Dalam Telugu Full Movie | Naveen Chandra, Piaa Bajpai | Sri Balaji Video

Dalam Telugu Full Movie | Naveen Chandra, Piaa Bajpai | Sri Balaji Video

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Smoking and drinking is injurious to health. Alcohol consuming and cigarette smoking is injurious to health. In this world I have
loved most only two members. One is Sathru,
he is dead and second is Shruthi I am going to kill her. Shruthi. How are bangles?
– Good, mummy. Sister, ear rings. Take this. Very Nice.
– So cute. Uncle, do you want water. Police! Run! Take her. Take her. Brother Leave me. Please go brother. Brother Please go, Brother. Red Salute. Abhi. Come Minium as blood cosmetic. food is tiger hunted deer’s blood redflag is vulture’s wings sound In forest lonely roar wings unfolded revolution; In this bad world don’t bend your head and go aside friend no one can stop suns light with hand This war will last long how many days will this kingdom last? Papers and writings are not history meaning unrest is our breath It is our revolution Revolution. Long live.
Revolution. Long live.
Revolution. Long live. Let’s stop this revolution,
Brother. Long live Lets leave Naxalism, Brother. Lets not leave this type of people,
let’s kill. Brother. This radical life is for people, it’s dedicated for
their change in life. Our ambitions are peoples dream, leaving such an
ambition is stupidity. People. People. People. Please don’t talk
about them any further. Without justice and truth
and full of laziness are this people. For them are we fighting? If they shoot us brutally
also no one comes to see us. For that people are we fighting? He didn’t have food for 15days. He doesn’t know when he will die. He is also fighting
for that people only .. ..but no one can give him food. His mother is dead three days ago. They have left her
saying Naxalites mother.. ..and municipality
people have cremated her. Where are the people? For that people we
are crossing our blood .. ..pits from last
7 years and fighting. Fighting for these
cowards is waste brother. We have fought and became tired,
brother. Brother, in this world every ism is built
from someone’s selfishness only. But from truthiness foundation
is born this Naxalism. If you think you are right,
go and mix with people. Red salute. Red salute.
– Revolution. Red salute.
– Revolution. Red salute.
– Revolution. I have fought and fought got tired. Sathru’s decision gave
new hope to all of us. So for our team and Naxalism,
last red salute. Sir, at a time 20 members
are surrendering, what’s the reason? Will you have any problems
with Naxals in future? How can you live with people,
hello please tells me. Hello This is the judgment
copy we received. In our life we tried to mix up
with people and came to this court. But this court has made us
culprits and gave 1month remand. Come Come. Come fast. Come. Come. Good morning sir. Come. Who are these people?
Chain pocketing or robbers? They are old Naxals, sir Mao’s means my people only. All of these have surrendered sir. Tell me that they
don’t know to escape. Folks, my dear innocent folks. You may be brother to forest
but here I will be your husband. Hey, alias.
Tell me your original names. Hey Hey tell me your name? Shatru I didn’t ask you relation
between you and me? Name? My name is Sathru Shatru. Not only you,
I want to call all of you as Shathru. Hey Shatru, sign there. Sign there Hey, take first Sathru inside. Whether I will call
you Shatru or not .. .. but treatment
will be like that only. Promise. You keep. Take him, Shatru. Hey.. tell me truth. You have surrendered
because you can’t run only no? Go. Sathru. Hey, what a discipline? In our jail queue? Very good. Order me one tea after wards.
Very good. Hey, what you have made human beings
and forest beings in single line. No. separation. If you give them this much chance
many influences will take place. More than that Naxals influence
will have more effect. What if Naxals become normal prisoners
and prisoners become Naxals. What shall we do?
Tomorrow onwards change the line. Ok. Sorry for the interruption. In Naxalism social service is ok
but in jail only self-service. What? Why are you seeing like that.
Are you angry. Sir is angry. Control. Control. You have controlled very well. He have controlled as soon
as you have place hand on him. Who have to control here. I f I want to be in control,
he has to be in control. Say him. In this world to scare others
there should definitely be gun, but some don’t need it. Urgently shave his head. – Yes sir. In most sensation case
of 21 Naxals surrender, one of the Naxal tried
to escape from jail .. ..and died with current
shock yesterday. Reasons for escape are
being investigated by police .. .. and jail department
is looking into this case. What is this?
– Why have you killed? Prisoners means, they will
do mistake. Why complaint on them. Why have you killed?
– One minute.
Our is very strong relationship. Every time when I remember
about your explosives I thought to make a
line of you and kill all. But what to do we
