Comedians Tackling Depression & Anxiety Makes Us Feel Seen | Laughing Matters | Documentary

Comedians Tackling Depression & Anxiety Makes Us Feel Seen | Laughing Matters | Documentary

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100 thoughts on “Comedians Tackling Depression & Anxiety Makes Us Feel Seen | Laughing Matters | Documentary”

  1. robin williams' depression was pretty evident in the roles he chose to play. good will hunting, dead poets society, patch adams… they were all very introspective, outsider roles about empathy and recognizing something more than what everybody else saw. those who don't have depression probably won't see it, but those who do will definitely see themselves in those characters.

  2. I've been having one of the most difficult months of my life, but watching this made me feel connected and a little bit better despite my struggles. I'm a recovering alcoholic who has been suffering with depression for a long time. Last week, I almost ran out into the middle of a busy highway to end it, but in realizing how hurt my loved ones would be, I stopped myself. This saved me and made me feel like I'm not alone in this.

  3. Stephen Fry has an excellent 2006 documentary about this. I strongly recommend those interested in this subject, take a look at it.

  4. This was lovely. SoulPancake is always so profound. I only wish you would have got Maria Bamford in on this, she could have really contributed. Beautiful, nonetheless.

  5. We need to keep talking about it, like Anna said sometimes all it takes is someone last effort trying to watch a video and that convinces them otherwise. It needs to become a regular topic in conversation, we need to bring attention without normalizing it. Seriously incredible work and I this was a such a beautiful film but oh man when Chris was talking about his dad….ohhh. I need to talk to mine.

  6. I've always been the outgoing and jokester of my friend groups and everything the comedians in this documentary said is incredibly relatable. For some reason, when you're the funny guy you incorrectly assume laughter and humor is the cure for everything and that you can't be sad or depressed; because you're such a fun whacky guy! You can't ruin that persona by being a downer.

    Definitely one of the best choicest in my life was to recognize that I was actually depressed and sought professional help. Really made me grow as a person emotionally and mentally. You can't hide everything away with humor and you need to embrace that melancholic side of yourself. Sometimes you have to be sad before you can be happy.

  7. @SoulPancake Bringing the truths. I met Wayne Brady when he was just out of high school. He'd been raised by his grandmother. I don't know the full story but I know he had gifts and go places if he went the course. He was a teacher for an improv class at SAK Comedy Lab on Saturday afternoons, something I looked forward to but never felt that I fit in. Nothing new there. I am a piece of a puzzle that I have no idea what picture I should be in. Must be buried under a magical place? To see and hear Wayne speaking about his struggles comes as a bit of a surprise. Perhaps the lack of the self medicating and/or he is sharing comedy, working off the energies of his fellow players that didn't make it so apparent. Humans are complicated. Thank you for this enlightenment.

  8. Do you know why I think people believe in God? because it gives them someone above them who can assure them, It will be okay. There will be a future and it will be alright. You don't need to be afraid of it. and so, they are less anxious. They believe in god and in a good future.

    What if not, what if there is no one above. Only people down here.

    The future is like a blank page. It is empty. Scary maybe. With no plan or goal or purpose.

    Do you know what artist do with blank pages? they look at it, think long and hard, what would they like to be there. Than they take a pencil, and draw some outlines, it is messy, and blurry. But when it looks like maybe that is what should be there. It is a plan. You can take a pen, and make the pencil lines to line art. And then, you take some colors, of your choosing and color it. There you go, the page is done, the project is finished. On to the next one. You got this. Gut Job.

    Or not. Maybe you messed up. Maybe it is not so good. No matter, there is the next page, try again. Or take the eraser and start again where you are now .. It is your book with blank pages, it is your life, your projects you are working on. You got this.

    Believe in yourself. Think of a picture you want to draw and go for it.

    anxiety is the fear of the future. the helplessness in influencing it. It is fake.

