isis. Maliki is arab he Said all arabs and isis is arabs. What is he trying to say?

  39. what's going on? people are saying Kurdistan are not Arabic, so why on earth is in a Arabic country? I mean iraq.. Kurdistan are protecting themselves from Arabic murders ahah funny joke.. unlike the Christians at least Arabic people did not cost an apocalypse.

  40. Listen carefully.. Christians said that Jesus made people alive after being dead right? I believe in that as well. but this is could be a miracle. give me one proof to believe that Jesus is god or son of God…. here's what am talking about you guys made this up so you can enjoy your life's and freedom. there's no such thing. I would like to know who was the case of ww1 and ww2.

  41. and if you think that Jesus is son of God. that means god is also human right? how could human control everything? stop it Jesus is a regular human just like the rest of us. doesn't matter if he could make people wake up after being dead. ali controlled the sun so does that makes him god too? those are all miracles

  42. There's been nothing but crusades since the beginning of time in the middle East. Who gives a shit

  43. although the kurds are the main power there they still need to respect all of the other minorities to maintain peace

  44. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and a turd would smell just as bad. So why bother with these labels? Today's ANA is tomorrow's ISIS.
    There's a fundamental issue here with the entire country, not just one of these "groups". After so many years under a dictatorship they actually want to be ruled.

  45. Why did he say all arabs are his enemies? He looks like an Arab. If he's not, someone please tell me what he is!? ( seriously. I need clarification, please & TY)

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