are government employees. We are little bit slowly. You everyone like you wish, keep explosives and now you mix .. ..with people after getting bored. You get stifunds,
rewards and employment. But our families
should loose everything. Sir now we are not Naxalites,
now we are changed. They have changed? Are we looking like fools? You people for new life
or tired off running away.. .. from police came
now to join normal people. Not for you there is balance
batch of you in forest. I asked him for their
information and he refused. See what happened. He came
in next day’s news. Is it necessary? I will not leave any one. Today he, tomorrow other
and next day might be you. Not only you,I also have hit list. Completely, I will completely. Hey do the work fast. Fast. Hey what are you talking? Why are calm, comrade. To feed to sitting you
are not central minister .. .. you are central jail prisoner. Go and wash. Do the work fast. Hey wash Hey you move aside. I will make your Sathru
to clean all this. Sathru come. Hey Sorry sir. Sathru we taught to
surrender before police.. ..but didn’t think we
will get cheated like this. Brother, all the people who scared
of us are now trying to scare us. Brother, I was not scared
to live between animals, but living with people is scaring me. Its better in forest
than here brother. Yes brother. We are sparking lights… our revolution don’t have ending Hey do work fast otherwise .. .. they will you and
write encounter in postmortem. Do fast. Poems, poems. Sathru, your lawyer has come. Sathru, what are you thinking? Krishna’s story from
jail went to kurukshetra. Let’s see where our story goes. Sathru, you got bail. Already other got bail yesterday. I have sent him to his
village yesterday by bus. Before going to his village,
Naxals had killed him. They are waiting for
you at your village also, you only decide what to do? Go. Go. What are you seeing? You are surrendered Naxals. Our police department ordered
to encounter you when time permits. If you go to your village your
people only kills you says lawyer. Where is Abhi? In interrogation. Interrogation means small stamina.. .. test between police
stick and his body. Either police should get
tired or your friend should die. People like you
stopping doing crime.. ..is big crime than
starting doing it. Do you know life span
of people who takes gun? It starts when your gun bullet.. ..sees blood and ends when
others guns bullet sees your blood. Do you know difference between
you living with guns in forest and us living with guns in people? Just like who runs
and who makes him run. How many days will you run? I will give you a job to
make people run, will you do? First leave abhi. We have gone to forest for people, but for that people only
we have to catch guns again. To live in this world, we have done many works which FIR,
Laws cannot do. Sathru, if you see God devotion
and fear for gun comes automatically. That is why I only
trust bullet than God. If you sweep the targets fixed
by us department will be your side, but if you fix targets on your own, you will be target for department. Sathru Sathru gang name .. .. should be like terror to
people who revolt against Government. Good morning, Sir
– Good morning Greetings sir. Greetings. Hey Ravi, Heard you got promotion.
– Yes Sir. Promotion for catching
four prostitutes .. .. and publishing their
photos in paper, very good. Super. Do one thing, write like
this ” Dogs romance on tankbund.” As tomorrow headlines.
Concept may be new. Media is like entertainment
channel to people like you, you don’t change. Go! Greetings, sir
– Greetings. Goodmorning, sir
– Goodmorning. Dear Swapna.
– Sir. Is that Hondacity outside is yours?
– Yes Sir. Gift? Sir. – Good. KD Jilani House missing. Like this many politician
has illegal links. You write about that also and enjoy. Not only Hondacity,
you can buy Benz car also. Enjoy. Sir.
– Come and sit. Yesterday in your paper, I saw “we write truth
without fear is headlines”. Good. So write this sir.
This is new mafia in Hyderabad. Write in tomorrow headlines. What are you thinking? If we write this type of news, our
paper and channel will be spoiled. Will you write or not? Otherwise one day I will
only tell truth to people. Unlike this write some
news related to entertainment, you will also get
name and some money. What do you say? Sir, Yesterday 9’oclock my
wife also asked me same question. Dear can you write some news .. .. and get it published
and buy me some costly saris. Then I told, buying saris with
that money means sending.. ..you to some others bed. What brother, are you scared? Gun in hand,
bullets in guns is only not enough. You need to have guts also. I have pressed gun trigger
at my childhood only, fear is not in Bhadram’s bio-data.. In every step forest roar Hey you are dead today. blood drinking lions are there and Hey. I will kill you,
if you didn’t stop speech. At my teenage, when I am writing
love letter to my Girlfriend, Someone told there is
much great thing than love, it is available in forest and
sent me to forest, taking red flag. Redflag, redflag… He has encouraged my feelings
