DAY 1️⃣6️⃣ | Everest Base Camp Trek w/Kids /// WE MADE IT!! (cause we’re awesome)

DAY 1️⃣6️⃣ | Everest Base Camp Trek w/Kids /// WE MADE IT!! (cause we’re awesome)

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– All right, it’s a very cold morning after an extremely cold night. Toilet is full of ice. Another day in Gorak
Shep, but today is day 16. Today, we’re making it to EBC. But hopefully tomorrow, we get here early, but this is gonna be our
longest trek ever tomorrow. But we’re going down in elevation, and we can now push ourselves. Before, we couldn’t really push ourselves because we could run the risk
of getting altitude sickness, but now when we’re
going down in elevation, we can push ourselves. We can really make ourselves
go, so we should be able to, hopefully, get back to
Lukla in three or four days. But I’m getting ahead of myself, today’s all about going to the EBC, just a frustrating morning just because how rough everything is right now. Anyway, so hopefully the rest
of the day goes really good. Hopefully we’re feeling
fantastic from the culmination of reaching our final goal. (wind blowing) (tranquil music) I think this is our coldest day easily. – Yes, my toes are freezing. – [Ronnie] Yeah, we gotta keep moving. – And my fingers. – [Ronnie] Yeah, we gotta
keep moving, and moving fast. That’s the only way we’re gonna stay warm. And then that sun will hopefully bake us, but we have to get that body
pumping and the blood flowing. (wind blowing) Whoo! Buddy. Definitely the roughest start to our trek. Bitter cold wind. Freezing temperatures. (tranquil music) – Where did you just come
from, from Gorak Shep? – [Ronnie] Gorak Shep. – Gorak Shep. Are you gonna go and do Kala Patthar? – We did that yesterday.
– Gonna go down these, too? – Yep.
– That’s an achievement. Better off than half of my group. Well done, well done.
– Thank you. – Are you heading in for
anything particular, or– – No, just looking around. – [Ronnie] We wanted to
see how far we could get in just to see it and then go back. – You can go as far as you like, just follow this road and
then down a little bit. Just up here but it’s
to the left just there. Ignore that little camp, go right, and you can follow it as far as you like. Not a lot very interesting. ‘Cause it’s like a working camp. – [Ronnie] And what do
you, what’s your job? – This is my summit team here. So this block here is my team. This is Nygar, he’s my… – [Ronnie] Hey, Nygar. – Okay. So, we lost contact with
Camp Two last night, so we’ve been waiting to try
and get through on the radio. – Where’s Camp Two at? – So you see that?
– Up in the middle? – See that, yes, that little bit there? – Yeah.
– That’s the Ice Fall. – And you go up through those? – Through all those, you go through there. That’s called the Ice Fall,
that the most dangerous bit. Then you see where the
Ice Fall disappears? A little bit further it
goes flat, that’s Camp One. So Camp Two is just right further. It’s called the Western Field, and that’s where Camp Two is. Then you go up, onto Lhotse, so Lhotse’s the middle
mountain, you can’t see. Go onto Lhotse’s Base
to get up to Camp Three, and then Camp Four is on the Southern Col, which is where Everest True comes down, and then you go up there
on your final summit. – [Ronnie] So how many teams
are Summiting right now? – So, there are 330 permits,
330 individuals climbing, and that’s made up of 94 different groups. So some groups are one and two people. My group here is 12 people. (helicopter roaring in distance) A helicopter of mine will
actually be doing the loop to come back up and go through
the line, but we’ll see. – [Ronnie] How far can
it go, the helicopter? – A helicopter hasn’t
landed on the summit. Didn’t stop it, didn’t land, touch down (whistles) straight away. – [Ronnie] I didn’t
know that was possible. – Yes, but only the newest ones, so this will have to be a Bell B3, ’cause the B2s don’t have
the power to get up there. He may be landing at this end. There are four helipads.
– Okay. – Or it may be doing a long
run up to get up there. – [Ronnie] So what was
the reason for it landing? Just to land, just to see if it could? – Yeah, just a bit of a stunt,
really, in my honest opinion. But Camp Two, routinely every day there’ll be one or two helicopters to Camp Two, maybe to pick people up who
are sick or to drop stuff off. – [Ronnie] Okay, so Camp Two helicopters– – Common, pretty common. – Oh, I didn’t know that. – Again, three is just quite dangerous, unless it’s life threatening. (helicopter roaring) – What’s your name again?
– Ben. – [Ronnie] We’re the Jones family. – [Ben] The Jones family from Missouri. – [Ronnie] From Missouri, yeah. – [Ben] How old are you? – Nine. – Nine, that’s a pretty cool age to say you’ve to Base Camp. – [Ronnie] That’s what we thought. Okay, thank you, Ben. – Look out for Eco Everest now, they’ll make you all a cup of lemon tea. – Oh, man.
– You can’t beat it. – That’d be great, thank you.
– All right. I’ll see you later.
– Thank you. Hey, Vietnam! – Yes, it’s me! – You made it!
– Yeah, I made it. – [Ronnie] Congratulations. – On that day, I didn’t
make it to Lobuche. I slept in Lukla, and