  9. That's… That video would have really helped me a few years ago. Thank you so much. 'Cause I still wonder what's the point of me, and… I don't know. All of you did something good with this, and I thank you. This will make a change in people's lives, I'm sure of it. I feel better just watching it. Thank you.

  10. When Sarah said, "There's alot of 'I love you' going on in the stand up community. I think it's kind of us going, Don't die. Don't die." That hit home. I'm an actress and we do that all the time in the performance realm. In every production I'm in, there is a sense of safety, community, and family. We say we love you because we genuinely do, but sometimes we say it to make sure you hear those words. We lost a cast member to suicide 2 years ago. Ever since, cast and crew make sure we tell someone once a day that we love them because we are so scared to lose someone else.

    "Tell someone you love them, because tomorrow isn't promised."

  11. Thank you so much for putting this out there and for sharing your stories. Sometimes you need a reminder of what depression can look/feel/sound like. And a reminder that you’re not alone. Thank you!!

  12. Bad parenting and not knowing God is the problem. Worshiping God helps regulate your emotions and a proper understanding of God is the antidote to cognitive dissonance, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

  13. Due to some general insecurities around the subject of depression and deteriorating mental health, I was pretty dubious about watching this, for fear that knowing how others have suffered could make my suffering worse.

    I'm pleased to say I was wrong. My eyes have been opened to understanding, and watching this video has been both beneficial and relatable, particularly the pursuit of temporary highs only to come down to unbearable internal discomfort.

    The content of this documentary I can apply directly to my life: I'm encouraged to take the time to find the right help, and to create a safe space in which I can continue to heal.

    Thank you for the production of this documentary, thanks to all who've shared their experiences, and divulged the beneficial lessons they've learned. This video is truly inspiring, and gives me hope for brighter days.

    Thank you.

  14. There needs to be more content out there like this. It's scary to relate but I use humor in very similar ways. Neal is one profound soul, man.

  15. "I play Dwight so I'm supposed to be funny.
    I just don't feel very funny these days."

    I cannot emphasise enough just how much that feeling is shared by me.

  16. "… But I would have run through a wall…" as a parent of two currently depressed children and having just climbed out of a depression myself, that really opened the floodgates for me. Now that the snot has subsided.. Thank you for making this and posting it.. I think (and hope) having somebody take a stand for you like that is what can help and it is so hard to ask.. But it is even harder to try and do it alone.

  17. This is great and its cool to know that other people know what you are going through. However whats important is how to fix it. I personally think giving more help. Nothinng feel better than making other ppl smile nd feel thankful. Also it reminds you that there is life beyond your individual existence.

  18. I don't understand how anybody can NOT be depressed. If you say you're not you're either dumb or lying. I know that's awful but I can't not think that.

  19. If only my country cared for enough to have even telephone lines for people depressed and with mental issues to just talk to people….my country wouldnt be so fcked up. Americans, use the resources that are given to you, get help, others dont even have the possibility to get that kind of help.

  20. “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless and they don't want anyone else to feel like that.”

    -Robin Williams

  21. You know what is actually funny? That they are all depressed. Life can be quite ironic. I wish I could feel pitty for them but I don't. And I've been there. I know how not wanting to exist feels. I've never taken medication for it. I don't agree with it but if I could do it. Everyone else can definitely overcome. All I can say is it will all be alright in the end. You'll come on top.

  22. Robin Williams wasn't suicide, it was accidental auto-erotic asphyxiation. If we could man up and acknowledge these things then it would help prevent more of them like Anthony Bourdain. I don't do that but I hear a slip knot should simply never be used. A yt-er demonstrated with volunteer gf who passed out and would have died, trying to warn ppl.

  23. This has touched me deeply. Because it is real, there are no filters and these people talk about their true feelings. Acceptance is a big step towards healing and this documentary is one of the most painful and beautiful things I have seen.