and send me to forest. I thought they will give gun
instead of pen and spoiled my life. If you sing again like that.. Bhadra brother.
You are better, kill this stupid. If wanted,
I will go to jail instead of you. There is small fight in my village,
Bhadra brother. I told my president, as how
pesodent is important to teeth, president is like that to village. Then this stupid has entered and said You look like twig,
but you are like AK47. All will fear for you. Then I felt like hero
meanwhile he took me .. .. to forest and changed me as naxal. After I understood the situation,
I don’t know to whom.. .. I should so my grief
and see my face every day. Hey stop. Hey stop. Complete colony is in holy
and what are you doing? Holy. Holy. His name is Jk. He has name in people
for his truth and justice. Police has given guns
to kill who revolt them, JK with his political
power had brought us into.. .. this war to get his works done. Please come sir. Chari, Tell Vidyapuram, MLA is not hearing to us. Guy is very speed. Telling people’s name
he occupied ten acres land. That belongs to our person. He has taken papers scaring him. He is not listening. If this deal is finalized total
seven crores, you will get four, sir will have two and half
and I will get fifty lakhs. If we have courage we can try. Abhi. Where is Abhi going? Deal ok. Can he go like that if deal is ok? Don’t you want to know his details? Youth leader, Sitting MLA. This Gun doesn’t know nothing.
It only requires Maxine. Your boy has more speed,
this type of deals require brain. If we have brain this gun won’t work. Hey, is this nice. Nice Do you want? No
– No Sathru.
– Play If someone wants to cross my door, he should be either
poor one or eligible one. That is why I allowed. What? Sathru, has asked
to bring land papers. What’s your percentage? Will you talk with Sathru over phone? Hey, who is that Sathru. You have run from forest.
I will kill you all. Whom are you scaring? I have shown fear to many
but I haven’t feared for anyone. Dear will you come with me?
Let’s play together. You are my darling? If Sathru wants we will take
it may be either papers or life. Hey, Yadav. Who is Yadav, brother. Me only. I will tell you one secret. Before I used to work
with Veerappan .. True .. and after his death
I became main target. My name is Yadagiri, my mother
used to call me Yadagiri alias Yadav. From then onwards Alias Yadav. I have one doubt.
– What? – Who is this Yadav. -Yes. Who is this alias Yadav. He is doing comedy with
me while playing caroms. He is doing comedy, stupid. Hey, who is this?
Shooting before I hit him. Yadav. What is this nuisance? Yadav. come hug me. Yadav You are the only person
I didn’t understand. Hey I should say this. You don’t know emotions, move aside. Very happy. You stupid. Lean fellow. Why are you running
like that like hybrid dog? Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. What if sister-in-law. Dancing like escaped from floods. First talk this phone. Laxmi, I love you Laxmi. I want to see you once. I also want to see you once,
Brother-in-law. Now-a-days,
I am remembering you always. Whatever stick I see, I remember you. I remember you even though
I am sitting or standing. For me also same. If I thought
of you love floods like river, sticks me like dirt
and increases like itching. Is it true?
How are you brother-in-law. Are you energetic like
Ak47 or weak like rusted gun. I am fine. I am fine One month central jail
100 rupees course. Yes I am fine. Yadagiri is also fine. Fine. I am very very fine Laxmi. I can’t live without
you Brother-in-law. But dad is trying to marry me
with shop vendor Srinu. Let’s marry. Marriage? Us? What this stick and
that girl marriage? Dreamed life is spoiled, true life is relationless life This life is waste life This rogue always gives speeches. If give again I will beat you. Abhi, Sathru brother’s phone. That Chari has ran with money. Asking to catch him
before he crosses city. Hey, Yadhav don’t know? From S.R nagar third signal. If you have any doubt call me,
I will be there. Chari. Hey Chari. Where is Chari? I don’t know.
He came three days back. What happened? He didn’t call us and its
getting switched off when we call. Not only now,
every time he does like this only. Who is this?
– My daughter. Oh!
– Mother! Tell Chari to give money
and take you daughter. If this matter comes out
your daughter will die. Remember. Mom. In life first time I
have caught Sruthi’s hand .. ..and thought never
to leave it again. Now also same I am feeling
to not leave her without killing. Hey lean fellow.
– Yes. What will you do
if you become my size? I will try to get thin. Will all days be same? What happened? For everything time should come. Who is that?
– Threatening calls, brother. Who is threatening you? Customer care people,
I didn’t pay bill. He is saying to cut my connection.
If you call me again. What shall you do?
– Will change the SIM. Yadu. Brother, Chari’s daughter.
She will be here till he pays money. That beard man has
brought you also like me? Eat dear. Eat, Dear. Take this. Hay Yadu. Move I will deal this. Eat food. What is this? In Andhrapradesh without
