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Ewwww this is sick- ohhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH my god!! INTRO AH good day every one, and welcome to todays video where I’m going to be cutting open more stress toys and, OH I’m so excited because we have some crazy ones today haha I cant believe my life has come to this cutting open stress toys, but its actually really freaking satisfying not really to do but watch. So anyways to give you a little sneak peek we have a crazy, what is his name, its a strech armstrong, this is one of those strechy toys where you can literally stretch so far and they dont break, every which way, you can pull the legs you could, gosh you can pull his whole body um so where going to cut into him, to see whats inside him, we’ve got, some balls and some other stress balls and a nice firm peach a haha so I dont even know witch one to start with, honestly We have a stupid one… no we’ll get to that one next you know what? I say we start off with… uh Lets start off with a good old red ball so I feel like we… I’m not sure if this is the same as the black one It kind of feels the same like it feels so freaking good That… Oh I just can’t wait to see what’s inside But I guess we’ll see I feel like this one is going to be very satisfying So LETS DO IT! oh my god it actually smells soo good too lets see what the insides are like lets cut on in alrighty, time to make that simple incision lets make a nice a good one ooh, gorgeous oh wow, it’s a little , oh my good it looks like a little worm coming out of it wow, woah eww, it kinda looks like a tentacle weird, oh my god ok, that’s pretty crazy oh, it is the same it’s like a freaking cement ok, I say we make the hole bigger and see what we… oh you know what lets do something we haven’t tried lets make two holes I don’t know what that will do but…maybe it will do something cool ok, it’s not a good with two, oh no it’s been ruined, its been compromised ok this one is the same as the black one, which you guys have seen I think it was the last episode so…unfortuantely I’ve kinda screwed that one over but maybe we can make a nice big cut right here a nice big one on the back of it, oh… sick ooh, it’s opened, ugh honestly everytime I do this it seriously looks like it’s a giant white head pimple Ugh, I am so tempted to just lick this and eat it but…I know it’s very sticky and weird stuff so I’m not going to. It’s probably poisonous. That was marvelous hehehehe ok I guess we should probably move on to our next stress toy ugh, it’s so sticky it smells really good though. I think this is where the smell comes from get away from me ok so, up next we are going to legit cut open stress balls so squeeze those crown jewels, prode me, squeeze me, crush me all the things so this is what they look like uugh sick, I don’t like this, omg there’s two harder balls on the inside this is very weird and disturbing, I can’t believe I’m going to be cutting this open but… I guess when in doubt lets cut into them Sorta nervous laugh, I don’t even know where to begin I feel like it’s going to be very liquidy so… get ready oh my god my mind is just imagining… what this would really be like Eww.. nooo, oh my gosh this is so gross Eww, this is sick. Woow omg my god no ew *Gags*, ew that so sick here comes the second ooh, it bounces right out ok ew it’s like this jelly and this makes me sick there we have it an empty sac ok…we found the inner ball I guess we have to cut this one open I feel like I’m in freaking biology class or something oh my god it like doesn’t wanna, let me cut into it, it won’t let me it’s not breaking open guys it’s like a super hardcore ball Up next is this giant peach, but this isn;t just like a regular foam peachy stress toy look at when I press in how slow it comes back up wow, why is it so slow like normal foam just go like, you squeeze it opens. This one we need like to find the frick out why are you taking so damn long maybe it’s just from the material, oh my god oh my gosh, yep it’s just foam, it’s literally just a type of foam but it feels so soft in here.. oh it’s memory foam. hahaha I’m like it memorizes where I’m pushing and it’s taking so long to come back it was freaking memory foam the whole time where’s you memory hmm? you got a brain in here somewhere? there you go, that’s what was inside the peach ok and now last but certainly not least we have mr.. what was his name, we’re just gonna call him Arnold the strong man Again he stretches to whatever desire, I remember having one of these as a kid actually, I didn’t my cousin’s did and we used to pull as hard as we could to try and break it’s legs apart. but you can’t look at him he’s extremely flexible although his head is like strong as stone. Yep we’re not cutting through that so lets put him on, *bang* oh that was loud, the chopping block and lets make a simple incision down those abs because I’m a little jealous that he has abs why, grr you know what. I feel like I’m in Dexter or something Ready, set, go oh my gosh, did it stab through? what is inside? oh my gosh it’s some sorta of liquidy goo Is it glue? Is it that what is is? Oh my god okay Lets’s try stabbing him again Oh, it’s so stiff. Oh my gosh, I think that’s what’s inside it, freaking glue Lets see if we can squeeze it out Is it hot glue? Watch it be like superglue, oh my god no that wouldn’t make sense *laughs* I made him nipples, ok Lets squeeze that nipple Come on, stretch those arms. Did it do stretching example of this? I think I must have ok I wonder how far we can stretch him I just wanna cut iff his legs when I stretch him ok so… that not coming out of there so we need to cut off a limb we’re gonna start off with the arm yep, its cutting, it’s cutting wow, ok we’ve cut off the arm. This is what it looks like Lets squeeze this stuff out like a freaking toothpaste bottle we’re just gonna roll it out. Oh, wow Look at it big bubble of glue this is soo interesting look at how clear that looks on the inside I would have never guessed that glue would be, well I don’t know if it’s glue but, some sort of clear substance it’s very sticky ok, it’s almost like a lollipop this is literally sticking to everything I’m sorry sir, but we need to make a simple incision on your head It has to come off I’m sorry Don’t worry we’ll get you a nice head plant Oh, wait. It’s not working I’m just in awe, like I don’t even know what to say about this, it’s just so pretty and magical *laughs* Ha, sniff that butt, sniff it Sniff it he’s very very flexible I don’t think I mentioned before how flexible he is while we’re here since we cut open real balls, lets see what’s in between here got anything down there sir? Let’s find out, sorry you thought you were indestructible but your not honestly, this always reminds me whenever I cut open kids toys I feel like Sid from Toy Story. Does anyone else feel like I am? Alright well there you have it, the guy has freaking glue or whatever the heck this is Leave in the comments if you know what this is made our of because it’s very Oh my gosh, it’s very hard when you hit it. Woah, it’s solid, but they it turns into a liquid what is this magical substance Kinda scary I feel like we shouldn’t get this on you Ah, but anyways if you enjoyed today’s video and would like to see me open more of these stress toys please give this video a thumbs up Lets see if we can get it to 50,000 likes. If we do I will upload another one and again, leave some suggestions on what you want to see me cut open next And I will see you all next time, good damn bye Outro Music


  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww some of those toys are inappropriate really have you seen the second one???????????????????????

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