  24. Feeling tears of joy is so important, also. Whether it's a singer or a comedian pouring their hearts out in front of you. We need to acknowledge those moments of exposing ourselves for everyone to witness. Laughter is great. Acknowledgment of the pain is even greater. I'm so grateful for these people who are unafraid to lay it all out for us to witness. God bless.

  25. Baron Vaughn talking about eating cheerios and showering with dish soap because he didn't want to go out…yet still not knowing that he was depressed is relatable. So much of depression is denying the self, abandoning self-care, low self-worth. "high functioning" depression will manifest in ways the person won't notice…eg. declining all invitations, not eating or staying hydrated.

  26. Raine Wilson went from Child Who is DEFINITELY Going to Be A Serial Murderer to Non-murdering Office Psychopath and has now seasoned into a Chiller Dude Than The Big Lebowski. Someone B’hai that man a beer!

  27. What a moving documentary. It's oddly comforting to know that some of the rich and famous comedians out there share the same pain as I do. Suddenly I don't feel so alone. STAY STRONG!

  28. This documentary assumes that comedians have more problems than other people. What about all the truck drivers who feel depression and anxiety, or all the comedians who don't feel depression and anxiety? Bogus.

  29. If you're struggling…
    There's a number to text and one to call at 28:24
    Since that one is for the US — if you're struggling in Germany
    Es gibt psychologische Beratungsstellen in vielen, vielen Städten! Man findet die Nummern sehr schnell per Suchmaschine. Die in Leonberg hat mir geholfen (und hilft immer noch) (07152 3378930).

  30. Very informative, but DAMNNNNNNN!!! The sad ass music, to this documentary is making me wanna kill myself RIGHT NOW! Sheesh! At least change the music!

    We need to talk about these feelings. Now more than ever, and we need to do it in a way that is NOT DEPRESSING.
    A little more upbeat, and positive background music, would make it WAYYYY more palette-able.

    With that being said…thanks for creating this video!?

    Just my $0.02

    Sincerely yours,

    A man who has struggled with these thoughts??


  31. It's good to know there are others out there who experience what I do inside my head. It doesn't make it okay — for any of us — but it makes it a little better. I guess that will have to do. Much appreciation for sharing your stories.

  32. This was beautiful! Thank you to all the folks that came together to put this together. Especially to the comedians for being so truthful and courageou. Chris Gerthard got me, so glad you said yes to this American life invitation.

  33. I’ve been contemplating not living anymore. I feel like i’m a burden to everyone around me. I want to change but it’s hard. It’s crazy to think that i am always surrounded by people who love and care for me but i still feel so alone. I feel like I’m getting tired.

  34. One thing that always bothered me. I should be happy just living cause others had it worse. I understand that fully but should it negate me wanting to be happy. Ppl don't understand the choice of not being over being unhappy

  35. Does anybody else feel this way? You have energy to do enjoyable, healthy things such as cooking, spending time outside, being active, seeing family and friends. But only on your own terms and when your body wants it. And also it comes at a slow pace but if you got the chance you feel like it would really happen for you. It might be called selfishness or laziness, im not sure the actual cause of it but I know that once Ive been working regularily I start to become too exhausted to take care of other aspects of my life and it feels like the control of my life has been ripped away. Since there's no option, we have to work unfortunately, it seems to be about balance and building up some more stamina… Just so hard to feel anything but exhaustion and wanting to stay in bed all the time and eat crap food when youre working full time.

  36. It is not shocking when someone kills themselves. It is SHOCKING that more people DON"T kill themselves. This world is INSANE. If you can't see that or know that you are out of your mind.

  37. I cannot express to you how much I needed to watch this right now. The last part with Chris Gethard made me cry. Thank you so much.

  38. I love this. Thank you to all the comedians who opened up about their pain. We need to normalize talking about mental and emotional health.

  39. For everybody who appreciated this documentary, if you're into podcasts, or stand-up comedy, or struggle with depression (and/or other mental illnesses), or all of the above, check out a podcast called "The Hilarious World of Depression".

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