food many are praying to god, but you are rejecting to eat. Do you know one thing? In streets if kids don’t eat food, their mother’s scare them
by saying Yadav will come, I will show you to Yadav. That is Yadav’s power. Will
you eat food or shall I beat you? You have hurted not Yadav,
its Yadav’s respect. Hey tell her about my fore fathers. Yes. He has four fathers. Hey fore fathers
means not four fathers. Tell her about my
parents and grandparents. Stupid, you didn’t study
and played games in age. Please eat. Hey you stop. Whether you have come
here as guest or other, but you are the first
person to our house. We will not eat without you. If you throw this plate,
I will bring his plate also. But see him,
he has been wear, moving in forests. If he didn’t eat one
day also he will die. If you want we will kill our hunger, but you want to kill him,
its your wish. It’s in your hands. Hey, why are you requesting? Hay eat. Hey we are talking, you go. I need to sleep early,
my sister-in-law will call. You don’t feel dear,
he is like mirror. If you stand in front of him
with hatred, he will also show same. But if stand in front
of him with love, he will show you back huge love. Due to that love only,
I am unable to run away from him. Even though I thought many time. What are you feeling? To run away? Shall we run away? First you eat your food.
Later we can run. When.
– Tonight. Eat. Are we running for sure? Yes. Tonight. Stout. Get up. Hey get up. Fast. Get up you fatty. Again that beard
man will come. Get up. Get up. Hey Yadu. Stupid. What Yadu
is not getting sleep? This is not good.
Why Yadu is not getting sleep. It looks very small but if
it goes inside makes many things. I will drink. These stupids got
habituated for sleep. Hey what is this like
Ramgopal Varma situation? Yadu. I will sip and
change the situation. Hey where is my alcohol? Hey 47. 47. What?
– Its coming. Then go to bathroom,
why are you waking me. Devil came. Say Yadu is here and it will go. Hey you and I know about Yadu,
How she knows. Hey, Chicha. Hey Chicha. If you do like this,
I will do like this….. 47. Hey 47. What? This stupid is doing mimicry. He is doing mimicry in midnight. Come lets go and complaint
in police station. For going to police station
we are not Abdulkalam’s person’s. We are Dhalam’s team. Sleep. Get up I need to go to bathroom. Hey If you drink little
bit more you show me hell. Hey where are you going? I am getting sleep. We came jointly, let’s go jointly. Anyways you have made promise
in forest, to live or die jointly. That is in forest. Stupid got habituated to sleep. In forest we all
promised to die jointly, but here If die also no one responds. Hey do you know about Yadu. Hey Hey Goddess Peddammatalli, pochamma. I thought you also has that habit Hey Goddess Peddammatalli, pochamma. Hey Goddess Peddammatalli, pochamma. Hey Goddess Peddammatalli, pochamma. Someone stamped me. What happened? Has dog bite you,
lizard, quarter. What fits, AIDS, hey If you try to escape from here,
you will not go alive. Go and sleep. Hey, why are you swinging? Sister-in-law. Go there and swing, not here. Shall I go? Go How are you? Have you come for me? Do you like me that much? More than my life. You are super.
Superb. Abhi brother see. What Dear, you have come
all this way to marry him? I have seen him roaming
without work and for village. At the time of roaming without
work he used to love me only, but when for village
he loved entire village. He has gone to forest
and struggled for people, who does not belong to him. So for the struggle he done,
I have left my village and came. Hay, first do marriage to them. Hey, how Ak47 engagement should be?
It should be like…….. Start. Yadu Brother, planning to
do marriage for both of them. Make arrangements. Come. Sit Shruthi. I know. After you came I am
little bit courageous. Why have you come
between these demons? Sea will look scary. But if you search you
will find pearls underneath. See the underneath pearl not sea. Radha What Dear? Talking about sea,
are you cooking fish curry? What?
– Nothing. – What? Nothing. I am telling
not one there are seven seas. People are losing
fear for Yadu these days. What are you doing here?
– Brother, I have one doubt? What? You are getting
doubts only when you see me. Brother, when you are going inside,
you look like tiger. When you are coming out, you
look like cat. Whats your situation. This stupid is making
me stupid before two girls. This stupid is making
me stupid before two girls. See I will take you
bihar and encounter. True.
– Yadu. How many grams is this sacred thread? 5 grams. Pack this. – Brother, why this much of gold for me. It
can happen also with turmeric piece. If you tie yellow thread also
she will bow head and get it tied. But for you being great
you need to tie gold only. Hey you don’t talk.
Brother, pack this. Hey, how is this saree? Hey pack this. Hey that is costly sari. Yes costly only but Abhi
ordered to buy whatever you like. After marriage I may
become fatty like you. Will my sister-in-law like me then? Your sister-in-law like