then I get a bad headache. – You stayed at Dukla?
– Dukla, yeah. – What place, Kala Patthar Inn? – Something like, Yak Lodge.
– Oh, okay. Well, that’s good. – I get bad headache. But I made it here, yay!
– Today, good! Well, that’s awesome. We were wondering what happened. – Because I cannot walk slow, I know I walk slow, but when I walk, when my
heart fast, I had to sit down. – [Ronnie] It’s smart. We took lots of days off, you know? You didn’t take that many days off. All right, well, I’m good. I don’t really need to go any further. I mean, go all the way down
the end of the glacier, but I don’t think there’s
much more to see but tents. – Yeah. Where did we go? – [Ronnie] Yeah, right up that
ice field, into the cloud, into Everest Base Camp Two and Three. Right up through there. All right, we officially did it. It’s pretty awesome, huh, B-man? – What? – Being this close the ice field. – Yeah. – [Nepalese Woman] How old they are? – Nine and eleven. – [Nepalese Woman] Can I
take a picture with the– – [Ronnie] Yeah, where are you guys from? – Nepal.
– Nepal, oh, okay. – You?
– U.S. Yeah. Hey, they wanna take a picture, guys. Give her a good smile. Guys, take off your, show your faces. – Bastian, come over to
the other side of her. – [Ronnie] And listen to this girl here. She’s setting up the photo. Take your hoods off. And show your face a little bit. – Are you okay?
– Yeah. Thank you, guys, that was
nice to talk with people. – It was nice to bump into
the youngest visitor so far. – [Ronnie] Oh, is he’s
the youngest you’ve seen? – Yeah. – [Ronnie] Yeah, and he carried
his pack the whole way here. He carried his pack the
whole way, from Lukla. – He?
– Yeah, his pack. No porter, no guide. – Oh, wow. You’re very strong. – [Ronnie] This guy carried five kilos and this guy carried–
– 10. – [Ronnie] He started off with 10, but then he added some rocks
in there that he really liked, so now I think he’s up to 11 or 12. – They’re saying that we should head back because the weather’s getting bad. – [Ronnie] Oh really? Okay. Okay, well, I think they would know, so we’ll take their advice. All right, thank you, guys. And thanks for that advice. – Bye.
– Bye. – [Woman] Tea or hot water? – [Ronnie] Yeah, why would we say no? – You can go there. Juice or tea or hot water? – Whatever’s easy. – What do you like? – Tea.
– Tea. – [Man] Coffee, as well. – Tea, tea’s good.
– Coffee – You wanna have coffee?
– Yeah, please. – [Woman] The American astronaut
who was the only person to go to this base and to climb Everest. Scott Parazynski, he made a donation to us while we were trekking
to the Everest Base Camp. And I literally jumped for joy. – That’s nice.
– Yeah. Okay, so a group of
five women journalists. – Yes. They are taking up ice
ax in the place of a pen and are going to raise their voice, not from their media houses,
but from that elevation. – [Ronnie] Oh, so did you get that? Taking up an ice ax, instead
of the pen, or a computer. – Yeah, yeah. (laughing) – We’re very close to realizing our goal. It’s been a year we’ve been working on it. – Wow.
– Lots of preparation. – Lots of.
– Good luck. – Thank you. We have climb two mountain in 36 hours as part of our training. I’ve also touched the
Camp Three and come back, so it has boosted our confidence. – [Ronnie] What elevation
is Base Camp Three? – Base Camp Three? 7,900. – [Ronnie] Okay, wow. – But we touched the
downward, we didn’t go up. We just went to the foot of Camp Three. It is a 65 vertically steep
climb, so we just went there, saw it, prepared ourself mentally. We overcame our fear because that is also one of the biggest hurdles in the climb. – Well, thank you very
much for your hospitality. It means a lot. – The climate could be hostile,
but people could not afford to be here at this such place. The climate could be hostile,
we can place forward, but people cannot afford to be outside in such an environment. It holds you back. – [Ronnie] Yeah. The hostility in this
environment is too much. ‘Cause you got too much other hostility coming from the environment. Well, thank you so much. We won’t take any more time. I guess we gotta get going back. What was your name? – Rosha Basnet – Rosha. Oh, okay. And your name?
(talking indistinctly) Okay.
(laughing) – Are you going back, or
staying somewhere around here? – No, we’re gonna go back to– – Gorak Shep.
– Gorak Shep. You should look around. – We did, but they’re getting tired. – I think it takes two hours to reach it. – Yeah. – Thank you.
– Thank you. You’re most welcome. – [Ronnie] Do we have all the children? We’re missing one. – Yeah, we’re missing one. – [Ronnie] Amen, more selfies. More selfies. Do you wanna get a selfie? – Huh? (tranquil music) – [Ronnie] Yeah, honey, your… – Oh, okay. – Good luck, guys. Okay, that’s it, we’re
done, Everest Base Camp. We walked pretty much
all the way down there. A couple of people invited
us into their tents. We only had the chance to do one. Overall, pretty exciting day. Very good day. We made it, eight months
of planning, independent. Very proud of the whole family. Thanks so much. (tranquil music)

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