you when you are thin also. She will like you
more when you are fat. I don’t know Hyderabad
is this much big. Brother, stop once. Someone is following us. Lets go Bhadra brother.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Bhadra brother. Bhadra brother Bhadra brother. Bhadra brother. Bhadra brother. Bhadra brother. Bhadra brother Bhadra brother Get up Bhadra brother Bhadra brother Bhadra brother Sir. Sir. I pray to you sir. Tomorrow is my marriage. My sister-in-law came for me, Sir. I will go Sir.
I won’t be in this Dhalam. Came to buy marriage clothes.
Sir. Sir. Please leave me. Encounter specialist
Ladda has been transferred.. ..to the city today only. As soon as he taken charge
he encountered Sathru’s gang.. ..Bhadram alias Veerabhadram. Mental fellow. He is killing them mentally
and we are suffering here. In Hyderabad city criminal,
I shouldn’t hear criminal word. Whatever small mistake may
be I will answer with encounter. After I entered this city
all greeted me with bouquets .. ..but I thanked them
by giving dead bodies. This Ladda encounter
count has started, my target is to cross 100
before I transfer from this city. Please bless me to fulfill my target.
Your fan Ladda Fallen heros Eyelids will not close, will rise Throught will not dry, if forest song sounds Heart will not stop if revolution light falls We will not stop this revolution Hey stop. You used to kill us with
your speeches, don’t use that now. No. When I used to give speech every
time, they used to come and hit me. Only small hope that they
might wake up to hit me again. Weapon in hand, strong desire in heart Its not obstacle to anyones frenzy Do you know what he
said with me “He is mirror, he will look as you see him”. But you are looking as
demon for me in every way for me. Poor guy.
He has kept me food after my mother. Have you sent them to
make marriage arrangements? What you will do with arrangements
that spoil without even starting. You only have killed him If you talk one more word I
will kill you. Broker’s Daughter. Go. Do It has done by mistake. I am sorry. This will not happen again.
I forgot to tell Ladda about you. Sir Ladda. These are our informers. They will do works that
our department can’t do. You have encountered
their guys unknowingly. Not mistake Sir. I knowingly only encountered. If they do department work then
why government is paying us salary. To buy bangles. These all have more than
20 cases pending on them. Hyderabad fears for this group. These are all most wanted criminals. I will not leave them Sir. I will not open new file
till these file is closed. One is dead in jail
other two in jail. Kill the remaining
where ever you see. Brother we shall kill
him before he kills us. That SP who has killed you
and your friends, no one will live. All will die. I am going to kill
Shruthi in one hour. I want SP Ladda details.
Where can we find him lonely? We can’t touch him in duty hours. He is staying in private guesthouse.
We can only try in nights. You follow him, we shall
kill him as soon as time comes. He is getting transferred in 15days. For every problem
solution is not killing. Brother, I will go. Stay two days and go dear. Every second I stay here
I am remembering him only. I came here with many
dreams of life with him. Now I am going hear
with full of tears. But my tears won’t reach him brother. Before dying also
it is in his hands only. From now onwards it
will be in my hand forever. I will not marry till I die. Gun in your hand may not have life, so it doesn’t know the value of life. If it knows many
lives would be saved. Brother please stop
this killing further. Take umbrella, dear. No brother, I don’t find
difference between water and tears. Doing like this is wrong,
but I have mixed poison in that. Sorry. Sorry. I said jokingly. Do you think its joke? You are drinking even
though I said it has poison. Don’t you fear for life
or do you have confidence on me? Why have you trusted
broker’s daughter? Laxmi had told all about you. Without knowing that I
had talked to you roughly. Sorry. Please can you give your phone one. Please. I need to
talk with my mother. Please. Once. Mother. How are you Sruthi? Bye Mother. Thanks. My Sister marriage has stopped. I don’t know where my father is?
I am also same. He used to tell cinema
dialogues with my sister.. ..that he is not there
without her. Doctor. He is for name sake only Ramu. I told my sister that
all Ramu’s will not be good. But she is innocent. She doesn’t have any close
ones except me and mother. She used to say,
even without father .. .. I will marry, but not without you. Did you feel haring all this? Yes. For you talking more. Shathru, Brother.
Shathru, Brother. Shathru, Brother You said true brother. Its waste fighting In that forest. I also have family here. That is why I came
here in confidence on you. Sorry. I didn’t thought
this would happen like this. I will transfer that
SP with help of DGP. What’s the matter? Till now we have done land grabbing,
settlements, disputes clearing. But now we have.. .. to kill Shalimar MLA Aziz. This is not correct in this time.
Let’s go. Shatru. This is 500 crores deal.
We all will settle after this deal. Then what about deal? This deal is ok for me. At this time whoever is murdered .. .. it goes on Shatru’s gang only. Phone. Mother. How are you? Has Daddy came? No, dear. That boy has accepted
to marry your sister. What? He accepted
to marry sister. True? How can we do marriage
to sister without you? She is also denying
to marry without you. I may come one day there definitely. But this type of alliance will not come again. hat too, sister like him Please Mother,
convince sister somehow. I will manage, but how are you? Bye Mother. Can’t you even do marriage
without using gun? Who is you to do
my sister’s marriage? Has he accepted after seeing gun? Tell me.
Please. Please. Tell me. Please I told convincingly
and they accepted. Are you scaring us? It became fashion to
scare people with dummy guns. Will you shoot? Shoot us? In marriage,
we should fire crackers not guns. Who has said no to marriage? Hey did you say anything. I have to select music party,
many works are pending for marriage. Sharlimar MLA has been
murdered brutally in city. Doubt on Shatru’s gang. Today in city Shalimar MLA has been murdered After completing prayers
in nearby Mosque, he has been murdered on the way out. I came to talk with you. Stop this Sir. Stop this.
You are big leader in people. People stopped believing you.. ..and started believing
in leaders like you. Don’t trick them sir. Don’t Sir you have now started politics, not only on these people. But also people who came from
forest to live between these people. People feel that these Naxals
are cruel animals in forests. But if they come to here, they
will see cruel animals like you here. They are like deer
to die in your hunt. Pity they are innocent. Leave them. Out. – You don’t change sir.
You don’t change sir. I will make people
know your dirty politics. You are saying I am elected
by 6lakhs people’s vote, see I will make that 6lakh
people revolt against you. Brother. Brother. Dharma brother .. ..is killed. On road that SP has
killed him brutally. If we don’t kill him our
people dying will not stop. Tell me one word to start, it only stops with
that Ladda’s death. Please tell brother. Abhi, you have started to
forget all who have died. Forget. That is only better. God has given us great
boon of forgetting. Don’t forget to use that. The people who love you
tries to catch your hand .. ..get scared seeing gun in your hand. Love should dominate fear
but fear shouldn’t dominate love. Change Abhi. Bring ice cube. Breaking news. SP has been attached by Sathru’s
gang. SP has escaped from it. Ladda has been attacked
in private guesthouse .. .. where he lives has
been attacked by bomb. SP has been shifted to
hospital and Is being treated. Mafia in Hyderabad.
They don’t know who they kills. Even LA can’t meet his people. This is the situation
our state is facing now. This Government can’t even
do anything with old Naxalites. Today in Hyderabad, what he
says Is law and he is law and order. Then what all of you are doing here? If you don’t know how to deal,
I will take center’s.. Hello. For killing you government
has given license to Ladda. Government has issued
shoot at sight orders on you. Better If you be underground now. Go to some safe place. We need to meet JK urgently. Oh. Welcome Shathru. There is no time to sit. Then? We need your help. Government has issued
shoot at sight orders on us. You need to give shelter
to us in this time. I have been elected by 6lakh people.. ..and I am a honest
and truthful leader. I’m sorry. I can’t help you. Ask me anything else. Brother, I will go and
talk with Jk once again. What have you talked? Breaking news for media. Call DGP. Hello. We went to JK and asked for help. He didn’t hear. This time
Abhi has placed gun on his head. He shouted for help.
Abhi didn’t hear. Did you kill JK. Are you mad? Yesterday SP and now JK.
Do you know what you are doing? Yes. At this stage I am
giving you two options. One is safely getting
us out of this town .. ..or else we go in front of
media and tell what really happened. These stupid’s have liked taste
of forests. Let’s go, go to forests. Come fast. Hey Yadu. Hey whose is this worn out blanket. This is my jeans. Why two bags? If clothes
are over we shall tie leaves. Whose bottle is this? I have kept everything.
Rum, beer, whisky, vodka everything. I am talking about scent bottle,
drunkard. Hey who has called me? Please come here Yadu Brother. Coming. What? Shall I tell you one thing?
You shouldn’t feel. Tell me two if you want. Do these gold chains match your face? Hey Yadu. Hey Shruthi You became like us Go carefully. Next time when
you come to city please meet me. Take care. Bye Bring her also. Abhi, after we go to
safe place let’s leave her. For Destiny less life of me,
Shruthi had made lot of change. Tie bags fastly, it getting late. Stupid, each one is your size. As you already have horses
to transport then why me. Hey, Your voice is rising, stupid. Brother. Brother. What are you telling about my horses? Brother.
– How many horses? How many bags? Brother.
– Tell me. I will kill you, stupid. Hey, Sathru brother. Hey, Sathru brother. Sathru brother. Come on Sathru brother. Come on. See Dhalam is coming. Sathru brother. If Sathru brother comes my
Ganja crop also becomes Tulasi crop. How many governments may change,
but no one can touch Ganja. Come. Brother, what is his name? Ladda.
– Ladda or whatever If he is caught,
I will burn him in this Ganja crop. Brother.
– You are dead today in my hands. Brother. Brother.
Dear, please leave him. You use the same underwear I use. After I use I will give
it back to you, brother. Dear, please leave him. You don’t bath till it rains
in forest and I have to use yours? After you using these many days,
it only useful to clean cow dungs. You wait. Please brother. You don’t
know how many I used after you? Stupid. Brother, leave him. I will handle. I am leaving seeing your face, Yadu. What are you doing here, go. Hey, why are you playing games
with brother. Bones will break. Yadu. Brother I have small doubt.
Is your name Yadav. Why are you asking like that?
Do we hang boards? Brother,
then we shall play small game. What game? – New game? Will it be new?
– No, drunkenness. Ok, then start. You have it three times and walk
three steps and I agree you are Yadu. Not three, I will walk 30 steps.
How much bet. What happened, Yadu. What is this one?
It is shaking my head. Three. Hey, Yadu Tomorrow is my sister’s marriage. I am only all to her. Are you feeling bored.
Then I will stop saying. Hey, one thing is true.
Your gun style is super. What do you want? I want to see my sister once. We shall come back immediately.
Will you take me? This is not correct time. Go inside. Abhi, where are we going? Hey don’t talk and sit. You don’t ever come before me. If you leave me your people.. I will manage. My gift. I have nothing to give to you. I thought to tell you something,
but I forgot. I Like gun very much. Brother. Brother. Sathru Brother.
Brother. That Sruthi is missing. Might have escaped. Not escape, he might have sent her. I don’t understand, what’s happening? For what we came and what’s going. Due to him only,
we have left last security we have. If Ladda finds her. Shruthi is found. She is
not in house for last month. Why? Where she went?
I don’t ask this also. Aunty can you get me cup of coffee,
I am getting severe headache. Please. I don’t ask you
whether you like Abhi. I only ask where Sathru gang is.
Tell me. I don’t know. If he knows he will not leave
anybody. He will kill everyone. I won’t kill. I will give good life
to your Abhi and others also. Aunty another coffee. Tell me. where are they? We are asking you only, tell me. You have risked all our
lives for your selfishness. Sathru, your belief on
him finally risked all our lives. I don’t want to take anyone’s life.
I am asking for Abhi’s good only. I only have sent her. Don’t talk about this further. No one will die because
loves me that much. She will not tell even he kills her. I will not tell, even you kill me. I like you. In my life first time
I felt that I may become alone. I have slapped you
not for leaving her, only because something might
happen to you when you went outside. Never go leaving me alone. Sathru brother. What is this? All people will die. Today
night there is festival at village. All should enjoy Ganja’s smell power. Brother, police have come. Run. Run. Sir Hey you all go. Brother, I am afraid. Let’s go Go. Please wait one minute,sir. Burning hungry and depressing problems are foundation to revolution.
We have struggled for change in people,
but no use. We only have changed We live with frenzy. Revolution long live. If you hear his words one more
minute, you will also become Naxals. Hey Allah, please save our Dhalam. All are dead. Stupids I will kill you. Don’t worry. Yadav has born
in place where fear has no place. Yadav will not die in anyone’s hand.
His prestige will remain. Go inside. Go inside. These stupid’s have
habituated to blood. Yadu. Sir please leave me.
Sir, I pray you please leave me. Brother! Hey Seshu. Seshu. Brother. – Seshu.- Brother. Ladda or anything. Sathru, all are dead, No one is left.
All are dead. Sekhar, guns. Sekhar, guns. Revolution should long live.
Before or after, I am Naxal only. Revolution should long live.
Revolution should long live Shatru, please surrender.
I am giving you two options. I will kill you even if you
surrender or if not surrendered. Brother, this single
bullet is enough to kill him. No. Hear my words. No. No Abhi. No. If one bullet goes from this side, hundreds of bullets
come from that side. No. Run! Control room. Control room. Operation Sathru gang success.
Everyone is dead. Over Shruthi. She is responsible
for all this deaths. Shruthi Shruthi Where is Shruthi? Where is Shruthi? I can’t live in this
world without Abhi. To save my people, I have become
reason for death of all you people. I have loved only one,
more in this world. That is you only. I love you Abhi. Sir this Nallamala forest
is dangerous area sir. We need to be careful. This Ladda doesn’t have
ending only encounters.

100 thoughts on “Dalam Telugu Full Movie | Naveen Chandra, Piaa Bajpai | Sri Balaji Video”

  1. wasted half an hour of my life watching this. It is obvious that the director has no depth in knowledge of the motivations that drove young men in the past towards this movement, as well as the current negatives of such a movement. Current naxals are amassing arms from China and have no focus, spreading disorder in an already chaotic safety/political structure. This is especially true along India's border. Pointless crusade, pointless movie.

  2. సినిమా బాగుంది కాని క్లైమాక్స్ బాగాలేదు

  3. 1)నక్సలైట్లు వాళ్ళలో వాళ్ళనే నమ్మరు..
    అలాంటిది ఓక అడ పిల్లని నమ్మి…
    ఓకే ప్రదేశం లో ఉంటారా….
    2)అన్నీ క్రిమినల్ పనులు చేసిన వాళ్లు ఆఖరికి నాజర్ కూడా చంపారు.. కానీ..
    లఁడ్డా ని ఎందుకు చంపలేదు…

    starting kirak undi but after 2nd off.. motham poyindi routine stroy…
    anyways nyc screeplay..and dioulgs

  4. Dialogs Gud,even some characters are directed well.post interval is lagging that made it avg movie….climax is superb …perfect ending for Dhalam.never ending ….lalsalaam..

  5. ఈ message పది మంది కి share చేయండి గంట లో శుభవార్త వింటారు:)
    ఈ లాంటి message లు మనకి చాల సార్లు వస్తూఉంటాయి దీని వెనక పెద్ద ప్లాన్ ఉంది
    Click the link to known the truth

  6. నక్సలైట్స్ కే వాళ్ళు ఏమి చేస్తున్నారో ఆసల దేని కోసం ఎందుకు పోరాడుతున్నారో వాళ్ళకే అర్ధం కాదు .. అలాంటిది మరి ఈ డైరెక్టర్ ఏదో బాగా డెప్త్ గా తీసేద్దాం అనుకోని పాపం చివరకి అటు ఇటు కాకుండా చేసేసాడు 😂😂 అడ్రెస్ లేకుండా దొబ్బింది మూవీ అందుకే 😝😝

  7. Naveen bhai
    Your acting is superb comparison to our 'BABUS'.
    Taking and music are good

    Story is very weak

  8. muy buena movie pero no me gusto lo ultimo donde encuentran su escondite pero me gusto cuando mataron el policia ya lo ultimo eso estubo bueno ya era hora que muriera

  9. Jeevan Reddy
    గారు చాలా మంచి సినిమా తీశారు రెగ్యులర్ సినిమాలు తియ్యకుండా మంచి కథ తో సినిమాను తీశారు కాని ఎక్కువ మంది కి రిచ్ అవ్వలేదు ..! కెమరా వర్క్ , మ్యూజిక్ , డైరెక్షన్ రియ్యల్లి సూపర్ ..!! నవీన్ చంద్ర యాక్టింగ్ చాలా బాగా చేశారు ఫెంటాస్టిక్ ఫిల్మ్..!! 👌👏🙏

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